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Chat log from R2 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Adelaide

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Adelaide, R2 of 2017

OnTheRocks: Stupid CD changing SC scores Swans v Dogs scores overnight
Velo: That’s part of the scaling. Happens every game.
King_Robbo: Yeah I saw that! Dahl went from 103 to 100… some curious stuff going down at CD HQ
PureSwag: must be some rooks working on CD HQ this year.
AngryRyno: CD had a recruitment drive at the end of last season, if that answers any questions
feralmong: I got more points over nite so can’t complain.
9inch: I have a bad feeling
zadolinnyj: Sloane I’ll get a week for that hit
shaker: Go to the toilet 9inch
DrSeuss: OMeara, Otten, Laird and Hampton. 300 would be greatly appreciated!!
King_Robbo: Interested to see Lairds sc scire.. one uncontested handball and one clanger kick that cost a goal… 3points?!
frenzy: cD must be paying them peanuts
the worm: i like how sc scoring confusion isnt mentioned 50 times per quarter of every game
pcaman2003: Hawks starting a bit better this week.
zadolinnyj: Hawks getting very open. Time to be accountable defence
Velo: You will struggle Doc.
zadolinnyj: Last week it took the crows a 1/4 to start hitting targets
LuvIt74: Tmitch gun
zadolinnyj: Should come close doc. Omeara and laird 200 and 50 each to the other two
PureSwag: The Healrd Sun website is working the scores are correct. FF Website is wrong but only by like 4-5 points.
theoc: Disappointed with Sloan’es first couple of weeks
Velo: @theoc last week was 1st week back from fractured eye socket and this week is 20 mins old.
zadolinnyj: Limited pre season in regards to contested possession theoc. Wait till week 4
pcaman2003: Hawks overusing HB again.
zadolinnyj: Amazing how hard hawks are working. Heap back in defence then sprinting forward
runt: Omeara afraid to kick the ball
feralmong: I put often on the bench this week and put a.mcgrath on
StuL: Come on Crows spud rookies!
feralmong: Otten damn autocorrect
runt: Over his whole career Kevin bartlett averaged 20 kicks and 2 handballs per game! Bring back hungry players!
Growlers: Can someone tell me why Luke Breust has an asterix on his name?
PureSwag: Omeara 11 Touches but 10 are HB. If more were kicks and good kicks he would be killing it.
Matty_Dogs: because breust got the 1st goal of the game
zadolinnyj: First goal kicker growlers
Hank_Jones: Growlers: He kicked first goal
man0005: first goal @ growlers
feralmong: Still loving Vickery…..far away from the Tigers. Lol.
Hank_Jones: Hawks on a mission. See how Crows respond
Gotigres: Not good enough Hampton. Only 2 disposals
runt: Breaking news…Breust kicked the first goal
Growlers: Thanks everyone always wondered.
TheHawk: Great start Hawkers!!
StuL: Vickers will look ok at the hawks because his showerness is hidden by good players around him
feralmong: I think Douglas is cooked.
the worm: enough footy talk, back onto complaining about supercoach please gents
runt: Vickery is enjoying his role as ….a player?
shaker: Breaking news legend below left
Heater: Otten & Hampton = killing me!!
Hank_Jones: Jenkins. Fark. Hope you back soon
pcaman2003: Jenkins off to hospital.
runt: The forecast says possible shower. Is that the fan footy “shower” or rain?
JockMcPie: SC Scores work finally 😀
feralmong: I honestly thought Teia Miles was an aflw player.
feralmong: I think it’s the ff shower for crows.
pcaman2003: Less HB and more kicking please Hawks.
runt: Miles has razor blades in his elbows
Velo: More like a sledge hammer runt.
pcaman2003: Will Mitchell ever give it to a Hawk player?
Hank_Jones: never a sure thing with Sauce
zadolinnyj: Crows did goal kicking practice with Collingwood this week
pcaman2003: Poopa!!!
runt: Time for Betts and Walker to step up
Hank_Jones: still not a sure thing this close
Velo: Is Vickery Adelaides best player today?
StuL: As a smith and Hibberd owner, lift otto and hampton!
Growlers: Ha Ha Vickery trying to take one grabbers in the back line! Ounch it you clown!
pcaman2003: No Velo. Mitchell is
Hank_Jones: hampton with the thriller dance!
pcaman2003: Hawks scoring dried up this qtr.
Velo: There you go pcaman
Hank_Jones: too soon pcaman!
runt: Eddie ready …ban bang bang
pcaman2003: Yep! I spoke too soon.
Hank_Jones: Hampton being robbed
pcaman2003: C’mon Hawks…..bunch of spuds
colin wood: Hampton becoming a tackling machine!
Velo: Crows are a good side pcaman. Will be tough to beat them.
StuL: Jom handball machine.
pcaman2003: Tough game to win Velo
runt: omeara 3 kicks 17 handballs!
the worm: which is worse, vickery, or the club that took him at pick 8?…and tambling at 4 🙂
shaker: Won’t have that worm Tambling was a gun
runt: Vickery provides the Hawks with much needed mirth
StuL: At JON at pick anything, but he was top 10.
zadolinnyj: Omeara is not a great kick so handballs help his efficiency
scrappers: vickery was pick 2!!!!!
Velo: Yeah a gun in under 7’s
PieBoy: onya lairdy
Velo: No he wasn’t scrappers
zadolinnyj: Crows will be very good once brad crouch lever and Thompson return
runt: Omeara efficiency at 65 at the moment better kick it instead
scrappers: pretty sure he was!
zadolinnyj: Vickers pick 8
man0005: Hawthorn will be very good once orourke and ceglar return
feralmong: Rance was pick 18. So every other club failed there.
Velo: Tigers drafted Vickey in 2008 with pick 8 as worm said.
Growlers: Otten starting to lift.
scrappers: yep just looked it up your right pick 8!
9inch: Touch it Roughy
zadolinnyj: Hampton being robbed. At least 9 tackles
DrSeuss: O’Meara killing with possies – stop hand balling. Start marking and tackling!!
runt: Lions will be much better when Garry Wilson and Haydn Bunton return
pcaman2003: Agreed DrSeuss..too much bloody HB
zadolinnyj: Even better when Mitchell and Lewis return
Velo: Carlton will be good once Betts, Kennedy, Fevola and Tuohy return. Oh wait….
DrSeuss: Time for the Roughead experiment to end after this one?
King_Robbo: Been impressed with o’meara- huge first half but may run out of gas
pcaman2003: Cyril,McEvoy and Vickery need to lift big time
PureSwag: what to do during HT there is no other game. I’m so bored!!!
Heater: Hampton disappointing
feralmong: And sauce velo
pcaman2003: Young Burton gr8 game so far.
feralmong: Same draft as vickery. Sloane pick 44. Everyone missed him twice.
Sloaneyyyy: if Hampton doubles that, he’s done his job for his price
Hank_Jones: and waite velo
heppelitis: Bomber be better if Hird returned..oh wait
man0005: Same draft as vickery. Hird pick 79. Everyone missed him six times.
Velo: 2008 draft Rockliff PSD, Breust and Suckling rookie drafts.
DrSeuss: Roughy losing points at half time too
Velo: Hird was drafted 18 years before Vickery.
Lodgy: great stat Velo
benzammit: Dr Suess, everyone’s got those 2 you mentioning, they ain’t really gunna matter until it’s time to upgrade em.
scrappers: when buckley gets the boot they should bring back malthouse so he can trade out all their good players
GJayBee: Otten and Hampton are carrying my emotional health with them.
King_Robbo: I don’t have Roughy and bloody glad I didn’t get him! Picked Steele instead and barring injuries he’s a better option
benzammit: Are you saying Carlton had good players? Adelaide made Betts
GJayBee: scrappers, no one could believe Malthouse got the Carlton job
benzammit: I’ve got both.
King_Robbo: @benzammit- very true.. Although he did trade in daisy thomas (lol)
scrappers: betts was a gun way before he went to adelaide but they did make jacobs
scrappers: malthouse was an inside job
CBeezDeez: Malthouse wouldn’t know wot the inside looked like! He always hugged the bouhdary! LoL
zadolinnyj: Betts loved in adelaide as Gibbs would have been. We respect our stars
zadolinnyj: Carlton a
theoc: hopefully smith is ok
zadolinnyj: Carlton abuse there stars. You will never get the best out of then bagging them each week. Betts was always good
travo: Eddie is worth the money in a good side, not in a shower side like carlton is
zadolinnyj: Betts plays well in adelaide coz when he goes near the ball, 50k people yell Eddie. It’s inspiring
runt: I cannot stand the term “lowering their eyes” means shit
Lodgy: Hawkers need to nail their kicks again. get it in the hands of their good ball users
ballbag: pack ya bags and fuck off crouch. you are out of my team
J_Pinkman: blues supporters started that “Eddie” chant. it was the only thing to cling on to while we were absolute garbage
grossn: @J_Pinkman were?
StuL: Runt.its a frawleyism. Just like McAvaney, ‘squeezes, measures the kick’. Rubbish.
pcaman2003: What ya doin’ Hawks….seriously!
shaker: What do you mean while you were absolute garbage ha ha
J_Pinkman: yeah i know@grossn……
IHateChat: Why did the blues swap Daisy for Eddy Betts?!
zadolinnyj: True pinkman but that last year, Eddie and Garlett were called lazy, slow and selfish. That’s why he left
kano: Lol. Crows fans taking credit for eddie being good. Comical.
Sloaneyyyy: woooo – go crows
StuL: Because mick loved daisy.ihc
runt: Eddiebetts what’s that guy’s first name?
Lodgy: #FK Hawks! keep it up boys!
zadolinnyj: No. He was always good. Just a hero in adelaide
Velo: How is that a push in the back??? #freekickhawthorn
grossn: Don’t worry J_Pinkman, the pies are right with the blues in showerness
Hank_Jones: grossn: Freak
King_Robbo: #freekickhawthorn
zadolinnyj: Chance the guys who got fired from sc are umpiring today
Hank_Jones: Runt: Freak
feralmong: Vote Trump and make the Blue, Tigers and Pies great again.
benzammit: Ibruuup free kick Hawthorn
Sloaneyyyy: Puopolo is a worm….
pcaman2003: Ha ha! We need all the help possible.
wadaramus: Just what exactly was that stupid fucking umpire thinking.
AngryRyno: free kick hawthorn
StuL: Crows will win this. Theyre coming this year.
Sloaneyyyy: in fact, Puopolo is worse than that, he’s a grub…
zadolinnyj: Jacobs played very well
runt: Sometimes you see an umpiring decisio that demands the umpire gets dragged and berated by the umpires coach
StuL: Go otten! Cement that place!
colin wood: When the Hawks are in doubt give em a free in front of goal.
Kenny27: big Otten looking much better this week
pcaman2003: @Sloaneyyy….keep it nice.
heppelitis: Cyril 14 touches this season
Stuart88: Is hampton still playing I’m watching it haven’t seen him
shaker: Wow I can loophole Otten
GJayBee: I am going to buy a poster of Otten online
Lodgy: poor kicking cost the pies the other night… might cost the crows if they aint careful
zadolinnyj: Lol brad Johnston just said in the back to miles
feralmong: Oh this is gonna suck. Benched Otten, kept Hampton on.
Hank_Jones: Lynch = Spud. Can’t kick set shots. Needs to play on to kick straight
StuL: Hampton just had half a tackle
GJayBee: Otten on bench here too
Hank_Jones: Same feral
zadolinnyj: Anyone at the game. Is the wind still blowing hawks end?
Snarfy: Laird has been super quiet this quarter.
heppelitis: lift laird
circle52: Otten on my bench but can loophole him with Smith who I kept for another week,
BeastMode: o’Meara would be pushing for on of the lowest every scores for a 31 disposal game..
StuL: Otten, ton up! Love him.
wadaramus: Otten on bench, can’t get my hands on that ton!
zadolinnyj: Same circle
feralmong: Still the cash is nice.
J_Pinkman: can loophole otten with vickers- willis
ballbag: are you deaf crouch? I said outta my team… and take roughy with you!!
runt: Vickery playing the old decoy role
Stuart88: Has Omeara really had 31?
pcaman2003: Kick the Fkn ball O’meara.
feralmong: Go Hampton go.
Lodgy: @runt Vickery is doing good in a football sense but not in a Fantasy sense. Need sum big boys up forward
shaker: What’s the record for handballs
zadolinnyj: Got your 300 Dr Seuss
colin wood: Laird gone to bed?
Kenny27: give omeara the magnet. Oh My Hat!
runt: some players have the ball less than a split second-holding the ball. Some holding 4-5 seconds and no holding the ball!
StuL: Jom. 34 touches. 2 kicks, 98 handballs.
feralmong: Record is GAJ with 33.
feralmong: Think he will break the record easy
Stuart88: The way their paying holding the ball is really frustrating to watch
J.Worrall: Is JOM’s SC really correct?
King_Robbo: Feeling much better about the JOM pick now- he’s not only racked it up but his hands in close have been terrific
9inch: Are SC scores correct at this time?
King_Robbo: @worral- yes, hasn’t been damaging enough unfortunately
runt: Most kicks in a game records are in the 60s and 70s Most handballs records in the last 8 years
Sloaneyyyy: does JOM know its called FOOT-ball
sfmmp23: started stewart over otten. ffs. Laird gone missing aswell. Hampton and o’meara need to step up.
benzammit: Roughies looking at the chop early.
PureSwag: wow lairdy -1 since the half
wadaramus: Free kick Hawthorn alive and well.
frenzy: Hibbert better not get a call up,Otten loop
runt: Our game is truly now foot-handball Australian Foot-Handball League for political correctness
9inch: 80 SC will do from Roughy
benzammit: Same Otten sub for me now Hibberd on hope he don’t play.
Stuart88: Rioli trying to draw a free taking the rich hate this new euke
PureSwag: frenzy maybe cause goldy is doubtfully to play.
zadolinnyj: Like Heath shaw last year you would assume laird will be tag this year on occasions
Lodgy: @pureswag surely preuss will have to come back in for goldy
shaker: Hibberd is not going to replace Goldy
frenzy: Hope they go Preuss, you would think
zadolinnyj: Lol jacobs laughing as Sloane took that
Hank_Jones: Sloane in beast mode
Stuart88: What’s wrong with goldy?
PureSwag: Lodgy you would be they have daw but if they want to go another one then they props will go him.
feralmong: If goldy doesn’t play I’m screwed.
sfmmp23: if goldy doesnt get up then im copping a 0.
runt: Crows supporters making a lot of noise
pcaman2003: Poor defense Hawks. Not good enough.
Hank_Jones: Crouch lay a F’in tackle son!
ballbag: omear 30 handballs? pathetic!! kick it scaredy cat
kano: Black arm bands next week for gibbo’s relevance
PureSwag: Goldy is doubtfully to play he was on crutches and commentates said
feralmong: So goldy left training on crutches. Doesn’t sound good.
King_Robbo: If Adelaide want to be taken seriously this year they should be beating hawthorn
GJayBee: Gibbo must need a new girlfriend and a change of dealer
Hank_Jones: Hendo still on the payroll
runt: kicking straight is definitely a lost art….
sfmmp23: whats going on with laird, has he even scored since h/t
feralmong: Jom now top 10 for handballs in a game. 4 more for all time.
Stuart88: Good thing I have Witts as my spare ruckman
GJayBee: Adelaide look to break a drought against the Hawks today. Can the Captain and his old mate turn it around?
pcaman2003: Hawthorn turnovers horrific today
zadolinnyj: Why is Goldy out?
zadolinnyj: Hampton tackles have been good today
sfmmp23: umpires have been terrible this week.
feralmong: Titch brings up my 5th tonne from 7 players so far. Hope it keeps up.
pcaman2003: Oh well! It’s going to be a long year for us Hawks.
circle52: Initially thought the Goldy News may have been an Aprils Fool Joke.
kano: Hawthorn skills rubbish
runt: Hawks have lost confidence in themselves, they are questioning themselves
Snarfy: Crows forwards are killing the hawks
StuL: Jom has stopped. Sore hands.
sfmmp23: Adelaide look the real deal this year
Hank_Jones: S. Burgone? retire end of season
travo: queue hawks melt re. umpires
9inch: More from JOM and Roughy to finish off
pcaman2003: Most likely Hank
Snarfy: Yeah Omeara has blisters. Put a bandaid on him m0nty
zadolinnyj: Kelly for lever next week you would think
benzammit: Only positive for the Hawks is the umpires still love em.
GJayBee: Adelaide stepping up.
runt: Hard to see where the Hawks first win will come from
Hank_Jones: Otten to ton up!
zadolinnyj: Cyril vs otter in ruck????
GJayBee: Go Hampton, finish off with kicks mate
pcaman2003: In fairness benzammit..hawks missing some frees too.
King_Robbo: Finish off JOM
frenzy: Get sum junk Hampton
J_Pinkman: some junk please Laird. 70 pts not enough son
zadolinnyj: Charlie Cameron has been amazing first two games
feralmong: Well for Hawks 1 dud year out of the past 7 or so isn’t too bad.
Sloaneyyyy: Sloaney going spastic
feralmong: If Hampton can get to 80+ SC I’ll be content.
pcaman2003: Crows smalls killed us today.
9inch: Sloane making up for his week off next week
fonzie: not having sam mitchel killed you’s
sfmmp23: Need stewart to get 80-100 tomorrow to make me not feel so bad about having otten on the bench
zadolinnyj: True that 9inch
Hank_Jones: Hendo still on the payroll
LuvIt74: sloan dog thank you denial son
pcaman2003: I’m off. This crud is hard t watch.See u next game guys.
Hadouken: good day for opp to have sloane, lynch and jacobs lol
CBeezDeez: JOM no tou
JackRipper: Liking Miles 92% EFF with low game time
zadolinnyj: Have not even noticed Gunston???
CBeezDeez: Try again! JOM no touches last qtr?
CBeezDeez: Speak of the devil!
jfitty: Titch – magnet
shaker: Yeah JOM sore hand
Hank_Jones: Jenkins to hospital and Crouch in the Morgue, swear he dead
zadolinnyj: Two good wins to start the season
wadaramus: Yeah baby, great win Adelaide!
feralmong: Nice titch.
Grazz: You Beauty ! !
sfmmp23: laird, hampton, jom not good enough. Wish i kept otten on field.
PureSwag: There one point over the limit. 3301 SC Points have been given out.
circle52: I will gladly take O’Mearas 91 given it is only 2nd game of AFL for 2 years.
LuvIt74: Hawks getting Vickery what a great get… NOT

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