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Chat log from R5 of 2017: Fremantle vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Fremantle vs North Melbourne, R5 of 2017

frenzy: flower missy
feralmong: hehe my opp has missy. noice.
fonzie: cmon fyfe big game
AngryRyno: Fyfe fwd a great way to break a tag
Vinstar: Went Fyfe as C this week
DrSeuss: Grrrr taggers….
fonzie: fyfe due for a massive game
Jukes82: lol darce said handjob
IKnowALL: BTW CD fyfes 6th pos was not ineffective..
ballbag: bring on the penguin please
JockMcPie: Good to see Lindsay Flogmas struggling
wadaramus: Tear ’em a new one big Sandi 🙂
IKnowALL: Flower Neale stop stealing Fyfes frees you pleb
Apachecats: Kangas should have played the big guy against Sandi.
boo!: love it that flogmas is -8
DrSeuss: Is Fyfe still forward?
IKnowALL: Playing mostly fwd atm
ballbag: so I assume Vickers is done for the night scorewise
IKnowALL: Fyfe now in the middle
Jukes82: sandi dead?
PLACEBOPIE: 24 hit outs sandi 26 points so all his kicks handballs marks mean shite
DrSeuss: Cheers Knowall
CamT: Goldstein outscoring Sandilands. That makes sense :O
poido123: stay down sandi
coldog: Big falcon for swallow
man0005: delist symbol for swallow
pcaman2003: Sandi is Gawn!
wadaramus: FFS Sandi you hack.
BestCoast: @JockMcPie spot on has made
myteamsuks: Sandi has had at least 5 hit outs to adv and gets nothing
BestCoast: My weekend seeing Lindsay Flogmas getting F all certified lemon
BestCoast: Is Sandi playing the best impersonation of a Ruckman game
PieBoy: onya fyfey
BestCoast: Great to see the Swallow Brothers rip into it today
frenzy: sandi > spencer on the cards
BestCoast: Carn Norfs
J_Herer: Freo shot again
JockMcPie: Cmon Sandi, 85 the aim from here big boy
sfenda1: Lindsay Thomas back into the negatives
CamT: Glad the Captain jokes have had their day
MONEY TALK: asking for a friend what a captaincy score on L.Thomas would do
GJayBee: BestCoast, good to see you use the phrase, rip it up!
JockMcPie: How many icons can we heap on Lindsay?
J_Herer: Give Lindsay the crab, he is so sh*t
GJayBee: Lindsay needs the love heart symbol
boo!: lindsay gun, to the head
DrSeuss: Let’s go Fyfe
BestCoast: Lindsay just needs a heart he has the heart the size of a caraway seed
CBeezDeez: Thomas the steaming emoji?
Ash777: Lindsay the tombstone
Pokerface: does anyone like lindsay?
AngryRyno: get rolling tyre
CBeezDeez: Nope! Poker.
BestCoast: @Polerface can’t stand the worm
coldog: I dislike Thomas and all of north
Roksta: C’mon Thomas I put you captain
BestCoast: Sorry Mr Pokerface fat fingers
Pokerface: his mum must? surely.
Pokerface: I might not be Mr. What self respecting Mr calls himself Pokerface?
BestCoast: Apparently not Poker
BestCoast: Sir Poker
coldog: I guess everyone is racist again
pcaman2003: Sandi…..useless as TOAB. Get going dopey.
tankin: is that you lady gaga?
Pokerface: its me tank
BestCoast: @coldog that’s what they will be calling I am half noongar just can’t stand the Morton stock
BestCoast: Sandi poor mans wardrobe big and empty
heppelitis: sandi rubbish must have serious dose of camel toe once again
the worm: im just not likable
pcaman2003: Put a cracker up ya clacker Sandi FFS
GJayBee: heppelitis you made me choke hahahah
nicho1: will give any club pick 107 and Thomas any one interested?
heppelitis: lol
BestCoast: Sorry the worm I didn’t mean to hurt your precious feelings lol I meant flogworm
nicho1: Throw in Swallow as well
boo!: flogmas sc0, lucking fove it
BestCoast: Get rid of Boomer and keep Lindsay spud flog Thomas makes shit loads of sense
vamos77: Just coz Mum & Dad have gone out for tea and are now probably plowing each other doesn’t mean you flogs can get on their
the worm: i have no feelings
ballbag: my DT is predicting fyfe to get 99 from here
BestCoast: I like the worm lots specially in the bottle of tequila
vamos77: Computer
boo!: fyfe winning goal
PLACEBOPIE: sandi’s hit puts worth 10 now 🙂
MONEY TALK: lets go sandi push
MONEY TALK: id love a sandi goal but that wont happen
BestCoast: Flog Thomas is definitely not getting leather poisoning
vamos77: Jennifer Love Hewitt has massive cans
IKnowALL: Everyone has Sandi don’t know why people get so hung up about it.
Pokerface: is Brady Grey Robbies little brother?
sonik79: @vamos +1 or is that +2
DrSeuss: Fyfe – get a touch?
tankin: hill not injured
IKnowALL: Ask Carey I’m sure he will tell you
boo!: 211 ok. he will crack 80sc and he was cheap
pcaman2003: 100,000 people don’t have him@iIKnowAll
BestCoast: @vamos77 your not knocking the top
MONEY TALK: i was just checking Hills previous scores to see if he is SC worthy not anymore
MONEY TALK: i love the late push sandi
myteamsuks: Sandi will crack the ton
CamT: Sandilands on track for 100
3rdstriker: has sandi really had 42sc in 11 minutes this qtr?
poido123: off sandilands you big gigantic stiff
BestCoast: Off it are you
PLACEBOPIE: sandi back 😀
IKnowALL: Where’s the Sandi haters
heppelitis: sandi score rising faster than vamos willy
Gotigres: Went away for 10 mins and Sandi went up almost 40 point 🙂
pcaman2003: So Sandi did put that cracker up his clacker. Flying now!
Roksta: Sandi massive yinyang
feralmong: Grey is not gray.
ballbag: buddy kicked 800
MONEY TALK: this is y i love sandi i always trust him to fight back a good score
Pokerface: maybe he just plays like his little brother
Blaknight: WTF, where did Sandi come from….
boo!: norf lose by 1pt
JockMcPie: Go Sandi!
fonzie: garbage can for sandi
Pokerface: not bin time fonzie.. sandi could win it for them now
pcaman2003: Thomas no SC points….Karma strikes!
fonzie: seems like someone lit a firecracker under sandi
PLACEBOPIE: Pruess is back 🙂
tbrowne: Goldy is gone
feralmong: Damn goldy gone
Breezey: Will Lindsay get off the mark or what
CBeezDeez: LoL! Thomas has 1 handball and gets a rub down! LMAO!
ballbag: whatchu talking bout vickers-willis? f’n lift
BestCoast: @Breezey I am hoping not
coldog: Hurry up get Thomas back on
Roksta: Thomas hball worth 8
JockMcPie: Surely EVW gets consistent games…need to trade in T Stewart soon
J_Herer: welcome back Preuss!
BestCoast: Ross Lyon teams can never kick over 10 goals
3rdstriker: goldy coming back on, cant be that serious
myteamsuks: That tap out surely gets sandi to 100
Ash777: goldy coming back on. probably cramping
Costanza: Thomas to seal/win it
feralmong: Goldy on
JockMcPie: Goldy’s done a Lazarus, he’s come back from the ambulance
heppelitis: well done Lurch
fonzie: go fyfe
JockMcPie: 41 seconds left, Freo lead
feralmong: Ho ho ho.
Roksta: Lol norf hahaha
ballbag: suck a wet fart Scott. presser should be good
myteamsuks: Scott is gonna be so mad , love it
fonzie: fyfe for the star
Pokerface: well done kersten
BeastMode: stevieBeez plz
MONEY TALK: sandi went from 44 to 103 in one quarter, my hero
NewFreoFan: I can’t take this every damn week, my poor heart
coldog: Eat a dik roos!!!
Ash777: #lolnorf
Jukes82: wheres rooboyflog?
feralmong: Sack Scott, spud coach.
JockMcPie: Sandi that quarter was mammoth. Have my babies
Breezey: Bloody hell. North can lose a game late
sfmmp23: North are shocking
Drak: rooboystu’s pretty quiet….
myteamsuks: This is such a great result , couldn’t happen to a better team
StuL: Flower freo
BOMBRBLITZ: Kersten +25 for that gaol
ballbag: surely votes for Sandi
BestCoast: @NewFreoFan you got the chocolates
TyCarlisle: Strap yourself in for a long season norf supporters
BestCoast: @Jukes82 was thinking the same where is that tool
SC_brAh: Lindsay omitted
jaxx: no star
sgriff5: Lindsay Thomas 12 SuperCoach points what a star
fonzie: lindsay on 12 points i call bs lol
IKnowALL: Let’s not forget Goldstein getting Injuired in the last 4 mins didn’t do them any favours

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