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Chat log from R2 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Sydney, R2 of 2017

J.Worrall: Woof woof!
Snarfy: Luv the Swannies, but I think we’ll be a dog’s dinner by the night’s end!
Snarfy: Hey m0nty, do you offer marriage counselling? I’m getting into all sorts of strive having this screen in front of me a
J.Worrall: m0nty is still getting over MissPies!
Snarfy: Oh yeah. How selfish of me, commiserations m0nty
Velo: This will be closer than everyone thinks. I say Dogs by 2 points
man0005: Is Monty single? Asking for a friend
J.Worrall: I believe he is in a very happy relationship. Had a son last year IIRC.
m0nty: back on the game please 🙂
feralmong: Hill Wayward shot on goal
kosduras: has hanners always played on the wing??
kosduras: need him to have a big night
Snarfy: Reid is providing the extra tall in the Swans forward line.
Bayno82: THought Sydney would be too inexperienced tonight but they have started well
StuL: This is the misfiring Cloke the pies fans miss.
pcaman2003: Need big games from Franklin and Dahl
zadolinnyj: Gents
feralmong: Basil Brush symbol for robbie fox
fonzie: dahl due for a good game
westy501: hanners is usually on ball…. played wing during JLT that why i took him out…
circle52: Tippett Rolled ankle
Bazza2014: tippet gawn!
feralmong: just give the Higgins award to Tippett already
jaypeee: is SC down again FFS
ballbag: can you start preparing the penguin please
casey22: 2 weeks for that
pcaman2003: C’mon Reid,give Buddy a chance.
shaker: Off the ground head high bye bye Zac
J.Worrall: Is the penguin’s SC correct?
gdshifty: as if Jones gets weeks for that. Was chest vs chest
PieBoy: 4 weeks for jonesy
zadolinnyj: No head in that bump at all. Hip and shoulder.
gdshifty: haha everyone without Jones reckons thats a suspension.
zadolinnyj: What happened to Dahl? He is in struggle town so far
Heizenberg: Hi guys
Velo: Fair grab by Dahlhaus.
pcaman2003: Jones suspension….Comedy Festival started already?
CBeezDeez: Azif on cue Zad…
Heizenberg: Hi zad
zadolinnyj: Yep CBeesDeez. Always the way
zadolinnyj: Heiz
Heizenberg: Sup?
J.Worrall: Bloke couldn’t miss this one, could he?
Heizenberg: Did you do fantasy this year?
McSpud: did just buy a google Home from ebay, thanks to their banner
Heizenberg: Hehe Worrakl
CBeezDeez: Cloke rage tradez next week?
Heizenberg: Bloke, lol predictive
zadolinnyj: Just sc
pcaman2003: Hunter smart ass kick didn’t come off
mardyb: loving libbas tackles
King_Robbo: Jones=sniper
Heizenberg: Okay zad
Heizenberg: I didn’t do it this year, trades and planning started to become a chore
Heizenberg: I’m sure I’ll do it again in future
zadolinnyj: Agreed
CBeezDeez: When will i ever learn never to put Tippett in my Match Day!,,
thefreodoc: Jones one tough cookie – took on a BIG boy – off the ground only problem?
thefreodoc: Jones on tough cookie – Cloke a BIG boy – off the ground maybe a problem
fonzie: tippet is a spud
westy501: time to put hanners back on the ball… notur whythe role change
CBeezDeez: Not arguin Fonz
Velo: Hannebury has played mostly on a wing the last few weeks
CBeezDeez: An $800K spud at that!
fonzie: he was good when he played for the crows
Velo: years I mean
myteamsuks: Will Reid get to 80 for the match?
J.Worrall: its a spear, its a bullewt, its a missile, its a goal – thx Bruce
fonzie: monty can we get permanent spud on tippet
DrSeuss: Dahlhaus, Macrae? You there this week?
J.Worrall: well done, Florent!
zadolinnyj: Great tackle
J.Worrall: great goal!
Snarfy: How quick is Florent!
PieBoy: pull your finger out jj
J.Worrall: Go Bloke!
Donk: That moment when your player gets tackled…then your realise another one of your players tackled him!
DirtyDawn: Evening all
zadolinnyj: Dirty
circle52: Hi Dirty
Drak: Lucky Buckley got rid of Cloke. He’s so terrible.
circle52: Gee umps hot on HTB tonight going both ways.
zadolinnyj: I like it circle
StuL: Come on mac dahl
pcaman2003: Pie supporters will choke on Cloke tonight.
zadolinnyj: Parker in struggle town
CBeezDeez: Good calls tho Circ if they R takin on the tackler
Snarfy: Darcy Cameron might get a run next week
pcaman2003: Buddy in struggle town too.
Velo: Would need to pass fitness test 1st Snarfy
circle52: Not wrong pcaman
tbrowne: umps doing well tonight, letting it run but very hot on holding the ball
feralmong: Bugger don’t have the E on florentine. But $$ are nice.
circle52: Also have spud Sinclair if Tippett out.
the worm: i didnt see the zak jones bump, is he gone?
zadolinnyj: No worm. No head contact
J.Worrall: Nice work, Nic!
PieBoy: yep 4 weeks for jonesy
fonzie: could be in trouble he left the ground
MrGmax: It didn’t look like anything to me.
Breezey: Surely Jones doesn’t go for that. Not high just looked spectacular
feralmong: Gee a week 3 cash in to Newman might be enticing.
the worm: cheers zado 🙂
Velo: 50 metre penalty was correct call as Jones’ hit was late only.
StuL: Jones will get offered a week.
Breezey: Glad I put Newman on the field instead of Hibberd just before the bounce.
fonzie: gmax i agree but ya never know with the mrp
Velo: I can’t see why everyone thinks Jones will be suspended. There was no contact to the head.
pcaman2003: What’s wrong with K Jack these days? Just a shadow
Jukes82: its only rd 2
pcaman2003: Agree Velo. Nothing in it.
jesseboy: Jack is getting old.
Breezey: I say Jones shouldn’t be suspended but they will just for bumping. Wrong I say
pcaman2003: @Jesseboy…So is Mitchell but still gets the ball
Velo: Fletcher was old, Jack not 30 yet.
feralmong: Get involved jmac
zadolinnyj: Jack more to do with interrupted pre season. He will come good round 4 or 5
man0005: Boomer was old, Jack not 40 yet.
pcaman2003: Buddy clangers killing me. Do better Bud!
Vinstar: Parker need a huge second half!
myteamsuks: I’d say SuperCoach wise this isn’t really a great game for anyone
jesseboy: Some players just don’t age well, jack is not one.
Carnster: Hunter and dahlhaus need a lift
fonzie: will low sc scores tonight
Fatbar5tad: Fuck you Hanners. Kills me every year, I pick him he spuds it.
StuL: Cloke essential now? Someone, somewhere will trade him in.
boo!: cloke is a permacaptain
myteamsuks: It wasn’t long ago that 4 Sydney mids were getting over 35 posies in the same match. Things have changed
luke394: So happy i paid 600k for Hanners
biggerz: are these SC scores accurate?
Carnster: come on parker
Velo: Closer than what they have been Biggerz
Roksta: Great grab big Tommy
Raspel31: I scream with excitement every time Parker gets anywhere near the ball. Sad.
CBeezDeez: No chance of U losin Ur voice 2nite then Rasp.
Velo: Jong plays a lot taller than he is.
Jackwatt$: Surely these scores are right? It’s not like champion data to get it wrong.
LuvIt74: handsonberry must go, don’t think I’ll keep him he looks injured
Raspel31: Lol CBeez
LuvIt74: libba’s looking the goods
Velo: Very soft free to Boyd.
Breezey: Shocking free kick against Allir x 2
Roksta: Lucky one there for dogs
circle52: Soft free there and goal.
feralmong: Agree jesseboy some mids are done by 27-30 years old.
Stuart88: Wow that was very soft stay out of the game umps
casey22: m0nty, sick of red type, please change to blue
StuL: It pays not to be black
MrGmax: I have over 3 mil playing in this game. Highest score = Hanners.
Costanza: love you Jong time
pcaman2003: Bud you spud,you’re crud
MrGmax: Okay, highest score = Bont.
jakem1717: Bont goal, I’m sure CD will give that 50 SC points cause they love him so much
Roksta: Stul was that necessary
roshanetw: Not sure what you mean there StuL
myteamsuks: That free makes up for the terrible one down other end
Roksta: That makes up for the alir one… disgraceful
Velo: And the umpires even the soft frees by giving 1 to Reid,
LuvIt74: It’s no wonder the umps are sponsored by specsavers, they should start using the products
carlton_99: Bontempelli’s supercoach score is a joke!
LuvIt74: Think ill be trading Handsonberry to either libba or the BONT
pcaman2003: Dahl going better now.
Tigger5: please explain how it is a joke. @carlton
LuvIt74: Dahlhaus he bloody LOCK
BoredSaint: bont’s score is not a joke.. 88% efficiency with 6 tackles and a goal
mookie: OPSM is the umps sponsor. You should go to Specsavers.
carlton_99: well its pretty much equal to reid who has had 6 less disposals but has kicked 5
Tigger5: exactly Saint!
9inch: Obviously don’t have the Bont. Score is legit.
zadolinnyj: Looks fine to me carlton
Tigger5: 54% efficiency and only 1 tackle for Reid
Carnster: come on hunter
carlton_99: Its just an observation calm down
jakem1717: bont got 17SC for his goal, franklin got 10SC…
luke394: great trade Luv It
LuvIt74: Think I will go Libba – 13 tackles thats just phenomenal
pcaman2003: Buddy!!!!!Finally!
Thedude24: Both Bont and Pendles play in very similar fashions and score well from those quality touches
tbrowne: bont 86 already compare that to treloars measly 106 last night
the worm: there’s a book about SC that will clear up any confusion
BoredSaint: Bonts goal put dogs in control therefore more influential and thus more points
Velo: 6 tackles compared to 1 Carlton. Don’t just look at possessions and goals.
feralmong: Hayward could do the remake of Blue Lagoon.
Tigger5: Wouldn’t go Libba if your talking about SC, doubt he’ll be a top 8 mid by the end of the season
Velo: Bont marked his Franklin didn’t
the worm: im pretty sure libba came top 10 in sc before he did his knee
jakem1717: BoredSaints, Franklin actually got 5SC for his goa. The Franklin goal is more influential because it kept swans in game
Jogrrr: CD give lloyd his 24th touch
Gotigres: Reid bullseye. First time in his career. lol
Torz: Mills has been a flop so far. Dodged a bullet there.
mardyb: bont and dahl have arrived
Roksta: Bont robbed should be on 110
Thedude24: There has to be a reason why Bont and Pendles score so well from so little
Roksta: Adams back to pre injury form
CBeezDeez: Hope they drag macrae along with them mardy
carlton_99: treloar last night had 35 and kicked 2.1 plus 6 marks and only got 20 more than waht bont is now. Not sayingbontisntagun
King_Robbo: Bontebok SC should be more like 100- been enormous
mardyb: macrae can stay where he is imo cbeez
9inch: Jpk done bugget all that qtr. Needs superman status in the 4th
Roksta: Treloar has uncontested ball…
pcaman2003: @Carlton99..Bont DE much better than Treloar
zadolinnyj: 62% efficiency for treloar last night
Tigger5: @Carlton, look at kicking efficiency and clangers and compare them both and also tackles and theres your reason
Zeratul: Garbage qtr from kennedy.
the worm: read that sc book so you wont have to complain about all the confusion, it really helps
mardyb: Yes Bud!
Roksta: Contested possies are gold in sc
Breezey: Is it Buddy time ladies and gents
zadolinnyj: Dahl just quietly churns points
9inch: 15 tackles Liba
pcaman2003: Hope so Breezey.5 more please.
CBeezDeez: Can Libba break the record 2nite?
Velo: Stats say 14 tackles for Libba
JButcher: Lift Johannisen
Breezey: I don’t have him pcaman but I get the feeling he could be the difference when it counts
StuL: Mills eh? Great call Phantom.
LuvIt74: libba could quite easily end up being a elite premo this season
the worm: i swear most of those fantasy “experts” are intentionally sabotaging everyone
Velo: Jones better and cheaper than Mills.
mardyb: budwa!!!
Breezey: Here we go sports fans
Jukes82: give buddy the cape!
Breezey: No no no Budster. Budweiser
StuL: Come on dogs, lift.
pcaman2003: Bonyt takes mark and kick and 6 SC points?How?
jocka: wowee
jocka: wowee buddy
pcaman2003: Thanks Buddy….feeling a bit better now.
Bazza2014: gotta love the bud! #lovethebud
whafc: well that escalated quickly
Bulky: And this is why the Grand Final replay should kick off the season instead of the usual Richmond V Carlton crapfest.
The39Steps: Put away Buzzy, Jacinta, Buddy is ready to go.
runt: Swans shaking the thunder from the roof
feralmong: Picken doin it again
jocka: yes Bulky, yes
LuvIt74: That Aliir was holding the man and umps didn’t pay it
runt: just throw the player out of the contest, no worries right…
roshanetw: parker superman too maybe
J.Worrall: Bonto you boomer!
Roksta: Bont star
StuL: Go bont!!
jocka: 2 blokes wrestling… strongest man wins… no free kick
mookie: Stunning football in the past 10 minutes
runt: Bont is a champo because he pops up when you need him most
Costanza: run of the Mills at best
zadolinnyj: Agree it was a battle of strength
jocka: poor decisio umpire, there was a man within a meter
Velo: Brave but correct deliberate call umpire.
runt: A real champo lol
Breezey: So what is the rule with punching through for a behind. Ridiculous
LuvIt74: What was that free for? Deliberate?
StuL: Thats ridiculous. Defenders got to be allowed to do something
Roksta: No pressure though.
tankin: grand final replay, and a replay of the grand final umpiring bias towards the dogs
pcaman2003: How to ruin a good game.
runt: That Liberatore holding the ball was wrong so a good even up
runt: No bias to either team just red hot calls
Breezey: The bloke was on his hammer. Can’t be a free
myteamsuks: The question the ump asked was he in the square, he was , then he still paid the free
J.Worrall: Bruce says this game is delicious!
9inch: Fair enough had time to pick up.
runt: Dogs indomitable spirit is palpable
Velo: Picken was 2m away from Mills. Of course it was deliberate.
fonzie: Gun for bont
J.Worrall: Was who in the square?
J.Worrall: Go Bobby!
Roksta: Bont starB best on
LuvIt74: dogs are way to fast
McSpud: mills could have taken possession and had a picnic without being tackled
J.Worrall: You buy a new dictionary, runt?
myteamsuks: Umps been very good for dogs this qtr
tankin: there have been a ton of bad calls in this game and 90% go the dogs way. Same as gf
sammyo7: Umos fucked this match
runt: Give the medal back Bob
myteamsuks: He asked if mills was in the square because you can rush it in the square with someone near you.
circle52: Unps ruining a good game That was not HTB wrapped up the moment he got it.
LuvIt74: well done doggies
J.Worrall: How is another near you if they are not also in the square?
Roksta: Is Sydney gonna soon about the free count again?
StuL: Give the medal and the game ball to Cloke
McSpud: dogs too good
J.Worrall: What a night for Picken! Back to 2015 form!
Velo: He actually acked if the ball went through goals or points myteamsuks
preki1: umpies’ love over with dogs continues into another year
tankin: dogs should all give their medals to umps
runt: Cloke enjoying his new team
Roksta: Bont starBonthands down
Velo: If it went through goals kick would be from goal line, but as it went through points, kick was from angle
LuvIt74: dogs are way to fast
zadolinnyj: Just saw virat kholi run out and grab a stump
valkorum: Jong for X, Bont for gun
Roksta: Sook up tankin
LuvIt74: Bont to win the Charlie within the next 3 years he could even win it twice
runt: Life is good for the Dogs
StuL: Bont 98 points in the second half.
Bazza2014: gold call ZADO
LuvIt74: Dogs getting Cloke not so stupid after all
BoredSaint: bont 29 disp at 86% 2 goals and 7 tackles = GUN
StuL: A victorious night for me with 3 dogs.
HappyDEZ: Times change, people change. Free kick Bulldogs anyone?
pcaman2003: Night ladies!
HappyDEZ: X factor = Liam Picken.

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