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Chat log from R4 of 2017: Melbourne vs Fremantle

Chat log for Melbourne vs Fremantle, R4 of 2017

PLACEBOPIE: need petracca + Oliver to go big 😛
PLACEBOPIE: And Fyfe + Sandi also 😉
TheBoy89: need sandi and fyfe to go big
man0005: need spurr and spencer to go big
PLACEBOPIE: or go home 😀
TheBoy89: josh kelly is going to geelong
JockMcPie: Good call
JockMcPie: I’m more looking forward to watching Wells in the VFL than this game
TheBoy89: ops sent it to the wrong person
PLACEBOPIE: lol cause his name is kelly 😛
PLACEBOPIE: true jock think we might have 18 players looking for senoir selection 🙂 daicos and brown
TheBoy89: sandi will go big since gawn is gone
SC_brAh: Oliver stay low, Fyfe dont go too high my opponent has you as vc!
McSpud: pretty sure the players read the pre-match comments and adjust their output accordingly
TheBoy89: fyfe go massive
JockMcPie: Placebo future looks bright for sure 😀
TheBoy89: if collingwood are accurate they will beat the saints
SC_brAh: Sandy is going to go 130+
TheBoy89: fyfe=spud
King_Robbo: Go Hannan go!
kangawalla: Well done”Pencil” Spencer!
TheBoy89: fyfe has never went disposaless in a quarter of footy
theoc: i need something from fyfe and neale, so far they arent paying off
man0005: dat grammar
Pokerface: and he still hasn’t. we are only 10 minutes in?
TheBoy89: anyone had jake barret from brisbane i cashed out on him cause he wasn’t gonna play another game
PieCannon: i swear fyfe layed a tackle just before the spencer goal
BaxterR: it’s brisbane, he’ll get another game
EL TIGER: come on Oliver!
chris7399: Hey m0nty big shoutout for you on the great updatesto this site. All the prices/averages/BEs up to date!
Pokerface: should i trade o’meara, as he wasn’t might get another game?
TheBoy89: nah he won’t cause whats his name is back in the team
Costanza: Fyfe Neale easing into it
SC_brAh: Ideally you make 100K+ profit prior to cashing out. However B. Eddy is an example of a spud who probably wont play again
TyCarlisle: Do people realise that any decent player would have Fyfe.
chris7399: I remember being on here 2 years ago and the community has grown so much!
man0005: star for monty
IKnowALL: Yes fyfe did lay a tackle I do recall, it was on watts
TheBoy89: bret eddy will get back in the team in sanfl he got 3 goals and 22 disposals
DrSeuss: Fyfe, Oliver and ANB – pick it up!!
TheBoy89: but barret had 11 disposals 1 tackle and kicking effiecey was 48%
TheBoy89: ill be back at half time
theoc: @pokerface last i heard they were syaing it wasnt serious, id give it another week
BaxterR: I’m just saying, brisbane has more spuds to be dropped that PA
AngryRyno: thank goodness that illiterate cow is gone
Pokerface: theoc are you theo.c or the.oc? Please don’t tell me its the latter
shaker: Far to many man buns at Freo
Pokerface: lol rhyno
theoc: hahaha its theo.c mate
chris7399: the OC was a banger of a show. no hate. 830 on channel 10 in 05 aw yeeeee
Pokerface: i’m quite relieved.
theoc: whats everyones opinion on oliver? considering trading neale for him but dont kn ow if he can stay consistant
Pokerface: spud for chris7399
Yelse: omeara for murphy or swallow for eddy???
TyCarlisle: Oliver will average 100 for the entire year imo
Pokerface: that is not the trade you are looking for theoc
Sloan4Pres: @ theoc don’t sideways trade
StuL: Missed the boatbon oliver but he looks the real deal. Another bont.
JockMcPie: Oliver won’t be top 10 mid, no point
Pokerface: geez, who is at the bottom of all sandi’s HOs? 9 HO for 14 sc
bones351: I traded JOM to Oliver rd 3 before price change. Happy so far.
TheBoy89: stay down oliver
bones351: Will see how it goes. May need to upgrade, may not.
PieBoy: onya jonesy
StuL: Spencer eh? Didnt consider though because you’ll have to trade him out later.
jaxx: hate being a neale owner so much
luke394: need a good one from sandi
luke394: Jaxx why did u pick Neale with Fyfe back?
SC_brAh: C.O go away you brat
Rockafella: Freos prized recruits are going ok….for now
StuL: Who traded mccarthy out?
AngryRyno: Neale and Fyfe combined pretty well in JLT4
Costanza: who chose McCarthy to start with more to the point
chris7399: Went Dusty to Neale just before R1 lockout was my worst move. Wanted stability but got average scores instead
Yelse: omeara for murphy or swallow for eddy??? big decisions
man0005: omeara to eddy imo
kangawalla: Dear Max…..missing you already
Rockafella: Swallow for Omera
AngryRyno: time for the tyre to take it up a gear
Yelse: Omeara to murphy or swallow for eddy??? big decisions
LuvIt74: omeara to Murphy if u can afford it mate coz murphy will be 600k in 3 weeks
Yelse: typed it wrong
LuvIt74: is Swallow out?
Rockafella: no
theoc: which murphy?
Yelse: marc murphy blues
IKnowALL: No Swallow is not OUT
feralmong: Fyfe getting a hulk on.
Yelse: if swallow out Luvit decision is easy… where you hear it
NichoB: which murphy? oh i wonder dingus @theoc
fonzie: picked him up this week
man0005: Is Swallow out?
feralmong: Traded out cmac to get in Newman using dpp moves. Then he scores. Lol.
fonzie: no swallow in
SC_brAh: piss off oliver man
J.Worrall: no swallow in
Roksta: Murphy will average around the 105 mark from here on out I think
fonzie: wanting a big game from oliver and hannan
lachlan23t: Looks like another long year for freo
PLACEBOPIE: and petracca goes pow pow 😀
DrSeuss: Is ANB near it or just not his week?
AngryRyno: Balic doing well from limited TOG
PLACEBOPIE: wells to daicos to degoey love it 🙂
Rockafella: You had better put the blue moon on Garlett already
AngryRyno: here comes the blowout, Dockers teased
bjones38: as if Neale is playing “Inside Mid” he is nothing but a burgered up flog
vartic: Hannan must’ve had other stuff to do today. Punched out his Supercoach 30 and went home early
AngryRyno: yep lots of the icons and descriptions in particular can be taken with a grain of salt, they’re all entered pre-match
PLACEBOPIE: degoey 2
AngryRyno: this is Melbourne vs Fremantle chat not Collingwood VFL mate, we don’t give a stuff
StuL: We’re the Fox footy team and everything is RIP PING! Its a ripping contest, and hes a ripping bloke, thats a ripping goa
Rockafella: hahahaha
PLACEBOPIE: keyboard warriors are weak 😀
Rockafella: Worst commentator on Tv, Cameron Ling
IKnowALL: I’d have to agree, we don’t give a stuff about VFL.. Especially flog pies
Rockafella: Everyones a champ at Geelong including the water boys
King_Robbo: Who said Swallow is out? What a lying flog
awesomeguy: of course hannan does nothing in 2nd Qtr. spud
King_Robbo: Hannan out Balik in
IKnowALL: Geez get more botox van damn
PLACEBOPIE: good goal 26 😀
IKnowALL: Damme
JockMcPie: Yes Daics
preki1: ha ha sandi 24 hitouts to spencers 7, yet spencer 48 sc points to 38
man0005: har har preki
PLACEBOPIE: dockers are back
IKnowALL: 5 of there 8 goals are from there gun mids
IKnowALL: Sorry 6 of the 8
circle52: 3 f/a hurting Sandis score
AngryRyno: ANB has awoken, as has Freo
AngryRyno: 4 clangers in addition those 3 FA too Ringo
frenzy: the boys @ CD traded in Spencer
Erich1036: frees against are clangers Ryno
pcaman2003: 3 FA included in the clangers.
AngryRyno: thanks fellas
circle52: reckon so Frenzy -as even with 4 clangers should not be 29 behind
circle52: Realise he has no kicks as well
King_Robbo: Lols Melbourne
King_Robbo: So much hope yet turn to water when they’re a half chance…
AngryRyno: Balic looking the goods, still just 63% TOG
luke394: when I need a good score from Sandi he spits out this crap against a no name ruckman
heppelitis: Sandi has stuff all impact around the ground nowadays, just hit outs
King_Robbo: Too early to place the spud on Weiteman? Looks very potato like
BaxterR: Neale owners will be up and about
AngryRyno: prepare the cape for Neale, was below 40 at HT
IKnowALL: Where was that flog that was bagging neale
shaker: Not much whinging about Neale now
frenzy: cape neale
King_Robbo: Spencer gets pinned for holding the ball, goes up +1 lol
PLACEBOPIE: bye bye dees
jaxx: neale what an enigma. barely sighted in first half
Gotigres: Hannan thought the game only lasts for one quarter
King_Robbo: Melbourne are piss weak
luke394: CD must have Spencer King Robbo
luke394: Sandi has lost heaps of points with his frees
pcaman2003: What a massive turnaround.
Gotigres: Sandi can’t kick the ball
circle52: Spencer the beneficiary on 3
pcaman2003: Nearly time to pull pin on Sandi and move on.
circle52: So that is probably the difference in points with Sandi only 1 for
luke394: did Lachie Neale just get 40 points for a goal?
NichoB: Neale is going crazy
circle52: May be nearing his ceiling with a 32 B/E
AngryRyno: would have been one of the all time great fantasy quarters if he slotted that goal Neale
circle52: Not watching but is their any wind benefit?
luke394: Mitch Hannan must be asleep in the rooms
ballbag: anyone know if D Swallow is lining up tonight. thanks
pcaman2003: Swallow is in at this stage
heppelitis: fairly still day in melb
preki1: sandilands 34 hitouts to spencer’s 11, clearances 29 freo melb 22,. hmmm, i wonder why freo’s in front.
Sloan4Pres: glad i changed my tip to freo
circle52: Thanks heppelitis
IKnowALL: Sandi will still get 90
IKnowALL: Just needs a clanger free qtr
heppelitis: happy with my gawn to spencer trade so far
AngryRyno: With nothing against the man and his owners, Spencer doesn’t deserve his score
IKnowALL: Selfish McCarthy
Sloan4Pres: @ AngryRyno lol why not? just bitter you dont have him 😉
Hadouken: better than me heppelitis, i tried preuss on the ground this week for something different to opp, backfired lol
IKnowALL: Geez neales impact on the 2nd half has been something else.
JButcher: Lift Jones and Fyfe need at least a ton
TheBoy89: im back
AngryRyno: damn that’s a real shame, was enjoying the chat and the footy
TheBoy89: wow come on fyfe ton up same with u sandi
luke394: sandi needs to stop hitting it straight to the dees on ballers dopey prick
theuncle: I’m not watching the game. Who looks more likely to win.
TheBoy89: fyfe doesn’t look the same. he really needs an impact of 150+
fonzie: cmon oliver get the ton
Hadouken: “go sports team”
LuvIt74: Spencer impressive now with Gawn out, i’ll watch next week then consider.
AngryRyno: FF stats frozen since TheBoy has returned, all in favour of life ban?
Hadouken: yay everyone got scores, except bullen….come aaaawn
TheBoy89: sandi 67 fml
King_Robbo: Fyfe is a shadow of the player he once was. Bont has gone past him
TheBoy89: what ryno?
carlton_99: Bont has not gona past Fyfe. he is a good player but not Fyfe-like yet.
King_Robbo: Everyone hasSandi, relax
AngryRyno: “everyone has Sandi
Warney: great mark
TheBoy89: lift sandi hes just got 14+
kangawalla: Minutes left?
DrSeuss: Fyfe forgetting what the ball likes like in the 4th quarter?
LuvIt74: What more do u guys expect with Sandiballs ffs
Ash777: I went Martin n Nank
Pokerface: you are losing ground on everyone with sandi. i’d consider delete team.
theuncle: Ohhhh Close Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need Sandi to kick the winner!!!!!!!! That’d be great
fonzie: sandi not as good as he used to be
jaxx: weller ballsed that up
IKnowALL: I said guys, Sandi will still get 90
Kenny27: Sandi been great in this last qtr some great contested marks
TheBoy89: oi whoever said sandi is getting 90 no matter what i love you
sfmmp23: sandi going big this qtr, now for fyfe to step up.
feralmong: Haha and I tipped freo.
LuvIt74: @fonzie no ship the guy is 35 but for a cheap ruck if he remains sound hold until the bye rounds
vartic: Take hannans score via eddy, or field parfitt or taranto?
Pokerface: that was horrible defending freo.
King_Robbo: @carlton99 have watched Fyfe and Bont play this year?!
TheBoy89: fyfe step up and deliver a 110
Gotigres: nice comeback Sandi
fonzie: i agree he is still good and for his price worth having i plan to get him next week
carlton_99: @KingRobbo, yes I have thank-you and you cant take 3 games in isolation and say bont is better.
BaxterR: fyfe has been influential in the last 4 centre bounces
LuvIt74: I trded Gawn and got in the BONT via DPP so my ruck is now Sandi & Nank
Hadouken: viiiiney
frenzy: time left??
TheBoy89: sandi could of probably been on 120 but hes gave away 4 freekicks
TheBoy89: i called it fyfe 110
King_Robbo: You can actually, based on form Bont is a better player, more influence on games
King_Robbo: And that right there amplifies my point
TheBoy89: 6 more sandi come on
Lawls: on currenty form yes robbo
leorosman_: McCarthy!!
heppelitis: outstanding game
fonzie: on current form bont is better than fyfe
Pokerface: yeah. he did a bad kick. therefore someone is better than him. awesome logic
tankin: bont is overrated
IKnowALL: Haha hope melb lose they are so shower
feralmong: Cmac does this because I traded him out. Lol
JockMcPie: Could Freo not give away free kicks – 28 points lost between Fyfe/Sandi
Pokerface: deliberate??? come on
Hadouken: good finish
TheBoy89: hodge is overrated
LuvIt74: Pointless bringing in Sandilands next week, if u didn’t start with him its a wasted trade
King_Robbo: Vince is a spud
TheBoy89: ikr jock
fonzie: not when u have vardy
carlton_99: @KingRobbo, ok then marc murphy is better then bont. If we look at opening three games.
preki1: harmes lol
luke394: why is Sandi losing points?? they are winning and he’s had a massive quarter
Hadouken: harmes cost them then.
LuvIt74: @tankin if u think the BONT is overrated u need to start again m8. He is only 21 years old he will be the best midfield
IKnowALL: Well done freo, talking about overrated Melbourne sure is.
TheBoy89: don’t worry murphy will start being a spud
Pokerface: based on this week neale is way better than bont.
preki1: that should’ve been 150 game from sandi. absolute masterclass…
LuvIt74: @carlton lmao your kidding. The BONT wont even start peaking when Murphy retires.
feralmong: Spoon is definitely not for freo this year. They found a little something.
StuL: What language does McCarthy speak?
Pokerface: anyone see what cam mc was on before that goal?
King_Robbo: Lol @carlton99 you have no idea
Pokerface: preki he kept hitting it to melbourne mids
King_Robbo: @monty- chance you can place the potato on Carlton99?
frenzy: lol mcCarthy tons up
Pokerface: 125 v 115. therefore cunnington > bont
carlton_99: @LuvIt74 King Robbo said that Bont has eclipsed fyfe just because of the first tree games.
carlton_99: And in the first three games murph has done better so im using his own logic.
carlton_99: IDT murph is better then bont, but according to ur logic he is
pcaman2003: @pokerface….75sc
Pokerface: you think he’s a spud because he doesn’t agree bont better than fyfe yet? good grief
IKnowALL: I dunno what your talking about on paper about bont v fyfe, as far as I can see fyfe thus far is better just look.
bones351: Oliver will be a great player in a couple more years when he builds his tank. TOG is keeping him down a little.

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