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Chat log from R3 of 2017: Carlton vs Essendon

Chat log for Carlton vs Essendon, R3 of 2017

JockMcPie: C Curnow late out, Palmer in?
DrSeuss: Great start from Marchbank with Hampton on my bench
AngryRyno: ball has hardly been in Essendon’s forward 50, not a lot of chances for Bank to score
RooBoyStu: Lift Murphy you muppet
Chelskiman: Should have expected this from Murph as I traded him in this week.
the worm: this is the first team carlton have played thats any good, i wasnt sure if he’d do any good this week
Zeratul: Marchbank gonna be my first sub50 score 🙁
ballbag: what the fuck is with simmo the last 2 weeks? where is he?
Raspel31: Pickett finally shows signs of life-on the bench of course. Go Merrett.
ballbag: @zera marchbank will get 80 every week
Chelskiman: Murph going well now! Need Zerrett to stay right down.
Sloaneyyyy: pull your finger out please Simpson… I don’t need this shit
JockMcPie: Need Watson and Murphy to go badly…
benzammit: March bank will struggle today conditions do not suit a marking back.
benzammit: I’ve got him n hope he finds a way to score.
PLACEBOPIE: doc, march,mcgrath please go big
ballbag: big maxy gawn done hamstring tendon so roughly 8-10 weeks with surgery
faisca7: Plus 16, dafuq
wadaramus: Carn Jobe, lift your DE man.
JockMcPie: Its gonna absolutely bucket down in the second half, score whilst you can
DrSeuss: Marchbank explosion, now your turn McGrath
Breezey: Marchbank looks to be going alright to me
CBeezDeez: Thnx BBag. Sounds like skiing is back on the agenda…
colin wood: Agree Breezy. Good little player.
AngryRyno: stop doubting Bank, with his role you’ll get this every week
RooBoyStu: Pickett as useful as red meat next Friday
Chelskiman: Get into it, Murph!
Breezey: Weitering is bleedering
kano22: Ugh pickett is rubbish
the worm: what was kade simpson on at quarter time?
StuL: Dochertys price wasnt so bad after all.
PLACEBOPIE: go big doc before the rain hits
Chelskiman: Doch so reliable. Was my second picked defender after Adams.
Chelskiman: Really need Heppell to fuck off.
valkorum: what is witth all the long sleeved carlton players?
benzammit: Bombers don’t want even try n mark, not sure on that tactical move?
Chelskiman: I know, valk. I think everyone is Simpson, lol.
valkorum: or a silvagni
9inch: Picket needs to go back to Aus Kick for few years
benzammit: Langford is a Muppet!
Yelse: picket is going backwards in score shocking
ebatsis: got the C on baguley need him to lift
ebatsis: got the C on baguley LIFT
sfenda1: williamson looks good
Apachecats: What C ebatsis?
kano22: Ebatsis for the burgee
RooBoyStu: use the c as a bum plug, talk rubbish
StuL: Pickett breaking out, double figures.
DrSeuss: McGrath killing it…..
Chelskiman: Heppell is killing me. What’s worse is that he was in all of my pre-season teams except my final one.
9inch: Macreadie takle your way to 50
spawnrzc: i have the C on him….
RooBoyStu: Murphy’s price will rise heaps
the worm: heppell was a standout bargain…he got a discount for taking a holiday
benzammit: M.Murphy is just as good value
ballbag: watson best of all discount. New diet, new training regime, new man. Gonna dominate all year
benzammit: K.Langford is modelling his game on Fyfe? I think he got the wrong footage n thin Dawson is Fyfe
Gott2Win: Beams, Watson, Murphy and Heppell. All great value could of started with all of them
Chelskiman: Wish I had started with Beams, Murph, Heppell and Watson. If anyone did they would be smashing it right now.
benzammit: If you had all 3 Murphy,Heppell,Watson even throw in Beams you could be happy to date
StuL: Im sure that was in one of my drafts chelskiman.
benzammit: Well I think we agree on that!
StuL: I had heppell and watson and started neither. It can pay not to listen to ppl too.
the worm: except the reason murphy is so cheap is simply because he was awful last year
zadolinnyj: I have Murphy but his sc score is very good, maybe too good?
feralmong: Got beams and Watson. Went titch instead of Heppell.
Apachecats: you must have a great bench Stul
benzammit: I switched Heppell to Prestia to squeeze Taranto?..gobshite
feralmong: Danger, Fyfe, Martin are keeping me happy too.
bangerz: I started with Beams, Hep, Murph and Watson…not complaining
feralmong: I reckon a few more weeks Ben and Prestia will start hitting some nice scores
GJayBee: I discovered draft stars today. I like it more than all the fruit and vegetables in the world.
benzammit: He has till Rnd 6 when I start upgrading.
benzammit: Draft stars I discovered via this site last year, ain’t had a go yet.
StuL: I assume tongue in cheek. I meant pre season drafts.
benzammit: I have Beams,Murphy Watson Danger Fyfe but Prestia’s ball use last 2 weeks has me bleeding.
LuvIt74: Murphy looking bloody gr8 – I didn’t have the plums to ring him in
GJayBee: I had Steven, so natural to bring Murph in
LuvIt74: Id like McGrath to do better
benzammit: Gold Coast licking Hawks
LuvIt74: It’s been a while since I seen a game in these wet conditions, remember the 80’s they’ll play in mud pits.
LuvIt74: Not any more.
feralmong: Docerty wake up
Chelskiman: Merrett just gets so much of the ball, but you don’t even notice and then you look and see he’s on like 70 points.
PLACEBOPIE: marchbank slowly making a move
Chelskiman: Need Docherty to get going, I’m in a real fight in one of my leagues and a 90+ would be very handy.
benzammit: Loving the wet, not the scoreboard though.
Death: is murphy’s resurgence due to the demise of tagging as a tactic?
the worm: dont worry, murphy will go back to being murphy soon enough
GJayBee: Murphy is making my week better already
GJayBee: this is the real murph, unhurt, uncool and racking and stacking!
batt: Carlton’s softish start helps. Power, Swans and Pies midfields in the next month. Will be the real test.
Death: I get the feeling murphy is back as a premium midfielder
travo: murph!!!
Chelskiman: That was almost as good as Rioli’s yesterday!
Apachecats: Could’ve bought Murphy or fantasia -bought Murphy ,yeah
RooBoyStu: Murphy!!!
Snarfy: What a goal in the wet!
Sloaneyyyy: murphy goal of the year
the worm: is the real murphy the lat 3 weeks or the last 4 years?
Breezey: I’m not falling for this old trick Murph. I know what’s coming next week.
AngryRyno: ton up SPS
Chelskiman: That rule is so bad. THat was a 45m clearing kick from a pack and Simpson could have easily kept it in.
Sloaneyyyy: back to the 2’s for Palmer
Snarfy: So therefore did Simpson deliberately let the ball go out?
Costanza: soft over the ball then stupid Baguley
Apachecats: A kick under pressure goes 45 metres,bounces 3 times and is sheperded out and thats a free kick .What BS.!
Sloaneyyyy: blue moon for silvagni
Breezey: No commonsense umpiring
Apachecats: Marchbank actully wen backwards that quarter
benzammit: Simpson made no attempt to play the ball throw it in.
carlton_99: I know that its raining and thus they should get cut some slack but it was a clear deliberate. But I do agree they have
AngryRyno: sour dons
carlton_99: to chnage the rule so a player cant let it roll over; but thats allowed for the current interpretation.
han solo: umpires are killing us.
carlton_99: One decision does not constitute the umps killing u
man0005: kylo ren already killed you m8
GJayBee: Murph is killing you
sfenda1: SPS is killing it wow
benzammit: We are the away team, bias will favour Blues
sfmmp23: Alot of underperforming rookies this week. Stewart, Pickett and Eddy may only get the one price rise.
the worm: as a blues fan who hates carlton, i can say unreservedly the bombers are getting robbed by the umps
the worm: *hates essendon
AngryRyno: doesn’t make sense flog, go back in your hole @worm
man0005: as a bombers fan who hates essendon, i can say unreservedly the blues are getting robbed by the umps
sfmmp23: Carlton getting a good run of the umps. Blues are just dropping the footy.
travo: go blues
the worm: well, my point is even a blues fan can see the bombers are getting roobed
RooBoyStu: LMAO man0005: as a bombers fan who hates essendon
Chelskiman: A bombers fan who hates Essendon?
benzammit: Cur now is hot n sprays his face with
han solo: one decision? lol theres been about 20
Ash777: umpires are blind today
Chelskiman: They can’t see through all the rain, Ash. 😛
LuvIt74: @Ash thats why their sponsored by Specsavers
Ash777: exactly
benzammit: Uh the umpires don’t kick it out on the full from 30 metres with no pressure though.
9inch: Any points for a soccer off the ground?
AngryRyno: oh like Zaha does? @benza
luke394: Spud marchbank do something
LuvIt74: Murphy with a B/E of minus 19 bloody hell he’s price will hit $600k in a few weeks
luke394: Just wanted 75 not a spud 50
LuvIt74: All 3 games for Murphy 130+
Raspel31: C’mon lads-10 to go-pull the finger out.
Sloaneyyyy: Marchbank literally not touched the ball for about 45 minutes
LuvIt74: Marchbank & McGrath killing me and I was doing so well
benzammit: Not surprised
Chelskiman: So Glad I jumped on Murph this week.
LuvIt74: @Ben what u dont have Marchbank? How the hell are ya gonna generate cash to improve your side
benzammit: About Carlton winning that is.
ballbag: rookies pulling out monster scores this week
LuvIt74: oh ok
benzammit: I have Marchbank, Otten Hampton
Ash777: I hope you all traded in burton
benzammit: Not till I see Ianother big score at his price
PLACEBOPIE: if your talking hawks burton then yes 😀
LuvIt74: Why would u be silly enough to trade burton in now, he’ll be on the bubble this week
han solo: we cant play wet weather footy
carlton_99: Please dont stuff this up
benzammit: Gutted hate losing to the
ballbag: the start of blues winning streak. yessss!
benzammit: Swallow going well
PLACEBOPIE: cause he is a good player if you have seen him play before in resi’s
Raspel31: Yep benzammit
ballbag: % booster kerridge you gun
LuvIt74: Well their goes my chance of tipping 9
Drak: In no way is this a testament to Carltons ability. Game should have been scheduled for Etihad.
23rookie23: Piss off Drak they are both playing same conditions and Blues best!
benzammit: lol percentage booster 15 pint will not help ya.
LuvIt74: @placebopie regardless its still crazy casing points after 1 game, u get to see him play for free this week.
LuvIt74: If he gets injured u waste a trade for nothing but stupidity.
faisca7: Aww.. don’t like a bit of rain drak? It’s footy ffs
LuvIt74: Chasing*
benzammit: Yeah definitely no point with so many others on the bubble
carlton_99: @Drak: Please stop one team played better and we deserved the win. IDT a venue change is necessary mate.
ballbag: @benza 15 pint will help 😉
benzammit: It doesn’t matter where the 2 teams are always a cracking contest, we will get em on our home game.Carn da Bombers
benzammit: Better than minus ballbag
benzammit: Woohoo foxtel forgot to turn off transmission Aussie foxtel from Ireland Golf show to calm me down

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