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Chat log from R3 of 2017: Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs, R3 of 2017

LuvIt74: Ross Lyons is the biggest joke as a coach, he should be rewarded for screwing up teams
man0005: Ross Lyons is the biggest joke as a coach, he should be rewarded for screwing up teams
fonzie: wanting bont to have a quiet game
King_Robbo: Cmon dogs
feralmong: Kept cmac and all my trades. Lol. Just have to take what he gives.
benzammit: Ross o Lyon must have a shot at building a list, as e has already proven he can run them into the ground!
PLACEBOPIE: quickest rebuild ever 😛
J.Worrall: Ross Lyons is the biggest joke as a coach, he should be rewarded for screwing up teams
Raspel31: Thinking everyone without Bont feels the same fonzie-still think he’s a bit soft.
DrSeuss: What is going on? Dogs sleeping early?
feralmong: We’re the teams given the wrong jumpers?
AngryRyno: as expected, this game is a blowout
Chelskiman: Go, Balic! Get a solid 65 tonight.
PLACEBOPIE: there doing this for Zac 🙂
feralmong: What is this subterfuge?
DrSeuss: Let’s go Dahl
Breezey: I’m glad I traded out Mc Carthy. I won’t have anyone with hair like that in my team
Bazza2014: man0005: Ross Lyons is the biggest joke as a coach, he should be rewarded for screwing up teams LuvIt74: Ross Lyons is t
Raspel31: No human being should be forced to suffer with hair like that Breezey- good call.
DrSeuss: Dahl and Fyfe bringing the quality
AngryRyno: Sunshine double ton now that 10,000 dumped him
King_Robbo: @Raspel- you think Bont is soft?! Haha you fucking flog
Chelskiman: What’s going on with Dahlhaus?
Apachecats: My 3 ,Bont JJ and Dahl have 22SC between them at 1/4 time.McCarthy who i traded out has 42.
tankin: bont
tankin: bon
man0005: bo
man0005: b
wadaramus: Wow, the Bont is the mayor of struggletown.
Bazza2014: FREO way to go
Raspel31: Personally happy the Bont doing little- but you were right to lose McCarthy-maybe one good game in a hundred.
StuL: Too bad if you went hanners to bont.
Jackwatt$: I’m terribly sorry everyone but I traded in Bont this week for Hannerbery. I feel I may have ruined his career!
feralmong: Those who have cmac still will have him on the bench anyway.
StuL: How come i have so many guns go rubbish when it matters!?
Roksta: Lachie Hunter is a superstar
kano: Lol at cock smokers on fan footy calling players soft
Breezey: Where’s David’s boy Travis. Very quiet
Jackwatt$: In brighter news, Hannerberywill reach new heights in his career now, perhaps Dangerfield levels
kano: Raspel for the burger
Chelskiman: Hunter in beast mode.
King_Robbo: Far out Hunter is playing the game of his life!
Ben_Gogos: Might never take the superman off Hunter at this rate…
DrSeuss: Anyone actually have Hunter this year?
tankin: picken ko
feralmong: Picken lights out
Roksta: Pick tough as nails
feralmong: Hard as a cats head picken.
Roksta: Dogs finely woken up
Roksta: Finnaly*
man0005: finalee*
King_Robbo: Where’s that sound Raspel? Soft ey? Laughable
Roksta: Bont ying yang
runt: Dalhaus tackle was interesting
Raspel31: King Robbo I am 11 and using my dad’s computer so don’t bully me.
Ben_Gogos: Picken done for the day
valkorum: back to the game please
King_Robbo: Lol not bullying- just saying your opinion was laughable. (And I doubt you’re 11)
Raspel31: Well King-Robbo my dad thinks the Bont is soft-so there.
tankin: i think bont is overrated
tankin: good for his age tho
Raspel31: Lol Tankin-from an 11 year old.
9inch: Bont got four SC points in the Chang room
McSpud: bont is the second best player on the oval
King_Robbo: Yet he’s the one with a flag McSpud
sfmmp23: fyfe, bont, macrae and dahl, looking good as of now hopefully all ton up.
feralmong: Hill and hamling won flags.
Kenny27: whats your point Robbo. Hill has 3 flags
tankin: there are many spuds with flags
Kenny27: you can be the best player in the world dont mean bugger all if you dont have the cattle around you
sfmmp23: David Cloke should have kept his mouth shut. Travs no good.
wadaramus: Come on Sandi, HOTA’s brother!
BoredSaint: Bont only has to have 3 good quarters for a decent score. Looked like he was saving energy in the 1st
heppelitis: balic the frikkin sub?…45% tog rubbish
Kenny27: so much like pendles is the bont, great to watch hardly ever wastes the ball
King_Robbo: Thoughts on Fyfe lads? Looks slow, Dahlhaus completely owned him on the wing then…
sfmmp23: Here comes Bont
Raspel31: My dad doesn’t like Fyfe or Bont.
Crowls: botn only needs to smell the ball to score points
runt: Bont has a habit of just popping up at the right time
9inch: Agree Kenny,
Snarfy: Fyfe just cost me 7 pts!
King_Robbo: Your dad has clearly had too many grogs
casey22: So Fyfe gives away 6 points
pies13: your dad must be 80 @raspel coz your a 45yr old pommi git!
Kenny27: dont knock fyfe Robbo it will burn you. you would pick him infront of Dahl anyday of the week
King_Robbo: Not knocking him, just asking the question..
runt: Brady Grey, another running together like Eddie Betts
wadaramus: Dahls SC rate is looking healthy, carn mate go 125+
Kenny27: muppet time
Roksta: Muppet adams
runt: Dogs playing Freo back into form
Breezey: Bob bob bob
King_Robbo: Wow that is just class
Roksta: Bont ying yang
Pinkman: not watching game and just logged on, the Bont 12 possies for 73 sc points. must have been damn good possies
Roksta: May have gone early
King_Robbo: The Bont is heating up up up
BoredSaint: bont had 3 inside fifties for 2 goal assists and a score assist before
Ben_Gogos: Yin yang for significant swings in halves, not quarters.
Kenny27: never knew fremantle drafted fyfe’s brother.. oh wait thats Sheridan
runt: Dalhaus always works his backside off
Grumpman: Good to see Cloke is playing his normal game, Spud.
Roksta: Bont is all class
9inch: Cloke back in form
Roksta: Still prefer cloke to Mayne
King_Robbo: Go dogs!
Grumpman: Good luck with that Roksta lets talk again at years end.
King_Robbo: Haha I prefer an actual potato to Chris Mayne. And at least we’re not paying the potato half a mil a year lmao
casey22: Zac played his last game?
Kenny27: Mayne will be in the 2nds next week on over 500k when Elliot comes back
PLACEBOPIE: beverage is ruining cloke….David Cloke mentality
sfmmp23: Bont, Mcrae and Dahl stood up. Its your turn Fyfe.
Grumpman: Spud on Cloke thanks Monty:-)
Chelskiman: Played Balic over Hannan. Battle of the spud scores right there.
Kenny27: this nominating a ruckman is so stupid whats next they come out with coloured red paddles to let the umps know
King_Robbo: I’d like to see a battle between Chris Maybe and Zac Dawson.. 0-0 draw?
Grumpman: I’d like to see Cloke kick one from 30 out, LMAO
King_Robbo: Typical Collingwood- turn on your own
Grumpman: Not at Picking is a great player:-)
Grumpman: Not at all picking is a son of a gun…!
swannymate: thats a great idea kenny, that would really show how fantastic everyone thinks the new rule is
Roksta: Picko was never yours grump
Grumpman: Son of a gun mate, Billies boy 🙂
LuvIt74: libba starting to look like his very best form in 2014
Roksta: I know the pickens personally… liam was never a pie
LuvIt74: tackling machine and forces oposition into pressure
Roksta: Great to see libba back in form
Grumpman: If you knew them you’d know who his Dad is then rigth?
Bazza2014: man0005: Ross Lyons is the biggest joke as a coach, he should be rewarded for screwing up teams LuvIt74: Ross Lyons is t
runt: Lyon will have a hard job explaining how Freo have improved
LuvIt74: Picken is a chip off his old mans lock in Billy
Bazza2014: i LuvIt when people make statements before the game has started.
Raspel31: Cam McCarthy 48 at half time-48 now. He he. But, having said tahat-go Freeo.
Grumpman: Correct LuvIT, son of a gun.
StuL: Cmon dogs!
Roksta: No shit his dad was a pie…
Brad_J: fyfe has come back strong from a dissapointing first half
LuvIt74: Hate ross lyons the guy is a tool
Grumpman: you dont say , but you know then rigth, FOS ROKSTA. LOL
StuL: Dont like Ross or the Dockers.
Apachecats: McCarthy is -6 since half time.
LuvIt74: dogs are stuffed
willywalks: possible zombie here for mundy after the first 2 weeks
Kenny27: King Slobbo gone quite
feralmong: There goes the tipping.
9inch: Grand final hangover lose for freo finally done with?
Grumpman: Freo win, unreal…!
Kenny27: and quiet
Roksta: The comment was about turning on your own grumpy… do I need to explain what that means. I’m free to chat while your
Roksta: Lining up at centrelink
tankin: go freeeeeo
Raspel31: Footy is the winner. An open comp. Love that.
Roksta: Gotta give it to deep pressure has been immense
King_Robbo: Well.. a Collingwood supporter not being able to spell.. what a surprise..
Roksta: Give it to freo*
Grumpman: Roksta, all talk and dropping names, LMAO…:-)
tankin: couple of shitty dogs supporters on here haha
Kenny27: as you say to all the others King Robbo. Suck a fat one and enjoy the loss chump
King_Robbo: Deep we’re always going to be up for this game. No surprise we loose tonight
Grumpman: He loves the salty taste.LOL
Raspel31: Beautifully said Kenny.
King_Robbo: Freo*
sfmmp23: Onya Clokey
Roksta: You have no idea grumpy I played footy with Marcus and Shaun
King_Robbo: #premiers
heppelitis: lose Robbo lol not loose, after having a crack at spelling
Grumpman: Another great game from the pressure man…!
Kenny27: your only as good as your last game #losers
King_Robbo: Bont a quiet night.. 130sc. GOAT
willywalks: how long between touches for balic, dude will cost me a payout on draft stars…
Roksta: Feel were the better team tonight end of story
Grumpman: played with yourself i say, lol.. did not even know who there dad was.LMAP.
Grumpman: played with yourself i say, lol.. did not even know who there dad was.LMAO
Roksta: Ok troll
Grumpman: I guess hard to ask question when your cutting up the oranges,lol
King_Robbo: What is it with Collingwood supporters being intellectually inept?
Harmes37: King Robbo. .. maybe learn to spell before having a crack at someone else “loose” lol
Raspel31: My dad still says have Danger, Dustin and Rocky before Bonty King Robbo
sfmmp23: Premiership hangover at its finest.
AngryRyno: sucked in Robbo
Grumpman: lol
Bazza2014: go freo
cold pies: Hahaha suck fat Datsun robbo
kano22: raspel for the burger

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