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Chat log from R4 of 2017: Collingwood vs St Kilda

Chat log for Collingwood vs St Kilda, R4 of 2017

Kenny27: Lets go Pies! good to see Elliott back
King_Robbo: Pies to win, Steven and Armo still out hurts the saints
Kenny27: armitage is playing
Kenny27: wont be easy, think the saints have the edge with the game at ethiad they are a good team
King_Robbo: He is indeed.. Haha. Either way, the depth in the saints midfield isn’t as good as the pies
9inch: Go huge Pendles Adams Grundy
Snarfy: Anyone know anything about Ben Long?
King_Robbo: Ben Long will be a jet – watched him play in the footscray vfl side, we really wanted to draft him
SC_brAh: Adams stay low please
pcaman2003: Carlisle you dog.WHE beter be okay
SC_brAh: ffs WHE another injury this week seriously.. wtf
pcaman2003: And,where is the free kick stat for WHE?
Breezey: Missed the start. Who’s Blair in for
zadolinnyj: Please come back hoskin
JRedden: he took the mark pcaman, didnt get a ff
IKnowALL: WHE went off straight away, he knews something was wrong as soon as he injuired it.. Didn’t look good
Kenny27: @breezy phillips
zadolinnyj: Phillips out
Breezey: Cheers
Kenny27: not making the most of our chances again
TheBoy89: fml broken wrist for whe
King_Robbo: WHE back on thank fuck
IKnowALL: That kick from rooey was perfect, pity he couldn’t mark it.
zadolinnyj: What is the source @TheBoy89. Rubbish
m0nty: no fake injury reports please, WHE is fine
Breezey: Did you just make that up Boy. He’s back on
King_Robbo: stop talking shit boy89.. he’s back out there mate
SC_brAh: @ The Boy89 you gave me a heart attack -_-v
the worm: i guess nobody explained to the youngster that trolling withfake injuries is frowned upon
SC_brAh: Also Steele lift mate
TheBoy89: it said on the raido (sen), and it said it looks like a broken wrist and sorry m0nty
Stuart88: It did look bad like maybe a break but glad he’s ok
chris7399: I heard it on the radio too boys. Got radio and TV. WHE back out now though
TheBoy89: but its good that hes back on
King_Robbo: Grundy is a good DTer but gee he burns the ball – not a good SC pick
Raspel31: Steele’s 2 touches have been pure class-groan
TheBoy89: WHE i love you
King_Robbo: good WHE very good
man0005: I think an apology is in order for TheBoy Monty
pcaman2003: C’mon Adams!4 clangers already?Pull ya finger out
zadolinnyj: WHE good goal
TheBoy89: i love you whe
zadolinnyj: But tackling good raspel
Breezey: My opponent has Robertson. Not happy.
SC_brAh: good boy steele
Raspel31: True indeed zado
TheBoy89: monty please forgive me your’re a boss for making this website and i saw you on the news!
m0nty: no worries The Boy, all good
9inch: Grundy wiil get that SC DT descepancy sorted by games end with a 120
chris7399: As a Saints fan glad to see we have a decent young crop developing but gee we are overly reliant on Roo and Joey
King_Robbo: @9inch – I doubt it, he doesn’t use the ball well enough
Breezey: Daisy Pearce all over it
DrSeuss: Just checked in – what happened to Phillips?
King_Robbo: Treloar missed tackle…
IKnowALL: I must admit, even not having him in my side, Steeles ball use is equality
NiKsTa92: Seuss illness
TheBoy89: stay down steele
chris7399: Missing a bit of pace and zip. Once we get Steven back it should free up Ross to play more outside
Breezey: Terrible DE from Collingwood
King_Robbo: gee collingwood have got some real spuds running around.
TheBoy89: adams -2 so far this quarter
DrSeuss: Cheers Niksta
PLACEBOPIE: finish 7th wins granie equals worst team ever to win it 😀 boyd biggest paid dud ever
chris7399: Classifying Adams as a defender was the best gift from the SC gods
King_Robbo: But we won it… I don’t see your point haha
TheBoy89: i’ll be happy if whe can pull of a 70+
PLACEBOPIE: didn’t i mention you won it point is worst granie winners ever
King_Robbo: Don’t get me wrong, the top 5-6 for collingwood are jets, but how a bloke like Crisp gets a game is beyond me lol
Pokerface: the umpires won it.
TheBoy89: boyd isn’t bad but the defender boyd is slow
TyCarlisle: Dogs premiers=somehow worst team?? sorry what?
King_Robbo: Yes you’re right pokerface, the umpires jumped out there and kicked 13 goals for us..
TheBoy89: i love the dogs
m0nty: back on the game please
PLACEBOPIE: worst premiership team out of all the winners
IKnowALL: Boyd is a good player, I do rate him.. However I don’t agree the amount that his is worth that’s for sure.
SC_brAh: Is Treloar ever going to outscore pendles this season?
TheBoy89: they deserved every bit of it… i mean i can see why u would be mad if carlton won it in 2013
leorosman_: crisp goal robbo
King_Robbo: best team to win it, worst team to win it.. who cares lmao
PLACEBOPIE: crisp goal 😀
King_Robbo: every spud has his day leorosman. even liam jones kicked a game winning goal one day…
the worm: i thought the bulldogs played on friday
Grumpman: It was good to see them win one after so long.
TheBoy89: who cares that was last year
NiKsTa92: Dogs winning was an underdog victory and as afl fans you should respect the win and be happy for afl
NichoB: you go for a team that pays millions for a dud like tom boyd @king_robbo , stop chirping mate
leorosman_: yeah true true, crisp isnt the worst though, better than White and Maynard
IKnowALL: Tom Boyd is definitely not a dud. Outrageous comment.
King_Robbo: a guy that practically won the GF off his own boot… yeah.. next..
PLACEBOPIE: jj won it for ya hence norm smith
TheBoy89: guys just stop… boyd might be overpaid but thats not our business lets focus on this game we will talk about it nextwk
zadolinnyj: Tom Boyd not a dud. Back to this game…….Collingwood many duds and 2nds almost beaten by coburg
spudaroos: Lmao, your young key forward is Moore, stop talking mate.
SC_brAh: Treloar lift or else straight swap to Pendles
NichoB: if you think boyd won you the GF you are truly disabled robbo
zadolinnyj: *coburg
Grumpman: i don’t think any AFL player is a dude i just get upset when they don’t play to there potential and lose me SC games.
pcaman2003: C’mon Adams,Treloar,WHE and Steele. Big scores please.
m0nty: hmm I believe I said back on the game…
TheBoy89: NichoB just leave it
zadolinnyj: Would agree with robbo. He was instrumental
IKnowALL: And we think Monty you should apologize to TheBoy89
Pokerface: how was bruce allowed to be by himself there
zadolinnyj: These young saints will be very good in a few years. Will nick be able to stick around till then?
DrSeuss: Capt Treloar, Phillips, Adams, Hoskin-Elliot and Steele – not a good Sunday so far.
Pokerface: that was terrible
TheBoy89: adams has had a poor quarter
zadolinnyj: SC hates treloar
SC_brAh: DrSeuss you dont have danger for C?
King_Robbo: cheers zado. anyone who disagrees with Boyd not dominating that grad final is a Muppet.. As for this game, go saints
TheBoy89: treloar isn’t useful with the ball
Breezey: That half was diabolical as far as skill goes. Hope it improves
SC_brAh: SC loves Pendles…all class but man…that scaling :/
Pokerface: treloar needs to kick properly
DrSeuss: It’s in AF – so I went without Danger
NiKsTa92: How do you change the team logo on your name?
TheBoy89: i think picken, jj and boyd plaed the best
TheBoy89: account options
zadolinnyj: Did you just change teams TheBoy89? Don’t blame you
Breezey: Boy was a Pie last night. What are ya really
SC_brAh: On the +ve side, Steele gj!
IKnowALL: Haha pendles just got 10sc for a unconsted mark, an a kick that only went 20 metres, righto CD pull the other one
TheBoy89: im a pie but i hate the colour on fanfooty
TheBoy89: im not a bandwagon
TheBoy89: lol nah my real team is cats!
Breezey: Your a troller by the looks
Grumpman: lol Boy..!
TheBoy89: im not a rapper….
the worm: you know how kids get over excited
Grumpman: Easter egg rapper, LOL
TheBoy89: i broke up with my ex girl here’s her number
Grumpman: 1800whogivesashyt
NiKsTa92: logo test
NiKsTa92: woo woo
Kenny27: well theres some serious questions to be answered from the first half. 1.Who the hell would go out with Theboy?
man0005: logo test
Kenny27: and 2. what gender was it
wrenie3: hey guys
spudaroos: Sike, that’s your mums number
DrSeuss: Let’s go Treloar – pick it up
Grumpman: umpire confusion…!
Raspel31: Hmm-just changed cap from Danger to Martin as last hope. Dangerous.
Grumpman: com’on pies if we play clean footy for 15 min we win this
luke394: Treloar is a spud
9inch: Grundy not getting the points for HO to adv.
Kenny27: our field kicking is shocking
SC_brAh: What on earth Treloar, letting me down brAh
9inch: Geez pies look in panic mode down back
DrSeuss: Treloar, Hoskin Elliot – Do something!!
SC_brAh: @DrSeuss 100% agree (mainly Treloar)!!
Grumpman: whats the free kick count anyone?
ballbag: you’re my C treloar you fucken idiot
Kenny27: 16-14 in Coll favour
chris7399: Come on Pendles. Gambled on you instead of taking Bont’s 115
McSpud: is hoskin elliot still on the field?
luke394: Treloar has been disappointing his disposal is poo
Kenny27: saints should be 6 goals up if we play like that in the last we lose this by 8-9 goals
9inch: Was pendels on the bench most of that qtr? Barely saw him
wadaramus: Don’t think I saw Pendles at all that quarter?
ballbag: Buckley is a mastermind. just brilliant
Breezey: We need Howe up forward and we also need Howe down back.
ballbag: give treloar the go and get fucked icon lazy prick
chris7399: Don’t worry mate. If we could clone Roo we would
vamos77: Hoskin to be dropped next week. He is as soft as I have seen since Toumpas
chris7399: Cale Morton much softer than Toumpas
DrSeuss: FFS Treloar, Hoskin Elliot and Steele – maybe get a touch this quarter?
Kenny27: put us out of our misery for gods sake we are woeful
Breezey: I agree Kenny. Frustrating
Pokerface: treloar you idiot
JRedden: so pathetic treloar
9inch: Sidey had a shocker
ballbag: 40 mins gone and treloar still on 20 touches
Pokerface: i hope that handball was classed ineffective. may as well have been, giving it to the guy surrounded by saints
Kenny27: watch how easy the saints get it out of def. we just hack kick it out everytime and dont look
Breezey: The discrepancy between Sidebottoms DT aNd SC is how he’s gone today. Terrible
IKnowALL: Guys just a game, amazes me how emotionally involved some get.. Just chill it happens
Monfries96: WHE heart
DrSeuss: Keep building Treloar – get to the ton
chris7399: Cactus for Pendles. Doesn’t look interested and nowhere near it today. 76% TOG too
vamos77: WHE heart the size of a caraway seed
Monfries96: @vamos always easy from the couch to tell an injured player he has no heart!
kano22: The collingwood skills lol. Atrocious
Kenny27: pity it took until 5 mins to go to show this effort was missing all half
9inch: Comedy gold.
ballbag: heart the size of a grape . . . . . seed
shaker: Treloar has a long way to go to be called elite
Breezey: @Kenny. Just what I was thinking
vamos77: Watch the game monfries and not montys bandaid
Monfries96: montys bandaid was more interesting

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