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Chat log from R5 of 2017: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R5 of 2017

mardyb: ch
mardyb: cheers horse for dropping Newman and allowing us to loophole hampton
JockMcPie: @mardyb he knew all along
mardyb: genius!!
Chelskiman: Anyone else pick the Swans, or am I just stupid?
zadolinnyj: I picked swans. Good ins
frenzy: got another spud in ya heater
Snarfy: Go Swannies!
coldog: On ya Kennedy
SC_brAh: getting owned in my league gone (C) fr JPK good start
feralmong: i picked em chelski. time to break drought i thought.
tbrowne: Had JPK captain 10 mins ago lol, hope fyfe turns up
JockMcPie: Traded in Hannebery this week. Here we go!!
Chelskiman: Giants haven’t touched it, lol.
Chelskiman: Chat is fucked again.
Chelskiman: I went too early, it’s back. xD
Chelskiman: 4 goals and the Giants have not even had a handball. That’s gotta be some kind of record.
SC_brAh: Swans are going nuts wow lol
Apachecats: Never seen a start like this .Swans 3 goals without a GWS possession as yet.
Ladbrokes_: anus prepared for heater
Apachecats: Make that 4 goals and 5 and a half minutes.
feralmong: gws stats. 5HO, 4FA thats it lol.
Ladbrokes_: gonna net us a beautful half ton
FlagDog: Tipped the wannies lets go boys!
pcaman2003: Tippett 36 pts on those stats?Is that even possible?
pcaman2003: Need big scores from Kelly,Shaw,Greene and Buddy.
JockMcPie: Hannebery trade-in looking a masterstroke
feralmong: yes pcaman if the marks were contested.
Crabcake: how Jordan Foote kept his place in this team is beyond me
feralmong: and ho to adv.
carlton_99: Jones jsut went +12 in SC for a kick straight to GWS and a FF
luke394: does your opponent have Zac Jones Carlton_99?
SC_brAh: jpk static since first 4 minutes fml
pcaman2003: @feralmong…only 1 contested possie/mark
bones351: 2 FA’s hurt Greene’s score a bit. And neither should have been paid.
carlton_99: Im in 9 leagues and one of them have him.
carlton_99: But what does that have to do with his score?
feralmong: cont mark 6 pts. ho to adv 5 pts.
runt: GWS weathered the storm and now they will roll Swans by at least 10 goals
the worm: carlton 99…for the 4th year in a row, are you going to continue with the sc whinging every week?
JockMcPie: Let’s go Heater
carlton_99: @theworm. What r u on about I havent said anything about supercoach scores.
pcaman2003: @feralmong….Thanks.Must be his lucky day.
carlton_99: People are constantly saying stuff about scores, and you just pick out me.
zadolinnyj: Parkers last chance for me
the worm: i thought you said something about zak jones getting 12 sc?
colin wood: Hanners score is why SC scoring is rigged.
zadolinnyj: Scroll down @carlton
carlton_99: @Zad, no i mean i havent said something for 4 years,
SaintsMan: not really Collin wood
runt: you dont get over glandular fever in a hurry. Heeney will struggle
pcaman2003: Happy with Greene and Kelly but need a lift from Buddy and Shaw
zadolinnyj: Agree carlton_99. You more go nuts at umpiring during carlton games but good the other night
9inch: Hanners lol. Nearly 50 from 5 touches
zadolinnyj: Love the passion
carlton_99: Exactly didn’t say a thing but generally umps are just crap in all games not just our games.
carlton_99: It all comes back to the rules constantly changing as well.
pcaman2003: @9inch….Paid bribes prior to game start.
zadolinnyj: Shaw or Simpson in the next few weeks???
carlton_99: @Zado. To get in or trade out. ?
9inch: Thought so. Makes sense now.
runt: not that anyone gives a rats but I traded in Kelly for Miller this week. I may actually have done something right!
pcaman2003: @runt….Kelly very consisent.Got him under 500k and his ave is 106
Raspel31: I care runt
9inch: But seriously these sc point ratio usually even out as more points are given out over the game.
runt: His ownership is so low and team so strong he is an ideal pod
the worm: i was actually understating it, its ben every game for every week for 4 years
the worm: possibly every quarter
SC_brAh: jpk lift ffs
zadolinnyj: Trade out
carlton_99: @the worm. Seems like you’re writing yourself a story cause none of that is true.
feralmong: greene having a ripper today
carlton_99: Shaw b4 Simpson imo
zadolinnyj: Sorry trade out Parker. Trade in either shaw or simpson
carlton_99: to trade out.
wadaramus: Go Toby Greene.
carlton_99: oh trade in simmo over shaw imo. Docherty and him will average 85+
Batto09: Surely young Lewis Melican could get a new icon…? Melican – Pelican?
Raspel31: Shaw dropping every week-time to finally trade methinks.
wadaramus: Go the Pelican.
thommoae: Fear us.
man0005: Mexican flag
myteamsuks: Where are those tippers who said they picked swans after 4 minutes. Lol
zadolinnyj: U fear us @thommoae
zadolinnyj: I tipped swans but miles behind anyway
feralmong: zado i tipped swans too. but ranked 280.
thommoae: Respect … not fear.
zadolinnyj: Stated it before the game though
feralmong: still hopeful
zadolinnyj: Good tipping feral. Until now I guess
wadaramus: Heater back on track,bust it up man.
Raspel31: People think-surely Swans and Hawks will bounce back. Not me-think they’re gooorn.
zadolinnyj: Love that I meant jones from the start. Been great
runt: If anyone can Melican?
feralmong: ive been crap for years but got a good start.
myteamsuks: Loving The roller coaster Greene this week.
zadolinnyj: Few years ago feral I got to 2nd at round 16. Next round I picked 1. Avalanched
pcaman2003: Kelly,Greene,Shaw,going great,but Buddy WTF!
zadolinnyj: *went
wadaramus: He sure can runt!
feralmong: yeah keeping ur nerve is hard.
zadolinnyj: I hated it. Was relieved when finally out of it
carlton_99: Is Kennedy on?
carlton_99: Sydney Kennedy
coldog: Get the fucking ball Kennedy
wadaramus: Go massive Greene, yeah baby!
Apachecats: No shortage of Kennedys here.
Jukes82: why would you tip winless sydney against the prem favs? lol
zadolinnyj: Witches hats sydney
zadolinnyj: Not in middle carltob
DrSeuss: Come on Kelly – don’t stop now
9inch: Capt Kennedy:( bad call
Apachecats: Anyone got Buddy ,i didn’t tumble for him this year tg
ballbag: goodnight Sydney and hanners
zadolinnyj: *carlton
feralmong: good question jukes i’ll let u know if i figure it out.
zadolinnyj: What a grab
Seb78: Who’s the better small foward Greene or Betts?
GJayBee: Hannas needs a drink worse than my mates
Ladbrokes_: earth to jpk
pcaman2003: I have Buddy,but not after this week.@ Apachecats
GJayBee: Betts would be in my ultimate to the death dream team in the pocket.
feralmong: Seb i see greene as stevieJ mkII. not that small either.
Raspel31: Yep another sad Buddy owner-not his fault-no service..but?
JockMcPie: Sydney lift, you’re hurting Buddy.
GJayBee: Bob Murphy said Stevie J is the all time trash talker. And he’s mates with the P Beard
runt: Mumfords ruck work has been the key here
Roksta: I rate Greene over betts
GJayBee: In a fight to the death Greene would win. In the pocket, Edddddddyyyyyyyy!!
Seb78: @Roksta I agree
Apachecats: Did sydney kick the first 4 goals in 5 minutes ,seems a long time ago now,.
Gotigres: Time to upgrade spud Franklin to Jy Simpkin
GJayBee: Buddy could easily kick four this game.
bones351: Only half time but I have Greene, Jones and Shaw plus Newman giving me Hamptons score. Great game so far!
PieBoy: onya jonesy
bones351: But then in tonight’s other game I have Sandi 🙁
Ladbrokes_: cmon jpk, time to lift big man
Jukes82: game on here, sydney still in this
Sloaneyyyy: Finally Parker… Been waiting 5 rounds for this
JockMcPie: Cmon Buddy, kick 5
Heizenberg: Hi guys
DrSeuss: Come on JK pick it up
SaintsMan: Buur is gone next week
myteamsuks: Lloyd and jones leading disposals for swans , not good for swans
pcaman2003: His new name will be Spuddy if he keeps this up@JockMcpie
JockMcPie: Good call @pcaman
BestCoast: Great seeing Swans get slapped like a Red Headed steppy
pcaman2003: C’mon Kelly,where for art though?
poido123: Good job spuddy.
Breezey: Good boy Toby. Keep her going son
Heizenberg: Swans kicked first 4….
scfreak: Give toby the gun already
Heizenberg: Can’t believe*
Raspel31: A mere wisp in the air pcaman-but custom cannot stale his infinite variety
pcaman2003: Nice response my thespian friend
MONEY TALK: greene and shaw for me
pcaman2003: Buddy!!!!Finally! 5 more now.
JockMcPie: Another one Buddy please
9inch: Need at least 80 at 3qtr time from JPK
GJayBee: Ward, I heard that you are a captain. Head butt some knees son.
Sloaneyyyy: Sydney’s INs have been woeful this week
Yelse: Josh kennedy you killed me today
sfmmp23: Buddy been shocking these last 3 weeks
JockMcPie: More +13s Hanners, brilliant
GJayBee: Time to bring in Hannas
lukefield9: Hanners 14 SC 5 disposal passage – not half bad
pcaman2003: sfmmp23…..Out of my team after today. Will bleed plenty of dollars
SC_brAh: sandy out mumford in
pcaman2003: Shaw to Laird after this week.Better value.
DrSeuss: Get near it Kelly FFS
Raspel31: Ne’er a truer word spoken pcaman
StuL: Lloyd had 3 posies (100% eff) a contested mark 3pts. Officially dodgy now
JockMcPie: Shaw, Franklin, Kennedy. Cmon boys…
pcaman2003: Kelly,Buddy and Shaw gone very quiet
Pokerface: officially!! wow. where do u get the official rankings stu?
StuL: It was clearly miscounted, thats where
Pokerface: Stu you are an idiot.
Pokerface: another tin foil hat who brings this up every single game
StuL: I bought it up once about a month clown.
StuL: Flower you
StuL: last time i complained was when the scores were screwing up.
StuL: They did fix it, Shows I was right though. He just got four pts for nothing.
TyCarlisle: Why do people insist scores are wrongly given…
Seb78: Whats with Hannebery’s inflated SC score?
StuL: actually i think he’s that’t doesn’t quite fix it.
Raspel31: Rest your weary fingers Stul
Pokerface: because they are idiots Ty
StuL: Because we’re watching!
StuL: Because you’re a smart a idiot.
zadolinnyj: When will I receive my tin foil hat?
Pokerface: ouch JPK
StuL: Because mistakes get made. Sometimes
anthsill03: stul calm down and watch the game
Pokerface: band aid JPK
Breezey: Greene tons up in SC and nowhere near it in DT
DragonLass: Greene has had a lot of score assists
ballbag: FRS jpk! I have home ground advantage in sc ya flog. lift!!!
J_Herer: Sydeny tanking?
Roksta: Wonder if Longview will blame the free count
myteamsuks: @breezey you Greene with envy lol
fonzie: sydney just suck this season
Breezey: OH yeah I understand it’s just a big gap in scores
TyCarlisle: Learn the difference between Dreamteam and Supercoach.
colin wood: Sorry but Hanneburys score is a joke.
J_Herer: sydney are not as bad as Lindsay Thomas…
Ben_Gogos: Votes for best on?
tankin: taranto get a game soon or what??
Breezey: I know the difference buddy. Just saying there’s a big gap. Is that alright with you
J_Herer: vote = Mumford
fonzie: mumford
heppelitis: 55 hit outs for mine
Seb78: Lol at Hannebery SC score. Just keeps going up without him even touching the ball
myteamsuks: Mumford BOG
GJayBee: Ward and Greene, do it for god
zadolinnyj: Mummy
sfmmp23: Funk you Franklin
colin wood: I know Seb he’s had 1 uncontested handball for +10 this quarter and his sides getting smashed.
9inch: FU Hanners and FU Kennedy.
Breezey: Has Parker had a ton yet this season. I’m thinking not. On ya last legs with me buddy
Seb78: @collin wood yeh its a joke!
JockMcPie: Junk it up Buddy…
Pokerface: colin at it again too i see.
ballbag: is banners on 300sc yet?
9inch: Get on Hanners CD boys brought him in this week
Pokerface: scores from earlier in the game get scaled up because its been junk time for a while
GJayBee: I want to be friends with ward again
JockMcPie: Duddy Franklin, Spuddy Franklin, got any others?
Blaknight: Could Mumford be a selection to upgrade Sandi
JockMcPie: Thanks Buddy…
Pokerface: Cruddy Franklin
Zeratul: might be time to move on from all of the former swan mids… kennedy/parker/hanners
3rdstriker: might want to check the other game again blaknight, sandi has lifted
ballbag: 800 goals for duddy franklin
MONEY TALK: u want sandi out he is hot fire rn
Blaknight: I just did, wow WTF
pcaman2003: @JockMcPie…..and Cruddy Franklin…..just for good measure.
JockMcPie: The Bloody Cruddy Spuddy Duddy Buddy. 40% DE is not ok
ballbag: he will be old fuddy duddy franklin by time his contract ends
Jukes82: swanniws should tank from here if they’re smart
zadolinnyj: Parker fall from grace amazing

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