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Chat log from R4 of 2017: Carlton vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Carlton vs Gold Coast, R4 of 2017

TheBoy89: carn the blues
JockMcPie: Need bad games from Swallow and Witts thanks, Pickett for 100
PLACEBOPIE: swallow doc good games… witts simpson bad games
TheBoy89: bopie do u have doc
TheBoy89: if u do should i trade shaw for doc
PLACEBOPIE: yes doc 😉
PLACEBOPIE: depends how many trades you have already traded….can you get doc by getting rid of someone else?
TheBoy89: yeah i can still keep shaw but get rid of marchbank for doc?
TheBoy89: and i have 29 trades
PLACEBOPIE: in perfect world you want probs adams laird docherty shaw montag jj
MONEY TALK: lets go, witts,swallow and machbank
TheBoy89: i currently have adams, laird, shaw, otten, marchbank and newman. but im thinking of trading marchbank for doc sound ge?
Sloaneyyyy: someone please kneecap Murphy
PLACEBOPIE: if march spuds it up tonight then yes 😉
TheBoy89: ok cheers
MONEY TALK: looks like taranto ot SPP to murphy i have 350 k in the bank for gettng Witts to Gawn
StuL: Can you break put in your late 20s!? Murphy beastly!
LuvIt74: @Stul hope Witts pays off for ya mate
kano22: Pickett is garbage
King_Robbo: hopefully Witts and Murphy break in half this game
StuL: SC world is small I guess.
DrSeuss: Guessing this was the week to get Murphy in
pcaman2003: TradedO
pcaman2003: Traded O
LuvIt74: tipped the blues just hope they can play all 4 uarters
pcaman2003: Traded O’Meara for Murphy 5 mins before game.Phew!!
StuL: Got murph when he was on the bubble.
Yelse: why why swallow
StuL: Go doch. Drop in price. Then we will pounce.
LuvIt74: @pcman Gr8 move if ya had the extra coin coz at this rate Murphy could reach $700k real fast
IKnowALL: Who else thinks Charlie Curnow looks like kouta at a distance
carlton_99: that was a goal
carlton_99: touched over the line
pcaman2003: Only have 5,000 in the bank!
circle52: Agree Carlton was well over
Gummybadgr: so if Doc got a boot on that one that wasn’t paid holding the ball, why didn’t he get a clanger recorded against him?
LuvIt74: @carlton we commentary on the TV mate
LuvIt74: if carlton lose to GCS i will never tip them again
DrSeuss: Marchbank, Swallow and Witts – slow start to this game
zadolinnyj: I’m happy with Murphy but surely this won’t last
luke394: guy I’m playing has Lynch and Murph as POD’s lol I’m screwed
feralmong: Nice fisher, make me AF money.
carlton_99: @luvit ???
LuvIt74: Dont think Murphy is much of a POD after his first 3 rounds mate.
sfmmp23: could have gone O’meara to Murph but decided to go with Swallow. Fuck
tbrowne: Pickett might actually get 50 this week wowee
Yelse: not having murphy is a point of dif
LuvIt74: @carlton99 We have commentary, we know whats going on whether it be via TV or Radio
luke394: it is if u didn’t start him and didn’t trade him in LuvIt74
JockMcPie: just waiting for Murphy to break his leg or something…
sfmmp23: jeez murph, dont need to rub it in mate.
LuvIt74: @sfmmp that was stupid, if you had the coin to go Murphy why wouldn’t ya, he may be the biggest cash cow this year. lol
Yelse: not much tagging going on now days
Pokerface: why is noone tagging murphy these days
PLACEBOPIE: swallow got going
Stuart88: VC Murphy looking good
LuvIt74: Murphy’s could become the highest price player in fantasy footy within weeks
circle52: Spewing was 10K short of going O’Mear to Murphy.
LuvIt74: Great to see swollow found his tongue tie before he swollowed his tongue.
LuvIt74: Murphy might pull a hammy in this game and you’ll hear the TWANG from here
SaintsMan: LuvIt74, u have murph brother?
TheBoy89: been watching the other game but murphy is boss keep it up i want 140+ and marchbank get 70+
pies13: not crying @luvit pretty sure monty duznt give a flower wot u had 4t got band 4not talkn footy
Ninty: Murph train toot toot
MONEY TALK: i wanted murphy but had to take gawn out and i wanted newman
TheBoy89: spud it up doc
zadolinnyj: Problem with Murphy is my opponents also have him
TheBoy89: ive had murph since the start so im happy!
LuvIt74: @pies what are u going on about sook?
LuvIt74: @money u could have gone Gawn to Murphy via DPP surely
tankin: dont poke the doc bear. he will go bang
TheBoy89: i need doc to stay low so i can get him in next week
pies13: youi asked the question in the last game figure it out yourself ya spud
LuvIt74: @theBoy great pick up m8
StuL: Thats rubbish ump
cold pies: What’s up with Barlow?
DrSeuss: Where is Swallow?
LuvIt74: @pies firstly some1 asked me what I had for dinner so I replied. Secondly u r the person bringing it up in another game.
LuvIt74: So get over it pies13, stop crying and move on son..
LuvIt74: Lynch is killing it come on if only that was weekly…
StuL: Barlow injured but playing.
StuL: Yea ok. Lynch will monster some gamrs.
pies13: 4get it @luvit and dont call me son ya flog
Yelse: swallow limping
King_Robbo: @Pies13 calm down son
man0005: Are you trolling us again Yelse
DrSeuss: Swallow up forward FFS
LuvIt74: Shit so glad i didn’t trade lynch this week…
circle52: Umpires put the whistle away well done like that.
Yelse: rewind your foxtel at the last contest in the fwd line u will see
SaintsMan: Why is swallow playing forward ?
pies13: love how the main comments come from flogs r u 1of them 2 @robbo?
LuvIt74: Swallow chocked on his tongue, he needs to find his tongue tie again.
NiKsTa92: Concentrate on the game Jesus bunch of girls
iZander: wheres Matera playing?
the worm: they just like finding reasons to say flog
King_Robbo: Are* you*
LuvIt74: @pies13 if u cannot say anything to do with footy then go on another forum and cuss people. clearly u need to grow up.
circle52: Looks like the wing zander
King_Robbo: He’s a child Luvit, give him a break
PieBoy: pull your finger out marchbank
LuvIt74: pickett outscoring swallow bloody hell
Thedude24: Is Swallow on the field? Haven’t seen him in like 15 min
Blaknight: Has Marchbank gone home or something?
Yelse: swallowhasnt been seen since that contest
LuvIt74: he may has well have
circle52: Can wright ever mark a ball
pcaman2003: Lucky I raded O’Meara for Murphy,not Swallow now.
boo!: yeah full your finger out of march bank swallow
pies13: nah im n ot @robo keep going murphy is that better @luvit?
LuvIt74: swallow & Marchbank are killing me
circle52: Not robinson crusoe Luvit
SaintsMan: same here luvit
colin wood: What a horrible weekend this is turning out to be. Witts, Cripps, Barlow and Marchbank…
TheBoy89: murphy only 4 this quarter
colin wood: Oh and Swallow..
Thedude24: Swallow 61% ToG. Im pretty sure he hasnt been on past 15 min
LuvIt74: What happened to Murphy he was on 50 at quarter time has his defibrillator kicked in yet
circle52: $ for the AFL after that for sure
DrSeuss: First time Swallow has been involved this quarter.
MONEY TALK: swallow wanna lift mate plzz
Yelse: swallow needs to get in the middle
Thedude24: There has to be an injury or something they’re looking at
Yelse: like i said he was limping
the worm: i will laugh if swallow cant beat pepper today
StuL: Certain players are fools gold/bermuda triangle. Swallow is one of those.
zadolinnyj: So is swallow off injured? Opponent has him?
TheBoy89: come on murph!! pump out a 140
TheBoy89: swallow stay down i was so close to trading spp for swallow
sfmmp23: Will get a few weeks from swallow, he will rise in price then we will off load him for a premo.
TheBoy89: jom and swallow are spuds for life
McSpud: first mistake for the year, trades pickett to swallow this week
Breezey: Swallow hasn’t played for 2 years. 3rd game back.
circle52: That kick shows Swallow not 1oo%
circle52: Gee umps quick with play on calls. Coast robbed 3 times.
circle52: Yet Simpson did the same and not called
Yelse: swallow hardly on the ground
runt: Ablett losing interest again?
TheBoy89: marchbank what a quarter hes having
Yelse: and when on he is fwd
pcaman2003: Good to see Marchbank on the move
Sloaneyyyy: at this rate, might have to get in Jack Martin, been really good the last couple
Breezey: Jack Martin becoming a real star
luke394: I was happy I started swallow last week and even happier everyone bought him in this week lol
sfmmp23: Opp had Doc and Mbank was looking good, now not so much
TheBoy89: swallow what a spud
Kenny27: muppet time
TheBoy89: what jom get a ton next week
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Macreadie marks in relief on the behind line but kicks straight into Lyon on the mark, easy goal.
tankin: bowes on track for career best game
pcaman2003: U Muppett Kermit….lol!
benzammit: Spud? The bloke has averaged 100 coming into this week?
MONEY TALK: i have swallow already, but all those ppl who brought him in now r raging lmao
DrSeuss: Witts and Swallow….hmmm
MONEY TALK: i did however bring witts for gawn probs should of gone nakervis
Sloaneyyyy: swallow still gonna make more money than JOM even with this performance
benzammit: He will still be a platform to an premo for me don’t mind if he scores low all players have low weeks kind expected it.
TheBoy89: thank god marchbank had an impact
DrSeuss: Swallow running fine to get to that Lynch mark – just put him in the guts
pcaman2003: C’mon Murphy…..don’t stop now. FFS
Pinkman: Hard to compete against this sort of kicking for goal
sfmmp23: GC beat blues and ill overlook Swallows poor performance.
King_Robbo: Carlton are so shit lol
Costanza: gargle and spit
Yelse: whats swallows TOG
Sloaneyyyy: swallow 68% tog
benzammit: Blues threw everything at us last week, those conditions hurt.
Raspel31: Matera sitting free in my draft-but one game so I say no. Idiot-moi.
Thedude24: Very disappointing Swallow.
Costanza: same here Rasp – not even an Emergency
sfmmp23: Makes me feel better that Murph has slowed down but Swallow is barely on the field and when he is he isnt doing anything
Breezey: Docs going big tonight in a loss I reckon
DrSeuss: Docherty just picked up about 30 points in 3 minutes
Yelse: swallow 2 possessions in 2 quarters
JRedden: dochery unbelievable stuff, 6 +6s in a minute
pcaman2003: @Dr Seuss..caught up to Murphy super fast. Murphy almost stopped.
LuvIt74: Murphy looked like he would score 140+ at quarter time. He has only gained 33 points in half a game of footy
runt: Blues folded like a K-Mart deck chair
LuvIt74: Lynchy boy in my huge POD this wek
LuvIt74: Blues are crap, I will never tip them again this season
9inch: So Swallow must be carrying an injury or what?
LuvIt74: in = is
kingcarey2: kmart chairs dont fold mate, bbq galore ones on the other hand…
SC_brAh: Wtf swallow
MONEY TALK: plz somehow get 50 points in the last swallow
LuvIt74: where have all the blues supporters vanishe too
runt: Murphy suffers from short leg syndrome They get shorter as the game goes on
IKnowALL: Mate as a blue supporter I’ve already accepted that we are no good, but at least I’m not dumb enough to bet on carlton
IKnowALL: Tip in that matter as well.
LuvIt74: Who the hell would bet on Carlton?
IKnowALL: You wouldn’t of said that lastweek would u
LuvIt74: ohh, that’s not very loyal of you not to tip them in what should have been a easy game for them
carlton_99: Useless umpire how the hell is that advantage
Breezey: Blues getting a dose of what Hawthorn got last week
pcaman2003: Murphy ya dud.Simple goal mate.
pies13: who do you tip when swan dogs play @luvit? wot does loyalty mean 2u? god you talk smack!
runt: Freo and GCS have suddenly turned the corner. Coaches were being blamed but the players were to blame all along
IKnowALL: B Fagtera tearing us up
Kenny27: pull ya finger out Touk!
sfmmp23: Swallow may scrape to 50, thank god
benzammit: Both ruckmen have been crucified by CD in this match
the worm: pickett is a model of consistency
TheBoy89: i should be able to afford doc
iZander: how bad his Mays hammy look?
IKnowALL: Very happy with the signs of Fisher, bloke looks quick an composed under pressure
Raspel31: Beautifully said the worm
Costanza: GC vs Crows next week – almost watchable
Thedude24: Why Swallow?? Why??
runt: May will be right after tomorrow. A little Jesus juice and away he goes
MONEY TALK: what does CD mean fanfooty wise lol i dont usually talk in chat
IKnowALL: Crossdressers
sfmmp23: Why did i pick you over murph swallow? You spud.
Thedude24: I had Swallow from the start. 117 last week and 90ish the week before
kano22: It means gimps are whining that their players aren’t scoring well and they blame Champion Data
Roksta: Champion data money
frenzy: half ton for pickett, proud of ya son
MONEY TALK: plz stop lynch ur killing me
runt: Murphy overcame his short leg syndrome
Raspel31: I left Lynch on the bench-groan.
Breezey: You don’t often see two 150 plus scores from the one team
MONEY TALK: i said plz…
runt: Thomas…good below average player
MONEY TALK: looks like it will be two 150 with betts and walker
LuvIt74: Thank u lynch, but swollow you suck.
IKnowALL: At least Carlton dug in an didn’t let it blow out like the flog hawks
LuvIt74: I will be putting a bet on the blues, for the wooden spoon.
IKnowALL: I don’t think swallow an suck should be ever used in the same sentence
carlton_99: @LuvIt. You go do that. But no one here cares.
LuvIt74: @carlton99 u took the time to reply, so clearly u care. lol
SaintsMan: shut up luvit you myth
carlton_99: @LuvIt Thats funny mate. Are you a comedian?

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