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Chat log from R4 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs, R4 of 2017

J.Worrall: Woof woof!
frenzy: skip skip
PLACEBOPIE: Pruess please ton up 😀
PLACEBOPIE: pruess please ton up 😀
intenscia: hey peeps who would you play. Goldstein or hickey on supercoach?
jocka: Jake Stringer seemed to hi-5 every kid lines up. Respect.
PLACEBOPIE: hickey cause he is lone ruckman
OnTheRocks: VC Dollshouse
frenzy: yep VC Dahl
TheBoy89: Kick For The Kids!
JockMcPie: Hope Preuss gets 30SC so he can get dropped and Goldy get a shot
JockMcPie: Also, watch the Doggy boys in chat disappear if North get in front
TheBoy89: hope bont gets 120+ and doll 100+
PLACEBOPIE: agreed jock doogies go into hiding 😀
TheBoy89: vc bont or doll
Lodgy: Go the Bont!
JockMcPie: Bont for sub-70? wanna get him cheap soon
TheBoy89: i put vc on bont
OnTheRocks: I’m only vcing Dahl as it’s my only option for loophole this week
chinkas: need goldstein to have a mare here
TheBoy89: scrappy 3 minutes
Roksta: Bont looking like having a big one. Was gonna trade gawn for him damn
Roksta: Don’t see it happening jock
Pokerface: basing that on his one kick roksta?
TheBoy89: come on bont
Pokerface: free kick bulldogs
TheBoy89: come on doll u spud
cusch1: Has rooboystu made an appearance yet this year?
JockMcPie: @cusch he was here once, he’s waiting for the bad teams
TheBoy89: were is luke
Pokerface: higgo feel free to touch it
PLACEBOPIE: go pruess leave goldy on bench 😛
TheBoy89: where*
Roksta: I’m a to. Boyd fan but that was terrible
Pokerface: thats the way. good higgo.
JockMcPie: Stay down Bont
TheBoy89: bont push to 150
fonzie: id be happy with that
ballbag: @rocksta you like toe boyd
IKnowALL: How was boots 6th possie worth 6sc it was a dinky ads handball an not contested.
cusch1: we all know that Bont gets points for nothing
feralmong: Go goldy. Resisted the trade.
StuL: Feel free not to suck higgins
JockMcPie: Get a kick Dahl
JockMcPie: Need everyone except Dahl to have a bad game…
IKnowALL: That contested Handball from dahl was good, if that was bont he would of got a plus 15
TheBoy89: boyd’s for spud
Roksta: Tom lol
TheBoy89: need everyone to do bad but preuss dahl and bont
DrSeuss: Preuss still performing like a champ
Jackwatt$: Everyone’s heard of Dangerwood right? But have u heard the new one: Prustein!
sfmmp23: Vc bont, Macrae and Dahl. All on fire. Keep it up boys
PLACEBOPIE: give pruess 100% game time and he would be on 50 😛
cusch1: What is the icon in Hansen?
Pokerface: apparently its meant to be a package…
Jackwatt$: The man with gonads the size of watermelons that had Witts R1 & Pruess R2 would be laughing all the way to the bank!
cusch1: Icons aren’t given out like participation awards nowadays, everyone gets one
Jackwatt$: You can’t complain about Bonts SC score when his DT is higher, right m0nty?
TheBoy89: so far this game has been sloppy
theoc: i need big numbers from preuss to make up for ryder not playing
TheBoy89: cloke its not soccer
ballbag: @watts LOL youre joking right?
Jackwatt$: Has the m0nt got the b0nt in his SC team?
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Travis Cloke to draw a free on Tarrant, and the footy gods push his set shot wide.
Breezey: That’s why we love watching Travis from 30mt out. Happy with the one point
IKnowALL: Dalh how about kick it??
JockMcPie: How many players have got a rubber ducky in their 250th?
TheBoy89: lol what a run up
DrSeuss: Put the VC on the wrong Bulldog – let’s go Macrae. Keep it up Dahl
JButcher: Lift Macrae
TheBoy89: next thing u know luke bevridge is sacked
cusch1: Relax lol
DrSeuss: Get near it Macrae
Grumpman: suckling looking slow.
boo!: lift swallow brown wood
cusch1: Not slow just unaware I think
SC_brAh: lift bont
Jackwatt$: Oh wow! How do I add Brown into Preustein?
KC_Badger: suckling having a smelly qtr
Grumpman: Suckling is slow…!
Disco DB: Suckling having a stiiiiinker!
theoc: sucklings havin a shocker
JockMcPie: Putting the ‘Suck’ in suckling xD
Seb78: Bont nowhere near it this qtr
TheBoy89: bont’s got -2 this quater
J.Worrall: Is Sucker’s SC correct?
TheBoy89: how is sucker on 31 when hes gave away 4 free kicks
JockMcPie: Bontempelli playing permanent forward at the moment…
TheBoy89: horrible quater for the owners of bont
IKnowALL: Dunno how bont even got a plus 10, he had 5 possies, 2 clangers an the rest non effective
King_Robbo: What a yawn fest
fonzie: big 2nd half from bont
Pokerface: that icon was made for stringer, but you can’t do anything with Mullet?
boofjb57: Relax about bont ppl, his second halves are always better
9inch: My opp took C off Danger on to bont pre game. Stay down.
Fizzy343: bont could turn it over with every possesion and still score 100, dont worry owners
circle52: As an outside observer Dogs seem to be out of favour with umps today.
9inch: Need Macrae to lift next half.
Jackwatt$: No player divides the SC community like the Bont. Personally I think it’s more fun to be onboard. Toot, toot
frenzy: Ziebells disposal showers me
King_Robbo: We have been butchered by the umps today but not the reason we’re loosing
arbel: bulldogs struggling this year. lost to freo under 17s last week. losing to ‘sliding’ kangas today
desmondo: 2.8 is why you`re losing…inside with no wind or rain??
kangawalla: @desmondo. As a Dees fan, I know about bad kicking losing you games. Happened to us last week v the Cats 🙁
Breezey: Big Bustling Ben Brown. Bloody beautiful
JockMcPie: Bad goalkicking is bad football…..Collingwood feeling it for years
TheBoy89: lift bont
JockMcPie: Bont sore? Whispers of jaw issue…
SC_brAh: bont still out there
fonzie: bont will get at least 120
TheBoy89: mate at this rate bont will get 95
IKnowALL: Bloody hell Dalh is it possible to kick it for once man.
kangawalla: Oh package, package, package……:(
Jackwatt$: 5 goals for Bruestein!
PieBoy: onya simpy
IKnowALL: See when someone gets a clanger, it’s usually a minus 4 but not for bont, does clanger early on but gets a plus 2…lol
StuL: Someone get the dogs a Berocca
TheBoy89: bloody hell what is wrong with the dogs defence
runt: Bob may have to do his knee again
lock98: Boyd is done for the night I reckon
TheBoy89: he is @lock98
fonzie: boyd will be out for a while i reckon
circle52: Yep confirmed Boyd out for game with delayed concussion
Jackwatt$: What’s wrong with Buldoga defence? A combination of Morris & drop off in midfield pressure
TheBoy89: im trading bont
Jackwatt$: Morris is one of the most underrated players in comp. take nothing away from kangas though, very good
runt: Anyone seriously injured today will be able to go again in a few days
arbel: stringer a waste of space. gets first goal and does some stupid bull symbol… done nothing since…
TheBoy89: there kicking and marking is horrible
TheBoy89: should i trade bont for sloane
StuL: Bonts been fwd a lot.
runt: Stringers tank isn’t big enough to elevate him to a top player as of now
wadaramus: You’re trigger happy TB89!
StuL: No. Bont will be fine
cold pies: Bong to Sloane
cold pies: Bont to Sloane? Are you mad son?
daniel87: if your trade botemeppli now your foolish wasted trade
wadaramus: Terrible kicking, must be windy at the dome?
TheBoy89: lol im joking i would never trade bont for rory
StuL: Bont on the will still ton up
cold pies: Also maybe a bong for Sloane would be good. Slow him down a bit.
runt: the dome cause a vacuum in the pockets, makes kicking difficult
pcaman2003: Macrae miraculously added 24pts since half time with a few disposals.???
IKnowALL: CD giving bont free possies
daniel87: contested posssies pacman
luke394: CD and the umps love Bont
TheBoy89: cloke bog
arbel: wow whoever said the umps against dogs must be having a joke… everything going dogs way
SC_brAh: What’s CD stand for?
SC_brAh: Champion Data?
DrSeuss: What’s happened to Preuss? Dahl and Macrae going quiet as well
IKnowALL: Dahl just came off the bench
SilverLion: Loving Higgins’ form since I traded him in
Jackwatt$: Did Macrae not kick that banana goal from 40m directly in front earlier? The commentators said it was Suckling.
TheBoy89: suckling sucks
luke394: Macrae has had a pretty good quarter DrSeuss, No Jack Suckling kicked it
Jackwatt$: M0nty seems to have pencilled it in as Suckling. Maybe I’m wrong
TheBoy89: bont’s had a good quarter
runt: Cloke getting a lot of love from the umps
TheBoy89: bont and dahl will get 110 each
luke394: Dahlhaus is an absolute jet such a bull
Jackwatt$: Dahlhaus is a fantastic footballer
SC_brAh: Good boy Dhal
IKnowALL: If that goal was from bont it will be a +30
TheBoy89: just has i say that dahl kicks a goal dahl looks like he will get 130+
blues3222: Bont will go 140 from here
Ash777: that free to cloke was there
TheBoy89: dahl will get 140
cold pies: Dahl will get 158
pcaman2003: Dahl straight from 89 to 114 with 1 goal?? WTF!
IKnowALL: He had a hardball get with a contested handball just before he kicked that goal
StuL: Got sucked in by higgins game against us. He’s rubbish.
TyCarlisle: Dahl’s goal was cucial (put them ahead)= more Supercoach points
TheBoy89: dahl desreves it!
luke394: points are awarded on the influence on game aswell packman he kicked the goal to put them in front with a contested posi
TheBoy89: if bont kicks the next one he’ll go up to 120
Yelse: Hoskan elliot scored the winning goal and only got 13 SC for it last week
TheBoy89: poor umpiring
luke394: this ruck nomination rule is a farce
runt: Biggest piece of bullshit rule i have ever seen
Breezey: The AFL have done well with this rule. Got no idea
TheBoy89: yeah hoskin elliot should of got 30+
circle52: agree dogs now getting the rub of the green.
PLACEBOPIE: no one should nominate and if 3 go up free kick
King_Robbo: That was horrendous umpiring
mace485: Good call by the ump, he’d already nominated
Breezey: Spot on. @ Placebopie
luke394: Hoskin Elliot did stuff all till he kicked that goal against Sydney so his influence was minimal
sfmmp23: Umps will make sure the dogs get over the line in the last qtr
TyCarlisle: Bont nominated, Dunkley put his arm up to mark his player.
runt: The crowd should be able to nominate who contests
penguins00: Poor umpiring but I blame the rules committee
King_Robbo: @sfmmp well apart from that last call we have been dudded this game so.. maybe…
ballbag: what crap. there could be another 20 lead changes & all aren’t worth 25 sc
runt: North will be over excited and run out of steam
StuL: Need more rules tinkering. Only tinker every week.
IKnowALL: Dahl should of gobbled that up
runt: Brave play by Murphy, could have broke him in 2
runt: Thomas is such an easy player to hate
TheBoy89: bont will get 120 dahl will get 132
TheBoy89: dahlhaus you star
PLACEBOPIE: go big dahl
TheBoy89: as i say that again dahlhaus kicks a goal
IKnowALL: Boom dahl!!!
cold pies: 158 Dahl trust me.
StuL: Dahl will 200!
luke394: why did macraae lose 5 points?
TheBoy89: dahl will get 161
ballbag: preuess outs juice.. awesome R2 @watts baaa hahaha
NoneyaB: u gotta love dahl
JockMcPie: Preuss the Goose
StuL: Go higgins, break that 60 mark!
arbel: @king you’re kidding yourself if you think umps have been against you
cold pies: Oi tb89 u said 132 before. I’m sticking to guns at 158 which I said at end of second
TheBoy89: fine ill go 142 how about that @cold pies
Mcswains: Come on Goldy…. kick the winning sausage
luke394: there he is good Macrae
TheBoy89: goal assist for dahl should boost him
fonzie: cmon bont
cold pies: haha but ur guess in now.. n lock it in.. no swapsies hahahaha 158 me
ballbag: higgo loves Higgins
TheBoy89: ok lol
cold pies: Put
TheBoy89: im predicting bont will get 120
Breezey: I tIpped the Dogs but I find myself cheering for North
9inch: Nice macrae 110sc would be nice
StuL: Needs more cats symbols.
ballbag: vladimir put in 170 for dahl
boo!: hope nerf lose by 1pt
luke394: I have Macrae but that kick inside 50 where the north defender marked it wasn’t effective and he got 6 points
runt: Carey not happy with Higgo
TheBoy89: bont better get a ton at least
PLACEBOPIE: pruess up to 60 😀
fonzie: here’s hoping boy
TheBoy89: he kicks this its game
runt: Goldstein has regained his number 1 status from preuss
Mcswains: Good boy Goldy….. crack the ton brother
DrSeuss: Come on Doggies – hate Norf
TheBoy89: cold pies dahl wont get 158
TheBoy89: bont get a ton ffs
TheBoy89: 142 at the moment
blues3222: He is on 142 the boy
ballbag: remember A Mullet on Maric. great contest that day
SilverLion: Wall a bit harsh on Preuss his BE is -87…
circle52: anybody brave enough to have the vc on Dahl?
spudaroos: Ziebell is such a shit kick, especially for someone who always kicks rather than handballs.
boo!: cmon dollhouse, 158+
TheBoy89: liba come on!!!!!!
Breezey: I wonder if I get the point when this ends in a draw
fonzie: footy gods let bont ton up
ballbag: yep. vc on Dahl
circle52: Nice Ballbag
TheBoy89: dahl get 160+ to make up for bont
boo!: cmon dahl and swallow
ballbag: @circ to be fair was my only option for loop
TheBoy89: yes finally bont has got his ton
cold pies: I told all of you!!! Dahl 158!!! I said this at 2nd.. listen to this ol man
Rush: Likewise. Dahl was my only vc option. Looks like it’s paid off though
daniel87: cmon higgins kick the winner and get plus 50 lol
Roksta: Freekickroos
TheBoy89: i love you cold pies
luke394: stay down Bont I want you next week
TheBoy89: bont get 110+
cold pies: He will snap one more
luke394: we know cold pies
Yelse: suckling went up by 25 bs for that goal
PLACEBOPIE: pruess for the winner
circle52: Cloke done for day as well
Grumpman: LOL , Placebopie
TheBoy89: dahl 149 9 more cold pies
fonzie: dal will will end up on 155
boo!: #coldpies
Breezey: Umps no idea what’s going on. No feel for the game
ballbag: almost blew a poofer valve
cold pies: I’ve got this locked
TheBoy89: bont 8+ for that mark. hoskin eliot 13 for winning goal!
fonzie: go bont get to 120 like i called
circle52: That was not deliberate
TyCarlisle: Contested mark and effective kick for that actually.
JockMcPie: Points add to over 3300, players will get less than shown
MrGmax: JJ, what a hero.
TheBoy89: thats what i called as well
TheBoy89: what a game
JockMcPie: What a game! A Good Friday for footy
Roksta: Great game
StuL: Great game higgins. Great pick by me.
boo!: will boyd be scaled up to 3
sfmmp23: Lindsay Thomas pure spud, why didn’t they desist him
daniel87: of course mcrae gets robbed by sc
TheBoy89: bont and dahl done fantastic
boo!: norf are turd
JockMcPie: Cunnington good for my draft league
TheBoy89: good game north were unlucky
luke394: thats what u get picking Higgins StuL
ballbag: take Dahl 143 or dangers 180?
TheBoy89: preuss 60 lol
luke394: ur right Daniel87 he lost 5 points at the end
TheBoy89: cold pies i think im closer!
TyCarlisle: Why is there a wall icon for Preuss? He will still continue to make money.
Vinstar: To take pruess’s score or take the gamble with hannan
cobrakai00: How is 60 a bad score for pruess? He’s a bench cow
TheBoy89: dahl for bog
King_Robbo: Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke, missing the game winning shot
King_Robbo: Well played north though

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