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Chat log from R2 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Gold Coast, R2 of 2017

J_Pinkman: not all that fantasy relevant but Patton out
AngryRyno: commence blowout
Jukes82: this could be a 100 flogging
Pokerface: is ablett’s sc correct?
Lodgy: Blowout? More like Slaughter
CBeezDeez: Bye bye Wocket….
Pokerface: you are on notice bowes
Kenny27: Rocket Eade was just heard on the phone booking the early flight back Home. He has seen enough
PureSwag: Pokeface yeah, all the SC scores have been fixed not 100% but 95% correct
Pokerface: oh cool didn’t know that. thanks swag
zadolinnyj: Think poker was having a laugh
Sloaneyyyy: Heater won’t be seeing much of the ball today
StuL: where are the giants fans?
CBeezDeez: Could do with Williams & Ainsworth going big please…
zadolinnyj: Gerard Healy wants witches hats for gc
Pokerface: indeed zad.. but i learnt something out of it
zadolinnyj: Lol. Hall missing easy shots like last week
PureSwag: @StuL its a small club. Another reason is Western Sydney is very small footy base but is a massive place for rugby.
DrSeuss: Swallow starting well….
zadolinnyj: Mummy just kneed saad
feralmong: Nice green make up for last weeks rubbish
frenzy: Lol watch Taranto ton up
zadolinnyj: Think I can loop hole him frenzy. Was eddy named?
feralmong: No zado
CBeezDeez: Maybe free entry @ these fames like the AWFL
9inch: Shaw and Gaj doing their bit to stuff up a great week
Stuart88: This is gonna be a bad game only hope is swallow Taranto and witts score well
feralmong: Taranto reminded me of the cheese shop comedy.
StuL: Especially as this waz likely to be a bath.
feralmong: Nice Greene. Get a bag.
zadolinnyj: Ta feral. Will loophole taranto
Stuart88: Is to to early Monty to bring out the witches hats?
mardyb: ice for GAJ
zadolinnyj: It’s too late for the witches hats. Straight to potatoes
DrSeuss: Swallow, Witts and Josh Kelly – great start gentlemen
feralmong: He is emergency zado so check it on Sunday
cusch1: David swallol
zadolinnyj: Ta
9inch: Gaj still breaking his stats records in a qtr of footy
frenzy: Eddy on the emergency list zado
CBeezDeez: I reckon he’s sooking coz they wouldn’t let him go back to Cats
Stuart88: How do u ice swallow when the superstar Gazza had only had 1 touch?
benzammit: Ablest that’s why I wouldn’t go near him yet, he’s elite work rate is gone.
Migz: Gaz is murdering me
shaker: Scully 6 points for doing nothing
gdshifty: break out the witches hats Monty
benzammit: He will be a great pick up at 500k come the byes
desmondo: gaz is commiting MASS murder LOL
LuvIt74: Those with Gazza will be hurting, although he could still very well ton up.
RooBoyStu: Ablett is cactus
LuvIt74: @ben exactly providing he stays sound and doesn’t play forward
Migz: I pulled Pendle out for Ablett pre end one cause those Pendle Achilles talk. Fuckers 😫
LuvIt74: I got Lynch and Swallow who need a defibrillator
LuvIt74: @Migz ouch
desmondo: had gazza AND Josh Jenkins (2 points) in my fantasy team 🙁
LuvIt74: And Shaw
theoc: ouch @desmondo thats gotta hurt
circle52: Just checked SC scores from last night and they have changed again. So how can we trust SC scores at all so far.
theoc: i dropped gaz for fyfe, not regretting my decision so far
StuL: Gaz is sick of these losers and wants to go home.
feralmong: Shaw will go “oh we’re playing ” then pull out 60 in a qtr.
9inch: This is depressing
PieBoy: onya taranty
Pokerface: cue ball icon for gaz
JButcher: Swallow is getting into the game now thank god
LuvIt74: I was travelling sweet until this game, Lynch, Swallow & Shaw very ordinary
Stuart88: Gonna be some big SC scores for GWS as Gold Coast won’t score any lol
PieBoy: have a crack shawy
chris7399: Whats everyone go on Goldstein? Trade or hold? Seen leaving training on crutches
Stuart88: Anyone else here take witts as there back up ruckman
feralmong: Fossils Academy for Reliable Kicking Witts. Go son.
Pokerface: he aint playing chris.. hope you have pruess as r3
feralmong: Chris I think I’ll see if there is cash to be made with sandi and downgrade.
Stuart88: What is the go with goldy I have him is it bad? Anyone know
feralmong: Go Greene go.
pcaman2003: GAJ looking gone.
frenzy: Ainsworth is a correction trade in waiting
J_Pinkman: feels like i’m watching a bush league seconds match.
StuL: Hope gaz is tanking, comes home, plays for match payments and kills it. Yea i know… Dig a whole.
PieBoy: onya ainsy
Windyhill: Started with Sandi & Witts…Nank up forward. Let’s hope it keeps rolling
Breezey: GAJ looks disinterested
fonzie: gaj doesnt want to play for the suns
feralmong: I reckon that was the best option windy.
pcaman2003: GAJ career finished me thinks.
mardyb: loving shaws sc. keep giving em away heater!!!
fonzie: gaj wants to go back to geelong
Breezey: If he doesn’t want to play why go out there and let your team mates down. Assuming he’s not trying of course
cusch1: Broody grundy says hello feralmong
9inch: Gaj got greedy now wishes he never left.
Migz: Hope Shaw keeps this up. He will have 200 plus break even. In a month that will be fantastic
feralmong: Ah well hello back cusch1.
frenzy: Imagine the carnage if both goody and Gawn don’t get up
frenzy: *goldy
StuL: Yea i think gaz eas happy with the choice 5 years ago, regrets it now.
Breezey: I like it Frenzy.
zadolinnyj: Is Gawn a chance to miss?
Velo: This is a terrible game. Bring on the next 1 please.
Windyhill: Freed up some cash feral
pcaman2003: @Stul think he prefers the cash.Last longer than his career.
fonzie: they should have let him go last season
Pokerface: #wittilands <3
StuL: His old man would just get free shower everywhere in geelong, he would have been looked after.
feralmong: I bet windy. I had Ryder, witts and nank. Went Ryder to goldy last minute doh.
Jukes82: he knew the team would be garbage, CREAM!
9inch: Funny, GAJ can still ton up from here.
StuL: Gawn will play.
fonzie: wouldnt surprise me if he did
heppelitis: nice comeback from an icicle J Martin
feralmong: Pizza time seeyas in the Third.
fonzie: i reckon the suns would be better off without gaj
Jukes82: you’re just saying that because you want gaz back at the cattery
cusch1: Just his name has done wonders for the gcs
Lodgy: boy oh boy game on a spotless!
zadolinnyj: Why have I got hall?
fonzie: dont care if he comes back or not his heart isnt in the game
cusch1: Yeah you say that now…
penguins00: GAJ should stay at GCS I reckon. On fire in the 3rd
Velo: Shaw needs the icicle. Been terrible.
m0nty: good one Wilson!
pcaman2003: Yes Velo….bloody horrible game.
Gebs: be quiet lodgy
frenzy: Greene you better not be sleeping
Hadouken: shaw…is….killing….me….
Stuart88: Keep going witts a nice 90-100 from to to cover goldy and make some nice 💵💵
Lodgy: @Gebs very rude of you son…. trying to invigorate the game a bit!
nikos: keep it going Joshua Kelly!
Gebs: haha impossible
leorosman_: tom lynch, maybe get a touch yeah
DrSeuss: Witts as Emergency, Preuss as Captain to get Treloars VC score. Watch Preuss get named for Goldy now – FMAF
Apachecats: Seuss as they say ‘the best laid plans of mice and men …
DrSeuss: I know Apache – certainly never saw it coming. Try to take the safe option with the VC score and then that.
feralmong: CD are gonna investigate Treloars SC scores lol
chris7399: Not sure why everyone is surprised with Shaw’s output. The ball barely heading his direction. GWS causing turnovers in t
Jukes82: nothing to investigate
heppelitis: doesnt seem to be doing the kick in to chris7399
wadaramus: FFS Heater, push forward and get some junk man!
zadolinnyj: Did hall place a bet on giants?
DrSeuss: Swallow killing it after that first quarter anomaly.
Snarfy: If you’re concerned with low SC score, look at the accuracy %
frenzy: Cmon Witts a ton is in reach
Breezey: Swallow going along nicely thank you very much.
Velo: Greene and Haynes put in a blinder last 1/4 boys.
pcaman2003: Have Kelly and Greene……unfortunately heater too.
gunners23: cmon lynch a few junk time specials to get to 80 would be nice
zadolinnyj: Removing hall can’t come fast enough
PieCannon: anyone seen ainsworth in the 2nd half?
heppelitis: im feeling your pain zado
Snarfy: zadolinnyj ….and his mate Barlow
zadolinnyj: May trade him for Sheila
heppelitis: plenty of players going to fail against gws though
PieBoy: onya hally
LuvIt74: All i can say is im glad i did’t pay $207k for taranto
LuvIt74: despite lack of rookies this yar
Thedude24: Might do a straight swap of taranto to WHE
frenzy: Greene your turning brown
LuvIt74: Those of you with hanneberry what are u going to do? I hate trading elite premo’s but im gonna
StuL: TT will ton up still!
Thedude24: Surely you give such a player a few more chances luvit
LuvIt74: @Thedude no might about it m8, if u can get WHE for Taranto do it b4 round 3
zadolinnyj: Josh Kennedy? Luke Parker been average too
colin wood: Good boy Barlow
Gott2Win: Taranto on track for a 70-80 SC score, and your not happy with that??
PieCannon: any chance you get a touch after half time ainsworth
StuL: Glad i dont have hanners. Id trade.
LuvIt74: @Thedude he doesn’t look right m8, I think he’s carrying some injury
zadolinnyj: Cmon Monty. Witches hats surely
zadolinnyj: The paper said it was because hanners stopped drinking beer
Snarfy: compared to an Aaron Hall 35SC, Tonto is looking good!
StuL: Needs a beer hanners.
LuvIt74: Well ill start bying him kegs then
Thedude24: He had something like 13 tons in a row last year. I reckon he’ll bounce back
PieBoy: onya taranty
frenzy: Cmon Witts, flower me
Gott2Win: Hannebeery
StuL: Siddle went vegan.How was his India tour? Oh thats right, he sucks now. Hanners needs beer.
LuvIt74: Those who had the plums big enough to go Witts & Sandiballs or Sandiballs in Nans Crevice has paid dividends thus far
StuL: I had witts abd sandi days out and everyone told me bah!! As long as gawn goes 150+ its ok.
wadaramus: Shaw taking the shine of Greene’s score for me 🙁
feralmong: Greene go you good thing
scrappers: surely brodie gets a game now!
feralmong: Oh bit rough geen got most those goals early
Snarfy: C’mon Tonto, take me to town!
LuvIt74: @StuL if ya had of stuck with it, that would ave been better ten having Gawn coz of the $ u could inject else where
whafc: happy with Swallows first game
Jukes82: does anyone have gaz?
Snarfy: I’m feeding Hall to my chooks.
Gott2Win: Star to Smith…surely taking the piss!
zadolinnyj: Lol
pcaman2003: Gaz too risky at the price.
frenzy: Greene Kelly and Witts, happy as Larry
wadaramus: Shaw DE is 73 but his SC is terrible.
LuvIt74: @frenzy u must be projected to score 4000
LuvIt74: bloody roo’s pretender…lol
BoredSaint: Good second half Ward 🙂 good improvement from last week 🙂

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