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Chat log from R3 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Hawthorn, R3 of 2017

feralmong: DT C on titch. Go big.
9inch: Nah go small like the old days.
Snarfy: Yeah, me too feral
Apachecats: Is Ainsworth in?
PLACEBOPIE: omeara should get a hard tag and hassled the whole game 🙂 please rocket
Snarfy: I have a feeling that Ablett could go berserk today
batt: Gaz a man on a mission today. Go Suns!
Sloaneyyyy: hawks better wake up fast, or its 0-3 like the Swans
RooBoyStu: Go Captain Titch
AngryRyno: go Suns and Tommy Lynch
GJayBee: Gaz, God is with you mate. Do it for him.
daniel87: feel like its going to be a long day for us omera owners just now
AngryRyno: Gaz is God so you’re not wrong when you say he’s with him
Stuart88: Calm down Jack no more plz
daniel87: micheal barlow must be loving life got play with fyfe at freo and gaz at gc
GJayBee: My fault on Omeara, brought him in for McCarthy with steven to Murph cash. Praying now.
batt: Burton looked like he also copped a bit of whiplash
valkorum: daniel – dont forget Pav
ballbag: I guess burtons eating ribs tonight
daniel87: yeah pavlich to would be awesome
HawkTalker: Looking good, hawks
circle52: Luv the aggro so far.
StuL: I tipped GC. Come on jOM. The axe looms large.
sfmmp23: Come on JOM, would love a big one today.
daniel87: problem for jom is hes playing against at least 20 players he walked out on and i dont kno if hes good enough
daniel87: rise above the extra attention he will get
GJayBee: Some tell me JOM is going to be OK, I need help
GJayBee: Clarko should tell JOM that he will be mean to him for a week if he unless he rack’s up
Death: JOM is on thin ice. It is clearly now a failed selection.
AngryRyno: Lyons reported? doesn’t sound like him
daniel87: i think jom will make you cash and have decent games but you will have to ride the waves a slow money maker
PieBoy: onya roughy
Jukes82: JOPM should be used purely as a cash cow, drop him as soon as he stops making money
Crowls: drop jom for murphy
faisca7: Let’s go David
daniel87: jom gets a free pass from me this week with my leauge oppontents having him
Zeratul: Pity JOM has only made 11k… could well drop this week unless he lfits too
thefreodoc: Just got home. O’Meara????
daniel87: does hurt my overall though
Sloaneyyyy: kick the ball, Miller !
Apachecats: You’re dropped O’Meara
alekstah: Omeara out, Murphy in
Chelskiman: Everyone doing well except for JOM. I need to start playing SPP over him I think.
Jukes82: I’m glad I didn’t trade d.swallow out in rd1 like most of the muppets did
daniel87: what did david swallow score last week?
Chelskiman: 88 or something I think.
Jukes82: 85 I think
daniel87: thanks
GJayBee: JOM could still get to 70, I pray like a sweet nunny
GJayBee: Bowes looking like he want’s to be traded to Broomhead
Chelskiman: Nice, JOM! Needed that.
Jukes82: JOM will come good, 80 is on the cards imo
Apachecats: My little pep talk worked on O’Meara.Anyone like me to threaten one of your players?
Jukes82: Give Vickery the spud, glad he’s someone elses problem.
RooBoyStu: Gibbo is cooked, cactus.
Snarfy: Whats that sweet nunny’s phone number GJayBee?
Jukes82: you’ve got no idea if you trade JOM after one bad game anyways
HawkTalker: Hawks looking good. Keep it up
circle52: Hodge targeting Ablett
Heater: Give Bowes a spud!!
Chelskiman: Go, Swallow!
GJayBee: snarfy, she made me promise not to tell hahahahah
StuL: Gee wish i has the plums to start wittilands which was my draft 2 days out.
pcaman2003: O’meara is the new Tambling
Sloaneyyyy: grundy and martin are the standout rucks this year for sure
cobrakai00: Hawks to bottom out like before.. no priority picks this time sorry
Straffo: Grundy and Nankervis IMO
cobrakai00: Rioli proving just how reliant he is on others.. overrated
Raspel31: It would simply be a thing of extreme beauty to see the Suns whip the Hawks. And same Straffo.
tiges4ever: Vickery is a 1 in 10 games good player … good luck hawks
PLACEBOPIE: go burton 😀
Heater: Bowes will bow out of my side this week…
PLACEBOPIE: Burton should have more points but he was off after big knock…..So jump on this week 🙂
Sloaneyyyy: O’Meara out and D.Swallow in ?
Raspel31: Why ever trade Bowes-he’s earned you nothing and a wasted trade?
PLACEBOPIE: how many has swallow played?
StuL: Jom to a premo only.
LuvIt74: @place this is his 2nd game this year
ballbag: undy-crevice best ruck combo
PLACEBOPIE: cheers will look at him for the bubble 😀 @luvit74
LuvIt74: Yes i suggest u bring him in but also watch your trades, I shouldn’t be helping but get NEWMAN in this week in defence.
Raspel31: O’Meara seems a disappointment whoever he plays for.
RooBoyStu: ch7 news saying Gawn could be gone for 2-3 months
Breezey: Hawks might be the Freo of 2016. And loving it
LuvIt74: I’m rolling the dice and trading Gawn to Witts
PLACEBOPIE: yeah after this week just watch the money grow and save rd 4 to 6.Defence is fine with the burton move now 🙂
Raspel31: Lapping it up Breezy
PLACEBOPIE: remember when there were many hawks fans in chat …..where are they now including monty….Muahahahaha
Apachecats: O’meara to Swallow ,simplez.
RooBoyStu: saw an article on Daily Mail last week where hawks fans were dumping their scarfs at salvo bins
AngryRyno: and I saw scarves in salvo bins, confirmed
Raspel31: And applying to emigrate to Syria Rooboy.
PLACEBOPIE: fickle bunch lol
Gotigres: JOM just above breakeven.
alekstah: What’s JOM’s break even?
Migz: Hmm I have ablett. And Parker and O’Meara. Mean while Murphy and now swallow are killing it 🙁
Gotigres: @alekstah it’s 25 according to footywire
Breezey: The only thing TMitch is going to
Jukes82: wheres the witches hats for hawthorn??
AngryRyno: Tommy Lynch! Go you good thing
RooBoyStu: Atlas for Titch if I’ve ever seen one. Hawks gone
Breezey: The only thing TMitch is going to like about the Hawks is his bank account.
9inch: Ablett going to lose a lot of cash.
Raspel31: Go Gazza- don’t have you but go you good thing
Seb78: Flower witts!! One more sc point from him and im gone
Heater: Shame Carlton won. Would have been a good round otherwise..
Chelskiman: Who do The Hawks have next week?
sfmmp23: Hawks crashing down hard.
AngryRyno: another loss @Chelsk
Sloaneyyyy: Hawks and Swans 0-3 . Fantastic start to the season as far as I’m concerned
9inch: How can miller be more than GAJ lol
Raspel31: Feeling really sorry for Hawks fans as they are the most humble people I knoe
sfmmp23: Hawks and Swans might struggle to make the 8 this year.
poolboybob: Hawks might struggle to make the 16 at this rate.
Heizenberg: Hi guys
pcaman2003: Won’t get caught up with BS comments,but Hawks have lost their way
Gotigres: If only Geelong was done with Hawthorn and Sydney it would be awesome.
Heizenberg: Wow hawks, what the hell?
sfmmp23: Swans and Hawks could both go 0-5. Swans have wce and the gws, hawks have cats and wce.
RooBoyStu: Hawks lol
Heizenberg: This could be end of the success streak
AngryRyno: Molloy was right, Clarko under the pump
Chelskiman: Oh yeah, they have Geelong. Damn…
zadolinnyj: Hawks on the slide
Breezey: That’s a diabolical deliberate.
frenzy: Lol m0nty
sammyo7: i’ve had a real shit week, i think i actually needed this
Gotigres: If only Geelong was down with Hawthorn and Sydney it would be awesome.
ballbag: @hawktalk how does the ladder from down there? muh hahahaha
Raspel31: You think Zado?
gers: Vickery leaves the tigers (3-0) and goes to the hawks (0-3). Seems pretty straightforward
the worm: i predict every team to finish on 44 points and for richmond to come 9th on percentage
Heater: Clarko looking at Gold Coast real estate after the game…
sfmmp23: Its just getting embarrassing now. Hawks defence is non existent.
Raspel31: Put up your hands if you predicted this-put up your hands if you enjoying this.
Chelskiman: Ton up by 3/4 time, Swallow!
Heizenberg: Damn I’m gonna get 4/9
Gotigres: Crab and spud for Vickery
Heizenberg: How did you guys go with ripping?
runt: Hawks 3 peat coming right up
Heizenberg: Tipping*
ballbag: pull ya finger out roughy
Heizenberg: @raspel I tipped hawks
Breezey: The Hawks are alive thanks to the captain. Please Dwayne wake up. They’re gooooorn
Heizenberg: But had hawks on 6tr spot on my ladder
sfmmp23: Not impressed JOM. Get to 60 at least.
Raspel31: Absolutely Heizen
Chelskiman: I’ll get 4 too.
RooBoyStu: Hawks couldn’t do the 4 peat in flags but will do it in loses next week
frenzy: Witts Sundays
runt: Ablett seems interested. Hawks? Not so sure
Heizenberg: lol too boy, clever one lol
Heizenberg: Roo*
wadaramus: JOM you hack, should have traded you to Murphy while I had the chance.
Heizenberg: Absolutely stupid decisions to get rid of my heel and Lewis
Chelskiman: Matera pulling out the party tricks now, lol.
Heizenberg: Mitchell*
RooBoyStu: most people had Hawks ans Swans in their top 8 and both 0-3. Most expected us (North) to fall.
sfmmp23: Hopefully the suns get up by 100. Hawks supporters will disappear.
Raspel31: O’Meara was so cheap and we all hoped-but…….
Heizenberg: I expected north to fall too, just had their time in the top part
Snarfy: nice one gringo
Gott2Win: Hahha cacti
PLACEBOPIE: Tassie Hawks with a Velcro two headed hawk 😛
Heizenberg: Had their window
Chelskiman: Getting rid of your heel does seem a silly decision.
clint briz: haha team of gumbys
daniel87: jom>d swallow ???
runt: The Hawks have never played well in the heat
Heizenberg: I also put tigers 11th
the worm: i can see now why omeara left
sfmmp23: North are still 0-3 so they are falling aswell
Heizenberg: Hahahahahahga chelk
LuvIt74: So glad I chose Swallow over O’Meara
benzammit: So good as a Bomber, to get cheered up by a 3-0
Chelskiman: Plenty of time for us to fall, Heizenberg, lol.
LuvIt74: How does Vickery make the best 22 in any AFL team. He isn’t even VFL worthy..
runt: Need a few trees for them to get the body temperature down
runt: Vickery casting no shadow whatsoever
RooBoyStu: cactuis should be for all the long time hawks not the new ones, Mitchell is a gun
PLACEBOPIE: at least burton doesn’t have the cactus 😀
Heizenberg: This must be frustrating as a player
LuvIt74: I won’t be touching Burton in a team that look shot to the ship house.
Heizenberg: When you used to winning and then the fall
GJayBee: swallow, witts, miles, i hate to ask but, pretend it’s life or death for me. i pray to nunny nun again.
feralmong: Making vickery into a Hale is an insult to Hale.
GJayBee: take the cactus off Mitchel and give him the atlas!
runt: P&O would be a nice sponsor for the Hawks. 3 and o and cruisin…
9inch: Some last qtr junk goals GAJ. 115SC
daniel87: its a pity swallow sant availible round 1 but at least we got to give jom a test run
Chelskiman: Long way to go yet, but when was the last time the Hawks lost by 100 I wonder?
bricci: gawn gone for 12 weeks
feralmong: Hawks new player, Owen.
Pokerface: you must be old to remember that feeling heiz?
LuvIt74: Swallow, Lynch & Mitchell I have in this game. Cant complain considering
Heizenberg: Was just thinking 3 figures check
Heizenberg: Chelk*
Chelskiman: I held Swallow from Round 1. Been good so far.
feralmong: Witts u champ thanks for a paid league win.
GJayBee: calling out to Miles spirit guide, let’s do this
9inch: Suns win to stop GAJ crying.
Raspel31: 12 weeks bricci? Thank god for Preuss.
LuvIt74: Gawn to Witts im taking the gamble I think although luv grundy’s work
benzammit: Glad I held Swallow and 20% of teams will burn a downgrade or upgrade on him.
Jukes82: give gaz the zombie!
runt: Hawks last thrashing was by 117 v P-A in 2005
sfmmp23: come on JOM, this is shithouse.
Heizenberg: I don’t know when they last lost by 100
Heizenberg: Don’t think they ever have under Clarko
Heizenberg: Wow here we go
Sloaneyyyy: kick the ball more please, Miller, stop handballing
Sloaneyyyy: this will be one of the suns greatest wins
Heizenberg: @runt under Schwab?
Chelskiman: 12 years ago, damn. We were getting ppumped by 100 like 4 times a season not that long ago, haha.
LuvIt74: Hawks don’t even look like they care. I reckon something serious went down at the hawks.
AngryRyno: bring out the cones
Smurf_x: If JOM doesnt lift his game, i have lost this week
Chelskiman: Losing Mitchell and Lewis may have had something to do with it. Don’t think it would have been a popular decision with
Chelskiman: the playing group.
poolboybob: I’m tired of the New England Patriots winning, maybe we can get them to sign Vickery.
GJayBee: no way they willl go down by a ton, but it will be a shealacking, which is ten goals
LuvIt74: As soon as Lewis decided to leave due to Mitchell getting the a$$ somethings not right
daniel87: yeah most likely i will burn a downgrade but as long as im getting some cash out of it i dont mind
Raspel31: Mitchell a hero for WC- Lewis just a thug but a high scoring thug. Agree
Heizenberg: Wouldn’t think so check
jaxx: where is miles even playing?
Heizenberg: That decision appeared too arrogant
GJayBee: actually, hawkes will claw back a few no doubt
Ash777: they lost leg speed and kicking skill
Heizenberg: Unless they themselves accepted they would maybe bottom out then it’s planning for future but still
Ash777: I wonder if anyone is regretting trading out roughy
LuvIt74: there not this bad I don’t buy it, there’s more to why their not bothering.
Chelskiman: I kept the faith with Roughy, just because I knew he would get about 70-80 a week, which is great for a stepping stone.
benzammit: Why would anyone trade Roughy out?
9inch: Wow Ablett SC is not so good.
AngryRyno: junk up Tommy J
LuvIt74: @Heiznberg its most likely that or something internally within the club.
DrSeuss: What is Burton doing? Just going backwards
frenzy: how bout $ for Witts m0nty
benzammit: That’s all he is a steppingstone.
Breezey: Hawks lost, SMItch lost and Lewis suspended and the Dees lost. Great weekend
LuvIt74: @ben believe it or not many did to bring in WHE
sfmmp23: What about the people who traded out GAJ and Hanners, should never trade an ultra premo like those 2.
GJayBee: put it this way, hawkes would rather be winning, they know it’s down hill and it affects morale / energy
willywalks: cmon titch, junk it up, i want top 100 overall…
benzammit: They will tank need picks after many years of bugger all.
Raspel31: Call me now for cut price passports for Hawks fans- Nahru looking good.
Heizenberg: Very well could be love it
RooBoyStu: Purple on the Footy Show last Thursday said Clarkson to coach GC, who coaches hawks? m0nty maybe lol
Heizenberg: Luv it*
travo: didnt hawks give away theier first round already ??
LuvIt74: Cmon Lynch kick the winning goal…lol
Jukes82: brad scott
benzammit: Bold move trading him out, but WHE has more upside.
Chelskiman: Target for Matera.
Rilian: Hawks seemed more interested in Ablett than the ball from first bounce. Great game plan..
Heizenberg: @whatbyou mean roo? Like next year he’ll replace eade?
benzammit: 2nd or 3rd Heizenberg
PLACEBOPIE: think gc get there first pick? someone does
benzammit: @Travo sorry
LuvIt74: @travo yep
daniel87: 59 point dream team lead with ten minutes to go and they have 3 playing
circle52: Did Clarko just shorten the odds for first coach to be sacked in 2017
Chelskiman: Buckley, lol.
daniel87: im not confident
sfmmp23: 4 more goals Gold Coast.
Apachecats: Titch struggling to crack the ton.
pcaman2003: FFS Hawks…..plain embarrassing
Chelskiman: What three players, daniel?
Heizenberg: Thanks zammit
GJayBee: earth to god, swallow, witts, and miles please
Heizenberg: Would love to see Albert knock up 40 touches
daniel87: tom mitchell omeara jarryd roughead
RooBoyStu: GC almost got their % back they lost to GWS
Raspel31: Hawks on the slide- no, I don’t think so.
Chelskiman: You’ll be safe.
Ash777: roughy so close to a ton
LuvIt74: GWS get pick 10 next year due to the O’Meara trade as far as im aware
Apachecats: you’re pretty safe if JOM is one of them daniel87
AngryRyno: give Tommy some love ie. goal
Gott2Win: Saints get the Hawks first round pick this year…they’d be happy with this! Suns get the second rounder!
daniel87: hope so i lost first game dont wont to go 0 2
benzammit: Looking forward to the next few weeks rolling the dice with top heavy rookies early, if I get injuries it could backfire
benzammit: Jagear Bomb!! Got new nickname from his old team mates.
PLACEBOPIE: yes saints get it 🙂 lucky for them
LuvIt74: Sorry GCS i mean not GWS
StuL: Will jom.even break even?
benzammit: Uh good to hear, the ship they tread is deeper than I thought!
Heizenberg: How long left? Can it be 100?
LuvIt74: Cmon Lynch & Titch
Gott2Win: No they got pick 10 last trade period luvit
Chelskiman: 40 seconds.
benzammit: 1m nup
the worm: was gaz on 42 dt at halftime?
LuvIt74: O’meara will gain slightly as his B/E is 24
frenzy: Gazza is still god
Heizenberg: They only kick 3 in 90 sects againstbtugers
Breezey: Punch a wall Clarko
Heizenberg: Against tigers*
Ash777: I’ll take the 80 from burton
daniel87: woohoo first win of my dreamteam season the campaign is underway
sfmmp23: Thanks JOM, but most importantly thanks Gold Coast.
benzammit: Sure it was 2nd or 3rd as they couldn’t trade away more 1st it was dicey deal in favour of Hawks
benzammit: Everyone will switch him to Swallow if they don’t have him.
benzammit: 4 wins here, I’m more looking at my team value ranking.
Chelskiman: Lost by a point and 2 points in two of my leagues. Roughy gave away a late free which would have won me both games.
LuvIt74: Give me Newman over Burton any day considering price

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