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Chat log from R4 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Port Adelaide, R4 of 2017

TheBoy89: shaw ton up or your getting axed my friend
man0005: shaw ton up or your getting axed my friend
JockMcPie: you’re*
Grumpman: GWS by 43 points i say.
King_Robbo: Yep agree grumpman, port are overrated/pretty average
Lecras: cmon shaw give me a reason to keep you please
SC_brAh: Housten ton up son
fonzie: spp have a good game
PLACEBOPIE: spud it up shaw + greene
SC_brAh: Need Shaw + Housten > Taranto + Kelly
King_Robbo: shaw good start
AngryRyno: Heater, Houston and SPP for me
Pokerface: come on phil davis.
circle52: SPP and Houston only for me this game. Both on bench for loopholing
JockMcPie: Good start Heater
benzammit: I like Port in an upset here!
tbrowne: Fuck get Taranto on the ground
SC_brAh: Might have to trade in Harlett in defence. Thoughts?
SwaggyP: This is the end of SPP. He will hit the wall.
BaxterR: wouldnt be an option i’d consider SC
StuL: Come on Houston, big money!
StuL: No to Hartlett. Always been a tease like Yeo and Higgins
Lecras: go houston !!!!!!
heppelitis: great week to bring in wines and opp has houston and kelly!
SC_brAh: Housten hell yeah!
lukefield9: Does a high tackle give you 0 on supercoach because the 4 for the tackle cancels out the -4 for the free kick?
shaker: Half way the first 1/4 spuds haha
LuvIt74: Early days for pepper head he has class but he is my (E) this week
JockMcPie: Onya Houston, don’t do a Hannan though…
sfmmp23: Taranto started at the centre bounce, hopefully he can do something.
a1trader: might be time to bring Houston off the bench.
DragonLass: geez settle down on SPP, haven’t even finished the first quarter yet
SC_brAh: Lift Heater
LuvIt74: houston on your bench OUCH
9inch: 2 FA for green. SC bit high.
DrSeuss: The one week I play someone with Houston on field – lol
AngryRyno: Houston so close to cape, get there son
LuvIt74: @SC relax its only 1st quarter m8, heater is doing ok, he usually starts off slow just like a oil heater
zadolinnyj: gents
luke394: Taranto free kick for and a handball 3 points lol
StuL: So much for ppl saying Houston will get dropped for Pittard so what’s the point having him!?
zadolinnyj: rookie fest this game
LuvIt74: I think many put Houston of field seeing eddy was dropped
luke394: if that was Bont he’d get 15
LuvIt74: on field i meant
AngryRyno: surely no one was putting Eddy on field
PieBoy: Have a crack tarranty
Rush: I’ve got Houston on field. eddy/hannan on bench.
StuL: Yea Ok, Taranto is looking like a bust. He better do something fast.
cold pies: Is b.eddy done now?
cammo92: Not going to complain as I have Houston on the field but how is he on 40?
Blaknight: I got Eddy on field as a loophole for Houston and Parfitt
StuL: Hoping Port get pumped and Eddy kicks a bag in the SANFL
luke394: Dylan Shiel is a sog SC player
cammo92: 12 uncontested touches in the back half with 50 metres gained total. Doesn’t make a lot of sense
King_Robbo: Ok so heather shaw spoil.. +2 however Rance gets +4’s +5’s for that in SC… it seriously is a joke
Sloaneyyyy: piss off Houston you flog
Sloaneyyyy: come on Greene, lift
luke394: spoils gone down this year I think King Robbo
aces-high: Ward an absolute bust this year
cammo92: Heath Shaw gets more undeserved SC points than anyone. Not sure you can complain about that Robbo
King_Robbo: Nope, I was watching Rance’s scores last week… he was getting plus 4’s
OnTheRocks: Shaw a bust as well
NichoB: taranto is finally having a crack
cold pies: Hahaha heater is not a bust
AngryRyno: Heater going backwards
SC_brAh: Heater 2 clangers in the last minute
Erich1036: A lot of Rance’s spoils go to teammates which get you more points than a regular spoil
luke394: did Shaw just have 2 clangers? lost 8 points
King_Robbo: CD are having a laugh this year – Shaw went down 5 points for a mark and a 50 metre kick that was spoilt out of bounds
cold pies: He will ton up boys. Relax.
King_Robbo: a kick off the ground is not a clanger…
AngryRyno: it wasn’t spoilt out of bounds, it was straight to Hartlett who dropped a chestmark
luke394: yeah King Robbo thats exactly what I was thinking lol
King_Robbo: there is clear bias going on this year, I have no doubt about it
lukefield9: robbo you actually need to look further into the stats – it’s all in CPs and effecitiveness
sfmmp23: Taranto started this qtr well, now hes gone quiet.
circle52: Do not forget there is a lag with updating of live scores so possibly some adjustments for 30 secs ago.
Costanza: psych ward at this rate
colin wood: Do something SPP….
cold pies: Because he spends all the time on the bench @sfmmp23
BeastMode: cant stand ya
PieBoy: Onya boaky
chris7399: CD also loves “distance covered” in disposals not just the efficiency. Look at Macrae yesterday 95% but always sideways!
luke394: Heath Shaw is getting absolutely robbed
Sloaneyyyy: too bad for anyone who jumped on ollie Wines
ballbag: PayPalPepperPig is really giving me the irrates now. lift fa fucks ache
fonzie: wall for pepper
Sloaneyyyy: Looks like Greene’s gonna need the YinYang and Vulture in this game to resurrect any kind of decent score
Yelse: why did i put taranto on bench for parfitt
cammo92: As if Shaw is being robbed. All the guy does is kick it in to himself
luke394: Taranto had a couple of great handball possies in traffic and they weren’t deemed effetive
cammo92: Ordinary player and bloke. Cost his team a premiership in the prelim
PieBoy: Onya shawy
Sloaneyyyy: How is Houston’s SC so high with only 1 contested possession
LuvIt74: If Pittard tons up today he is a must watch next week & then jump on
cammo92: Don’t know Sloaney. Only 60 metres gained too. Feels wrong
sfmmp23: Havent even noticed SPP this qtr.
King_Robbo: because Cammo – CD blokes must own him…
luke394: nearly time to go for SPP
LuvIt74: Great time to have Salt & Pepper on the bench.
colin wood: SPP most disapointing rookie this season. has the perfect SC game but can’t get near it.
Costanza: SPP needs a good shake
circle52: Some need to read the point scoring if Houston has effective kicks worth 4 points each there is 32 points to start.
thornz23: it’s amazing how much time you guys spend complaining about the sc scores..
circle52: Then count his 7 marks
thornz23: Just accept that you don’t quite know how the scores are calculated and if you don’t like it, go back to DT
daniel87: Get off his back this is his first game that he hasn’t got much probably because we don’t have a proper ruckman today
King_Robbo: 7 uncontested marks is worth at most 10 points
Sloaneyyyy: contested marks should be worth way more than uncontested though
Number 8: Couldn’t agree with you more, thornz. SC whinging is tiresome
SC_brAh: Housten might pull a Hannan after all
daniel87: And I take Ollie wines over Sloane any day of the week
AngryRyno: uncontested intercept is worth more than contested maintaining possession in SC
sfmmp23: Push to 70 Taranto
ballbag: DT a lot more competitive than sc. scis pretty easy
King_Robbo: the lack of info prior to a season is frustrating for SCers – you pick teams based on how you think players will score..
King_Robbo: and then only to find out a few rounds in that they have changed the scoring. that is a joke
circle52: Unfortunately we have these arguments every year about SC scoring and basically not a lot of people really check scoring
daniel87: Andloane any day of the week
circle52: and that is why you check the rules and scoring each year for differences
Grumpman: and they want $20 out of you for a few extra things.
StuL: TT yet lives. yey. Need a few more weeks yet.
Jukes82: has SPP hit the wall already???
King_Robbo: they don’t release the scoring circle, they are doing ‘slow releases’ throughout the year in the herald sun..
circle52: Yet to be a year that they have not changed
luke394: Loving Toby Greene’s score absolute pleb
9inch: Champion data are like umpires. Its fun bagging them when your losing
SilverLion: Oliver and Ebert woulda been two of the PODs of the year so far
LuvIt74: i don’t care what anyon says this season was always going to be a nightmare for rookies
circle52: You can always check the scoring from the site
circle52: Agree with you Luvit.
King_Robbo: @ circle – nothing on there website bud
LuvIt74: listing to Ross Lyons press conference makes me sick, damn I hate that drip of a guy
luke394: circle 52 you have to admit there are players who seem to always score better for a similar influence on the game?
circle52: If you click on the question mark on your team page it brings up all the info. Not all scoring but major ones
ballbag: @luvit what rot!! all the high PPM preseason rookies are leading
circle52: That is the only real beef I have with SC is their lack of transperancy with scaling.
AngryRyno: c’mon Ringo, you know as well as anyone else that those score allotments are just guidelines
luke394: Effective kick 4 Points Ineffective kick 0 Points Clanger kick -4 Points Effective Handball 1.5 Points
scrappers: we all know sc is either corrupt or incompetent so you just have to pick the players that are subject to this!
luke394: Ineffective handball 0 Points Handball clanger -4 Points Handball receive 1.5 Point Hardball get 4.5 Points
luke394: Loose-ball get 4.5 Points Goal 8 Points Behind 1 Point Mark uncontested (maintaining possession)2 Points Mark contested
circle52: But we all keep coming back each year despite our concerns haha
LuvIt74: @ballbag and whats that got to do with what I said, we all have the same rookies but none will hit $400k+
luke394: Mark contested (maintaining possession) 6 Points Mark uncontested (from opposition)4 Points
King_Robbo: fair call scappers
luke394: Mark contested (from opposition) 8 Points Tackles 4 Points Free kick for 4 Points Free kick against -4 Points
StuL: Except that there are no half points in practice so I’m not sure how they calculate this.
luke394: Hitout to Advantage 5 Points Gather from Hitout
King_Robbo: it’s less enjoyable this year based on the lack of transparency
King_Robbo: Ie on their website it says a tackle is +4 which is not th case, it’s +3
King_Robbo: and a hit out to advantage has been reduced this year to a +4, not a plus 5 anymore
LuvIt74: In the past the rookies were a great deal stronger & a lot more to chose from this season everyone has the same rookies.
scrappers: when my players tackle they get three points sometimes 2! lol! only bont gets 4 points!
LuvIt74: And not one rookie this season looks as though he will get remotely close to $400k – saving trades this year is everythi
King_Robbo: agree Luvit, hence why I’ve only used 2 trades so far
colin wood: Today Dom Tyso ngave a FA and went from 81 to 72.. CD make the scores up.
King_Robbo: no late changes for the carlton gold coast game.. Swallow plays
pcaman2003: Just came on. WTF happened to Greene and J Kelly scoring?Playing that badly?
colin wood: Popular playrs have bias scoring. Fyfe went plus 7 from a clanger kick into 50 at the nd of the game. Scores are made up
9inch: Just as well swallow plays. Just brought him in lol
LuvIt74: prime example is pepper, most thought he was going to be our biggest cash cow due to the LRT preseason.
JockMcPie: SPP’s gone down coz he’s not getting midfield time
LuvIt74: Pepper has gained us $60k with a B/E of negative 26 big deal, those rookies in the past were plentiful
feralmong: I don’t mind spp cos everyone has him almost.
luke394: with SPP they have played Adelaide and GWS so he’s prob gonna score bad
Viscount: Swallow rubbish started because someone on here made the mistake of typing Swallow to Eddy instead of Eddy to Swallow
ballbag: thank goodness Murphys 150+ will make a for peppers shit
King_Robbo: murphy won’t even get a 100 tonight
Yelse: my bad @viscount
luke394: if Murph hits 130+ again ball bag ill spew
fonzie: i hope parfit has a shit game on monday
Viscount: @Yelse I didn’t mention it was you. We all make mistakes
Pokerface: lol at the tin foil hats who think scores are based on a player’s poularity
StuL: Houston’s had 2-3 touches since qtr time.
the worm: can you bet on sc scoring?
raffa: Ppepper lift
Pokerface: the worm sportsbet
TheBoy89: everyone has spp so there’s nothing to worry about
raffa: Prasy how are ya
StuL: PP is a tackler. No tackles and his points dry up.
ballbag: ohh well. Murphy 30+ touches and Carlton win is juicy
JockMcPie: My opponent has Swallow in place of SPP…
the worm: if you can bet on them, then they are definitely tinkered with to please the betting agencies
Yelse: need pp to out score tarranto
AngryRyno: SPP in danger of being dropped by Pear, needs to push out a 50
Pokerface: how does that logic work. yuo can bet on dt and disposals too
TheBoy89: im trading spp for sloane
ballbag: @worm like I’ve said SC betting should be illegal
DrSeuss: Pick it up Josh Kelly
TheBoy89: josh kelly is a spud
AngryRyno: time for a royal commission into SC scoring rather than islam or some shit aye?
Pokerface: this chat room has become an alt universe
StuL: Just bench SPP until his BE gets too high but I had to field him this week with non playing rooks.
TheBoy89: ton it up shaw
Jukes82: If you have the wall to Pruess, you have to give it to Powell-Pepper surely!
clint briz: What is happening with calam ward
man0005: calam ward?
ballbag: pepper corn is smoked
TheBoy89: lmao my opponet had eddy and boyd
LuvIt74: I’m glad I benched the pepper shaker.
JockMcPie: SPP get involved kid…
TheBoy89: come on heater and houston
Yelse: Where is SPP playing?
ballbag: damn! I ground pepper instead of looping him
circle52: On my bench hoping to loop hole with Parfitt – do not think it will happen.
StuL: SPP is playing in the sheds, cutting the oranges.
luke394: if Shaw is done I’m deleting my team
King_Robbo: shaw gone
LuvIt74: @ballbag ground pepper isn’t as good as whole pepper corn’s.
SC_brAh: Heater injured fml
AngryRyno: SPP got a touch everyone
Sloaneyyyy: Shaw on the chopping block this week unless he gets 90+
TheBoy89: come on pepper at least pump out a 35+
NoneyaB: shaw will be fine if he ran off the ground he cant be too bad
pcaman2003: Greene and Kelly playing like spud rookies
lachlan23t: Spp getting ready for tomorrow’s Auskick
TheBoy89: shaw no!
King_Robbo: might have to trade shaw anyway sloaney he’s cooked
TheBoy89: well lookes like docherty will do
StuL: I was cursing going Higgins over Greene. Not so bad today.
chris7399: Punted on R.Gray’s disposal count. His over/under was 23 and thought was a bargain. Had 7 at QT but nothing since
DrSeuss: Come on Kelly step it up
LuvIt74: @sloaneyyyyyy hold Shaw m8 at least wait untill Pittard plays his 2nd game next week then consider swapping if u must
DragonLass: Greene will always have down games, but he’ll balance with high scores, not good for those looking for league wins
man0005: dont gamble
TheBoy89: shaw for docherty or shaw for hampton and if i go will hampton i get sloane
Pokerface: chris thats because its rigged
TheBoy89: what do u guys think
TheBoy89: sloaney what u think trade shaw for doch or hampton and get sloane
LuvIt74: No point bringing in hampton now if u didn’t start with him
luke394: they missed Taranto’s last possie
StuL: Shaw’s a keeper all year. Still doing just enough for a back.
SC_brAh: if you dont have docherty get him
Escapist: It’s like people on here never remember not to trade their guns
StuL: TT should have got 50 for that!
Breezey: I think your gibbering Boy
SC_brAh: Any updates on Heater? He better be coming back on!
StuL: Dusty and Doch are top of my shopping list
King_Robbo: shaw done for the day i reckon
TheBoy89: i’m axeing shaw for doc
Lecras: shaws been down the rooms for a while they say he might not return
LuvIt74: it it heaters ankle or knee?
Breezey: Heater gone down to the rooms. Doubtful now their saying
luke394: he was going down to the rooms before SC_brAh
TheBoy89: sloane and doc is my shopping list
circle52: The issue Stu is rookies are not making cash enough to do these trades before their prices go through the roof
Breezey: Might as well change the rule to who touched it last
feralmong: Thinking Pittard as one of my upgrade targets. Had him in the past.
StuL: Where did Port come from anyway? I thought they were rubbish. Their list is still, meh!
StuL: Yea I know. But you also only need on average game and their price comes back down
TheBoy89: -4 shaw
luke394: Im so sick of SC this year Gawn last week now Shaw wrecks all the plans
benzammit: Yep still think if Port can beat the umpires they will pull off an upset.
TheBoy89: @luke394 ikr
King_Robbo: Shaw isn’t coming back, could barely walk there…
PLACEBOPIE: shaw + greene spudding it Yes !!!!
StuL: Great, sounds like a 3 month job for Shaw.
LuvIt74: I had pittard originally in my side but when he got injured I chose heater.
bones351: He always walks/runs like that Robbo haha
benzammit: Patton has been givin 2 goals.
King_Robbo: so shaw missed the last 5 mins of that qtr and somehow dropped 4 points?!?!
luke394: Shaw back on!!!
Yelse: shaw is back on the ground in the huddle
King_Robbo: Taranto didn’t have a touch in the same time and is on the same amount of points – fuck off CD you fucking cheats
TheBoy89: who’s a replacement for shaw now??
luke394: Taranto lost 4 points as well King Robbo
bones351: My Fwd Emg is playing on my Fwd premo and toweling him up!
Sloaneyyyy: yay – go shaw – get to 80 plz
Breezey: Shaw not on. Going to the bench
benzammit: bench shaw
Pokerface: yes robbo, it adjusts because the game is worth more now with only 4 points difference.
SC_brAh: Shaw has lost so much money now not worth trading him out. 🙁 can’t believe i didn’t have adams instead of the spud
TheBoy89: if shaw doesn’t get 90+ axe for doch
Sloaneyyyy: depending on the injury maybe Shaw -> J.Lloyd
PLACEBOPIE: the boy89 is a pie now 😀
luke394: the injuries always happen when their BE is high just to piss u off
tbrowne: Will Taranto cop a week? Not watching
frenzy: time to bring shaw in, after the injury of course
Yelse: seriously SPP get to 50 pleaseeee
TheBoy89: i’ve always supported pies but i didn’t know how to change it
Breezey: Bye bye Hetaer. Gone up the race
StuL: SPP looking Hibberd-like. That’s bad.
DragonLass: Good boy Greene, see if you can at least get to 70-80
Breezey: That’s Heater gone up the race
kosduras: lots of sc to be distributed by the looks of things…
kosduras: points*
dmcc10: tbrowne – pretty sure greene was the one who hit houston so taranto is fine if i saw it correctly
luke394: Shaw on lol limping
Breezey: Heater on now. FFS
AntoRyan14: Shaw’s on!!!
TheBoy89: ikr
SC_brAh: What shaw is on??? lol
feralmong: Shaw to pittard prob a straight swap.
Pokerface: haha derm can’t tell if shaw’s limp is due to injury or his crabness
feralmong: Really u put an injured player on with a 5 pt lead..
StuL: You know Shaw will pump out a 130 if you trade him?
Pokerface: Shiel is virtually unpickable. too much like higgins 4 years ago.
luke394: Shaw is on but limping and playing fwd
StuL: SPP up to 38! Smashing it!
luke394: and he’s lost 6 points since he’s been off
SC_brAh: Carn Shaw slot 5 goals
feralmong: Shaw must have man flu.
Breezey: Yeah baby. Toby Greene bangs thru another one
McSpud: would you only play an injured guy if you were up or down by 50?
AngryRyno: get to 80 Heater, 50 will do for SPP
StuL: Flower off Greene. He was nothing not long ago.
TheBoy89: spp push 50
luke394: shaw just had a effective kick, inside 50 and goal assist and got 5 points?
feralmong: Yeah Greene and shaw combo.
Damage: Thought it was Toby greene with the swinging arm to Houston?
sfmmp23: SPP about to overtake Taranto, Wow
pcaman2003: SC scoring is a strange beast. Unfathomable!
Escapist: if you dont like supercoach scoring stop playing it ffs
King_Robbo: yep Luke394 – as I was making the point before, joke
TheBoy89: houston lift mate
MONEY TALK: i have greene, shaw, taranto and SPP
luke394: its funny King_Robbo
King_Robbo: I think I might have to after this year, it’s a fucking raught
luke394: and that was after he lost 6 points while he was off haha
sfmmp23: TT is a decent player but not a good pick for SC
Pokerface: do it now robbo.
TheBoy89: yep shaw is a must trade out
luke394: we like it Escapist when the points are allocated fairly
happylab: lmao love what shaw’s doing even tho he’s injured
MONEY TALK: TT had a good JLT so i jumped the bandwagon he is still decent
King_Robbo: who asked you Pokerflog?
luke394: 65 from Taranto would be great for his $$ generation
Pokerface: well its obviously causing you stress. i’m trying to help
circle52: reckon you will be back robbo. We enjoy the banter too much.
Kenny27: Pepper Pig has had his last meal. Off with your head
Sloaneyyyy: looks like another Power failure for S.A
pcaman2003: Hey escapist…I never said I didn’t like SC scoring.Learn to read champ
Pokerface: i didn’t realise this chat worked on not talking till someone asks you? how does the first question get asked?
TheBoy89: shaw 80+ thanks
sfmmp23: Back2Back big tons from Mummy
luke394: #pokerflog lol
TheBoy89: is josh kelly’s sc right
circle52: Think SPP will still have a low B/e next week so may be worth keeping for another week.
MONEY TALK: hoping shaw is ok, don’t want to trade him because ik he will come back and score 150 plus
luke394: heres Heater!!
circle52: 2The Boy depends on the nature of his 5 clangers
kano22: Luke and robbo circle jerking over CD apparently being biased against their players. Comical
TheBoy89: yes shaw
circle52: if they are all -4 ratings that is 20 points off
StuL: SPP probably has 2 games after this.
McSpud: shaw will get rested for being a nob
pies13: god dam had spp on field instead of mgrath fkmdt!
luke394: two people make a circle kano?
circle52: Possibly Stu. Dependent on his next weeks score
JockMcPie: Crap game for supercoach innit
feralmong: If shaw can play last qtr he can play next week.
MONEY TALK: please finish strong, SPP, TT, Shaw and Greene
LuvIt74: just got back from a lovely dinner, how long has heater been on for?
Pokerface: what was for dinner LuvIt?
kano22: 2 really fat cunts yeah
StuL: Tonight should be a points bonanza, unlike this crud.
LuvIt74: Taranto is not only a spud, but he owns the entire state of Idaho
luke394: has anyone else’s league got the captain played icon for every team?
TheBoy89: im trading heater
PLACEBOPIE: happy greene + shaw fell short of the ton for their price they failed tonight 😛
LuvIt74: Poker smoked trout mate
luke394: explain kano two cows make a circle?
pies13: who cares poker got band 4 that shower talk pull them up monty talk about the game bro
Pokerface: good point about mummy smmfp. his mids turn everything into HOTA
circle52: Scaling will be interesting as still some 200 points to allocate
luke394: no port player cracked a tonne thats hilarious
frenzy: Kelly SC wtf?
Pokerface: gee that does sound like a lovely tea.
LuvIt74: Pittard a massive watch next week
LuvIt74: @pies13 what are you crying about, what talk did you get banned for?
circle52: noticed that lasr week as well luke
MONEY TALK: for people looking at greene and kELL,
MONEY TALK: kelly and greene SC score because clangers
scrappers: pittard loves playing gws
tbrowne: Taranto or Pickett?
Ninty: Kelly with low eff % and 5 clangers, what you expect?

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