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Chat log from R2 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Fremantle

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Fremantle, R2 of 2017

frenzy: Lmao Eddy got the call up?
penguins00: well he’s on the field for me now. at least i didn’t use him for vc loophole
JockMcPie: Eddy better score >65 then
myteamsuks: I was using butler 65 , this sucks
Hank_Jones: “sandi down to fyfe” – I need to hear this alot. Please.
Apachecats: Eddy will play a blinder just traded him out for houston and can’t undo.houston will tank.
LuvIt74: well your a idiot for trading in round 2
feralmong: preseason had ryder over goldy. regretting the impulse change.
ballbag: fuck you hartlett. just put eddy on ground for tarantos 75 you usless prick!!
Apachecats: Idiot with a long memory luv it.
NewFreoFan: Piss off Hill
Thedude24: Omg! Why is eddy playing?? Now I lose Taranto’s 75 for his 20-30. Nooo
Eaglesuk: quack quack Polec
ballbag: @thedude 20-30 i’ll take that. he wont even outscore dawson who is already on fire
lachlan23t: Hartlett out with illness
Eaglesuk: Why did Freo not trade Fyfe? Obviously doesn’t want to be out there. Shane Yarran was right
NewFreoFan: 5 guys just watching Young get a free goal. F you Freo lol
feralmong: Freo for spoon and Fyfe out of there.
tankin: fyfe junking on half back
bones351: FFS what’s Eddy doing out there. Was traveling home and missed the late in.
RooBoyStu: Sam Powell-Pepper’s cousin Sam Powell-Salt is a better player so I hear.
bones351: I was another with Taranto Emg. Would have at least subbed Houston on field , not that I know he will do any better.
lachlan23t: Lol stu
feralmong: Sam Cracked-Pepper it seems.
NewFreoFan: Hate to say it but Freo just looks like a broken directionless team atm
bones351: Hopefully Eddy can cement a spot and make some $$$
feralmong: What happened to Collins. Thought he was ok.
tankin: faaark freo look horrible
DrSeuss: Fyfe get the ball FFS
han solo: get a kick mccarthy you muppet
Smurf_x: Ross Lyon surely has to go if Freo keep playing like this
NewFreoFan: sod off dawson
TyCarlisle: Fyfe get the ball FFS? Lol what. He has 10 touches
Hank_Jones: lol @ McCarthy
runt: Lyon is already gone Just pretending to coach
faisca7: midfield of sandi, fyfe, mundy, neale, hill.. how are they this bad?
wadaramus: Get involved in the party SPP.
faisca7: oh right.. dawson
tankin: how is dawson playing afl and harveys not
poolboybob: Starting to think that Freo may not win the flag this year.
Velo: If Blakely can’t get more than 61% ground time with this rabble it’s a joke.
Fizzy343: maybe he dosent have the tank
DrSeuss: @Ty he only had 5 after 18 minutes. Needless to say he killed it since my comment. No need to thank me
NewFreoFan: I remember the happy days before they created Freo as a team and I switched to them…
THESKUNK: LYON playing 1.10 to get sacked
RooBoyStu: Where’s the P icon for Powell-Pepper?
NewFreoFan: this is some of the worst footy I’ve ever seen. I’m off, later all
pcaman2003: Players are trying to get rid of Ross.
ballbag: they should call Ross MS-DOS
iZander: What the hell is wrong with westhoff??
BC__: Ross working on collingwoods 2018 defence strategy.
GJayBee: Ross Lyon would be a good character on the Muppets
Apachecats: He could be one of the old guys in the balcony GJB
DrSeuss: Come on Fyfe – finish the quarter strong
CBeezDeez: Geez. Wasnt SPP minus 3 for ages?
heppelitis: SSP close to cape that qtr?
Jukes82: pepper scoredover 50 give him the cape
kano: Not shown in the scores but noticeable at the ground…Ryder having huge impact
heppelitis: oops spp
9inch: Pepper Pig
StuL: Loser culture is infectious. Karma was always going to bite for the way Ross, a born runner up, was brought in.
ballbag: you’re a fucken drongo McCarthy same as u were last week
GJayBee: Love it StuL
DrSeuss: Let’s go Fyfe
DrSeuss: Is Fyfe getting owned by Pepper? Not watching the game…
Yelse: wheres edddddyy
feralmong: so sc 9/9 tips, margin of 6pts. wins it or close call?
faisca7: sorry mong, i got 9 and tipped the tigs by 15
faisca7: unless the dock ons come back..
Jukes82: Lyon under the pump
Raspel31: 3 picks last week-9 this week. Sanity returns.
zadolinnyj: Close call feral. I picked 9 last year and missed the margin by 1 and was 22nd
feralmong: ahh well. just realised no weekly prize anyway. lol.
feralmong: funny thing is I went 19 then changed to 25. lol.
feralmong: best i’ve tipped in years. all luck.
Velo: Adelaide playing footy @Yelse
feralmong: 1985 SC. fyfe and pepper to come and goldy donut. grr.
zadolinnyj: Shame port don’t have those tarps over the seats. They were the only supporters I liked
Stuart88: Come on eddy take this chance so u don’t get dropped again
Yelse: looking at the scores today still i can’t make sense of treloar score SC
sfmmp23: im in the exact same boat feral
feralmong: Gee Freo not trying too hard to convince fyfe to stay.
DrSeuss: Let’s go Fyfe FFS touch the ball
ballbag: 1930 with fyfe Sandi p-p eddymccarthy to come
sfmmp23: Port have found a gem in spp. Cant believe he went that late in the draft.
The39Steps: You could stop that sentence after hard, @feral.
zadolinnyj: Could finish the sentence at trying
GJayBee: Eddy should crumb a few
korza: Ross disgracing himself by still playing Dawson. FM
Pokerface: You need to move on Yelse.
The39Steps: lol, yes @zado.
shaker: Take out Fyfe and Neale and old Sandi and Mundy the rest is garbage bye bye Ross
StuL: Fyfes already thinking about Sunday brunches at StKilda by the look of it.
Raspel31: Agree sfmmp- SPP looking a very handy grab and should get me over 2300
LuvIt74: I had Wines last year from day 1 & got rid of him, now im considering Hanners to BONT or Wines
ballbag: PayPalPepper
GJayBee: Looks like i am going to do a double sideways trade while being guns n rooks with rooks bad hahahah
LuvIt74: Don’t be surprised if Fyfe average doesn’t exceed 100 in this trash tam
StuL: L74 i figure if youre going to break the premo trading rule, generate cash from it. Get murphy, beams, oliver or kelly.
OnTheRocks: Peppa-Pig
Velo: Is Blakely injured or just spudding it up?
ballbag: @stu ridiculous comment coz theyre not keepers
faisca7: houstons having a burst
Hank_Jones: trade out Fyfe?
GJayBee: I am already preparred to mow houston’s lawn
feralmong: play collins, logue or taberner at least.
Raspel31: Who had Preuss? On the bench of course. Looking good for money if not banned.
StuL: Bb murphy or beams not keepers?
shaker: Murphy will get tagged very soon
feralmong: put johnson or hamling forward for a half and put cmac back. rossdonuttin.
GJayBee: I have Steven so naturally he will become Murph or Heppell.
Pokerface: raspel – nope, goldy will only miss this week. preuss straight out again.
Raspel31: Goldy and Daw dubious-not so sure Poker.
Apachecats: Don’t know how i tumbled into McCarthy ,complete waste of time and money ,a WOFTAM as we say.
Pokerface: north sounded pretty confident goldy will be back. dunno about daw though
sfmmp23: Waite out + goldy & daw injured could mean preuss rucks and goldy go fwd.
StuL: Kick a few goals Eddy
LuvIt74: @StuL as a rule i hold on to elite premo’s however Hanners just doesn’t look right, whether its Osteitis Pubis im not su
LuvIt74: sure but it looks like he’s carrying some injury
GJayBee: Hannas, stopped drinking. Upset the balance of life.
GJayBee: His pressure acts are way up
Raspel31: Whole Sydney midfield-just dump.
ballbag: you’re a pathetic hack mccarthy
CBeezDeez: Maybe his knee from the gf still? Surely not?
GJayBee: he won a time trial over summer. it’s the not drining. bad karma
LuvIt74: @StuL its pointless trading out Hanners & wasting a trade to generate cash from it to then trade out say murphy or kelly
Sloaneyyyy: Sadly considering J. Steven to C. Oliver in rage mode
LuvIt74: You want keepers
CBeezDeez: Shaddup GJ and pass me a beer willya! LoL
GJayBee: Come on Eddy, do it for Johnny!
poolboybob: Give McCarthy the burger again.
Gott2Win: Why start with Steven? Has only averaged a touch over 100 and so many better options than him for SC!
boo!: lift sandy you shortarse
sfmmp23: go fyfe pump out a 120
pcaman2003: Looking now at around 2320 sc. How’s everyone else going?
Hank_Jones: spam mccarthy
Raspel31: Why go Sandilands when you can get Grundy or Nankervis as cheapish 2nd ruck-and have Preuss on the bench.
Velo: Grundy is not cheap at 600k.
feralmong: A goldy donut behind you pcaman
LuvIt74: cannot understand how serious some of you are regarding what GIFFS go to certain players, who cares.
boo!: grundy?! lol
StuL: 74. 0just keep hanners. You know he’ll get 150 the moment u trade him.
feralmong: robbie gray. 3 pts.
HarleyL: Gray gets the Star
GJayBee: Go Eddy, through the big sticks, assist by Houston, from Pepper!
Velo: That’s because he kick the 1st goal Harley.
LuvIt74: @StuL if he wasn’t running as though he was running on hot coals, id hold onto him but for a $600k player
LuvIt74: who could very well average sub 100 its a massive risk
HarleyL: Velo take it off Wines and give it to Gray
Raspel31: Made 1 trade Stul-Hanners out. Absolutely no regrets. Worth 80 points and not looking good.
sfmmp23: Happy with Fyfe and SPP.
LuvIt74: @Raspel did u trade hanners already?
Raspel31: Yep-dumb I know Lovit- but only one trade which freed up cash-bigger score and no regrets.
GJayBee: love the plus two eddy!
Gott2Win: 1 v 2 in the showdown next week!
GJayBee: Eddy is alive!!!!
faisca7: Gray going for one of those 30+ touches and 5+ goals kinda games
Hank_Jones: spp look like evil magician
StuL: Everyone just do whatever the flower you want!
boo!: eddy on fire
GJayBee: Late goal Fyfe, do it and I will half belive in god.
Stuart88: Yes eddy and pepper love your work but Sandi not as happy
Gott2Win: Burton or Houston for the NAB nomination this week?
boo!: go blakely
lachlan23t: Eddy in the team next week
boo!: go home blakely
LuvIt74: Fyfe, Sandiballs, Pepper & Houston so happy overall
Velo: Burton best this week easily.
LuvIt74: Didn’t Lyons get a extension to his contract last year?
LuvIt74: Lyons worst coach in history of AFL
feralmong: 6 of the top 7 play each other next week. 3 to be undefeated.
feralmong: Some bottom teams to get their first win next week too.

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