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Chat log from R4 of 2017: Brisbane vs Richmond

Chat log for Brisbane vs Richmond, R4 of 2017

tbrowne: No one interested in this game?
fonzie: need a big game from dusty and butler
fonzie: sup tb
Gotigres: Nice play Butler. Interception, 3 disposals and a mark.
fonzie: would love butler to get a ton
fonzie: how u going monty
Rebuild: Caddy to Yeo could be the best trade I’ve ever made
fonzie: break the tag dusty
Migz: Yeoo is just playing the long con. Will suck every coach iin with an impressive average then bam pull out a month of 50s
sfmmp23: Nank beams and butler. Would love 280
RoughRed: Yeo is new fav for the brownlow
Viscount: Cutler out for the game SEN
man0005: Cutler out for the game SEN
ballbag: butler might just reach 60 at this rate
theoc: was so close to chuking captain on Dusty, decided to go with Sloane luckily
Grumpman: I am down by 80pts with Danger C other guy has Dusty, feeling ok about that at this stage.
nick2397: Dusty looking like going back to usual BE of 200 for next week.
Jukes82: please give elton the spud.
IKnowALL: Rich is no slouch on the tagging department, but any elite player should be able to break a tag, like Dangerfield
IKnowALL: Dusty hugely over rated, gun player but not top 3 or top 5 yet..
IKnowALL: Danger, Fyfe, Pendles are miles ahead imo, an even The bont is passing him an his is like 21yrs old.
Gotigres: It’s my fault that Dusty’s score is so low. I got him in this week. Sorry to those who have him
Grumpman: seems dusty cannot handle the harder man tagging him.
IKnowALL: Dusty will still get 100sc anyways
spudaroos: They don’t call him Dustbin for nothing, watch him dominate in the junk
IKnowALL: Doherty had a nice junk bin, he got like 6, plus 6s in the space of 2 mins in the 3rd qtr
colin wood: watch CD move Dusty’s score up.
Stuart88: Come on rance any chance of getting some points
Raspel31: Go Dusty-changed cap to you from Danger in the vain hope of a differential.
9inch: Dusty was good as fwd in SC. Still relevant as a Mid though.
9inch: Ablett would surely be a fwd next year.
NichoB: where is rockliff this quater
TyCarlisle: Dusty having a bad game and people forgetting how good he is…
TyCarlisle: Do people forget he came third in the brownlow with 25 votes?
Pull: not sure about ablett and dusty but gray must be a fwd next year
lock98: Is Rich playing the greatest 12 touch game ever? 95sc…
LuvIt74: The Tigers will be the same as North last year if not worse, watch them plummet down the ladder real fast.
LuvIt74: Tigers have played no one, 13th, 14th, 15th & 16th on the ladder
Raspel31: But that is saying absolutely nothing after 3 rounds Luvit
Migz: They played the Eagles luvit
IKnowALL: Luvit74, only 3 rounds in mate, calm your farm
Costanza: AFL ploy to rouse the tiger fans
LuvIt74: it is really because Carlton, Pies & Lions were always going to be towards the bottom of the ladder, Sydney is the shock
NiKsTa92: Come back on
benzammit: You can only beat those they put in front of you guys traveling good the Tigers, long season though.
IKnowALL: Happy with the Gawn to S.Martin trade so far, who else did the same?
LuvIt74: They’ll finish 9th lol
benzammit: Teams to beat at this point.Crows,Cats,Giants,Dogs,Eagles,Tigers.
Migz: Started with Martin 😁
LuvIt74: htf is Rich on 100 that is beyond absurd
colin wood: $ for Butler
LuvIt74: I didn’t bother bringing another Ruck, brought in the BONT for Gawn via DPP
frenzy: mag glass for beams, your kidding m0nty
IKnowALL: Throw the dollars on Butler
IKnowALL: Aye range, mind moving up field an getting the pill, but no hurry mate..
m0nty: Dayne was on 8 touches at HT, 10 this quarter
IKnowALL: Rance*
tankin: moved the C off rockliff for first time this week 🙁
Breezey: Nank is going great guns
NiKsTa92: Month isn’t this mccluggages 2nd game this year? Won’t cash til next weekend
NiKsTa92: Monty*
LuvIt74: Nan’s Crevice was a must have this season.
spudaroos: Can someone explain Nank’s SC score? He seems to do this every week lol
IKnowALL: CD love sucking him off that’s what it is
9inch: CD love Nank. Was opposite in Grundys game,
Breezey: He’ll cash up on DT
scrappers: cd is corrupt like most people in life but i have him so dont care!
spudaroos: Nanks the type of player you need to have otherwise it’s too infuriating looking at his score.
frenzy: and dusty??? monty
NichoB: butler +6 for turnover kick?
SC_brAh: Low low S. Martin my opponent has you as (C) 🙁
chris7399: With Rich and Danger I understand the Sc-DT discrepancy. With Nank I have no clue. 12 hitouts as the sole ruck too
m0nty: nominations for star please
StuL: Can Rocky be a star and a magnet?
Monfries96: Ellis
LuvIt74: Grigg
fonzie: f u dusty
StuL: If I had the cash and trades I probably would have bought Dusty. Sometimes you can get reverse lucky.
boges11: Star for Mitch Robinson, because they said Dusty couldn’t be tagged
Roksta: Rocky star
IKnowALL: Lol at Dusty owners placing the C
kano22: Star nankervis 😉
LuvIt74: Rocky my be the highest scoring player this round at this rate
chris7399: Grigg for star. 7 inside 50s
frenzy: yep Robbo star
heppelitis: star for vickery for leaving
NichoB: rocky injured…..
spudaroos: Rance the BOG is an interesting choice
Grumpman: Star for Dusty……Starstruck by Mitch Robinson.LOL
tankin: rocky back on ground
Raspel31: Dislocated 2 fingers Nicho- damn it.
Gambino: star for rance?
Roksta: Lol good troll
dibbydobby: wah
tankin: rocky bog for me
chris7399: Surely Astbury over Rance if you’re going for a dominant defender. More rebound 50s, intercept marks etc
spudaroos: Nank BOG imo, got towelled up by Stefan but still scoring.
benzammit: Lol 3 of the teams I’m playing switch Captian to Martin to roll the dice, could have had a chance if they kept Danger
frenzy: lol monty and his star
luke394: Brisbane have more blokes going large and they are getting pumped lol
LuvIt74: I mean really who gives a frogs fart which player gets what icon. All I care about are their scores ffs
SC_brAh: Dusty is going to be cheap in a few weeks!
StuL: Yea Ok. Should have got Martin not lousy Witts. Need to think outside the box 4 cash gen tho
NichoB: need rocky to beat butler by 92 for a win this week
IKnowALL: That Dusty Score is gonna sure hurt some owners, especially the ones that placed the C.. Rip.
Raspel31: Luvit-didn’t you get any easter eggs?
benzammit: I’m looking at premo’ drop n my rookies rise game on in 3 weeks.
IKnowALL: Danger C lock an forget.
SC_brAh: NichoB you may get it!
benzammit: And those that sold there soul to bring him in this
SC_brAh: Pulled in Swallow this week … FAIL
StuL: All bubble rookies suck other than Balic. And he’s still only a maybe.
LuvIt74: @IKnowALL so if you had the VC on Dahlhaus and scores u 145, will u still roll the dice with Danger as Captain?
StuL: martin scores like this once or twice a year. He’ll still kill it most weeks
benzammit: Swallow will still reach 450k minimum.
IKnowALL: Well done beams, gave out a plausable performace in the 2nd half..
Gotigres: Rockliffe BOG with 19 contested possies
BOMBRBLITZ: Essendon justified taking McGrath over McLugg
Grumpman: Who said Dusty would get 100…LOL.
poido123: Iknowall you are a flog. shut up
benzammit: Yeah gotta roll the dice with VC, sadly I opted Kennedy WC and Dahlhuas went big hope Danger get 110plus
SC_brAh: This surely has to be the highest score of the season 171 and counting
benzammit: Make that call in 10 years Bomberblitz
IKnowALL: Looks like someone is butt hurt, go cry more.
benzammit: No Rnd 1 Kennedy bigger
TyCarlisle: Rance 3 votes
meka100: Thanks Rocky you pig
the worm: plausable?
jaxx: lowest ive ever seen the star
poido123: seriously. you go for carlton and cheer people’s loss on a stat board.
frenzy: Rance is a m0nty lovechild
benzammit: 1pnt left and scaling…give it to Rance
LuvIt74: having McGrath on the bench as my (E) hurt me this week.
Grumpman: how can Rockliff not get the star Monty???
IKnowALL: Like I said, cry more boy.

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