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Chat log from R3 of 2017: Richmond vs West Coast

Chat log for Richmond vs West Coast, R3 of 2017

Chelskiman: Go Tiges!
AngryRyno: chance for Nank to go huge today against no ruck
Raspel31: Let’s hope so Ryno
Velo: Eagles have 2 rucks. Not sure what you’re on about.
AngryRyno: Gilles and Vardy… not exactly formidable nor Nic Nat
PieBoy: onya nanky
Velo: Giles 201cm and Vardy n200cm. Nankervis 199cm. Giles technically is the best ruck in that game.
Chelskiman: We have two ruckman as well. Nank and Griggs, haha.
Chelskiman: *Grigg
SilverLion: @Velo, Rucking is about a lot more than sheer height.
AngryRyno: Nic Nat is 201cm, so him and Giles are just as good as each other?
westy501: thts the umbestcoment velo
Chelskiman: I can’t wait until Mitchell retires. He’s destroyed us for 15 years.
Velo: umbestcoment? great english
Velo: I don’t rate Naitanui at all. Yes he can jump but doesn’t do much else.
AngryRyno: you’ve convinced me, Giles is the best ruck in the comp.
chris7399: I’m the opposite of Velo. I don’t rate NicNat cos his rucking is ave but he does the other things well
Velo: I didn’t say that ya goose.
PieBoy: onya rancey
ballbag: @chris7399 ???? What?? NicNat has NO idea how to play footy. The ONLY thing he can do great is ruck tapping.
westy501: my english i fine… my keybard no so muh..
chris7399: @Velo- His ruck tapping is average, his vertical just makes him look good. Far better tap rucks out there
Chelskiman: 4/498 going into this match. Have Caddy and Taranto on field. Sounds about right.
chris7399: @Velo he doesn’t know how to play footy true but his ability as an athlete wins games. Breaking tackles, taking marks
Gott2Win: I feel about 10% dumber after reading some of these comments/statements!
benzammit: All the Mondays experts are out in force today.
Velo: Taking marks @chris7399??? He averages less than 2 a game.
Brad_J: @Chelskiman that has to be painful
benzammit: Time to let the Nic nat defence go, you argument is getting pulled apart champ.
Velo: Even Zac Dawson averages more marks than Naitanui.
chris7399: @velo that is one of his weaknesses but I think he’s a plus more than minus. Definitely a top 30 player in the league
ballbag: @chris LOL NicNat cant mark. Lucky to take 1 mark a game.
shaker: Nic Nat is not playing so irrelevant
Drak: NicNat can only mark if the ball is 4 meters off the ground
Drak: How has Martin got 42 sc with 3 effective disposals
Gott2Win: Awesome by Dusty there!
Velo: 8 CP helps. Plus CD love him.
shaker: 8 CP and 8CL probably helps
Chelskiman: Ok, these free kicks for WCE are starting to become a joke.
oc16: how is redden only on 59 tog?
Apachecats: Another slow start for N.Tardy ,starting to get going now.
chris7399: Dusty has 8 clearances vs WCE’s 9 as well. CD loves the ball moving forward
Velo: Must have spent 41% on the pine.
Chelskiman: I think the key to getting a FK is to have a bird as your logo.
Velo: Eagles are going to kick themselves out of this game.
Chelskiman: We can’t get it out of our backline from kick ins, it’s so frustrating.
Gott2Win: I’d love to have Ellis in my team!
shaker: Ellis has to lift
Velo: That was dumb by Rance.
shaker: And Caddy
myteamsuks: I can’t get butler on the field unless there is a late withdrawal. Sad face
Velo: Is this WC v Martin?
luke394: Nankervis just had a clanger turnover and got 3 points for it lol
King_Robbo: Dance +3 for a spoil. Joke
Chelskiman: They’re going to run all over us in the second half. We have been terrible.
King_Robbo: *Rance
oc16: what has happened to ellis? he used to be alright
Velo: Apologies to Rance, it was Elton was the dumb 1.
Velo: Ever since Ellis was put to HB he has gone backwards. Best as HF/wing.
Drak: When he changes back, he will be a great PoD. shush Velo… hahaha
Chelskiman: Honestly not sure how we’re this close.
Apachecats: Vardy you need a big second half or you are gone for the year and on the blacklist.
colin wood: Similur to last week Chelsk
DrSeuss: Not much for Nank today?
Velo: Eagles goal kicking keeping you in it Chel
Velo: Anyone think Swans will be 0-5?
PieBoy: onya rancey
Gebs: @velovery possible with the team we are currently fielding
Chelskiman: Dusty needs the Atlas symbol already. Caddy has been terrible, really need him to lift too.
shaker: Lucky to be this close could be over already if Eagles kicked straight Tiges must cash in this half
King_Robbo: Caddy is an overweight spud
feralmong: Is it raining at the g yet?
Chelskiman: Rioli is a genius.
Velo: Very dark, but I don’t think so feral
Raspel31: Lights just gone on.
feralmong: Yeah I’m 30km north. Can see it coming. Ark is prepped.
King_Robbo: Haha Rance just got 16 points for an intercept mark and a kick lol. CD- could you pull him off any more?
feralmong: Got the v on dusty but no loophole. All rookies playing.
Velo: They just showed the radar it’s a huge storm coming.
feralmong: If it rains like they say a 2 goal lead is huge.
faisca7: remember when jack redden used to get the gun?
Chelskiman: Another couple of goals and then let it pour down!
Yelse: martin got 20 SC for that goal and elliot last night 11 for his winning goal lol
LuvIt74: its gonna pour down, the rain is about to hit Caulfield and theirs talk that the race meeting may get cancelled.
Chelskiman: I’m going to have to trade Caddy next week, this is beyond a joke.
colin wood: butlet lift boy want 80 from you
Chelskiman: Well all that hard work was for nothing, good one Tiges.
brewski: Caddy in the golf cart heading home
Raspel31: Those 6 might get you over the line Chelks
Velo: That’s a terrible HTB call on Nelson
shaker: Caddy should be dropped on this performance
Velo: rain just hit G
LuvIt74: Electrical storm is bloody bad here
King_Robbo: Great be caddy the burger. Fat man looks hungry
sfmmp23: Come on butler. Don’t stop yet.
JackRipper: Am I seeing this right. Rance had one handball and went from 70 – 80 ?
luke394: Nankervis makes me sick he gets sucked off by CD
LuvIt74: Butler has done nothing in a wole quarter
LuvIt74: whole*
Raspel31: woleful luvit-have him too
StuL: No nank, your season is over.
colin wood: luke when you have a clearance machine like Martin his hitouts are $$
LuvIt74: @luke don’t ya have Nans Crevice m8?
Velo: And right ok queue.
circle52: Think a lot of people have Butler
Raspel31: We spoke too soon Luvit
myteamsuks: The weather is about to ruin this game. Storm hitting
Velo: on*
feralmong: Oh butler that is good.
luke394: He has a cheap handball and gets 6 points lol
LuvIt74: Having Nan’s Crevice is vital as a FWD or ruck, i got in my fwd as a backup for sandiballs
colin wood: Butler 🙂
King_Robbo: Butler just got 17 points for a goal! Wtf I give up on SC
LuvIt74: @raspel we need to start giving the players we have more stick, it seems to be working
luke394: I don’t think he’s vital if u have 2 solid rucks
LuvIt74: Carn Butler & nans Crevice
Pokerface: i think he is because forwards are so ordinary
colin wood: Agree Poker. A starting ruck who can tap well is a great get in the FWD’s
LuvIt74: @luke are u ok mate? A $366k player with a average of 120 is masive
benzammit: I didn’t think you were going value ruck LuvIt?
Pokerface: spud for caddy
LuvIt74: Regardless if u have two solid rucks or not, he killed it in the pre season & continuing to in season proper
LuvIt74: @ben he is in my forward line, I chose him for coer in case Sandballs gets injured.
luke394: I bet you he doesn’t keep it up Luv It it’s a long season
benzammit: I had a convo with you said there was value about you said you were not going near cheap rucks? Good to see your change
LuvIt74: cover
luke394: He’s started very well but you don’t always pick someone who kills it in the pre season at 366k do you?
benzammit: I’ve got Witts as cover for both Nank ans Sandi
benzammit: You do if he I see the only ruck in a team.
Pokerface: when theres an afl rule chnage that means all rucks will score better, then you do look seriously at them luke
Velo: There’s more rain than supporters at the G
benzammit: Long way to go but working so far upgrade at first premo drop.
Pokerface: especially being a no.1 ruck when he didnt get opporutnity at sydney
LuvIt74: @luke if he doesn’t he;ll be a lovely stepping stone, however being 1st ruck hes killing it.
luke394: He’s played like 12 AFL games so yeah it’s a ballsy pick going off pre season form he’s dominating so far
feralmong: Nank might be a keeper.
LuvIt74: @luke this season we were forced to select some mid priced
luke394: I just didn’t think it was worth a trade sideways from rough or Steele to him at this point of the year
Pokerface: seen his neafl stats from last year luke?
LuvIt74: I chose Marchbank, Swallow, Sandi, Nank & brought in WHE this week
Pokerface: steele.. weren’t you just saying you don’t jump on a mid 300ker based on pre-season form?
Raspel31: For the price feral and averaging 120-yep,Nan a keeper
benzammit: He was a high draft pick as well, before JLT Ihad him as no 2 ruck but impressed enough to take No 1 1 and free up cash
fonzie: spud for vardy
Velo: neafl is not afl though.
King_Robbo: Eagles are soft as butter
Apachecats: Vardy not worth a spud fonzie
Pokerface: true velo, but it showed he has ability to score big
benzammit: Clearly he is cutting it Velo
roshanetw: yinyang for ellis i reckon
fonzie: vardy use to be a great player
benzammit: LuvIt same as below with who you took and brought in, must haves, held onto swallow during red 1 came close to arsing hi
Pokerface: good call rosh
Rilian: @Monty – Ying Yang for Ellis
LuvIt74: @Velo to state the ovious Re: neafl isn’t AFL = nothing because he is killing it at AFL level
luke394: He’s gone well first 3 games Luv It well re assess at seasons end I suppose
J.Worrall: why has ellis got yonyan timtam?
Velo: @LuvIt74 you can’t take anything from 2nds football. Liam Jones is a perfect example. Great in vfl, spud in afl.
King_Robbo: Listen to the tigers supporters boing LeCras, bunch of muppets
feralmong: A 5 point lead is a tiger fan worst nightmare.
benzammit: No need Luke he can turn him into whomever he wants after 6 rnds
9inch: Westcoast will win one point at a time
LuvIt74: @Velo Liam Jones is a reject as is Ty Vickery.
colin wood: would have been massive pts for butler there.. damn!
luke394: Loving Josh Kennedy spudding it too
LuvIt74: Carlton luv taking the fish that John west rejects hence why they will be bottom 4 for quite some time.
J.Worrall: Dusty’s SCX must be incorrect …
benzammit: Liam Jones lol oh please
luke394: Pretty sure he won’t be trading him out at round 6 if he’s averaging 120 benzammit
luke394: Especially if hes picked at that R3 ruck cover
Velo: Pretty sure Nankervis won’t be DPP after round 6
Raspel31: Danger better have a good game-couldn’t loop Dusty
colin wood: Tigers 3-0 lol
AngryRyno: doesn’t work like that @Velo
Thedude24: Go tigers!! Beat the umpires’ pets!
Drak: Looking good for 9th this year tigers
LuvIt74: @Velo what are u on about? His DPP won’t alter this season if u play SC
myteamsuks: @velo positions don’t change
Velo: He won’t be classed as a FWd
Drak: Dusty gets a cheeky +3 while the ball isn’t even near him
feralmong: You ripper tigers
benzammit: Velo just makes ship up as he goes.
Velo: You morons have know clue
Chelskiman: Yellow and black!
LuvIt74: @Velo you’re making no sence what so ever
TyCarlisle: DPP can’t be changed mid season. You are the moron
Thedude24: Yea next year @Velo
colin wood: Velo what are you smoking? Positions don’t change…
Pokerface: velo even if you play that other game, they only add positions, they don’t take them away
benzammit: Lol yep no clue of where you pull the ship from.Good win tigers.
LuvIt74: Velo he is a RUCK/FWD and nothing will change this season Re: his DP will remain RUCK/FWD for 2017 PERIOD.
Jukes82: lennon isn’t a spud you flog
Chelskiman: They change in AFL Fantasy.
LuvIt74: @Velo you’re the moron, also when saying “You morons have know clue” it’s NO clue not “know” lol
brentz: classic velo

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