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Chat log from R3 of 2017: Geelong vs Melbourne

Chat log for Geelong vs Melbourne, R3 of 2017

PLACEBOPIE: lucky danger is under the roof with this weather 🙂
lachlan23t: Dangerfield for Brownlow!
Pokerface: dusty has something to say about that i think lachlan
lachlan23t: To early too tell pokerface
Pokerface: agree. but hard to not see him on 9 votes already
lachlan23t: Paddy should be on at least 6 after this game
DrSeuss: Stoked that I brought in Oliver this week. Great start so far 🤔
King_Robbo: The Oliver trade was always a dumb one.. Bever going to average premo numbers this year
Roksta: Martin is a flog
Pokerface: true roksta, but that doesn’t preclude you from winning a brownlow
lachlan23t: It should tho
Kernahan: Oliver is a mid price cash cow in a year with not many rookies
Kernahan: Stepping stone to Uber premo
man0005: If it did, there would be a lot of ineligible players…
Pokerface: lol lachlan. get aker to give his brownlow back. and cousins.
Pokerface: and hird for that matter.
BoredSaint: does danger wanna go near the ball or nah
colin wood: Petracca = gun
theoc: no L plate for parsons?
lachlan23t: Theoc he has one
Ben_Gogos: @theoc its there mate?
theoc: i swear that wasnt there a minute ago on my screen lol
m0nty: the L and P plates become fireballs if he is on fiyah
theoc: ah i see monty, thought you were playin tricks on me haha
lachlan23t: Does a terrible player get the 💩If there that bad?
jddd: whats danger doing
AngryRyno: Danger won’t get enough midfield minutes if it is a blowout, carn dees
AngryRyno: no poo icon, but there is the potato
King_Robbo: Gawn killing it with the hit outs to advantage
AngryRyno: Parsons looks promising, will fly under the radar
sfmmp23: Go Tuohy & Danger
Kernahan: Who’s that karate guy that does the ultra tune ads?
theoc: can we give weidemen the potato for messing up my forward line?
Preston007: Goal umpire.. surely you would
SilverLion: 3/4 of Geelong’s team on track for a ton in SC…
Apachecats: Not a vintage Danger game at this stage.
DrSeuss: Is Oliver getting near it? New role? Or just cause I traded him in?
feralmong: Danger will spud it today because I can’t loophole dusty. Footy gods.
AngryRyno: cheap goal Danger
lachlan23t: Danger for Brownlow and Charlie
feralmong: Lol danger goal.
lachlan23t: *coleman
SwaggyP: No lewis means oliver is back on a leash.
theoc: and norm smith 😉
9inch: 4 goals an 20 touches will do Danger for 150
Apachecats: Spot on Swaggy
ballbag: @23cm agreed
colin wood: have vc on danger and fyfe C.
Kenny27: gawn has taken the angry pills today
colin wood: gawn looks like hes gone down
Kernahan: Gawn off. Knee.
frenzy: Gawnski
StuL: Theres my game over. Had probably traded to a loss anyway. I never learn.
AngryRyno: Gawn score crashing backwards and now injured, great
King_Robbo: Gawn will be fine
AngryRyno: might have to trade Gawn to Dusty
m0nty: Gawn out for the game, doc shook his head according to radio
PLACEBOPIE: nice danger 🙂
Brad_J: Gawn off for game – 3AW Football
frenzy: Tombstone max
Gott2Win: Any chance of making it to the ball Bernie?
luke394: Typical luck with Gawn happens every year
benzammit: Glad I got lucky staying away, although I have my share of duds to deal with.
wadaramus: Gawn/Goldy combo outdone by Nankervis/Witts, who’d have thought!
Gott2Win: Match status 3qt…I must of missed the 3rd!
Hadouken: dont forget Preuss either
benzammit: I thought that I’d blacked out again it is half time.
marls: why does the match status keep gimping up last few weeks?
LuvIt74: This is why those who have Nan’s crevice now becomes Priceless if you have GAWN
the worm: you must have
Chelskiman: My decision to start Grundy over Gawn is looking even better now.
wadaramus: gimping, lol
StuL: Should have stuck with that Nank-witts draft that seemed crazy!
LuvIt74: Depending on the severity of Gawns injury it will be interesting
wadaramus: Preuss has been excellent too Hadouken.
LuvIt74: @Chelskimm my partner made that decision also & she’s at me now rubbing it in.
zadolinnyj: update on Gawn? what is injury? Like Nans crevice Luvit!
LuvIt74: Goldy is not worth having he will struggle to make top 5 rucks
J_Herer: Gawn gone 🙁
Ben_Gogos: Hamstring for Gawn (FoxFooty)
GJayBee: I didnt go near Goldy this year
LuvIt74: Hamstring on Gawn, so think Gawn is Gawn for a while.
Breezey: So Maxy’s done a hammy
LuvIt74: Think Grundy is now the only option if Gawn is out for longer then 2 weeks
StuL: 3 Weeks min I guess. Off the bone it’s more like season. He couldn’t walk tho they said.
cold pies: Goldiehawn days are over…. hopefully Gawn is no longer than 3 weeks.. otherwise will need to trade
GJayBee: I’m taking Bernie Vince’s game personally. He has broken out sacred code.
LuvIt74: I think Gawns injury is quite severe, he’s a tough bugger so for him to struggle to walk im guessing its a serious hammy
LuvIt74: One could go Gawn to Witts and load up on a heap of cash.
J_Herer: yeah reckon a minimum of 4 weeks, with 4 weeks light work IMO
GJayBee: Gawn really should have done his hammy last week. much more respectful.
lachlan23t: Am I the only one without Gawn?
Yelse: didn’t he injure his back last week? maybe was a precursor for his hammy
cold pies: Or let preuss cover till Gawn recovers??
DrSeuss: How did Oliver just get -9?
Breezey: Neal- Bullen having a big day
GJayBee: Three week hammies don’t usually make men hobble. it sounds like a trade to me.
9inch: No Gawn for me. I went Sandi Grundy
StuL: Come on us. This is crap.
wadaramus: Get some ball Patty D.
SilverLion: Grundy Sandi (Preuss), with Nank in the forward line for me.
Yelse: how much would his price drop this week?
cold pies: What bout nanscrevice for a trade?
ballbag: is Scott an idiot for Taylor in the fwd or is he just a dumb fuck
wadaramus: Credited with a goal which was ANB’s DrSeuss.
ballbag: I went undycrevice ruck
DrSeuss: Cheers Wada
9inch: Hannan is quite the spud after his ton
LuvIt74: Gr8 move ballbag that’ll pay off. Got Gawn, Sandi & Nank
Chelskiman: Went Danger as C in SC, Titch in RDT and Rocky in AFL Fantasy this week.
cold pies: Yeh brought Hannah in accidentally.. couldn’t reverse trade during last week.. so now stuck with the spud
wadaramus: Bit of variety there Chelski, I just lock Patty D in on all platforms!
nick2397: Danger cooking with gas now
sfmmp23: Thank God I didn’t field Stewart.
LuvIt74: Danger should ton up, I took pendles 125, my rule is always take any VC 120+ not being greedy pays off
ballbag: yep. danger on course for 140+
lachlan23t: Luvit74 that’s usually my plan but danger is normally worth the risk
LuvIt74: Regardless of the outcome Melbourne look bloody good. I love seeing teams that have struggled doing well
StuL: My rule is just stick the c on danger and forget.
wadaramus: Danger 84SC from 18 possies, ifhe starts to rack them up it should be another healthy C score.
LuvIt74: @lachlan if ya had pendles as your VC then your foolish not taking it.
the worm: never take 125 lachlan its not enough
SilverLion: Parfitt and Danger’s SC, is two goals worth 24 points??
J.Worrall: Is Selwood’s SC correct?
StuL: Gawn losing points in the stands now!
DrSeuss: Tuohy – get near it!!
wadaramus: 2 goals, 2 contested possessions and 5% better DE.
Apachecats: Thats right Stul ,he’s lost 2 SC points for falling off the stretcher.
Roksta: Is it too late to trade Hannan to butler
Chelskiman: @wada, I didn’t have Titch in AFL Fantasy and I don’t have Rocky in RDT. Think both will go huge though.
LuvIt74: yep
tbrowne: not going with Danger as C was silly
wadaramus: It’s too much to manage Chelski! Just get Patty D and put the C on him!
J_Herer: Happy with Oliver to match Jack Steven’s output (around 95 DT)
luke394: Was cruising in my leagues until Gawn went down 🙁
Chelskiman: Haha, I did the first two weeks!
Hadouken: danger to go huge, 125
Crowls: sandi to gawn r10/11
frenzy: 800sc to give out still
StuL: Gawn IS actually losing points in SC, what is this witchcraft!?
FlagDog: 125 is huge? The decent rucks are pumping out 130 these days.
StuL: Scott has broken H Taylor.
arbel: @stul … supercoach is also influence on the game. So sitting on the bench it is pretty much zero 😛
benzammit: Watch Danger 12 possessions and 2 goals cats win n he scores 140+
Chelskiman: I feel as though the umps have butchered every advantage call they’ve made this season.
StuL: Harsh to punish an injury arbel
luke394: Danger is a beast when it matters
Chelskiman: What a goal from Danger.
JockMcPie: Nice goal
Breezey: Danger is the Winx of the AFL
GJayBee: Scott should be using a VFL third forward and let Harry go home
StuL: Danger beast!
Kenny27: got the game on the line and the coach starts oliver your best clearance player on the bench
ballbag: danger lookin for phone booth to change into a cape
LuvIt74: Goal
J.Worrall: Surely Danger’s SC is not correct?
wadaramus: Patt D is a beast alright, shame he let the Crows but still love watching him play.
m0nty: muppet of the year Lonergan!
arbel: @stul. similarly that’s why dangers score is huge now in sc cos he is giving them massive advantage
Chelskiman: Kermit for Longeran, lmao.
J.Worrall: Hannan, you beauty!
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Tom Lonergan misses a handball and gifts Hannan a goal from 15m! Oh dear.
PLACEBOPIE: everyone scrambling to make some nuffie captain now muhahaha for the VC danger dudes
9inch: Fuck Hannan. Left him on field by mistake
arbel: glad i didn’t get on the hannan train. one good game that is going to go out of his price cycle this week
Hadouken: @9inch, there are no mistakes in dreamteam, only excuses hehe
LuvIt74: why do a lot of you have Hannan, did u fools bring him in after round 1
ben4444: anyone Need parfitt to ton up to win Rd 3 SC?
the worm: scramble? it takes 5 seconds to use the loophole
ballbag: that kck ruined cats 17 straight goals
Hadouken: im ok with hannen, opp has 6 outs lol. he’ll still make a little cash anyway
Rilian: X factor icon for Menzel if Cats win
PLACEBOPIE: it took me none i trust danger 😀
the worm: luvit, its not bery becoming for a lady to call people fools you know
ballbag: got Hannah after end 1 and will trade him out next week or so. $$
Chelskiman: Should have played Parfitt over Taranto. ;(
J.Worrall: Parfitt a winner
DragonLass: time to loophole parfitt in….
Ben_Gogos: Parfitt has been outstanding! Cleanest on the field today.
ben4444: Parfitt on 93!!
LuvIt74: @worm well its bloody foolish to bring in a rookie after 1 good game, holding trades this season is crucial.
anthsill03: luvit is fullofit
J.Worrall: Kent!!
sfmmp23: hopefully eddy is a late out. Have Parfitt as emergency. Non playing fwd rookie is already locked. Sucks
ballbag: @luvit 2 trades each week. who cares? made 70k
King_Robbo: Lols Dees
wadaramus: Parfitt on bench butno E and no loop, cash increase only :/
sacky35: loophole losers
wadaramus: He looks like a good fit for the number 3 jumper though.
PLACEBOPIE: i hope their is a late withdrawal on those loopholes for sunday games 😀
LuvIt74: Same here Wadar, got the E on arrett
Lawls: Bernard Vince has absolutely burned me today
LuvIt74: barrett
wadaramus: sacky thinks looping is for losers?
J.Worrall: Vince will bounce back, he’s a champ!
J_Herer: Danger done a groin?
Kenny27: the physio has patty C down on the bench pulling him off
Apachecats: He’snot called Bernie for nothing Lawls
tbrowne: why did i go rockliff as C over danger
Chelskiman: So only one of my opponents in 8 leagues has Gawn in RDT. If he had gone 140 everyone would have had him.
benzammit: That was 80mtr penalty
Lawls: yeah i brought him in this week
wadaramus: He deserves it Kenny:)
Raspel31: My shame-just home Couldn’t loop you Dusty but go Danger!
Chelskiman: Rocky will go 150+ in Dream Team.
sacky35: perhaps not for losers Wadaramus but for those that need more than 30 chances!!
AngryRyno: clock?
valkorum: thats my boy danger (C)
wadaramus: He may just get past 155 yet Raspel 🙂
sfmmp23: Atleast parfitt will make some cash and will keep his spot for a while
Chelskiman: So Dusty and Danger 9 votes each after 3 games?
J.Worrall: G’day valk!
wadaramus: Fair enough sacky.
Migz: is there a reason that the chat rules covers up the legend box?
J.Worrall: Dees halfway home already …
wadaramus: Selwood maybe gets the 3 in this game?
Lawls: no chance dusty got 3 votes against the pies
BoredSaint: Cmon danger get to 150
PLACEBOPIE: true lawls
circle52: Hey Valk and Pros
Rilian: Bandaid for Tuohy, been playing with one arm for last 1/4+
frenzy: Stewart been up for so long, was due to spud
J.Worrall: Hiya circle
Chelskiman: 36 possies and 3 goals should get the 3 in more games than not.
Raspel31: Phaw- good call- benched Stewart but fat boy Oliver keeps racking them up.
PLACEBOPIE: grow up worm
BoredSaint: All the oldies are back 😀
valkorum: hey worral, circle
DanBlack: Would be surprised if Dusty got anymore than 1 point against the pies
J.Worrall: So no-one can see that your name isn’t there, Migz!
Thedude24: This loss is similar to ours against eagles last week. Just so unlucky with outs and inaccuracy
StuL: Lots of contibutors
colin wood: Fatboy Oliver? Kidding yourself Raspel, he’s just a kid. Grow up.
LuvIt74: @Worm – Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
Lowrider: How bad was Gawn’s string?

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