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Chat log from R3 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R3 of 2017

frenzy: Stink it up today Heater, want your $ heading the Hanners direction
man0005: Stink it up today Heater, want your $ heading the Hanners direction
Yelse: tareront or butler is the question for starting FWD
westy501: Stink it up today Heater, want your $ heading the Hanners direction
King_Robbo: GWS by plenty- North are average
Chelskiman: Still got Taranto… Would take a 60 from him today.
King_Robbo: Goldy starting up forward.. Not a good sign for his owners….
chris7399: Is Goldy underdone? Why is Preuss staring in the centre bounce?
J.Worrall: Stink it up today Heater, want your $ heading the Hanners direction
Chelskiman: Pruess can stay in the ruck. Make me some cash, son!
Chelskiman: Stink it up today Heater, want your $ heading the Hanners direction
King_Robbo: Heather playing loose man- watch him go BIG
Thedude24: Who’s Heater?
PLACEBOPIE: go pies 🙂
PLACEBOPIE: heath shaw 😀
Chelskiman: Heath Shaw.
man0005: Heath Shaw
Chelskiman: Kelly must think he’s already at North. Kicked straight to them twice now.
Sloaneyyyy: repay those that held you Heater… go BIG son
PLACEBOPIE: sandilands out darcy cameron in pruess in off bench 22 and make some cash from sandi 🙂
AngryRyno: surely no one traded Heater
Heater: Beginning to regret not going Taranto to WHE
PLACEBOPIE: I went from phillips to WHE made 100k
AngryRyno: and now you have no trades
Sloaneyyyy: why not, i know some people who traded Hannebery and look how that worked out
King_Robbo: And Higgins goes whack as he slams back to earth
PLACEBOPIE: you save trades after next 2-3 weeks and let everything settle
AngryRyno: bunch of rookies coming in now, no chance to save trades these next weeks
Sloaneyyyy: any chance of a hitout Goldy ?
PLACEBOPIE: lol im 345 in sc liverpool fc is my team name 😛 nuffie ryno
AngryRyno: nobody asked
PLACEBOPIE: who’s the noob that doesn’t have a team pic next to his name Muhahahaha
the worm: why do people who have never ever won anything in fantasy footy have such loud opinions about what to do?
PLACEBOPIE: This is a fantasy site 😀 leave if you don’t like opinions
Sloaneyyyy: that’s only quarter time right, not half time ???
AngryRyno: there’s 200,000~ entries and 1 overall winner each year, almost all people will have won nothing
PLACEBOPIE: true ryno 🙂
Sloaneyyyy: Preuss you freaky bastard! Wish I had put you on the field instead of my bench
the worm: yes, almost all people is correct
PLACEBOPIE: think cash sloaneyyy
AngryRyno: so how can you expect to only get opinions from those who win? and those who do win certainly don’t win again the
AngryRyno: the next year*
the worm: i just dont see why losers have opinions
frenzy: Preuss-i-dent
PLACEBOPIE: dont think anyone has won twice….once someone does then they are the true champion
benzammit: Stop giving opinion
Sloaneyyyy: Preuss might get forward status if he keeps this up
PLACEBOPIE: if the worm hasn’t won does that make him a loser?
the worm: its like a hobo giving finacial advice
the worm: ah but the worm has won a comp, just not sc
AngryRyno: good job man, shall we start kissing your feet?
PLACEBOPIE: If you have any opinion on fantasy footy cause we are all here to help each other seeing we are competitive beasts
DanBlack: Everyone get around the worm a.k.a our hero
chris7399: why cant weeeee be friends? why cant we be friends?
shaker: Think Taranto might be a goner next unless he gets going
Sloaneyyyy: Goldstein getting lazy, not a single hitout yet ?
the worm: just keep giving your fantasy advice, thats more helpful to me than anything
benzammit: His price will hold till a new target cheaper crops up, but still plenty of time for him to put in a string of 80+
PieBoy: have a crack tarranty
frenzy: Playing forward Sloane
GJayBee: i hear you shaker, he has to show something
PLACEBOPIE: get rid of him as a forward or mid? Taranto Hmmmm
Kenny27: taranto just jogs along like a sunday stroll needs to show some gut running
Brad_J: Brawl in Tassie
Kenny27: nice fend off and assist by Timmy. keep going son
AngryRyno: keep fighting, Taranto might get a kick
GJayBee: tim timmeny taranto go son
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert! Cameron misses from 35 unopposed. Could’ve walked it in!
PLACEBOPIE: Why didnt Marley handball at the pies he may have stayed 😛 7 handballs
chris7399: taranto needs to be in the guts
Pokerface: $ for Preuss
PLACEBOPIE: we will take another 50 from taranto in the second half.we can only hope
Apachecats: H.Shaw going to bleed money this week.
AngryRyno: no room for Preuss $ with other symbols
PLACEBOPIE: nth hanging around
colin wood: stay down higgins and turner
Crowls: can someone shoot preuss please he is stealing all goldy’s points.
LuvIt74: Preuss looks quite impressive
PLACEBOPIE: taranto needs an ice cube he’s frozen
StuL: Higgins burn man, soft as butter.
Kenny27: Timmy.. Timmy O’Toole is stuck down a well and cant get out
Yelse: whats taranto TOG?
Preston007: Griffin to outscore Taranto…
Velo: Last column gives TOG Yelse
Yelse: so wheres he hiding @placebopie
Yelse: last column where at @velo
PLACEBOPIE: far right column
AngryRyno: can only see TOG on big screens, so not if you’re on mobile
Velo: You can’t see all those numbers to the left of the chat?
AngryRyno: also, the TOG column is a % not number of minutes
Velo: That could explain it Ryno
Yelse: all i see is DT SC Po G.B and target
PLACEBOPIE: it’s usually to the right of the target if your on pc
Sloaneyyyy: Hrovat’sonly had 66% tog, and he’s doing alright
Yelse: must be coz i got a Mac?
9inch: Where the hell has Shaw gone
brewski: heater and taranto sharing a KitKat by the looks
AngryRyno: try full screen @Yelse
Velo: Wrest Point Casino @9inch
PLACEBOPIE: can you zoom in out on screen? try zooming out may get full stats?
sfmmp23: Taranto and Goldy. love it.
Yelse: tried zooming in and out and full screen nothing changes
PLACEBOPIE: yep must be a mac thing goofy footer of the pc world 😀
Yelse: must be a question for monty??
alekstah: whats concerning is Taranto is doing crap but GWS is winning
PLACEBOPIE: yeah that’s what I say about Mayne last night 😛
fonzie: is mumford sc score accurate
LuvIt74: Shaw sure looks ordinary…
PLACEBOPIE: it could be more after upscale
Pokerface: you’d think so fonzi. look at his contested possessions and clearances
Pokerface: 6 frees for helps too
PLACEBOPIE: 100 percent efficient
ballbag: fonzie—- e e e e e e e e e e e e e e h h h h
ballbag: sure shaw looks unshaw
PieBoy: have a crack shawy
fonzie: ballbag ur the 1st person to say that to me on chat lol
faisca7: should have started preussy over goldspud
Brad_J: what is the chess piece next to preuss?
AngryRyno: Starting ‘Rook’ – accent
faisca7: hes the king of the castle brad. and we’re all dirty rascals
Pokerface: it can only travel horizontally or vertically – note, not diagonally
Brad_J: what are the chances that Ryan Griffen will outscore Taranto in SC?
fonzie: how is mummy sc score so hi
King_Robbo: Lols at the SCers that bought in Higgins
Brad_J: accuracy fonzieeeee
Pokerface: we answered you before fonzie.
Velo: asked and answered fonzie
colin wood: Looks like those that jumped on Higgins this week will be cursing
AngryRyno: Taranto junking
wadaramus: Taranto finally getting involved.
feralmong: Goldy just a liability now.
Hinchy: Has Taranto moved up the ground
Apachecats: Like everyone I am stuck with HShaw.If I trade him he’ll have a 160 game .
frenzy: Blue moon Hansen
Apachecats: and if I keep him he’ll drop dollars big time
frenzy: Shaw did deliver
Velo: WTF is Dunstall on about? Waite has been injury prone his whole career. Only ever played 1 full season and that was 10 y
Apachecats: Goldy 2nd ruck now at best with this kid in the side.
Velo: *years ago
9inch: Quick 15 SC please Heath
Apachecats: You mean last year Frenzy?
frenzy: Shaw did deliver
frenzy: I mean a stinker
GJayBee: ton up wardy
colin wood: time left?
Pokerface: goldy is lucky daw had to pull out
Velo: Goldy not fit.
GJayBee: CD need to fall in love with ward so he gets correct score
Pokerface: kelly giving north a display why they need to up the offer to 10m

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