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Chat log from R3 of 2017: St Kilda vs Brisbane

Chat log for St Kilda vs Brisbane, R3 of 2017

IHateChat: Carn the Lions. Most exciting team in the competition.
King_Robbo: Lol @ ‘the most exciting team’
Grumpman: I hope the saints win only for my tipping good luck, ihatechat.
PLACEBOPIE: need rocky to spud it up please
Breezey: No one for me is in this game. Opponent has Martin and Beams. Stay low would be nice
JockMcPie: Steele and Rocky need to flop for me, Beams for 150
Grumpman: i got Steele and Beams:-)
Stuart88: I traded goldy for Martin so hope he goes well
Chelskiman: Rocky not interested today.
circle52: Riewoldt well on his way to matching his 200 against Lions last season.
Heater: Love to Barrett go big but not putting my house on it…
PieBoy: onya richy
Chelskiman: Nice, Beamsy!
Grumpman: nice goal beams on the run
Raspel31: Hm the long awaited McCluggage debut not setting the world on fire
Chelskiman: Rocky already thinking about bed tonight.
GJayBee: Rasel I disagree, the world is on fire.
Grumpman: not much in it circle he’ll be ok .
circle52: Scrappy game so far by both teams
KingPetrie: Why is bruce in the ruck?
cobrakai00: Weller will get a fine.. still.. cowardly move swinging the arm around like that
circle52: Lions did touch that ump disgarceful decision leading to a goal.
circle52: @King probably because Schache in ruck for Lions.
Grumpman: clearly touched..!
cobrakai00: matty lloyd special right there LOL
circle52: Dropped taht and HTB how about umpiring in both 50s umps.
LeFtBehinD: Keep it up Acres you sexy beast
tankin: rocky warming up
Grumpman: bit of man love right there , Leftbehind.:-)
PLACEBOPIE: go steele beams……rocky nick off
Stuart88: Anyone who started with ST Nick keep him?
Raspel31: Hmm-that trade from Nroo to jj not looking good.
tankin: i bet there is some poor bloke out there that traded roo and hanners
Stuart88: lol takin I’m sure there is somewhere
Zeratul: Beams, Rocky (C), Martin. love having these 3
DrSeuss: Come on Zork – beat that tag
Stuart88: I’ve got beams Martin Steel Barrett
circle52: Trust the umps will start paying brisbane the frees they missed in first quarter, 7 – 3 count,
DrSeuss: Tagging is such a bitch move
Chelskiman: Does anyone else get annoyed when commentators call Jack Steven Jack Stevens?
heppelitis: i probably will now you have brought it to my attention chelks
Chelskiman: NRoo is a beast. Need to jump on ASAP I think.
circle52: No the umps find a not 15 which leads to another Saints goal. That was further than some of the saints in first quarter
DrSeuss: True Circle – umps are missing a lot but damn Brisbanes defenders are horrific today.
tankin: epic goal from rich
circle52: We are shocking agree and looks like Rich is having his annual day out.
Chelskiman: I hope the Lions play like this next week.
PLACEBOPIE: barrett on the bench but the cash will be nice 🙂
circle52: Gee we are getting back to our handballing rather than kicking.
circle52: Gardiner gone for the day
circle52: That should have been HTB on Geary had Prior.
Chelskiman: Carn, Rocky, keep going son.
Chelskiman: Well that’s an awful deliberate decision, lmao.
circle52: Now they call deliberate on a secondary spoil.
DrSeuss: That’s a spoil not deliberate.
DrSeuss: These umps are not helping with the Lions playing their worst game in years
circle52: Bo different now to last year
9inch: Few tons in line on both sides.
DrSeuss: Schache looks underdone as well
Raspel31: Hickey killing Martin-who’d have thought?
9inch: Omeara better have a good game with Barrett and parfitt on bench
Chelskiman: v
Raspel31: Yeah-benched Parfitt too-bummer
Jukes82: give Rich the zombie!
Stuart88: Zorko killing it this Q
DrSeuss: Has Cutler kicked it to a teammate yet today? His disposal is horrific
JockMcPie: Good to see our rookies putting in good r3 effort for max cash generation
Stuart88: Martins already scored more then Goldy and made me 100k happy with that swap
pies13: whats the weather like 4the game at the g?
tankin: i was worried barrett would get dropped this week, so this a delicious
JockMcPie: Would you go Roo -> Gawn via DPP?
tankin: jockmcpie. yes i would
circle52: Looking at the stats our clangers have hurt us more 4 goals a direct result of them. Tighten up here we can win
PLACEBOPIE: do you hold onto Gawn and replace him with Pruess till he comes back or down grade to Grundy and get some cash
Sloaneyyyy: i’ve had Barret, Parfitt, Newman and Preuss all on the bench =(
shaker: Won’t be a huge amount of $$$ going to Grundy 60 or 70 K
PLACEBOPIE: true so save the pick then and hope pruess tons up 😉
shaker: Gawn did not look to positive this morning I have him to just wait and see
Chelskiman: Reports are saying he’s out for 4 weeks, shaker.
circle52: A push on Berry missed come on umps.
PLACEBOPIE: pruess tons up for 4 weeks and he’s over 300k 😀 perfect
shaker: Yeah think that is minimum
Chelskiman: I started with Grundy and Nank, so luckily I don’t have that to worry about as I have other things to sort out myself.
PLACEBOPIE: brisy can win this
Chelskiman: Lions need to go 5+ goals down before they start clicking into gear.
Seb78: Cmon billings ffs this is the 3rd week you’ve done sfa
circle52: Need to make our tackles stick
tankin: go lions
PLACEBOPIE: there coming
circle52: A[pparently if you are St Kilda you can drop the ball in the forawrd 50 and it is not HTB
Jukes82: Not trading Gawn at this stage, If Pruess can avg 85 I’ll keep Gawn on the bench
IHateChat: Excited yet?
PLACEBOPIE: thumbs up jukes82
DrSeuss: Steele you want to touch it this quarter?
PLACEBOPIE: rocky hasn’t 😀
Chelskiman: Don’t go backwards, Rocky. ;(
JockMcPie: Good Rocky and Steele, stay below 80
PLACEBOPIE: everytime bell scores they should ring a bell like they did with freo’s bell 😀
StuL: Gawn to Roo will be popular. Roos not exactly free of injury risk himself though.
DrSeuss: Steele doing his best to be rage traded this week
PLACEBOPIE: steele going alright stick with him
luke394: Trade his Dr he’ll be a good POD for us
luke394: Riewoldt is a jet when he’s fit
J_Herer: Jake Barrett going well, will be a good cash cow
chris7399: Not sure what you’re expecting from Steele. An 80 ave for a midpricer is decent and he’s going to make u $$$
colin wood: Steele on 74 with 1 Q to play? Some people are hard to please. On track for 90-100 settle kids.
DrSeuss: My comment was when he hadn’t moved from 54 all quarter.
IHateChat: Lions are fitter. Should run over the top of the saints in the last Q.
ballbag: riewoldt is a superstar… since that day he cried on field he’s been one of the toughest
luke394: Steele is a great pick at 360k
PLACEBOPIE: his 8 tacles keeps him going nicely
chris7399: 16 behinds including 7 from our two key forwards with no goals. Same problem as last week!
faisca7: The gap between riewoldt and mccartin is still too big to let him retire. 100sc in fact
DrSeuss: Needless to say he did a little more over the last 7-8 minutes of the quarter.
StuL: Paaaqll
Crowls: barely saw steele in 3rd qtr
PLACEBOPIE: mccartin worrys me he has the potential….but there is something holding him back always.head knocks diebetic
MarksMen: lets go beams
Chelskiman: Stop giving away FKs, Rocky!
circle52: No free for push in the back
DrSeuss: These umps are ridiculous-
sfmmp23: Of course I trade out rooey and this happens
faisca7: I’m still hoping that mccartin, hogan and Boyd can bring back the power forward days of Carey, ablett and Lockett
circle52: Agree Dr Do not want to pay 50s
StuL: “paaqll” meant dogs jumping on me.
circle52: Misses a chop of arm in Brisbanes 50 but pays up the other end.
DrSeuss: Yeah they miss it for Brisbane then call BS for the same thing for the saints. Has been all day
Chelskiman: Montagna, LOL.
ballbag: spud frawley has just said tha roberton has done his collar bone, arm hanging off and he is done
PLACEBOPIE: he lied 😛 ballbag he’s ok again
ballbag: really? but the bone was poking through the skin and arm off. Did they sew it back on?
Hinchy: How is Robertson playing?
PLACEBOPIE: frawley is delusional 😀
StuL: If your opponent has roo and you dont, you dont win.
travo: footsteps watson….
PLACEBOPIE: i dont have roo i have montagna 😀 joke 😛
ballbag: @stu true. i brought roo in last round last year and he pumped out 200 🙂
DrSeuss: Where are all the Steele supporters? How is his 4th quarter going?
Crowls: steele gone missing
PLACEBOPIE: get rid of him then 😛
Thedude24: Good win. The reliance on the champion Riewoldt is a little concerning though
m0nty: nominations for star please
Thedude24: But there’s no Steven and Armitage after all
Migz: Spewing I took too out but I brought in T. Adams for him so not a complete loss I guess
Migz: Roo*
faisca7: Roo star
daniel87: really monty do you need to even ask
oc16: roo
PLACEBOPIE: steele 87 sc he is doing his job
daniel87: get some junk steels
m0nty: well Montagna has more SC 😉
DrSeuss: Haha and then Steele appears – I need to bag him more often
Raspel31: MccCluggage has not lit my fire-but first game I guess
faisca7: Keep quiet please doctor
Chelskiman: Martin gun.
PLACEBOPIE: he may even be upscaled to 100 by the end
Possumo: Love the Riewoldt to Steele trade in round 2. Not spending as much time on here and thought he was out for 3-4 🙁
Hinchy: Did Roberton come back on after the injury?
PLACEBOPIE: dont be surprised if steele gets to the ton after upscale 🙂
chris7399: Fwd line minus Roo is a worry. Talls kicked 2.7 today. Mids magnificent though without Steven and Armo!
Chelskiman: Did that +14 at the end answer your question? 😛
faisca7: No more sc points to give out, don’t think theres much scaling. Actually, take some off Martin pls
Hinchy: I really like that Acres kid
StuL: Reliance on rooey still a worry.

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