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Chat log from R4 of 2017: Adelaide vs Essendon

Chat log for Adelaide vs Essendon, R4 of 2017

TheBoy89: carn the bombers
Xephyrise: eddie just revoked your pies membership for typing that, theboy89
Sloaneyyyy: walker to kick 7
JockMcPie: Boy i thought you were a Cat?
TheBoy89: lol
TheBoy89: sloane to go big?
feralmong: Shocking first bounce umpire you are a flog.
JockMcPie: Nice start Otten
PieBoy: onya andy
cusch1: Hope we all like ads, there will be a lot tonight
DrSeuss: Lets go Curtly – touch the ball champ
feralmong: Benched Hampton for marchbank and kept otten on.
cusch1: Someone tell me what that free kick was for?
feralmong: Hope the trend continues.
sfmmp23: Come on Laird bounce back, need a ton from you.
Sloaneyyyy: my earlier prediction of walker kicking 7 is looking good so far…
TheBoy89: sloane spud it up thanks
cusch1: Add three more to that
TheBoy89: yes stay low sloane
TheBoy89: tex come on mate!
sfmmp23: otten, what a beast
cusch1: Mare leuenberger already jesus
TheBoy89: what a entertaning quarter of footy!
heppelitis: agree Cusch…as he takes Jobes head off with a handball from a foot away lol
cusch1: Throw pops in there as well hepp
Sloaneyyyy: the funny thing is Leuenberger is winning the hitouts
benzammit: Time to send Hooker back to help Hurley, he ain’t a fwd, n we need him down back Ambrose don’t cut it
cusch1: Ambrose has been our best defender so far…
heppelitis: hartley would be handy an unleash francis
cusch1: Kelly again ball watching 5 meters in front of Menzel
Ben_Gogos: Ambrose has been deplorable in the one on one
TheBoy89: tex is babe
cusch1: We’d have lost both our first two games without him, and lost by a lot more last week
preki1: lynch vs walker: the shootout
cusch1: Weekly winner will have both preki
heppelitis: Meanwhile an AA defender sits at the bottom of Essendons scoring…while we cant stop them marking in Crows fwd line
StuL: Go Otten! Too bad if you jumped on Sloane.
cusch1: He’s just too good
cusch1: Hooker is always playing behind
cusch1: Hooker plays ifront once and almost results in a goal
zadolinnyj: Go crows
cusch1: How clumsy can you get jesus
Sloaneyyyy: Watson and Heppell just can’t get their hands on it
benzammit: Not sure how they pulled McKenna in as a defender?
McSpud: they say 100 pts will win you a game…
casey22: Shouldnt Eddie be delivering it to Tex?
cusch1: Odds that crows will score 4 for the rest of the game?
runt: Hampton may want to remove his digit
colin wood: Lol at Ottens score…
runt: Crows will kick 40 today for a bit of a laugh
TheBoy89: so happy at the moment laird 62 and otten 63 and also have murph in the other game
sfmmp23: Laird and Otten doing well, Hampton not great but ok
Blaknight: Laird 62 at half time ok with that
benzammit: Uh at least we have 7 goals at
cusch1: The worst thing about this is that i can no longer say
cusch1: At least I’m not a Richmond supporter
Raspel31: I don’t think we ever really expected to win this one.
cusch1: We haven’t been bad offensively, just struggled defensively to state the obvious
The39Steps: @cusch1 – ok, we’re not brilliant but we aren’t delusional, dont inject our kids with stuff , then plead the 5th.
Raspel31: That’s banned 39steps and boring and shameful.
cusch1: And this week on people who take stuff said on the internet too seriously…pls relax. Was a joke
McSpud: ummm. your dobbed it
TheBoy89: mate essendon are playing good footy but adelaide is just to strong
cusch1: Hooker plays in front and look what happens
cusch1: But tough in ambrose considering tex kicked three on Hurley though?
StuL: Come on Hampton. Dont be a bag of potatoes.
Sloaneyyyy: how long until Heppell gets a down arrow
benzammit: Ambrose is in best 22 just not as a key back I think.
whafc: wtf heppell, hampton
pcaman2003: Hampton has hit the wall.Time to trade I feel.
MONEY TALK: hampton won’t do great today balls not going to go much in defence
Breezey: Do people not understand that when your getting killed you don’t generally have the ball. Therefore you don’t score
benzammit: He’s playing a defensive roll on Watson doing ok.
TheBoy89: stay low hampton
colin wood: Otten ineffective disposal = +3? Lol
MONEY TALK: no plz lift hampton (:
sfmmp23: Laird and Otten on track for a to, make up for Hamptons shit plzease boys
sfmmp23: ton
casey22: Jobe looks awfully slow
cusch1: Jobe has always been a relatively slow player
Seb78: Thank flower for merrett
sfmmp23: 50-60 would be ok from Hampton
PieBoy: onya lairdy
LuvIt74: spewin I took McGrath off and had him as my (E) – Hampton you spud
cusch1: Colyer and zerrett are doing their best to pull Us back into it
Brad_J: Laird needs to get 100
MONEY TALK: he should get 110 plus
LuvIt74: Sloane dog will get 120
runt: Otten and hapton are not really wanted by anyone but like a couple of cheaps whores they keep hanging around
MONEY TALK: lmaooo
TyCarlisle: weird analogy there
LuvIt74: I’m pretty sure the vast majority have Hampton & Otten I know I do.
preki1: so true runt
pcaman2003: Otten taps to advantage to Sloane and gets 1 point? Really?
zadolinnyj: I do
Thedude24: Otten is awesome @runt
pcaman2003: Now Otten taps to Crouch who clars for 1 point again.I thought tap to advantage worth more.
casey22: Jobe gone home?
JockMcPie: Otten and Laird get to 110 each?
cusch1: Conor unleashing his inner McGregor
gdshifty: lol at hampton icicle with BE of -5. Picketts BE is 10 and only scored 39 yet $ symbol
JockMcPie: Thanks Lairdy!!
heppelitis: that slog in the wet last week has killed jobe tonight
runt: Waton and Heppell appear jet lagged 30 minutes time difference isn’t that much
Breezey: I just seen Jobe yawn
MONEY TALK: we r used to pickett scoring low but still ice on hampton
sfmmp23: Otten, Laird and Hampton turned out quite well
runt: watson needs to make himself a coffee
TheBoy89: good otten and laird
Thedude24: Thinks it’s dt based gdshifty. He had 14 dt a few min ago
Costanza: cmon Hepp get a few cheapies ffs – 2 marks only
JockMcPie: Otten is the #1 cash cow this year by a mile
MONEY TALK: two 150 from GC game looks like two 150 scores here
Breezey: I reckon Newman and WHE are the biggest cows so far
Thedude24: Don’t you just love it when a play youve got has +45 sc on dt? The other way around is torture though
banta: the umpiring is a disgrace
cusch1: Ridiculous deliberate
frenzy: McGrath rising star nom this week
banta: that rule needs to go. ruining the game
JockMcPie: Otten, WHE, Newman, Houston, Butler, SPP, not much else
LuvIt74: Selecting Hampton over McGrath hurts. at least McGrath will go back to a negative break even now
runt: I gambled responsibly today and bet Watson would get 20 possessions or over…
cusch1: We don’t deserve to lose by10 goals though
IKnowALL: The bombers are so shower
sfmmp23: they are over the 3000 apparently that means something
cusch1: Not saying we deserve to win by any means of course
benzammit: Always a tough trip interstate.
JockMcPie: Bombers need to fix their defense if they are any chance
Costanza: Crows and that good – Bombers aint that bad
MONEY TALK: when my prediction was right when i said laird will get 110 plus
IKnowALL: The bombers are bad, they will struggle this year no doubt
Pokerface: bombers are that bad
LuvIt74: Essendon no chance against the top sides. That being said they are playing better then I initially presumed.
cusch1: They just don’t miss
Grumpman: Crows have to flag favorites now don’t they?
benzammit: Lol coming from a Blue supporter.
MONEY TALK: hamptons average is 56 i dont see y he should have a ice symbol
runt: The Bombers miss Bellchambers
sfmmp23: crows vs giants GF
LuvIt74: I do know the bombers aren’t as bad as carlton though. lol
IKnowALL: Mate I admit we are so bad, but aye didn’t they knock the flog bombers off last week?
runt: Maybe bring in Will Minson?
TheBoy89: adelaide vs geelong gf
MONEY TALK: ottens was robbed of two points on SC
Pokerface: lol runt
LuvIt74: @runt lol
TheBoy89: lol essendon are way better than carlton
zadolinnyj: Lol runt
TheBoy89: it was a sloopy game in the rain
Seb78: @iknowall. Yeh but doesnt rain every week champ
LuvIt74: I felt embarrassed for the reporter who asked bevo that…lol
carlton_99: @Luvit didnt we beat them last week?

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