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Chat log from R2 of 2017: Melbourne vs Carlton

Chat log for Melbourne vs Carlton, R2 of 2017

tankin: p plate for sps
CBeezDeez: C’mon lads. Gotta win this 1! Or I’m going skiing 4 the rest of the season!!!!
DrSeuss: Let’s go Marchbank
SilverLion: Oliver looking like a solid POD this year
Keeper27: wonder how many ppl brang in Hannan after Rnd 1??
man0005: Casboult looking like a solid POD this year
Apachecats: Lots of people did ,he was the highest traded in player by a big margin.@Keeper27
DrSeuss: Is Oliver the new must have??
CBeezDeez: He’s looking like a poss beast Doc.
m0nty: someone get the fire brigade to the Demon huddle
CBeezDeez: Not happy m0nts?
Heater: What is Daisy doing playing other than picking up the $?
boofjb57: Half the team on fire yet only in front by 6
StuL: Need you gawn. Go massive son.
Sloaneyyyy: come on Docherty wtf
Velo: I think we are lucky to be within 5 goals. Melb have dominated.
CBeezDeez: They played showerhouse boof!
9inch: 60 more disposals but only 6 points in it
Stuart88: Maxxy looks like he’s gonna go big today by the looks of it Melbourne looking good
myteamsuks: Fees are getting well looked after here.
LuvIt74: Was looking forward to seeing how Hannan goes today so I swap Hibberd to him but hes asleep
9inch: Rookies doing all doing well here
Growlers: What’s happened to Thomas? Anyone know?
StuL: A few wasted trades on Hannan. Woohoo.
Velo: Yeah he is useless Growlers.
CBeezDeez: Writing his retirement speech?
StuL: Gee you must hope Thomas is OK. Hes the heart and $oul of the team.
myteamsuks: When we lose by heaps today i feel like we’ve won with the Thomas injury
myteamsuks: A free!!! How bout some HTB now
CBeezDeez: Sums up my last 10 years suks…
Velo: Oscar Judd would be better than Dale Thomas.
myteamsuks: @CBeezDeez can you see a lot of melbourne old in the way we play. Ow
DrSeuss: Oliver hit a wall since QT?
Velo: Can’t pay HTB against the AFL love side.
the worm: if carlton and melbourne merged and pooled their talent, theyd still miss finals
feralmong: SC looking about 2200 with a goldy donut.
heppelitis: armfields head looks like an acorn
SilverLion: Someone send the search party out for Hannan
SilverLion: Anyone have Salem? My god…
Pokerface: pumpkin for hannan
feralmong: Gee Hannan not on my field but some $$ would be nice.
CBeezDeez: Yes suks. Byt i think blues R better coached if thats poss.
Ash777: go salem
Hank_Jones: well hello
HarleyL: hannan is alive!
9inch: Nearly 100 more disposals to Melb. Calton will still win.
Pinkman: man thomas is crap
Velo: Flowers you are useless Thomas. GET OFF.
myteamsuks: Why did murph pass that. Crap
zadolinnyj: hannam had break even of -126 so $ coming still
HarleyL: game on !
penguins00: great mark form daisy
Apachecats: I don’t think that’s the same Hannan
anthsill03: Stop bagging daisy its a cop out
myteamsuks: I will bag daisy as long as he keeps taking $700,000 a year
Stuart88: Not sure why murph passed it but great grab daisy. Hatter gonna hate
the worm: i used to like carlton, then they got rid of waite, betts, garlett, mitch robinson, yarran and kept malthouse
Pokerface: if you are paid to do a job and don’t do it, shouldn’t you be called out on it?
anthsill03: Yes poker but you can apply that logic on a long list of players
Pokerface: eddy is a late in!
Zeratul: Daisy is no where near giving the value of a 700k contract. He performs no better then guys with a 300k salary
runt: Thomas gets Ferrari wages and plays like a smurf
Apachecats: Daisy didn’t write the contract ,he just signed it.
Pokerface: @anthsill yes but daisy is paid the most and produces the least.
tankin: edddddddddy
Hank_Jones: great news re: Eddy
Velo: 2017 can’t finish quick enough. Then we can get rid of Malthouse’s dumb signing in Jones and Thomas.
runt: In my job if I don’t perform I don’t get paid
anthsill03: 100% agree, but Carlton supporters are embarrassing themselves. Stop dwelling and look towards the future.
Apachecats: traded Eddy for houston ,now can’t undo.Thought lockout was game time??
Velo: Thomas is embarrassing everyone including the CFC
Pokerface: reverse trades are locked at start of round apache
LuvIt74: Glad I stayed clear of Docherty & Simpson defence scares the crap out of me & not worth the cash
Apachecats: Thanks PF ,darn it.Eddy will play a blinder and houston will tank ,I’ll put money on it.
Velo: Houston will score more anyway.
myteamsuks: @luvit we will check by games end
feralmong: I went doc luvit. he’s ok. already picking up the pace.
ballbag: blues are only playing melbourne saw the ball wont be in their defence as much
anthsill03: Doc killing it this quarter
CBeezDeez: Just goes 2 show. U can smash poss count & still lose a game! Crapola deez!
BoredSaint: Good boy Cripps 🙂 get moving Hannan
kangawalla: This is why us Dee’s fans age prematurely. I’m 41, look 61
CBeezDeez: Lika bunch of schoolkidz! So UNdisciplined Kanga!,, deserve 2 be behind!
feralmong: Kanga same for Tigers fans. I’m 49 and i’m now dead.
Velo: Lewis decked Cripps behind play.
CBeezDeez: Carlron… Melbournes 2017 Essendon!
kangawalla: Shades of round 2 last year when done over by the Bombers
Velo: Sammooooo
myteamsuks: VIney was the dog that put him down
Bazza2014: fuck you dees.
Velo: Nope it was Lewis.
feralmong: just noticed i’m 7/7 tips Tigers by 25. Dees/Port picked. Go dees,
Apachecats: Best ist year player won’t be hard to win this year.Field of one possibly two.
feralmong: Somone probably has Tiges by 19 though. hehe.
CBeezDeez: So this ones Ur only worry then Feral…
9inch: Picket useless.
Jukes82: docherty having a big 1/4
feralmong: yeah if i get 9/9 6pt margin won’t be enough i reckon.
Jukes82: 4 points from a cape
myteamsuks: Docherty 52 sc points this qtr
aces-high: Who was the moron at half time saying picking up docherty was a bad idea and risky? Guys a jet
myteamsuks: @aces it was luvit74
HarleyL: superman Docherty ?
faisca7: i hate not having docherty
JRedden: docherty cape, crazy quarter
myteamsuks: And did Thomas cape it?
Jukes82: daisy on fire!
CBeezDeez: An embarrassing display alround Deez! Poor showings being led by both the co-capts!
DrSeuss: Time to trade in Murphy I think.
Fizzy343: jones is playing bad?
CBeezDeez: Flying elbows i meant fizz
Fizzy343: ahh
ballbag: watts is a superstar
Velo: Nice joke ballbag.
Hank_Jones: pickett for the brownlow
man0005: pickett for the brownlow
StuL: Pickett will now make $5 instead of -$5
DMS774: Has Hannan gone home?
travo: any danger maxy or jones get near it
Hank_Jones: any chance of Hoges marking a kickin a saus roll
TheHawk: Simpson where are you??
Breezey: Oliver is a brute. Happy days for me getting him
ballbag: why simmo no pts for 40 mins?
StuL: Simmo just hasnt had it
CBeezDeez: Well… No confidence garnered from todays performance ….
Velo: Worst game Si,pson has played in 10 years.
travo: jonesy … needed that .. oh and booo
carlton_99: Terrible umpiring an umpire sees Cripps get hit in the head and nothing bloody blind maggots

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