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Chat log from R2 of 2017: Geelong vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Geelong vs North Melbourne, R2 of 2017

DrSeuss: Preuss in screws my VC loophole with Treloars, I miss out on Witts 90 and I get double Preuss score today. FFS
Apachecats: No one else left that you can captain DrS?
DrSeuss: Not in AF – locked out!!
CBeezDeez: Bloody Goldi ruined my plans also! I had Gawn being the ruck out!
CBeezDeez: Has cost me Nankrevice 94 up forward now. Boo hoo!
DrSeuss: I suppose I could always just hope Preuss gets 120 as the Number 1 ruck – what do you think of my chances?
CBeezDeez: Bwite side of life… @ least his DT price will go up…
dashurg: The game just started, pop the C off Pruess onto Danger or Fyfe?
dashurg: hasn’t started*
DrSeuss: It’s AF – so no rolling lockout!
Tassiescot: Given that we knew Goldy was out 2 days ago, bit strange to use Preuss as the loophole?
dashurg: Ahh bugger, bad luck!
DrSeuss: I didn’t hear he was out until yesterday. We don’t get AFL news as quickly in Brisbane – especially during floods – lol
Sloaneyyyy: serves you all right for trying to use loopholes, play the game properly
DrSeuss: Cheers @dash – Fantasy Gods have screwed me – maybe Karma will see Preuss at least with a semi-decent score.
PLACEBOPIE: hope Preuss scores well for you all,hoping he gets a third game to give me money 🙂
Stuart88: So glad I didn’t try the one playing ruckman as my 3rd tuck for loopholes witts 100 will do nicely
Velo: Happy I have Cameron as bench ruck so I can loophole Gawn
the worm: i had the option of loopholing treloar with preuss, but i didnt just in case so i got rockliffs score instead
J_Herer: Go big Preuss!
frenzy: Time to shine Brandon
frenzy: *Braydon
man0005: *Majak
Ben_Gogos: Parfitt!
Pokerface: sloaneyy that is the game now. We aren’t 2011 any more
Velo: Preuss doing very well early.
Pokerface: why do i keep having some popup for Mr Stinky on this site
Pokerface: wasn’t he locked away?
Thedude24: Sloaneyy what you on about? herald sun also encourage loopholing
wadaramus: Mr Stinky?!
tankin: parfitt nearly overtaken last weeks score already
pcaman2003: Cash cows Parfitt and Preuss off to a flyer
jddd: where is ghs?
9inch: Loopholing with picket and eddy for Parfitt is a certain already lol
tankin: started on bench jddd
poolboybob: Enjoy the holiday next week, Scotty Thompson
wadaramus: Thompson dog shot on Dangerpants should see him on holidays for a few weeks.
Pokerface: wada – apparently some play or something according to this popup i get
Stuart88: Don’t expect anything less from Thompson overrated player that’s all he’s good for
DrSeuss: Preuss got my hopes up for 6 minutes – then reality set in. Tuohy you aren’t helping either.
Velo: Preuss can’t score when he is resting on the bench.
Raspel31: Well, this is not going to plan.
pcaman2003: Have Danger and Tuohy on ground. Both need to lift big time.
Sloaneyyyy: piss off Parfitt, i need you to stay low
tankin: how do u get team icon next to name?
Velo: account settings tankin
Thedude24: What’s with the umpires this week? They flowered us last night
Pull: Shaunieee
Stuart88: No goldy no worries Geelong really need a good ruckman
StuL: Home game my butt. And my opponent has higgins!
Jukes82: pruess looks good
StuL: Preuss to the rookie rescue at least.
fonzie: thompson deserves 2 weeks
kano: How does anyone have horlin smith, he is garbage
frenzy: Give him 4 weeks and bring back Hibberd
PieCannon: any chance you hit a target danger
wadaramus: anger SC going south.
Sloaneyyyy: watch Preuss score more on my bench than Sandilands does on the field…. fmdt
Raspel31: Ouchy wouchy
Sloaneyyyy: my opponent has higgins and parfitt, FUCK ME
DrSeuss: Is Tuohy manning someone or just nowhere near it?
Xephyrise: bullshit report, will be thrown out, he leapt to be in the marking contest, didnt hit him that hard
Xephyrise: didnt hit him in the head either
Migz: The fuck is Turner doing
saintbart1: You’ve got to be kidding xephyrise. Either that, or iyouve never read the rules.
Death: need to make a call on Parfitt loophole over Hannan
Xephyrise: it was a 50m pen, no doubt, but nothing more
Pokerface: you’ve got another hour Death, what’s the rush
Death: Its hard to take a north supporter seriously about north matters
saintbart1: We shall see. Even in slow motion, his eyes lowered to look at his opponent
Death: It certainly put a dent in his supercoach score
Xephyrise: same for all clubs, death
Migz: Yeh dangerous play. Should get weeks
Death: All clubs the same yes xephyrise I agree
Sloaneyyyy: piss off Higgins you flog
LuvIt74: Higgins looks a must have in forward
oc16: if preuss gets even a reprimand for that, we may as well start watching netball
sfmmp23: Well im getting a 0 this week. no goldy. Anyone know how serious it is?
LuvIt74: thank god i didn’t start with goldy
han solo: goldy left training on crutches. dunno how serious
9inch: Parfitt back to doing rookie things.
han solo: oc16 better start watching netball knowing tribunal he’ll get done
runt: Hawkins having a dirty day so far
fonzie: they think a week for goldy
boofjb57: 56 points with 38% efficiency and bugger all tackles? Nah no bias there
LuvIt74: Preuss will get a week
tankin: doesnt matter bout preuss, he’ll get dropped next week anyway
daniel87: Made the mistake of getting hrovat thankfully I can go hrovat to will Hoskins Elliot
pcaman2003: Dorkins having a shocker.
Sloaneyyyy: not a lot of tackling being done in generaly by the Cats to be honest
theoc: im regretting leaving preuss on the bench
Pokerface: sfmmp its minor, he’ll be back next week
Raspel31: Beggin yours tankin but as a cash cow Preuss does matter
theoc: anyone know when jamie elliot and jack trengrove are expected back?
StuL: Preuss was just unco not dirty. Dont think he should miss
boofjb57: If this free kick count keeps going, the ups are most certainly gonna cop a mouthful from the journos this week
Pokerface: sorry boof, you left out contested possessions in your stats. how many does he have?
StuL: Had higgins but went macrae.. Higgins will cost me thevgame
LuvIt74: I’m getting rid of hannebery & bring in BONT & will also concider trading Lynch to higgins
runt: Cats have too may receivers and not enough grunt
Raspel31: Agreed Luvit-thinking the same
HarleyL: Fuck you Higgins
boofjb57: I find it very strange poker face with such small efficiency percentage.
LuvIt74: Higgins playing predominantly in the guts is crucial points generation for a FWD
pcaman2003: Do SC prices change after this round,or next?
boofjb57: Next round pc
Pokerface: numerous stats that input into sc boof, pointless quoting 2 of them unless you quote the other 50
LuvIt74: @pc after round3
Pokerface: you didn’t actually answer my question either. which means you just ignored other stats
StuL: We’re kicking like we modeled ourselves on rich v coll.
pcaman2003: Thanks guys!
boofjb57: 10 contested poker face but how I read SC rules they have to be effective
Roksta: Take it good doesn’t have danger lol
Pokerface: what do you think makes more sense. cd decide to bias players as you claim, or you are wrong?
LuvIt74: Trouble is those who dont have Hannan such as myself, if he goes huge then Eddy or pickett has to go
runt: Cats without a tackle are basically the whole Cats backline
Roksta: So he’s had 9ish effective possies prob mostly contested… score seems right
boofjb57: Comparing with treloars efficiency on Thursday and going with his 35 possessions and 2 goals –
Roksta: I swapped Smith from my backs to Hannah today luvit
Roksta: Treloar has uncontested ball…
Pokerface: so its more likely they bias than you are wrong? ok then.
boofjb57: I’m just finding it hard to compare, could someone tell me how many of treloars were contested?
Roksta: And clangers
Pokerface: a possession is not a disposal either. but claim what you will.
tankin: give hawkins the mare
9inch: Lift Parfitt
Stuart88: Nice gift 🎁 from the umps there
myteamsuks: Danger went from 38 % to 47% DE in one possession
Pokerface: north should give cunnington the boot. he’s an average player at best.
Raspel31: It was a mighty fine possession
lachlan23t: Menzel will win Brownlow this year
fonzie: he is good but not that good
shaker: Menzel hahaha
lachlan23t: Everyone on Geelong deserves to win the Brownlow
Apachecats: you’d get odds on that lachlan ,Danger will hog the Cat vote
Fizzy343: lachlan23t: Menzel will win Brownlow this year LOL
9inch: Higgins only 4% ownership in SC
CBeezDeez: Can’t give browmlow votes to losing teams lachlan!
frenzy: Nice early ton Missy
han solo: i’m a happy owner who was crazy enough to pick him
Apachecats: 9″ higgins will get injured 6 times this year.
runt: North back to drinking Shinboner spirits at half time
han solo: havent got dangerr either. this game making me think im a genius. wont last for long tho lol
Velo: Yes you can CBD
lachlan23t: So does that mean u guys won’t get any votes this year @cbeezdeez
Pokerface: Higgins was always going to go big today now he has Preuss feeding him..
CBeezDeez: Every chance! LoL
han solo: brownlow medalist with a shot on goal
lachlan23t: Give Menzel the Charlie already
Fizzy343: hahahaha
boofjb57: Go cunnington you gun
9inch: Parfitt 2 touches since 1st qtr.
the worm: menzel for brownlow is ridiculous, he is at least a year away from winning it
fonzie: can see cats winning today
fonzie: meant cant
lachlan23t: I know @9inch he’s a gun!
han solo: ziebell you prick giving danger a cheapie. i want him to drop in price
BoredSaint: An actual Brownlow medalist has kicked a goal
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Ziebell misses McDonald on the last line, Dangerfield pounces and goals with ease. Oh dear!
Velo: Menzel has played 1 game for Adelaide. Zero chance of winning Charlie.
mardyb: ziebell muppett
boo!: anyone else vc danger and C fyfe..keep that or risk fyfe
han solo: bloody danger. two average games in a row i thought he would have. did enough to ton up though.
saintbart1: Reckon danger will finish close to 150sc
Apachecats: boo ,danger will get 140-150 sc today ,I,d be banking that for sure
Pokerface: you should be called yoda not han solo
boo!: I’ve got until 320 to change c to fyfe, reckon danger will be 120sc
Velo: McDonald could be in trouble for that.
Apachecats: even at 120 I’d go Danger ,bird in hand rule Boo
boo!: true apachecats, a birds bush is worth 2 of my hands
Hank_Jones: forwars-craft? whateva
Apachecats: then again i have Fyfe capt locked in
the worm: go with fyfe ya chicken
9inch: If Gelong win Danger will get 150
han solo: put it on sam powell pepper
Apachecats: wrong saying Boo
lachlan23t: Why do the Roos have more then 18 on the field?
Hank_Jones: Scott gonna king hit somebody
ballbag: i put my name on the line and took danger over pendles 120. hes playing North for the sake of flowers
Apachecats: Cats won’t get out of this one.
SilverLion: Dangerfields stats don’t stack up with his SC if compared to Treloar IMO
myteamsuks: Danger may get to 140
Apachecats: BB you’ll be on the right side of the ledger -just!
theoc: danger will top 120.
Raspel31: Cats man marking has been woeful.
Velo: What are you smoking today lachlan? And can we have some?
Hank_Jones: Tommys bicep takes its own marks
mardyb: tossing up taking turners score or houston
the worm: i hope fyfe gets a 175
9inch: So take Parfitt or chance picket??lol
LuvIt74: Well I am convinced that Higgins is going in my side, ya just cannot ignore a midfilder as a forward in SC
StuL: he game has been turned back into Freekickball this year by the look of last night today. Thanks KB.
StuL: 40 off not really worth taking, may as well chance picket.
LuvIt74: Chance pickett are u serious, he cant go much worse
Apachecats: I’d go Pickett 9″
zadolinnyj: we could have front row seats to the dangerfield show here
the worm: im expecting a solid 28 from pickett
LuvIt74: @mardyb take turner’s score, he’s on 60 now so will reach 80+
lachlan23t: Henderson for Brownlow
fonzie: preuss on track for a ton
LuvIt74: Did Higgins play in the forward at all or in the midfield and moved fwd?
Vinstar: Taking simpkins score
DragonLass: I think nearly any ruck these days who doesn’t have a full time 2nd ruck playing is going to score around 100
PLACEBOPIE: pruess better play when goldys back 😛 money money
fonzie: unless ur vardy
theoc: the fact that i chose to play vardy instead of preuss this week really upsets me
han solo: preuss is a really dumb footballer
LuvIt74: don’t bring in preuss due to today’s score, wasted trade.
fonzie: oc i know the feeling
tankin: pruess is gone. not versatile enough
fonzie: preuss good bench cover
theoc: i really hope we are not going to see another season from geelong where they only turn up in the last quarter
han solo: dangers score vs treloars score is a disgrace champion data
fonzie: oc couldnt agree more its frustrating as f when they do it
han solo: preuss has rubbish hands
zadolinnyj: danger looks stuffed
lachlan23t: So do i @theoc
StuL: Ffs hawkins!!
LuvIt74: I’m sure dangers score will be scaled up significantly
SilverLion: Pathetic Geelong, not gunna make top 4 playing this level of football. If they win from here they’ve stolen it.
lachlan23t: Menzel again!
Fizzy343: brownlow boys
shaker: Danger has had twice the C/P than Treloar
Hank_Jones: Menzel 3 points
LuvIt74: I don’t have gelong in top 4 never did this season
CBeezDeez: Go Deez! Ooops. Sorry wrong game.
LuvIt74: The Charlie will go to the BONT
Apachecats: 58% effectiveness not helping danger
feralmong: gday folks just on now. Danger C. ok. put turner on. great.
theoc: geelong should be top 4, they have the talent and the experience
boo!: norf to lose by 1pt
SilverLion: @shaker Treloar kicked 2 goals…and had higher effiency and more possies currently…
Hank_Jones: Parfitt = Parshit
LuvIt74: cats problem is they are either very good or very ordinary, not consistent
lachlan23t: Lang best on ground today!
DrSeuss: Norf gone down hill since Preuss went off
LuvIt74: Cats will beat top 4 yet lose to the bottom 4
theoc: haha lachy
Raspel31: Wot a game!
shaker: Danger has 22 C/P Treloar 10
Ash777: the danger show is on
Keeper27: i’ll be happy with 125 from Danger today
LuvIt74: Dangers clangers hhave hurt him, more clangers then any other gelong player
ballbag: @silverlion for real? maybe look at dangers EFFECT on results versus Treloars trash. CP, I50, GA, tackles etc
theoc: spot on luvit, even last year losing to average teams like collingwood and carlton and then beating the top clubs… nee
runt: Parfitt shithouse not contesting there cats too many weak units
LuvIt74: Danger will score 130+
feralmong: given i have goldy. maybe should get preuss instead of cameron.
han solo: how the feck is higgins dropping points
runt: Not Selwood though , he is a madman
Jukes82: boy oh boy wowee wowee
feralmong: Still a lot to like about the roos. They were written off.
lachlan23t: M0nty made about something
feralmong: Danger winning goal would ice the cake.
Hank_Jones: No ruck gameplan seems to be working
lachlan23t: Mad*
DragonLass: hope that’s the winning goal so horlin smith gets scaled up
LuvIt74: higgins to kick last goal
runt: The Cats ruck is in complete disarray
LuvIt74: very lucky geelong
runt: Dangerfield swept on the ball like an Eagle
CBeezDeez: Cats. Monopoly kings.
runt: Cats stole this
Zeratul: Kangas lose because Thompson didnt go a good job at sniping Dangerfield.
9inch: Time left?
Raspel31: Wow
Heizenberg: How long left?
fonzie: not a great game for the cats but will take the 4 points
runt: Cats played crap and yet won it
feralmong: nice c score danger. but really who doesn’t have him c.
theoc: very lucky, probably didnt deserve a win, but ill take it
Heizenberg: How long was left when they kicked the winner?!
Thedude24: And of course the game is decided by a free kick. Umps just can’t help it can they?
pcaman2003: Winers are grinners. Cats very,very lucky
pcaman2003: Parfitt you spud!
feralmong: Goldy donut really hurts this week.
myteamsuks: Ironic that Kano was saying horlin smith was terrible
jocka: Thedude24 Are you saying the free kick wasn’t there? LOL

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