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Chat log from R5 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Adelaide, R5 of 2017

SC_brAh: is chat dead in the wbd game?
LuvIt74: m0nty why is the dogs vs lions game showing nothing m8?
J.Worrall: Gogo Gazza!
AngryRyno: which Tom Lynch will reign supreme today?
zadolinnyj: B crouch has owned the ball in the sanfl. Hope he can stay fit
batt: let’s go Suns!!
BestCoast: Crows in a canter
the worm: my money is on tom lynch
mardyb: can we get a spud on atkins for that hair?
Chelskiman: Need Gazza to have a mare, Laird, Otten and Swallow to go nuts.
zadolinnyj: Talia hammy
JockMcPie: Hampton do something, I don’t want to field Stewart…
luke394: he does Jock
JockMcPie: On cue Curtly
GJayBee: SLoan obviously has Hampton in his DT team
luke394: Adelaide by 100
mardyb: hampton already a lock over stewart
leorosman_: hampton has 2!
luke394: Hamton early he needs a 100 for some $$ generation
feralmong: won’t need the hampton loop it seems.
StuL: Who sold hampton and is saying doh? Prob no one here but he was being sold.
LuvIt74: @feral Lets hope he continues mate, my luck Newman will be a late inclusion and score 20
JButcher: Hampton has probably already outscored T.Stewart within 10mins
Chelskiman: Mixed bag from Otten so far. Scoring good but has given away two poor frees.
Chelskiman: Come on, Swallow!
batt: a bit nervy that Newman could be a late in a stuff the loophole
luke394: go away Barlow
feralmong: hope not luvit. mind u hampton still needs to finish this.
Patty19: Interesting to see the crows leaving Otten forward now that talia’s done
mattmac24: Top four crows in your team. Not bad!
Pokerface: batt a late newman in is still better than stewart on field
luke394: if Newman is a late out ill trade out Stewart lol
Chelskiman: They’re probably not expecting it to be down in the defensive half, lol.
StuL: Need newman to be a late in. Cant hurt, he will still beat hampton.
Wends: So… my cunning plan bringing in Fiorini not working out so far.
mardyb: poor from mackay there
feralmong: there’s no way hampton’s SC stats are less than DT. ffs.
mattmac24: Hoping Matera Flops this week to prove everyone that he’s not a good pick this week
shaker: 279K in SC cunning haha
JackRipper: Totally agree feral… Absolutely Ridiculous !!!
AngryRyno: agree @mattmac
Wends: The -8 BE sucked me in. But hey, he’s now off the mark. You never know…
Chelskiman: Swallow > Rocky next week.
Snarfy: Is Swallow deliberately running away from the ball?
PieBoy: onya l
PieBoy: onya lairdy
DrSeuss: Swallow to Rocky this week me thinks
the worm: yeah, when was the last time a matera was any good at footy?
ballbag: @wends neither is my matera plan
HawkTalker: dont spud it up this week, swallow
Wends: There’s always one a year Ballbag… And RIP Charlie Murphy 🙁
LuvIt74: Yep Swallow has been disappointing and this is the last week he will generate cash with a B/E of 24
thommoae: I’m on the Fiorini plan also. Not the POD-orini I was lookin’ fer …
circle52: Gee hrash call there – Slips and 2 crows bwearing down and gets pinged for rushed behind,
ballbag: aww wends I didn’t even know 🙁 RIP darkness
LuvIt74: Laird a must have, glad I started with him
Pokerface: 120 from dahl too low as captain? in two minds here
mattmac24: The crows are a scary team this year..
luke394: go Lairdy
mardyb: id take it poker. bird in the hand…
wadaramus: Tough call to make, in hindsight I should have taken Murpchy’s 123 but rolled dice on Danger.
JockMcPie: Monday/Tuesday teams in, Hannan out
HawkTalker: matera starting slow. The burn man commeth!
Chelskiman: Please tag Ablett. He’s scoring way too freely for my liking.
Ladbrokes_: Opponent has Tex, Otten, Jacobs and Smith so a bit hot & cold for me
Wends: Darkness is, darkness is… gone 🙁 Leukemia, wasn’t public knowledge; no-one really knew.
zadolinnyj: Another tall injury for crows this season
JockMcPie: yum +10 Laird
Wends: lol @Thommo. Fiorini failorini so far.
zadolinnyj: RIP Darkness
man0005: yum
ballbag: time for us to go upside the head oour players f
ballbag: for one last time out of rememberance 🙂
Pokerface: thanks guys. i’d like to see how matchup goes, but need to decide before pruess starts
Wends: He was collld bloo-ooded!
zadolinnyj: Even with often and Hampton in d, laird was a must. Great player
whafc: cmon talia, stay ahead of fiorini lol
ballbag: cold as ice!!
Chelskiman: If Rocket told Swallow to stay away from the ball then he’s doing his job.
HawkTalker: Anytime you wanna stop giving away frees, Kolodjashnij…
Pokerface: $ for hampton and otten
the worm: eyes and teeth eyes and teeth!
Wends: Whoa hawktalker… in draft?
Apachecats: DSwalowbiggest disappointment since Haley’s Comet.
HawkTalker: yeah, wends. draft only
willywalks: matera is surely a the ideal candidate for the pumpkin
Snarfy: m0nty, put a bomb on Swallow and see if that gets him going!
Wends: Fiorini icicle while you’re handing out icons Monty.
myteamsuks: Having Gold Coast players is poison. I have two
the worm: are they witts and ablett?
zadolinnyj: Whoever designed the gc jumper is a genius. Traffic cone colour
pcaman2003: How is Otten that close to Hampton with those stats? Stumped!
the worm: lol zad
thommoae: A gin-&-vermouth icon while you’re at it Monty. = a Fiorini Martini
ballbag: & a hopoate icon to get swallow and matera moving quick smart
Rush: Fiorini trying his best to hit his negative breakeven.
poido123: swallow was a trap
Patty19: @pcaman2003 Otten seems to gather contested numbers, both of hamptons goals were uncontested marks
zadolinnyj: Rory Ackermanis playing well with that hair
myteamsuks: I have fiorini and swallow @theworm. I feel sick
heppelitis: suffer if anyone jumped on matera…oh shit..thats me
fonzie: f u matera
the worm: nevermind, you wont have them for much longer 😀
DrSeuss: Witts, Swallow and Otten with Hampton on the bench. At least Laird is doing his work!
pcaman2003: Thanks Patty19. It still seems odd with Ottens 4 clangers as well
frenzy: touk was a fine get aswell
shaker: Me to hep but his b/e is -64 bit of cash anyway
nick2397: Matera = coach killer. 159 pts one week, two fifths of FA the next.
SC_brAh: Come on Swallow ton up and Matera please dont score anymore 🙂
iZander: l0l someone got sucked in to matera, pumpkin is stupid, what do you expect a small forward to do in this blow out…
AngryRyno: Matera against the best team in the comp was never gonna end well, sucked in
Sloaneyyyy: Crows look awesome when both Crouch lads are firing!
luke394: anyone who bought Matera in is retarded
Pantsman: For reference, two fifths of FA = -0.4.
myteamsuks: Crows will go all the way this year
9inch: Was tempted by Matera for cash grab. Suspected this would happen though.
heppelitis: lol…ok then
Patty19: @pcaman2003 Yeah that’s true, they must froth a bit of andy
coldog: Nice witts
Vinstar: Keep it up lynch, stay down swallow
Wends: Not experiencing Crouch related SC anxiety for pretty much the first time this season.
Wends: $ sign for Fiorini martini Monty.
Gambino: Not having Otten is going to cost me this year
m0nty: Are the Suns going to make finals?
man0005: Are the Hawks going to make finals?
PLACEBOPIE: no and thuck no
J.Worrall: Do the Hawks know what finals are?
m0nty: now now, don’t go all BigFooty on me, it was an honest question
heppelitis: all aboard the matera bluebus
PLACEBOPIE: go matera
a1trader: Gold Coast will cut the margin to less than 20 points
wadaramus: Hampton SC is very unfair, he’s been clean and effective, good DE, what is the reason for it?
Seiya: @wada not as many CP
Crabcake: @J.Worrall recent history would suggest they absolutely do haha
Seiya: 60 is still a decent score for what he’s been doing so far
the worm: GC hasnt beaten any decent teams this year, so hard to say, but i doubt it
SC_brAh: Swallow lift mate…
zadolinnyj: And then a unicorn will trot across the field @a1trader
m0nty: only 1 contested for Hampton
intergaze: @wadaramu I haven’t seen any of the game but it must mean all his kicks have been ineffective
intergaze: sorry kicks and tackles
zadolinnyj: Harbrow never just simply kick it. Always dodging nothing. Nobody is fooled since 2012
wadaramus: Fair call on the uncontested, still think he shouldbe better rewarded for his base stats and effectivity.
PieBoy: onya lairdy
sfmmp23: I haven’t even noticed swallow at all
JockMcPie: Shaun Higgins OUT. Repeat! Shaun Higgins is OUT!
SC_brAh: spewing didn’t start with curly / sloane -_-
myteamsuks: Fiorini smashes through to double figures
Seiya: That’s why his AF score is higher, SC doesn’t reward easy touches in the back half for instance
Pantsman: Lairdy eating the donuts since half time!
coldog: Wow look out not Higgins oh no
zadolinnyj: Raise the bat crows
Chelskiman: Finally, Swallow!
ballbag: how are swallow and maters so fucken useless?
cusch1: In their defence ballbag, it would be very difficult to accumulate a decent score when you’re down by 10 goals
Crabcake: lmao at anyone that brought in Matera
ballbag: @mcpie with no teeth it sounded like you said thorn higginths
luke394: could Barlow just bugger off who picks him as a mid anyway
the worm: how did you ever think they werent?
pcaman2003: Otten and Hampton going nicely.Newman better not be a late call up tonight.
Pokerface: higgins is a jerk
JockMcPie: @ballbag nice joke, just like Carlton the last 10 years
Pokerface: no changes to that match pacman
pcaman2003: Thanks Pokerface
cusch1: 5 clangers to Otten surely damaging his score as well
m0nty: went to the jerk store, they’re all out of Higgins
Chelskiman: Laird knocked off for the day?
Pantsman: Any Bort licence plates there m0nty?
Pokerface: lol m0nty. excellent 🙂
the worm: tell them to look again in the hammy section
Wends: Laird gone to the break at Kirra.
ballbag: @jock try the last 18 years buddy not 10
zadolinnyj: That’s better Monty. Bit of George action
sfmmp23: Newman played Neafl so he won’t come in. He had 31 touches though so he should be back in the swans side soon.
PLACEBOPIE: lol monty
Costanza: find ur own lines mOnty ha
Wends: sfmmp23 with most reassuring post of the round award.
JockMcPie: haha @Wends good call
Solat: crows shovels on top
ballbag: you’re not even as good as a pumpkin matera ya weak flog. piss off swallow
pcaman2003: sfmmp23…..Good to know. Tanks.I’m relieved now.Need Hampton to ton up!
cusch1: would much rather have Syd vs GWS on FTA tv tonight than Norf and Freo
Kenny27: the neafl? Zac Dawson could clock up 20 touches in the neafl
FlagDog: onya Lairdy
Snarfy: iIs Swallow hiding behind the point post?
luke394: swallow will be ripe to be traded in a couple of weeks when parsons come back
DrSeuss: Hampton on my bench; on field for my opponents – lol
Wends: Is this M Crouch’s breakout game or a statistical anomoly?
Chelskiman: That’s about the 6th easy mark Otten has dropped today.
luke394: I dont think laird got a point for those last 3 touches lol
9inch: Few years ago GAJ would be 100sc with same stats. Lol
pcaman2003: How the hell does Otten get a clanger for a dropped mark? Plenty of times they don’t pay those. I’m confused now.
luke394: so true 9 inch
the worm: not sure if good stats in a flogging of gold coast can count as a break out game
TyCarlisle: Matt Crouch has averaged 30 disposals in all his games this year… is that not good?
MQuimby: so is ablett fantasy relevant again?
the worm: stay away from gaz he is no good
Chelskiman: Who was the guy that brought in Fiorini? You drowning your sorrows yet?
TyCarlisle: lol @ everyone who got sucked in by Matera. Once a dud, always a dud.
Wends: yesh, suspectedas much
Wends: @chelski, that guywas me, a chick 🙂
Rush: I brought in both Fiorini and Matera. Getting DP’d by their rubbish play
Wends: His SC has not been so hot @Ty
Kenny27: fiorini you worthless pile of cow dung get on the field
sonik79: @rush. i just logged in to laugh at the dp’d comment
Chelskiman: Get to 70 at least, Swallow.
the worm: matera to bowes, swallow to hall. problem solved
zadolinnyj: GC scoring now. Come on crows
Pokerface: Rush if brought them both in you basically saying you enjoy a good dp
ballbag: you’re a fricken sprocket matera
DrSeuss: Let’s go Otten – a little more big fella
sonik79: yeps @pokerpokerpoker face
luke394: laird had 2 handballs and an intercept mark for 4 points that should be 10 at least his influence has been huge
shaker: I’m just enjoying a SP from Matera
LuvIt74: Thank god Newman isn’t a late inclusion coz i want hampton’s score
Rush: @Pokerface, my minds telling me no. But my body, my body is telling me yes.
pcaman2003: @luvit74. Me too!
LuvIt74: Great game Laird, Sloane, Hamton, Lynch, Otten just Swallow stuffed me up
Pokerface: haha Rush
intergaze: Good onya Matt, keep going son
luke394: Swallow is effectively a rookie hell go soon atleast he’s gonna play every week
wadaramus: Come on, ton up Curtly 🙂
Snarfy: Swallow another stat. Free kick against!
luke394: big tonne from Hampton was needed
JockMcPie: Another goal Otten?
luke394: ah chee has kicked 4 and is on 61 lol
faisca7: did anyone trade hampton for matera?
J_Herer: Swallow is carrying an injury for sure, trade out this week IMO
mickelo: Just need Swallow to beat KK
luke394: cmon lairdy 130
shaker: I benched Hampton to get Williamson’s score …. you just cant win
Costanza: disappointing Touk
SC_brAh: Swallow you piec of ..
pcaman2003: Thank u Mr Otten
wadaramus: That one’s for you JockMcPie!
tbrowne: Keep pushing Otten and Hampton all the $ is valuable
Ladbrokes_: kiss me laird
luke394: Matera u spud lol
ballbag: @jock ask it again
luke394: Barlow just got 5 points for kicking a point lol
sonik79: for those in the know, dont go chasing waterfalls.. err i mean points
pcaman2003: Otten / Hampton tons. Yeah!!!
StuL: Tons all round for crows def
Wends: There you go Ballbag, you can put away that Sullivan’s Cove single malt now. Yr boy with one before the siren.
wadaramus: Go the Crows 🙂
Blaknight: Love it, My 3 Ade players 100+
zadolinnyj: How good was the walker interview
wadaramus: Tex rules:)

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