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Chat log from R3 of 2017: Sydney vs Collingwood

Chat log for Sydney vs Collingwood, R3 of 2017

J.Worrall: Buddy’s Pie Night!
JockMcPie: Buddy VC – it either works or we win πŸ™‚
kosduras: evening lads, predictions for tonight? pies any chance haha?
Yelse: I got a feeling we will actually win. Kicking boots on! VC kennedy
wadaramus: Who ate all the pies?
wadaramus: Looking for positive signs on Hayward and Newman.
shaker: both teams need a win should be a good game
wadaramus: VC on Treloar, third week running, lucky Patty D keeps backing up with C scores!
ballbag: more chance of a pies supporter finding a full set of denture on the sidewalk than winning in the first 8 rnds
Snarfy: Hi fellas, lets see if Treloar can hit some targets tonite! His disposals been disagraceful.
IHateChat: Buddy VC
King_Robbo: Cmon Treloar, go big tonight bud
Snarfy: Hanners to go big tonite or is he goin out after the game?
wadaramus: Hanners obviously needs to get on it!
shaker: Picked Hanners in perfect 9
Velo: JPK might struggle tonight. Head could be elsewhere.
Snarfy: I’d have a few with him Wada, you comin’ too?
exatekk: J.Lloyd with 30+ and side-arse with 3 goals at $35! Get it done boys. I need a $$ win!
AngryRyno: Hanners better get his SC BreakEven
wadaramus: Hell yeah, whats on tap?
ballbag: grundy will smash it tonight. highest scorer for sure
PLACEBOPIE: go pies πŸ™‚
JockMcPie: Should be a close one, looking forward to it
Snarfy: Your first hook mate.
AngryRyno: P plates for Hayward?
Velo: Which Grundy ballbag?
King_Robbo: WHE on fire early!
wadaramus: Excuse my South Aussie ignorance, what’s first hook?!
ballbag: bro die
Snarfy: Your shout – and we have Jimmy Boags from where I hail.
Breezey: Come on the maggies
JockMcPie: Good start, kicking better
wadaramus: Boags is a yes from me πŸ™‚
King_Robbo: this is going to be a huuuuuge DT game…
Jukes82: Hoskin looks the goods, damn should have picked him up this week.
wadaramus: Back on the game please Snarfy.
Velo: Snarfy is from NW coast Tas at a guess.
boo!: is hannebery sober?
King_Robbo: Treloar’s kicking is absolute junk – will never be a ultra premo in SC
Snarfy: Good guess Velo
pies13: karn pies!!
Yelse: here we go again with our kicking to goal….
JockMcPie: WHE is everywhere
StuL: Go hanners. Drive that price down then find mojo again.
DrSeuss: Great decision by me to keep Roughead and not trade him to WHE. C on Treloar is looking great too.
AngryRyno: should’ve VC’d WHE not Treloar
boo!: everyWHEre
Thedude24: Any chance WHE’s sc score is incorrect? (Not complaining, just asking)
DrSeuss: Is Treloar on ground?
zadolinnyj: GEnts
Velo: I vc’d B. Grundy
wadaramus: Hindsight is 20/20 Angry!
zadolinnyj: I vc’d parker
King_Robbo: No SC scores are incorrect
AngryRyno: indeed it is, but Ads really needs to get going! not sure why TOG so low
ballbag: ouch treloar. no ton tonight
pies13: keep going pies gr8 start!
Thedude24: So WHE’s score is definitely incorrect, aye?
Velo: Treloar is always better in 2nd half.
Yelse: Treloar is getting man handled in every stoppage
poolboybob: Magnifying glass for all of the Swans this quarter.
IHateChat: Trelor is in the middle
AngryRyno: 2 clangers and 0 CPs, WHE SC would be correct
King_Robbo: It’s laughable that the swans are tagging Treloar and not Pendles
Snarfy: Wing-Commander Fox
DrSeuss: Looks like Treloar is running with Hannebery for some reason.
Velo: Other way doc
wadaramus: Hanners going OK, plenty trade him out this week?
DrSeuss: Longmire such a genius – uses his ball winners to tag.
StuL: Hello Newman!
ballbag: Treloar wayward on the bottom
JockMcPie: Fazzz
Velo: Never had him Wada
AngryRyno: Florent looks good, maybe not fantasy relevant but he’s doing his job
pies13: yeeew karn pies keep going!
DrSeuss: Treloar climbing now –
seanfc99: Go Hanners! Show all those guys who traded you out!
JockMcPie: Great quarter, three more boys
Velo: Swans look lost.
PLACEBOPIE: hanners can score 200 and still go down 100k πŸ˜€
whafc: so far so good
raffa: Cmon treloar fire up
FrothyOne: Please tell me that WHE’s SC scores are not correct? hes killing it, I want 50 at the qtr!
boo!: i think florent is hot
FrothyOne: Someone please tell me WHE SC scores are incorrect… surley it has to be more than 27?
heppelitis: 8 marks crazy whe
myteamsuks: yes show us hanners show us you price drop of $100,000 Andrew picking you up cheap
Gott2Win: Might as well give White the yinyang now to save doint it later!
wadaramus: Hotness doesn’t factor into your SC score boo!
IKnowALL: WHE scores seem right
Gott2Win: Frothy all uncontested…bit like you with management πŸ˜‰
seanfc99: @myteamsuks started with him, stupid to waste trades like that
Gotigres: WHE robbed
King_Robbo: WHE has been great but a lot of uncontested ball, 27 is right
FrothyOne: lol… well played πŸ˜‰
Pokerface: callum sinclair looks a bit like Gilly. but without the ears
runt: Foote preferring to go by hand so far
Snarfy: Over half the Pies are on target to ton up!
LuvIt74: Hanners to hit 120 now that everyone chopped him…lol
Wends: Helloo Jerry! and evening all…
mattmac24: 16 points minimum from marks. Should easily be more than another 11 points from his possessions.
King_Robbo: Chopping Hanners was always a spud move
wadaramus: Superman cape, 9 kicks 8 marks 26 SC…rubbish!
Chelskiman: Glad we played the Pies last week, they would have hammered us in this mood.
3rdstriker: treloar tagging jpk at the stoppages
JockMcPie: Muppet!
3rdstriker: kermit for j smith
Velo: Swans will still win this.
luke394: They missed Hannebery’s handball to Kennedy when he kicked a point
wadaramus: Still no kick by Foote runt?
DrSeuss: Let’s go Phillips
Breezey: Bruce shattered that Buddy didn’t kick that
Chelskiman: Alir Alir is gonna be a great player.
myteamsuks: It’s easy to say that now. But if you’re happy to take 52 and 70 something for a $600,000 . Your prerogative
LuvIt74: @King Robbo I don’t think it’s a spud move for those to chop Hanners who hasn’t even been able to take thus far.
mace485: All those who traded in Sam Reid are going to be salty
LuvIt74: good too see him tackle tonight
Chelskiman: How the hell did Spud White kick that?
King_Robbo: He’s a premo who had two bad games, how often does that happen throughout the year?
zadolinnyj: Have to agree with Luvit
wadaramus: Chasing points mace485.
LuvIt74: Have u watched him play thus far, he needs a beer
3rdstriker: reid muppet now
wadaramus: Foote gets a kick.
LuvIt74: He has been running like a crab, he was on 33 at quarter time. he still has a issue, think its a groin
Yelse: wtf are the pies doing assisting the swans forwards
Wends: Hanners effort
cobrakai00: Sidebum hates a contest.. softie
AngryRyno: Hanners is back
Velo: 2nd gamers have all Swans goals so far.
Pokerface: hanners!
IKnowALL: Running like a crab… Mhmmm
King_Robbo: His groin looked ok there…
LuvIt74: either that or he has a severe case of the crabs
LuvIt74: Robbo eyeing hands on berries groin. lmao
Donk: Annenberg needs a beer icon, must be back on the sauce.
Donk: Well Hannebery that is…
Pokerface: trade him out did u luvit?
man0005: Annenberg on fire
zadolinnyj: His water bottle has VB written on it
Donk: Haha go Annenberg
JockMcPie: Great play there boys
King_Robbo: I assume that’s a yes Pokerface…
LuvIt74: I traded out Smith to bring in WHE that was it
Velo: Sidebottom is a toughnut compared to Motlop Cobra
runt: WHE exhausted himself
Wends: Post Hanners tizzies, a few left hands holding shiraz glass/monster can, right hands hovering over delete team button.
Roksta: Looks like Sydney are ignoring buddy on his 250th
Yelse: pies have given all the goals to swans
runt: Too many butt gusting runs
colin wood: I lament picking florent
cobrakai00: Argue if I could
Zeratul: I was close to trading Hanners in this week expecting him to bounce back too… dang it
DirtyDawn: Evening all
King_Robbo: Pendles having a stinker!
LuvIt74: @colin wood did u have Houston & WHE?
Hooks: Happy I stuck with Hanners
LuvIt74: @Zeratul why would u bring hanners in now, wait 3 or 4 weeks then bring him in
wadaramus: Evening DD, magnificent evening and all.
Gott2Win: Grunsy having another cracking game.
LuvIt74: Evening Wadar
wadaramus: Well played Hooks πŸ˜‰
Yelse: umpiresssss
SaintsMan: boys, Is WHE sc accurate? surely not
Breezey: I’m confused about what’s in the back and what isn’t
Velo: Pendles having a stinker, but still has 13 touches.
King_Robbo: no way that was a free!
casey22: Anyone seen WHE?
man0005: Evening LuvIt74
wadaramus: G’day LuvIt.
biggsy: Never known a bloke to hate hanners more than luvit
wadaramus: Hopeully there’s some late adjustment for WHE!
King_Robbo: By stink I meant by Pendles kicking/efficiency standards.. still on 46 sc though! πŸ™‚
Velo: ask Puopolo Breezey πŸ˜›
LuvIt74: @saints yes its accurate 2 clangers & only 1 contested
Wends: Put the bandaid on Grundy Monty, man bun injury.
Smurf_x: Someone explain to me how pendles is on 46 going at 38% efficiency
Breezey: Have you got his number @Velo
Jukes82: Sydney are just locking WHE down better, all his marks were cheap sideways stuff
wadaramus: CD love Smurf :/
LuvIt74: Smurf coz its pendles & CD have him, it does seem bizarre
tommy10: Treloar never again in SC
PieBoy: onya whitey
runt: @Smurf_x I am pretty sure Donald trump could.
wadaramus: It would be great if SC had some logic that we could all understand.
wadaramus: SC is my preferred platform, but too otten I just can’t work out why a score is what it is.
LuvIt74: pendles is my VC so CD aren’t shoing him enough love …lol
J_Herer: phillips trade out, hanners traded out, unlucky
Velo: I did post it Breezey, but m0nty didn’t like my joke.
LuvIt74: Florent is a dead set spud, why is he in swans 22
LuvIt74: I concur wadar I also only play SC
Smurf_x: Like, compare WHE and Pendles, im so confused at CD right now.
Velo: How can you call a kid in his 3rd game of AFL a spud? Shows how silly you really are LuvIt74
Smurf_x: Wait, i missed contested possies…
wadaramus: 2 kcks in a half Velo?
LuvIt74: @Velo are u serious, check out his stats fool.
Velo: Remember Kade Simpson’s 1st 3 games? 0 disposals total.
Velo: How many games have you played LuvIt74? That would be ZERO.
jxxxxk: I swear I always see the same names on this site in the chars
wadaramus: Newman looking worthy of a trade in next week.
jxxxxk: chats* get a life not everything is about AFL and supercoach
LuvIt74: @Velo carlton are all spuds so he is exempt…
wadaramus: Oh the old Graham Cornes “How many games have you played
proudyy: Perfect velo was about to use the kade simpson example luvit and wadaramus are idiots
jxxxxk: Breezey and LuvIt74 are always on here
LuvIt74: Not to mention don’t compare a defender with a midfielder.
Raspel31: Okay-I’m looking a bit of a twat for benching Fasolo after last week. But the lesson obviously worked-groan
proudyy: you are calling a kid in his third game a spud because he has had three disposals to half time you are clueless mate
Velo: Simpson began his career as a midfielder you goose. Florent is a small forward.
Velo: Well said proudyy. Obviously know idea
LuvIt74: lol Raspel. Is he your emergency coz there are rumours houston may not play
Lowrider: Hanners much better but a lot of seagulling
wadaramus: jxxxxk, this chat is for AFL and Supercoach??
JockMcPie: inb4 Florent kicks 3 goals in the second half
Pokerface: where are these rumours
zadolinnyj: Hey Monty, you should get snickers to advertise on here. Few people needing one
Raspel31: Th shivers up my spine if I had Houston-but thanks would send
LuvIt74: Fact is I stated how is he in the swans best 22 – horse will drop him unless he pulls his finger out
Pokerface: lowrider – 7 contested possies to half time isnt bad?
Velo: Patrick Dangerfield in his 2nd game had 3 Handballs total. Does this make him a spud also?
Raspel31: Sprry Luvit-keyboard stuffed.
wadaramus: At that time, yes.
JockMcPie: What a run by Adams/Varcoe, outstanding
Pokerface: who do you play instead luvit?
jxxxxk: Florent is not a spud the inly spud on that field at the moment is Buddy. START SCORING HIGHER
zadolinnyj: Danger was a baby in his first game. Barely out of the womb. His voice broke at half time
Velo: No LuvIt74 you called Florent a dead set spud.
wadaramus: Carn Treloar, get involved, at least ton up man.
Heizenberg: Anyone do match day? I had pies ripped then changed l
Raspel31: Pretty comfortable Swans will come home.
Heizenberg: Hi zad
jxxxxk: Nat Fyfe has 4 disposals last week is he a spud… NOOOOOOO πŸ™‚
LuvIt74: @Velor i said he is a dead set spud, and don’t know how he is in swans best 22. Quote everything m8
Lowrider: 7 CPs for Hanners, but 13 uncontested.
Velo: Damn I forgot to put mt team for tonight in for match day.
Heizenberg: Hope so raspel
StuL: Go adams! Come on pendles thoigh.
Wends: What a harsh mother of a way to learn to back your premos.
zadolinnyj: Hey Heiz. No match day for me. Just sc paid league
Heizenberg: Dang velo πŸ™
Pokerface: so who should be in the 22 instead luvit?
Heizenberg: I’m currently on 450…. good?
luke394: So happy I kept ya daniel
StuL: Even the newspaper experts were saying trade hanners.
Heizenberg: Hehe okay zad
zadolinnyj: Tippett, McVeigh just for starters
Raspel31: Ah, there you are Parker.
jxxxxk: why is no one listening to me πŸ™ and pokerface of course u would show up I see u on here every week u flog
Heizenberg: Fuckin Varcoe letting me down…. I should have went fasolo
JockMcPie: Treloar you gun
Snarfy: Treloar class!
whafc: Trealorrrrrrr
Velo: Not too bad Heiz.
Heizenberg: Cmon buddy!!!!
King_Robbo: Ok lets see how much CD give Treloar for that!!
ballbag: sometimes you gotta just go upside your sc players head
Velo: Treloar premo mid.
feralmong: yeah i do it Heize
westy501: your the bestheizenberg
Heizenberg: Thanks velo
zadolinnyj: Aliir impressive poise
Heizenberg: Cool feral
jxxxxk: if collingwood lose ill suck my own balls
Heizenberg: Good luck all
HawkTalker: try to nominate something you dont do daily, jxxxk
FishStick: the newspaper experts are stupid
Raspel31: Don’t sound so hopeful jxxxxxk
King_Robbo: Grundy is a bloody star
jxxxxk: Well I can’t say that your mum will suck my balls because that happens daily HawkTalker
Heizenberg: Hi hawk talker
Chelskiman: How was that not holding the ball?
feralmong: heize my match day are all in flames except buddy and jpk
zadolinnyj: The man with no ribs jxxxk
Velo: Sidebottom gone missing since 1/4 time.
Heizenberg: If pies win I’ll punch myself
LuvIt74: Such a grumpy group of individuals on here tonight
Wends: Habitual line-steppers
Raspel31: If Pies win I’ll punch you Heizenberg
Heizenberg: Wd feral
runt: Buddy ready to steal this game
Heizenberg: Total score feral??
Heizenberg: @raspel why me?
Chelskiman: WHE stopped since 1/4 time.
StuL: I bet hanners had a beer this week.
LuvIt74: OMG Florent what a dead set brown unsalted potato chip.
Pokerface: if swans win ill punch heizenberg
DrSeuss: Where is Treloar?
mattmac24: Is WHE even out there at the moment?
Raspel31: Because you were going to punch yourself Heizer- said with affection.
Velo: OMG LuvIt74 what a dead set piece of …….
feralmong: at the moment 546
zadolinnyj: Keep going z.jones
Yelse: Whats treloars TOG
Thedude24: Haven’t seen WHE this whole quarter. Traded Taranto for him. This could hurt.
leorosman_: wtf whe
DrSeuss: Back on now
StuL: So much for WHE being essential.
zadolinnyj: Florentine be on the back of a milk carton soon
HawkTalker: lol WHE is soft as butter defensively.
Heizenberg: Okay feral cool
LuvIt74: lol@Zadol
Raspel31: I’ve got WHE in EPL- much more useful there.
mattmac24: Just a sudden 10 points to WHE.. Get in there boy!!
feralmong: my avg is 706 which isn’t too special.
runt: WHE still learning his trade
3rdstriker: Has Bruce asked enough questions tonight?
zadolinnyj: Lol
feralmong: whe – Will Had Enough.
LuvIt74: Wheres my daddy , wheres my daddy Cried the little boy lost.
Pokerface: this is his 6th year runt?
Thedude24: Why isn’t WHE playing forward at all?
Heizenberg: Lol
Chelskiman: Mayne is a spud.
Heizenberg: No way 6, 4th maybe?
zadolinnyj: Not one collingwood player on the goal line????
Velo: No pies on the goal line? Dumb play.
Ash777: has mayne even got a goal at pies yet?
Pokerface: debuted in 2012 heiz
LuvIt74: if the swans lost Horses reaction = priceless
runt: This WHEs sixth season but spuds take time to mature
mattmac24: WHE in the 2011 national draft #4
Velo: WHE drafted in 2011 so this is his 6th season.
zadolinnyj: Yes Ash. Still useless though
Jukes82: newman looks a good cash cow option
brodiejay: What on earth is Joe the goose?
Raspel31: Knock Buddy till the cows come home-but, god he battles.
Chelskiman: That is a terrible decision. Should have been kicking in danger.
runt: looking forward to fireworks from Franklin in the last qtr
zadolinnyj: ??? Kicking in danger????
Roksta: Buddy ran way too far
mattmac24: Buddy needs a 6 goal last quarter please, you’re my damn VC
Heizenberg: Thanks poker
Velo: He kicked the ball before Hanners got there.
man0005: Joe the goose was the greatest forward to play the game
frenzy: Lift Jackson
PieBoy: onya philly
Thedude24: Come on Whe, sneak through a 70 mate
Wends: Either Treloar has a buddy rivalling strut, or he’s a little proppy.
Heizenberg: Useles and he looks like one of the umbilical brothers
StuL: Newman will be one of the most selected
feralmong: don’t mess with Geese. Nasty creatures.
Heizenberg: Useless*
ballbag: brodieyay you’re a spud the ballbag ain’t never been a spud!
zadolinnyj: Lol Heiz
DrSeuss: Treloar and Pendles a little proppy – strap it up – finish out the game like champs.
runt: Im tipping Franklin will kick 3 in the last qtr.
Raspel31: WHE-the musical? What have I missed out on?
Heizenberg: lol
Heizenberg: New you would like that Zad
Heizenberg: You can just feel buddy is gonna explode in the last
daniel87: i think the need to stop trying to gift buddy goals missing out on easy ones ones becuase of it
Heizenberg: Knew*
ballbag: need another 40 treloar so pull ye facken finger out
HappyDEZ: WHE conspiracy theory. Suss as.
Velo: Hey Bruce, no matter the result Buckley will go back to Melbourne a loser.
King_Robbo: Nick Newman – lockety lock lock
Pinkman: agree@ballbag. VC Treloar 3 wks in a row a big bust
Heizenberg: Yes go swans
brodiejay: I’ve literally never heard anyone say Joe the Goose in my life.
zadolinnyj: Lol velo
brodiejay: I’m 34 years old and played footy for 13 years
Blaknight: WHE spud
zadolinnyj: Terrible call
valkorum: that is a terrible call against Jones
PieBoy: onya jonesy
Velo: @ brodie. That is a joe the goose right there.
cusch1: Living up to your icon Brodie
brodiejay: Maybe we missed that one in Qld?
Heizenberg: It means like giving away a certain goal pretty much Brodie
Pinkman: wow WHE having one of those days
brodiejay: Cheers Heiz
Heizenberg: A bit harsh Cusch
Heizenberg: Np bro
brodiejay: Thanks for the info cusch1
cusch1: Yea H might have been a bit harsh ahaha
brodiejay: I also played junior state footy albeit for QLD
Heizenberg: Hehe
brodiejay: I think it’s just not something said up here
valkorum: ok enough about personal conquests. Keep to the footy please
JButcher: Where is WHE playing?
Velo: So did Dunstall brodie
HawkTalker: Come ON syd. Bury these jokers
mace485: Pies are no bulldogs, swans to go on with this
ballbag: pumping your own tyres brodiejay?
StuL: Looks like whe was left at Vic park.
mattmac24: What was that handball?!?!
Pinkman: oh will! lol
Heizenberg: Don’t think he’s pumping his tires
Heizenberg: Just saying he hasn’t heard of he phrase despite all that playing
Blaknight: That’s the worst handball ever.
brodiejay: For fΓΉcks sake. You guys are pathetic. Keep your cliquey chat. Peace.
runt: joe the goose isn’t that old of a saying
Pokerface: i only heard it for the first time last year
HawkTalker: WHE reverting to form as a soft, unreliable spud. Love how many teams got sucked
zadolinnyj: Whe match fixing you would think
cusch1: Perhaps I was right?
3rdstriker: hannebery a bit sore
3rdstriker: jogging off though
feralmong: 759 now Heize. gonna be a good one.
Pokerface: the first i heard it was when i saw it in the game blog
Roksta: Umps not paying in the back
zadolinnyj: Take the cash though hawk. Had him day 1
Heizenberg: Dean feral
Chelskiman: I’ll take an 80 from WHE every week in DT. Doesn’t matter about his DE.
StuL: Dont choke pies. Man, i knew i was gonna choke!
Heizenberg: Not the best score but a good place to get snacks πŸ™‚
Velo: maybe cusch
HawkTalker: how loose is syd? pies with loose men everywhere
Chelskiman: Pies kicking themselves out of it. Should have scored all three of those goals.
Heizenberg: I typed 711 first, that’s my score
StuL: Newman clean for a rookie. Good for sc.
3rdstriker: buddy unbelievable kick
Velo: Great kick Franklin.
mattmac24: That was a beautiful kick from buddy
zadolinnyj: Wow. What a kick from buddy
cusch1: Buddy lost all confidence to pass a shot from there
frenzy: Nice half of footy Jackson, you ain’t gone near it
FrothyOne: buddy awesome kick
westy501: im 346 from 1 player so far is that good?
Chelskiman: Pies last 9 scores have been 1.8. Dayam.
Heizenberg: Buddy assist?
Migz: I almost brought Newman in for Hibberd but said no it was only 1 game. Ohwell
Velo: Draw anyone?
cusch1: What did newman score last week?
feralmong: i reckon so westy lol. were talking match day btw.
zadolinnyj: Next week Migz. Cash trade
Chelskiman: @Migz, same. Wish I had of, but will still get him next week so can cash in on the price rise.
runt: Swans were doing it for Buckley but now they want to win for Buddy
Raspel31: Buying an extra for my bike if the Pies lose this
mace485: Buddy to kick the winner 😍
Heizenberg: Time left?
LuvIt74: Come on pies i tipped ya this week
Chelskiman: 77 I think cusch.
westy501: oh ok lol
JockMcPie: WHE with the winner? id take it
King_Robbo: oh woweee WHE
Pinkman: 70 odd i think @cusch
LuvIt74: Pies got the wobles
Velo: 77 in DT and 73 in SC i think cusch.
King_Robbo: Haha fanfooty had a mare?
casey22: That’ll lift his sc score
Chelskiman: What a kick.
LuvIt74: love to see Horse go off his nut
StuL: There you go.whe 1000 points for the winner.
feralmong: good to hear your off to a ripper start tho.
Heizenberg: Ffs I only have 3G ATM, this area is shit!!!!
Wends: WHEEEEE! the musical
runt: up steps the much maligned WHE and all bets are off
Heizenberg: Time left please?????
Heizenberg: Me too luvit
cusch1: Wasn’t darcy Moore supposed to be the best young forward in the game?
valkorum: 3min
zadolinnyj: 3 mate
Velo: m0nty not posting time left
Heizenberg: Thanks
JockMcPie: draw’s on
Chelskiman: Draw is back on, boys!
The39Steps: Moore is like his old man – never performed in the big games.
Heizenberg: Lol velo
valkorum: velo – the clock always counts total time here on FF
Chelskiman: Maybe not.
mattmac24: Why buddy! why?!
Chelskiman: Still time for the Swans! What a finish. Got Buddy written all over it!
LuvIt74: Franklin very unselfish tonight
Velo: I kept posting time left and it wasn’t put up.
cusch1: 90 seconds
wadaramus: Should have transacted Ramsay to Newman.
Raspel31: Buddy-not selish. You champ.
Heizenberg: Christ why did I change my dip? I’m furious!!!!
Ash777: buddy looks like he’s not kicking a goal on purpose lol
Heizenberg: Shit maybe not
feralmong: wowaweewa
Velo: 43 secs
Heizenberg: Christ I wish I
Heizenberg: Was watching it
LuvIt74: great game
cusch1: Pies win
Velo: 10 secs. Pies win
LuvIt74: Horse to let rip
LuvIt74: get ready
Migz: And 200000people bring in Newman in next week
Breezey: Get ya Hot Pies.
whafc: yesss
King_Robbo: wow! Pendles and Treloar were massive in that last minute! HUge SC points
Raspel31: Poo.
mattmac24: JPK, Buddy, Adams, Treloar and WHE.. can’t complain
King_Robbo: suck a fat one swannies! 0-3
raffa: Cmon the pies
Yelse: will elliot SC go up for wining goal?
JockMcPie: Theres like no scaling though
Roksta: Treloar 13 effective disposals lol
feralmong: 899 heize. maybe they can find me 1 forgotten point
LuvIt74: No pendles?
zadolinnyj: Treloar has a forehead like frankenstein
Pinkman: not sure how pendles top scored in SC. but anyhoo
LuvIt74: Hanners will be cheap as chips in 3 to 4 weeks
LuvIt74: WHE points to jump to around 80 sc
Velo: 26 disp, 15 CP and 10 tackles help
NichoB: 11 extra scailing points and they should all go to WHE
Heater: Happy I traded Newman into my side.
frenzy: Pedal harder monty
LuvIt74: WHE only went up 2 points pfft
whafc: Traded Adams in for Heater….gotta be happy with that
Gott2Win: Take Adams VC or stick with Danger? Adams in that ‘don’t be greedy’ zone!
whafc: Traded Adams in for Heater, gotta be happy with that

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