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Chat log from R4 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Geelong

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Geelong, R4 of 2017

PLACEBOPIE: Vickery Out = Hawks a chance 😛
BaxterR: Does Ty out lift Roughy’s score say +10?
carlton_99: Need Roughy, TMitch and Tuohy to beat 241 + Parfitt.
crazyet23: hoping for a cracker game !!
PLACEBOPIE: need Rough Tuohy & Danger to go big
PLACEBOPIE: Mitchell & Parfitt stinkers
struggler: go cats!
circle52: Danger with an early hit to the ribs
Torpedo10: Missed Free Kick/Handball for Danger?
Dommy02: any knowledge of cam guthrie keeping up this role across half back?
MarksMen: shut up Bruce ffs
circle52: How could you miss from there
Pokerface: its time to retire gibbo
pcaman2003: Hawks disposal is still crappy.Disappointing turnovers.
luke394: ROughead score? had a free and an effective possie and is on 3?
theoc: hodgey on fire
StuL: Danger back on
circle52: The 4 players I have in this game all down atm lift Danger, Jelwood, Roughy and Parfitt
luke394: scores are wrong i reckon circle52
theoc: @dommy thats his natural position so i imagine he will be played at half back most of the year
Pokerface: they aren’t wrong luke. you are wrong.
pcaman2003: @luke394….also a free against.
Pokerface: theres over 50 stats that input into sc but every game people complain because they just read possessions
luke394: yeah good call pcaman missed that
StuL: It has to close of course. We rarely blow each other away.
PLACEBOPIE: as long as burton beats newman then i’m winng 😀
luke394: im watching the game pokerface if i was just worried about posessions i would play DT
Pokerface: sorry luke that wasn’t entirely directed at you.
Pokerface: just sick of the tin foil hat brigade every game
Pokerface: well at least hawks are trying this week
Torpedo10: Stats seem balked at the moment. Titch with OOTF gaining points and a bunch of missed handballs and kicks.
circle52: Cats kicking keeping Hawks in game.
feralmong: Struggling in sc this week. Need titch and tuohy to beat roughy and 154pts.
Pokerface: how does a whistle go dead.
circle52: Need Selwood, Roughy and Parfit to score 170 between them to win main league – Not a great start,
Pokerface: blowing too hard again razor.
pcaman2003: 9 scoring shots to 2 ..bad sign Hawks.
sfmmp23: C Danger, Tuohy and Parfitt. Not looking good.
carlton_99: Please lift TMitch, Tuohy and Roughy Need 280-300 from you guys. Parfitt pls stay down.
carlton_99: TMitch just went -8 pts. WHAT?
pcaman2003: Too many clangers from Titch.
ballbag: the roughy experiment is over. no fucken heart!
carlton_99: Went from 16 to 8, but hasnt touched it in this qtr yet,
Kernahan: Cmon Roughy! Need 53 total from you to win my league
Pokerface: roughy no heart?? noone in the league has more heart. stupidest comment ive heard here
Costanza: a wet pea will kill any whistle
Pokerface: hello .. costanza
Jukes82: roughy is cactus
boofjb57: Agreed poker
luke394: cmon roughy u spud
Costanza: Poke, afternoon
luke394: Roughy needs 220 for me to win my league cmon ROugh
circle52: Eddy to Parsons looking good for next week
Kernahan: Here’s he comes! Go Roughy!
anthsill03: Lol at ballbag
Kernahan: Lol @ Luke
feralmong: Carn titch and tuohy. Rack em up.
Raspel31: Danger still off?
pcaman2003: Mitchell spudding it big time.
Raspel31: Ah no-there’s Danger.
Pokerface: whats the muppet record at half time?
Juzzo: Razor is a knob
StuL: Taylor is not a forward!!
WesfireBlu: Burton’s gone quiet.
luke394: Juzzo razor ray loves a bit of me time
pcaman2003: Hawk smalls,Cyril,Langford and Puopolo very quiet.Need to lift drastically
DrSeuss: Where is Burton? Haven’t seen him for the last 10 minutes
Juzzo: Yes he does luke
9inch: Muppet of the week surely goes to Buckley Re Pendles
pcaman2003: @9inch..agreed. Total disaster of a decision.
Juzzo: Gibson couldn’t jump over a rollie paper
Costanza: cmon Puop
sfmmp23: Keep going Tuohy, need a big second half from Danger and Parfitt is back to doing shit all.
pcaman2003: Hawks lucky not to be 10 goals down.
SC_brAh: Need Danger to go 120+ and Touhy to outscore Roughy to win
sfmmp23: Gibson’s Gone for that, at least a week.
DrSeuss: Logged in after 1 quarter to see Burton on 43 – any advance would be great this quarter.
WesfireBlu: Agreed DrSeuss
Breezey: @9inch. What’s the Buckley/ Pendles thing your referring to. Did I miss something
ballbag: great score roughy ya goose
pcaman2003: @sfmmp23… jest of course. Not even head high.
StuL: If it was 12.5 we’d be on for 100 pt win.
Crowls: need roughy to score 90+ and parfit 45
9inch: 15 mins bench time in the 3rd qtr for Pendles.
WesfireBlu: @Breezey – Bucks left Pendles on the bench for 14 mins when the game was there to be won.
Sloaneyyyy: my opponent had Dusty captain, I’ve got Dangerfield so I’m already winning there
Breezey: Rightio. I seen that at the time thinking what’s doing.
circle52: Need 103 in 2nd qtr from Selwood, Roughy and Parfitt so Roughy and Parfitt have to lift.
theoc: Sloaneyy should have taken your boy, i captained sloane this week over dusty and danger
theoc: @sfmmp nothing in the bump
luke394: Geez people who traded in Dusty at top dollar would have been filthy
PLACEBOPIE: Pendles was sick with flu….reason phillips withdrew
Breezey: I have Danger captain + 19 pts against Isaac Smith and Zac Smith. Should get home I think
Raspel31: Dusty will be back-no doubt about that.
9inch: Think Danger has already done enough for my league win. Was worried when he copped the knock
JockMcPie: Cmon Titch….
mickelo: Need Titch to outscore Touhy by 7. No more clangers please Tommy.
ballbag: roughy couldnt even mark his undies yet alone a football? what time is trade time?
runners47: Happy to see Motlop and Tuohy up there at the top of the list – good for my Draft team. Now need Roughy to lift..
luke394: here comes Roughy only 190 points to go!
fonzie: rough having a bad day
theoc: has danger been tagged?
JockMcPie: Go Titch
SC_brAh: lift danger!
gopower: CD just missed 4 points to Roughead, gave them to Frawley instead
Raspel31: Danger got a heavy knock 1st quqrter-taking it easy.
IKnowALL: Lift danger??? His had 3rd most possies on the ground you flog
luke394: yeah saw that gopower
luke394: Roughy getting robbed he needs all the points he can get
MontyJnr: Harry Taylor has switched back
Thedude24: Sc score very low by his standard @IKnow
poido123: danger lucky to have 60
poido123: 6 clangers, 57% efficiency is terrible
Kernahan: Only 14 for me Luke!
luke394: cmon Kernahan! hes making it close for ya haha
SC_brAh: ffs danger lift man
poido123: stay down danger
sfmmp23: Danger set for a big last qtr
StuL: Good sign that we’re not just relying on Dwood.
SC_brAh: Tuohy + Danger vs 100 pts + Roughy 🙁
Raspel31: Oh Rockie-if only I’d capped you.
Jukes82: dog act, he tried ot do that like 5 minutes earlier.
fonzie: time to trade rough
DragonLass: Roughead has at least reached his BE
circle52: Memengola Reported – Probably a couple of weeks
runt: Hodge face planted
zadolinnyj: how good is it when you can’t lose with one game to go.
Raspel31: Yep-sling tackle. Walk son.
the worm: hopefully cats ice it soon so denger can take the last quarter off
MontyJnr: Ruggles tracksuit on
poido123: dangerfield SC still too high
IKnowALL: How is it high, still has 15 contested pos with 6 clearances.. Go learn SC scoring.
Thedude24: Luckily my opponent captained danger too so ill still win. Might not hit 2000 after 2300 last week though. Wow
Raspel31: Mind you Menegola-couldn’t have done it to a nicer chap.
StuL: How do you get reported for that? Should be thrown out.
myteamsuks: This game is annoying me. All I need is danger to outscore burton by 25 points
Kernahan: 12 points needed from Roughy. So much for a relaxing holiday Monday!
vamos77: Jim Parsons, surely nicknamed Sheldon
TyCarlisle: Menegola deserves +100 for that tackle
poido123: Iknownothing. Have a cry you POS. You were blowing your horn yesterday celebrating everyones loss. loser
DragonLass: will be a lot of low scores in SC this week I reckon
DrSeuss: Burton developed an allergy to the ball after the first quarter?
runt: Hodge can take what he gives. He won’t pretend he broke his jaw
iZander: lol, think you misinterpreted that comment @iknowall..
Kernahan: Chat fight incoming – poida v iknowitall
runt: Hawks have a touch of the headless chook these days
ballbag: about as funny as a fart in an elevator roughy. thanks. now pack ya bags and fuck off
poido123: Danger’s inneficiency and lack of impact should drag his score further back than where it is.
IKnowALL: How am I having a cry, your the one saying his score is to high, hence why I said go learn SC scoring.. Now flower off
spudaroos: Is Parsons any good? Might downgrade Roughy to him
poido123: angry man. Only a complete flog would have a username “knowitall”
PieBoy: Onya smithy
poido123: That was not a tackle by danger. that was a bump BS
Ash777: spoonthorne
theoc: @spud hes a good player but too early to tell if he will be a consistant performer
spudaroos: Forget about Parson’s, he’s gone.
BaxterR: parsons will be out for 2 weeks at least
StuL: Hitting Hodge should win a prize.
Raspel31: Keep the handbags on your laps ladies-peace.
Jukes82: 2 catters will be getting holidays
runt: So hard for 3 peat teams to keep it up forever….
mickelo: lol hold off on bringing in Parsons
circle52: Parsons reported for striking. So forget that trade
ballbag: @spud parson off on a 3 week holiday
theoc: yep just as i say that hes gone for a few weeks, parfitt still value
ballbag: Dahl loop looking good vs danger C
PLACEBOPIE: poorthorn
Kernahan: Still 14. Worried Roughy!
boofjb57: Most even SC points spread I’ve seen for a long time
ballbag: lucky for hodgey his brain is r
PieBoy: Have a crack roughy
runt: Egad!! Hawks shot
DrSeuss: Come on Burton – touch the ball
Kernahan: Correction- 12. Still worried
runt: Shows how good Jesus was to get himself up again
Kernahan: Now10 to go
sammyo7: hawthorn don’t need vickery to look like flogs
circle52: Need 20 from Rough Jelwood and Parfitt in next 12 mins
myteamsuks: I don’t need have tmitch. SC is low
Kernahan: You’ll be ok circle
StuL: Hodge must have got lippy. Everyone whacking him.
sammyo7: looking at the next 4, hawthorn could be 0-7
myteamsuks: @sammyo7 maybe even 0-8
iZander: lol did hawks trade their next years first rounder??? who got it?? pick 1 hahah
tbrowne: danger on more than Treloar with 5 less touches And worse de% and same clangers
poido123: game over. rest danger 😛
runt: The fact the Hawks are getting pumped shows the players are mentally done.
Jukes82: hawks may as well tank the season now
Rockafella: I agree rest danger
the worm: yeah no sense risking danger any further, best to rest him for the rest of the game
sfmmp23: Getting embarrassing for the Hawks now
theoc: @stul when is hodge never not lippy? haha
JockMcPie: Funny coz Hawthorn give away their first pick anyway ;D
MontyJnr: Finally Dangerwood switch out of first gear
myteamsuks: Ray chamberlain you have to be kidding
runt: If tank Saints get number 1 pick not much to look forward to!
sammyo7: @myteamsuks would love to see that, but can’t see them losing to brisbane in tassie
ballbag: rest roughy too. he is beyond smoked the weak flog
iZander: Jukes they dont get their draft pick so its pointless tanking….
Kernahan: I’m enjoying seeing the faces of some of the Hawks supporters that have been so smug over the years…
Thedude24: That wasn’t dangerous. Hawks player made sure he didn’t get hurt
spudaroos: Jeez seems Rough isn’t AFL standard anymore.
poido123: Why does the coach leave on his two best players in junk time?
Ash777: even umps have given up on hawks
StuL: Motlop having a late break out year!?
myteamsuks: @sammy you said next 4 , so this is 0-4
TyCarlisle: Thanks for pick one hawks
JockMcPie: Geelong want the percentage to go top
fonzie: hawks season done
sammyo7: @poido123 cause he knows we appreciate the sc points
StuL: Razor power tripping.
spudaroos: Yeah more coaches should bench their stars, worked for Buckley last night. Benching Pendles for half of the 3rd quarter.
sammyo7: @myteamsuks next 4 after this match
sfmmp23: Hawks are done
feralmong: Junk it up titch and tuohy.
StuL: This is great!! Smash those flowerin hawks
DrSeuss: Let’s go Tuohy and Burton – finish strong
Breezey: Pendles was ill apparently not benched
the worm: hankws unlucky if they’d kicked straight theyd only be 20 points down
runt: Cats not that good
theoc: dont rest anyone, go for the kill
sammyo7: junk it up paddy
Thedude24: Cats getting some strange and ridiculous frees at the moment. But I’m not complaining.
poido123: get paddy off Scott
MontyJnr: Where is this Pendles ill rumour coming from Breezey?
TyCarlisle: If only vickery was playing hawk could be 2.15 instead of 5.12
the worm: the answer to the hawks woes is obvious. Malthouse
poido123: keep ticking clock
JockMcPie: What a crap round in Supercoach…
spudaroos: @Breezey Bucks said there was no injury/ilness, just said Pendles wasn’t as “sharp” as usual whatever the fuck that mean
runt: Hawks look just that little bit better without Vickery
Kernahan: 8 to go. Not confident
Breezey: I heard it from a fellow Pie supporter that he had the flu like Phillips who withdrew late. I did say apparently
runt: Cats must keep Taylor out of the forward line
poido123: ice it up danger
JockMcPie: Junk time Danger/Titch, both ton up??
the worm: if you read between the lines of what bucks said, it suggests he was benched for lack of effort
myteamsuks: @sammy which is 0-8
Kernahan: Lol @ runt
Breezey: Maybe your right Spud. I did say apparently.
the worm: not sure thats how to use apparently
ballbag: sent said most of collingwood were I’ll with flu
PLACEBOPIE: It was on SEN radio this morning…..Phillips late out with flu and Buckley never mentioned it in presser.
theoc: motlop on a career high possession game, good signs
PLACEBOPIE: yes most were ill
Breezey: They played like they did. I was sick after the game I gotta tell ya
JockMcPie: Titch 8 clangers….can you not?
ballbag: SEN said ill
PLACEBOPIE: didn’t want to use it as excuse
Kernahan: 2 to go. Cmon rough
Thedude24: Treloar and Pendles not having an impact was the only way we were going to win that game.
sammyo7: @myteamsuks the 8th being against brisbane in tassie, cant see them losing it
poido123: hurry up clock!
IKnowALL: Despite all the clangers, titch has tried hard.. Well done mate.
myteamsuks: Cam Guthrie has lovely hair piece
MontyJnr: Selwood finishing strong
Breezey: I said myself during the game what he was going on the bench. I said ” Breezey what’s Pendles doing on the bench mate
myteamsuks: @sammyo7, is you probably should have said next 3 instead of next 4 then
runt: Guthrie uses his grandmothers wig as a show of respect for her
ballbag: and breezey replied breezey you ain’t got no mates mate
NichoB: starting to regret changing my C from Rockliff to danger 10 mins before the brisbane game.
Kernahan: YESS that’s it. With 90 seconds left!
myteamsuks: Anyway it doesn’t matter we all are enjoying Hawks losing
Breezey: Pretty much right there Ballbag. No one at home to complain to
poido123: thanku danger for the quiet game. shut that Iknowall up ha ha
JockMcPie: Well this was Danger’s bad day
sammyo7: true that @myteamsuks
frenzy: cacti
vamos77: Titch getting shafted. DE has improved but SC has stayed the same
ballbag: don’t worry breezey. that flog roughy cost me my week. your comment was funny BTW
Breezey: I had a Danger plus 19 pts vs Z.Smith and I.Smith. Just hung on
IKnowALL: What on earth are you talking about?
IKnowALL: Poido that fact you are still going on about it, proves your the loser, an that you got butt hurt by Martin..
StuL: This is why i traded rough. Youll get too many of thrse games.
jxxxxk: Sorry but Tom Mitchell deserves at least 100 with 32 pos and 10 tackles.

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