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Chat log from R2 of 2017: West Coast vs St Kilda

Chat log for West Coast vs St Kilda, R2 of 2017

fonzie: am i the only 1 here
SaintsMan: nope
m0nty: go Sainters!
fonzie: howdy sainy
fonzie: you a saints man monty
m0nty: nup, hawks but I hate the Eagles 🙂
fonzie: fair call
fonzie: you must of been annoyed with the loss today
Kenny27: dont lie Monty we all know we have a #1 eagles jumper
GJayBee: I have Steven, might be trading him out if he doesn’t ton up
Kenny27: same GJay
DrSeuss: Steven and Steele touch the Ball
m0nty: not a great DT game yet
feralmong: Now im glad i dont have steele
fonzie: why did i think vardy was going to be good
PieBoy: have a crack steeley
Apachecats: Same here Fonzie ,he’s on borrowed time in my team
Kenny27: cmon Steven get going
Lodgy: Is Kennedy hiding behind the goal post?!?
fonzie: cant agree more going to get witts
StuL: Steele will be alright. Let’s not go nuts.
King_Robbo: Fuck you jack steele
wadaramus: Fuck you right royally Jack Steele.
Torz: Jack Steven is a bigger worry for me.
Stuart88: Time to steal some SC points Mr steel
luke394: Ive been watching WCE and Saints haven’t even seen Steele
StuL: Luckily most of my league has him.
wadaramus: Need Steele to match Roughy’s 80 odd.
GJayBee: I’m taking Stevens performance personally.
GJayBee: It’s like Jack just doesn’t care about me.
fonzie: jjkl gone missing
feralmong: Crack the penguin on steele
fonzie: and spud for vardy
theoc: i hope vardy lifts
StuL: Get the msg Steele, you play for SC first, Saints second!
DrSeuss: Flower both the Jack S punks
fonzie: im glad i didnt trade in jjk
J_Herer: Go Jack Steele lol, burn man of 2017!
wadaramus: What the fuck is wrong with Steele?
jaypeee: is this site flowering up?
StuL: Steele will be the man of steel at Etihad. Bench him anywhere else.
StuL: Sucks if you have Steele AND JJK.
Raspel31: Oh NRoo-jjk for you. What have I done?
StuL: No Steele really has -3
wadaramus: Key position forwards, 150 to zero in one week.
wadaramus: Carn Steely, already copped Heaters hit score today, lift mate!
sfmmp23: could of gone rooey to either steele or jjk. Thank god i went with Buddy.
Snarfy: I went JJK and put him “C” and I’ve got Steele as well!
fonzie: that sucks snarfy
luke394: wtf is steele doing?
kangawalla: I would be “snarfy” if that were me, Snarfy! 😉
shaker: Haha Snarfy first year of Fantasy Footy?
gdshifty: steele spent half the time on the bench so far
carlton_99: Tippungwuit has been protected all game. What a shocking free!
cjd7769: steele 2 touches -3 kennedy 0 touches on 2 lol hows it work
StuL: Let’s just say Steele was on the bubble this week, who would everyone have traded him to?? JJK? That’s fwds for u
9inch: I went Hannan but not holding my breath.
wadaramus: FFS Steele, get into the fucking game mate get your fucking hands on the ball?
StuL: Steele should really be -1 I think, makes it so much better.
Snarfy: In SC they give them 2 pts head start to get em going
feralmong: Monty. Penguin. Steele. Now!
feralmong: Like a billy cart push Snarfy.
Snarfy: with a dodgy wheel feral!
cjd7769: lol snarfy
DrSeuss: Jack S and Jack S doing Jack Ship
wadaramus: JJK eating a big pink sprinkled donut!!
cjd7769: 8pts now lol
feralmong: The jacks are up ship creek. Lost in woop woop.
Snarfy: C’mon Gaf! Only 300pts to go to make up for JJK
heppelitis: omg feral just said ship
feralmong: Do the saints recruit by initial equals J.
gdshifty: the scores have stopped updating?
wadaramus: +8 m0nty, the icicle is thawing out.
feralmong: Lol heppelitis.
StuL: Typical WA cheating umps.frees 9-1.
Velo: Steele up to 5 possies now
pcaman2003: And 3 clangers to go with 5 possies
The39Steps: Has anyone done a long term look at how many frees Eagles get at home? Interested to know if any fact base in the claims
Velo: Good call Stu since all 3 are from Vic.
StuL: Always been special rules in WA. Now a goal is taken off the saints.
gdshifty: it was clearly touched Stul you moron
Pokerface: stu in what universe do the frees have to equal? if a team is more disciplined of course they get more frees.
J.Worrall: Is Steele’s SC corret?
shaker: Haha Bruce went minus 30
wadaramus: Well, that was a perfect drop punt rom Vardy.
StuL: Doesnt matter where they’re from, they get sucked in.
DanBlack: Muppet for StuL
Apachecats: Me threatening vardy with dropping has had an effect
StuL: A team thats winning, ie getting to the ball first, cant only get 1 free in a half.
Pokerface: showing the free kick count proves nothing. it doesnt prove if the frees were there or not.
Pokerface: spud for StuL
StuL: Dominating mostly.
J_Herer: Steele break even 27 in DT, he should get there…?
Pokerface: stu do you wave your stick at kids for walking across your lawn?
StuL: You have a dud hand poker. Truth is hurting some.
Kenny27: how Geary is skipper is beyond me very average footballer
pcaman2003: I can’t see Steele on the ground and only 61% game yome
wadaramus: Where is Steele, can’t see no.9 anywhere?
StuL: Theres been a couple of shockers go the wceagles way.
DanBlack: Trump truth at best
PieBoy: pull your finger out steeley
StuL: No i yell at clouds!
Pokerface: lol Dan
The39Steps: @Kenny – you had a very ordinary footballer as a skipper for years. Good captain (leader) – lousy footballer.
ScootD: Bruce going at a DE of 88% from his….. 0 possesions???
Pokerface: haha, nice one stu 🙂
CBeezDeez: Always been the WC Duckers…
pcaman2003: Steele! God is punishing me.
Scratchy: that s Time on Ground not DE% ScootD
Brad_J: 12-2 free kicks in favour of WCE! Pretty stiff from StKilda’s perspective
Pokerface: Brad how does that free kick count prove whether the frees were there or not
Kenny27: @39steps made all australian doubt geary gets there
SaintsMan: umps been a disgrace, I know I go on about it. But this is ridiculous
Pokerface: keep it up Bruce
Lodgy: wow some high scores here….
Bayno82: Wow how can Bruce be on 0 in Dreamteam and 48 for supercaoch
Kenny27: been some great intercept marking this game
wadaramus: Well, Jack Steele you are a fucking hack.
DrSeuss: Steele touched it… your turn Jack Steven
Kenny27: not sure how Steele’s sc went up after that hack kick but we will take it
Carnster: come on steven
StuL: I saw steele. He yet livrs!
Stuart88: lol anyone who jumped on JJK after the 1st game
J.Worrall: How many caught the steele bullet tonight?
clint briz: what is steele doing????
Velo: Pull ya finger out Jack B.
King_Robbo: Steele=pumpkin
Velo: Had Steele since day 1 SC opened.
Kernahan: Steele. Lolz
J.Worrall: Had JJK from the start, Stu. KPF are up and down, but I started Roo and JJK this year, and a bunch of rooks!
J.Worrall: Velo, that’s the right way to do it!
J.Worrall: It’s a marathon, this game. Not “oh shit, someone went below average this week, better trade ’em out”
Velo: McCartin had his bell rung again.
Stuart88: I went buddy and the house to start this season with mid range and rookies
Kenny27: that would have been handy steven.
J.Worrall: Starting a host of mid price is a risk, but if you were taking it, this year looks better than most, Stu!
Drummo: Jack stevens mullet is sexy
Stuart88: My point to my comment was for the ppl who went Jee he had a good 1st game and just jumped on him
StuL: I bet a few bought mcgrath and benched otten too. Waste of trade and points
Carnster: Oath drummo
Velo: I didn’t make any trades, even kept Smith Melb on bench to save trades for later when really needed.
J.Worrall: I love Stevens – always liked his DT, but he took his SC forward a long way last year. Still didn’t start him in SC
J.Worrall: I sold Smith – had to cover bloody Bernie Vince!
J.Worrall: Who is thios cock bloke>?
pcaman2003: Lions ahead of Bombers…go Lions
StuL: Steele! Hb!
Raspel31: Well Stuart88, you lose NRoo and you can’t leave that money on the bench
J.Worrall: You never bench Otto!
Carnster: lift steven ffs
J.Worrall: I lost NRoo – what are folks doing? I took Suns Lynch – looking poor atm, but give star some time!
DrSeuss: FFS Steven and Steele I can’t rage trade both of you this week.
Stuart88: I always try avoid straight up forwards but can’t always be done this season is very hatd
kangawalla: Shoulda taken Crows Lynch Worrall. 135 big ones!
colin wood: Keep climbing Steele
StuL: Steele on 34! and you doubted him!?
StuL: Thats unlucky JW. SC gods messing with you
J.Worrall: Stut – I’ll hold and give benefit of doubt – too expensive to do anything else!
DrSeuss: Steven with a handball in the 1st minute – lets build on that??
StuL: Steele will be fine Dr
GJayBee: Jack Tinfoil is flowering me
Lodgy: dylan roberton most traded in player next week
DrSeuss: Saints trying to give this away? Umps helping as much as they can.
Fatbar5tad: Push out…free weagles, no free Saints
luke394: watch champion data suck kennedy off
gdshifty: JJK might have 3 goals superman soon
StuL: Why is one a push and one not? Deny umps cheating now!
kangawalla: Agreed Dr. Even 40/60 decisions going Eagles way.
runt: The heat finally got the Saints
preki1: @luke i hope they suck the fuck out of him 🙂
Velo: Here comes the violins.
StuL: Push ,free eagles, push by eagle, fair.
Heizenberg: Hi guys
J.Worrall: Close game at all?
Heizenberg: Who’s watching? How long remaining?
Fatbar5tad: That’s drawing a long bow Velo
Heizenberg: 8 or so?
J.Worrall: Go Priddy Boy! Love your DT!
luke394: steele coming home strong
J.Worrall: * or so people, or mins, Heiz!
Velo: 6 mins now
StuL: Free eagles, free eagles.6.42
colin wood: Massive
colin wood: Good fight back here from Steele
J.Worrall: Steele, and mid-pricers gaerally – dangerous SC territory!
Raspel31: 6 mins as Hill kicks
pcaman2003: C’mon Steele…keep going…you owe us.
mickelo: Jack Steele for two quick goals!! Matchwinner!!
kangawalla: Has free kick Hawthorn been superseded by the Weagles?
luke394: How Jarryn Geary is an AFL captain is beyond me he’s the biggest spud
J.Worrall: Steele owes no-one nuttin”
Velo: Can Steele get to 75?
Fatbar5tad: Draw?
CBeezDeez: Maybe the umps just like the big birds?
GJayBee: Worral Steele owes up spiritually
J.Worrall: We all like big birds! Double D your style?
pcaman2003: Worrall…..he owes plenty.
StuL: And you doubted Steele,! Give him the gun
Hadouken: lol, 19 points. sheesh
Velo: Nice throw Priddis.
CBeezDeez: I like big butts i cannot lie…
cjd7769: Oh When The Saints LOL
gdshifty: JJK from icicle to superman!!
luke394: steele 75 would be gold
pcaman2003: Umps missing everything now.
Monfries96: JJK to ton it up this year?
DrSeuss: Steven falling back to sleep to end the quarter
J.Worrall: See that folks? CB’s Dees cannot lie!
StuL: Pass to JJK from Free kick eagles.
preki1: jjk!!! a comeback of sorts
runt: A slightly overweight lady is singing
J.Worrall: Does anyone know who Jack Worrall was?
pcaman2003: Steele just doesn’t get enough game time. He’d do better with more minutes.
StuL: A cricketer.
GJayBee: no mate
J.Worrall: You mean all eyar average, Mr Monfries?
Fatbar5tad: Carlton coach? Three flags?
J.Worrall: Yes Stut, he played both games. Check some Fitzroy history …
SaintsMan: Great win umps
Breezey: Frank Worrall was the cricketer
pcaman2003: Jack Worrall? Wasn’t he a convict?
StuL: He has a cricket trophy named after him
kangawalla: Fitzroy player & test cricket Worrall. Not Frank, the West Indian Breezey
J.Worrall: Worrall was one of Australia’s great all-round sports people of the nineteenth century, and was involved in Australian
Fatbar5tad: Frank Worrell
Velo: That’s West Indian Sir Frank Worrall Stu.
J.Worrall: kanga is right on it!
J.Worrall: After his retirement, he coached both sports, and is considered the “father” of Australian football coaching.
theoc: wasnt he like a comedian as well?
Apachecats: J Worrall played for Fitzroy 19th century
ballbag: steven always goes missing when it comes to close finishes
CBeezDeez: R U the father of fanfooty JW?
StuL: Free Kick Eagles 3 votes.
J.Worrall: was involved in Australian football and cricket at the elite level for many decades
Stuart88: JJK just like an RKO outta nowhere
mickelo: Can live with that Jack Steele, not happy but can live with it!
J.Worrall: Apachcats on it too. m0nty knows his crap!
runt: The Eagles song always reminds people who they support. They get so plastered they lose track. As for flying high, well.

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