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Chat log from R3 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, R3 of 2017

zadolinnyj: Carn crows
JButcher: Carn Pear
AngryRyno: carn tight contest
zadolinnyj: What’s with the pear stuff?
J.Worrall: I” tiger pear!
DrSeuss: Almost time to trade in Charlie Cameron?
zadolinnyj: This looks exactly what happened to crows last week. Over the back early
J_Herer: Dan Houston a slow start
m0nty: Houston, meet Texas.
zadolinnyj: Lol monty
Chelskiman: Come on, Laird. Get amongst it!
DrSeuss: Hampton on the bench – Laird and Otten on field – so far, so good 😡
AngryRyno: Often going well in SC
Raspel31: Wsn’t going to trade but how could you not bring Otten in?
anthsill03: biggest mistake of my life – fielding stewart over otten
heppelitis: benched ryder for parfitts 101 loophole…21 hit outs already
Breezey: Can Ryder get a cape
m0nty: feeling better about Ryder as R2 with Preuss on bench
Migz: Didn’t think they got points for hit outs anymore only hit outs to advantage.
runt: Houston…we have a problem
DirtyDawn: Evening all
runt: Eddie betts top of the tyree, Brett Eddy at the bottom. weird
Apachecats: Hi dirty
Apachecats: good one runt
J_Herer: lol
Jackwatt$: In 10 years that’s the first time I’ve ever heard m0nty reveal something about his team. Usually more classified than a
Jackwatt$: CIA document
heppelitis: Clurey gone for a durry?
GJayBee: Good call Watts
AngryRyno: check m0nty Twitter for more team leaks
sfmmp23: Come on eddy, atleast contend parfitts score. 70 would be great.
Breezey: That’s the way rack em up Ollie
AngryRyno: just sighted Houston, bottoms up
Hadouken: all of a sudden hannen on the field looking better than eddy 🙂
McSpud: cameron vs BJ is a cracking matchup
Chelskiman: Big Otten on the run!
Breezey: Andy O yeah baby
Breezey: Dwayne Russell is a flog.
Chelskiman: Just need Laird to get cracking, I have the top two Crows at the moment + Laird.
zadolinnyj: Same chelsk. Think most have at the moment
J_Herer: Hampton gold!
J_Herer: Otten on field gold!
Raspel31: Wow-last minute trade in of Otten and have Preuss-upgrades here we come.
fonzie: keep going otten
wadaramus: SPP letting me down at M8.
Gott2Win: Otten and Hampton making up for having Vince and Laird!
sfmmp23: im never putting eddy on field again
Jackwatt$: There’s a lot of fantasy sites on the web these days
wadaramus: Well we might just get the one price rise from Eddy :/
Jackwatt$: But Fanfooty has a secret weapon!!?? The m0nt!!!
King_Robbo: Otten and Hampton! Incredible first halves.. odds on that barely make a 100…
LuvIt74: Otten, Hampton, Sloane & Laird on field but Eddy & Houston on bench shocking.
Raspel31: Otten last minute trade in Luvit-hate to trade at this stage-but good call eh?
the worm: yeah, trades this early are stupid hey luvit?
Raspel31: But, next week worm the money goes up and an unplayed rookie on the bench is better traded to Otten.
McSpud: not trading this early is stupid, especially if chasing premiership over total points
benzammit: You should be trading this week either way your going.
zadolinnyj: Season is a marathon
feralmong: No need to trade if all ur rooks are playing.
Raspel31: And life is a merry god round zado.
benzammit: If your rookies are duds you should be trading otherwise you will fall behind quickly
zadolinnyj: Also a merry go round
cold pies: @Raspel your dad working this comment box and your running the free vs bullies.. hehe
zadolinnyj: All my rookies playing except my Sydney ruck. He was strategic and with Gawn down it has worked. Nank to ruck from forwa
cold pies: Also need Lair to ton up! Come on son!!!
Pokerface: kick it to eddy
feralmong: Mine are all makin cash so why trade for one who makes 5k more.
Raspel31: My dad thinks he knows your dad cold pies- carn Laird.
benzammit: Out interest where are you ranked %, Making money is the name of your first 10 trades, 5k there’s a bit more on the line
Chelskiman: Laird starting to get a bit of it now. Keep going Otten and Hampton!
benzammit: Cameron as 3rd ruck when Witts n Pruess are about, for get the cv loophole on ruck,
benzammit: If you have did rookies, as the season progresses your dropped rookies will make 0$
McSpud: feral is top of the noobs cup
cold pies: Your dad knows my dad.. he met your dads dad mother
feralmong: Round about 7% I think Ben. Copped a goldy donut last week. Cameron my loop.
benzammit: *Dud rookies
feralmong: Preuss is the only one I prob should trade for. But I held off.
benzammit: As I said poor loop
McSpud: did you not trade goldy out this week feral?
benzammit: Witts?
McSpud: sandi and nank alredy in your squad, or you like old ruckman with injuries?
feralmong: Was tempted and prob should have. But overall have the major earners.
feralmong: Went witts and nank.
benzammit: 2 of 3 not bad.
feralmong: Yeah I started Ryder preseason and in a moment of brilliance went goldy. Lol.
benzammit: Port responding well here will be great finish.
feralmong: There’s preuss and maybe one other rook I should have. But held the trades instead.
benzammit: Without trading how can you have Witts n Nank and had Goldy?
Raspel31: Just ass a filler-who has kept a Swans midfielder?
McSpud: injured goldy to pruess. find better value for a trade late in the season and I’m it for chasey
tigerman28: hampton please get to 110
Snarfy: That brilliance will get you every time feral
feralmong: Nank fwd. witts goldy and Cameron rucks.
benzammit: So I ask again how could you have them without trading?
feralmong: Started with them.
benzammit: switching Cameron and Nank?
feralmong: Yeah. So Cameron got me dusty vc round 1.
benzammit: Good set up actually, my apologies, I retract the poor loop I actually like it.
feralmong: But last week no good cos Cameron played.
feralmong: I mean not played but locked.
tigerman28: nank is my R1. no brainer
benzammit: Regardless works perfect with Nank.
feralmong: Yeah tiger fans knew he was the man. The rest are goneski.
feralmong: Got spp, otten and Hampton in this one.
feralmong: Spp playing parfitt bench. Grrr.
benzammit: Same Laird as well for me.
pcaman2003: Has Otten stopped? Was 77 SC half time. FFS!
benzammit: I’ve been doing the wrong player wrong week with , Butler n WHE
Chelskiman: Junk it up, Laird!
tigerman28: did hampton go home at 3 qtr time?
StuL: Are hampton and otten running backwards?
benzammit: He needed that after getting the stuffing knocked outta him early he ain’t been that good.
feralmong: 2 more salty.
Chelskiman: A cracking -1 quarter from Laird.
sfmmp23: Eddy, Laird and SPP poor performances. Hampton and Otten did well
Gott2Win: What a gun Sloane is
Chelskiman: Laird finally doing something.
Roksta: Grumpman floggy award
King_Robbo: Agree- Sloane is a star
Chelskiman: She’s on, boys! Ryder reported.
benzammit: Gee his score is heavy, I’m on a tablet has he got 20 tackles?
zadolinnyj: Reported ryder
wadaramus: Have a nice holiday Paddy.
Gott2Win: 8 tackles, 24 contested pos and 8 clearances zammit
tankin: holiday for ryder for sure
gdshifty: Ryder done stuff all since quarter time
theoc: ffs ryder i need you next week
Zeratul: Ryder dirty dog. gtfo
benzammit: Thank Gott2Win
wadaramus: Great win for the boys, carn the Crows!
Gott2Win: Loved how Douglas has played this year after a pretty ordinary 2016
Roksta: Bin laird?
wadaramus: He’s on hiatus next week theoc.
King_Robbo: Ryder gone for a couple of weeks for that
benzammit: Week off for Paddy.
JockMcPie: lots of scores will go down…they’re over the 3300
benzammit: I feel for Otten now, Lever getting match fitness n Jenkins to return, could get axed without doing much wrong in 2-3wee
Gott2Win: Good maths Jock…
McSpud: not too good at maths jock?
Grumpman: Roksta, hairy arm pits…!
benzammit: No there not Jock?
JButcher: Fair play to the crows, Sam Grays miss from 1m out hurt
zadolinnyj: Jake Kelly will be dropped
JockMcPie: It was when I posted it…
wadaramus: Well said JButcher, cracking gaem, Crows just had a bit more of it.

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