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Chat log from R1 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, R1 of 2017

HawkAussie: Hey everyone, fixed the Swallow issue people.
DrSeuss: Great start to the year. What’s up with Swallow?
penguins00: damn swallow alreayd locked into my side can’t trade him WTF
LuvIt74: WTF is Swallow locked already?
Danstar: same…locked but game start in 30 minutes
crazyet23: fixed it by not picking him in first place lol
Danstar: congrats….
McSpud: i want him out!
mickelo: Flower, Swallow locked and Pickett my emergency.
McSpud: bowes any good?
spudaroos: Panic traded Swallow to Ainsworth lmao
Velo: Teams unlocked again
Danstar: its fixed. go go go
Velo: Lions and Beams looking good early.
wadaramus: Carn Stef, repay the faith man!
frenzy: VC Beamer
feralmong: Witts showing the value
runt: Something wrong with the scores?
shaker: witts showing the value after 15 minutes haha
m0nty: can confirm Lions are actually six goals to nil
zadolinnyj: Lol runt
valkorum: I just refreshed my screen to make sure this score is correct
runt: You hope for a good start…..But this is ridiculous!
CBeezDeez: Wow! GC will need the REAL God to get out of this ohe!
Ninty: Witts the next Stefan Martin
Chelskiman: GC will go close to wooden spoon if they keep this up.
Apachecats: Bet the Suns coach doesn’t see out the season.
JButcher: Cmon Rocky, Pig up
wadaramus: Come on Stef, lift! If you can’t towel up Witts…well..
LuvIt74: Thankfully I didn’t pick Rockliff
scrappers: to be honest what were they thinking getting a has been coach!
zadolinnyj: Takes hall as a POD. Flower me
LuvIt74: I want Barrett to step up as I couldn’t change Swallow due to them locking it early
zadolinnyj: Rocky sc not accurate
CBeezDeez: Maybe they’ll get Malthouse next?
frenzy: I reckon m0nty’s money ball is closer to accurate SC scores
feralmong: It’s an ok start luvit. If he finishes with 24 possies.
Chelskiman: Not bad from Beams! Would love him to go big though. 130+!
zadolinnyj: In the Melbourne game Lewis went from 66sc to 105 an hour after game
scrappers: they unlocked it LUVIT 15 mins before game
Chelskiman: Why does Beams have a Superman symbol?
jakem1717: Why beams superman?
Thedude24: lift beams! Not good enough score in sc
Jukes82: gaz lifting
Thedude24: wow Steele’s score changed to 113 randomly
Tommo2909: Traded Gaz a few weeks back for JPK. Gaz could go huge
StuL: These SC will probably all magically change at HT. Zerret had been on nothing all half and is now on 64.
StuL: JPK ended the swans game on 109, he’s now 134. Scaling can’t be that much. Scores are lagging.
circle52: Came Home from a family tea and could not believe this score.
9inch: I think SC scores are being allocated to wrong player.
wadaramus: SC scoring has neverbeen so inconsistent, extremely frustrating.
JockMcPie: cmon Lynch, get some goals
js19: If team stats SC is around 825 per quarter scores are usually accurate
runt: Fagan brought more than expected…maybe sprinkled some powdered Hawk dna in their gatorade
js19: In the Syd game, only 2900 was allocated at FT, therefore the massive scaling
BaxterR: it’s Rd 1. Shit’s always buggy in Rd1
DrSeuss: Zorko sleeping through the 2nd quarter
StuL: Steele went from 91 to 113. Marchbank 71 to 97. Normal?
Chelskiman: Nice, Beamsy, that’s what I like to see when I come to check the scores!
JockMcPie: Cmon Lynch….please don’t make me regret
Sloaneyyyy: I’ll resist ablett till the bye rounds. Then I’ll get him and then he’ll get injured
Vinstar: @jock I feel your pain
proudyy: lynch is killing me
The39Steps: Previous two sides Rocket has coached and been sacked have gone onto win flags. All not lost for the Suns.
LuvIt74: I wish I didn’t change my mind last minute, I should have left Gunston in rather then swapped him with Lynch
valkorum: shouldnt have gunston or lynch
valkorum: for less money you could have gotten steele
StuL: Sorry to doubt the goat. His shoulder will probably go pop at some point just the same.
wadaramus: Stefm this isi slightly embarassing for you, I think you should LIFT.
Tommo2909: Lift lynch
werdna007: thank god I left hall out
proudyy: at least by dinner before you fuck me lynch
DrSeuss: Zorko has done very little since the 1st quarter. Pick it up Zork
spudaroos: If you picked Lynch you had to have expected some “kpp” like scores.
BaxterR: can someone sack this umpire please
Raspel31: Gonna seriously regret you Rocky rather than Gablett or Fyfe.
werdna007: fyfe’s the man
sfmmp23: wouldnt mind beams having 100sc.
werdna007: gazza is on too much money to care about his game ?!
werdna007: just watch,gazza will have a bit of a sore shoulder soon
zadolinnyj: Happy with hall score now
sacky35: Lift Lynch
CBeezDeez: If it’s not his shoulder it’ll be his little heart muscle!
StuL: Could be a massive choke coming up lions
Pokerface: if you think gaz has no heart you’ve never seen him play
werdna007: can’t help feeling, this is for wooden spoon favourites
Jukes82: Lions look gone.
zadolinnyj: Correct Pokerface
werdna007: gaz has got heart, but no shoulder !!
JockMcPie: Yes Lynch! Kick 4 for the quarter or something
Pokerface: but he has plenty of sc points in the bank. if you didn’t select him, shame on you
Chelskiman: Beams has stopped. 🙁
Raspel31: Rocky has a great heart and 2 good shoulders-but a functioning brain?
werdna007: yep
Apachecats: yin yang whole GCS team
sacky35: Keep lifting Lynch!!
Jukes82: Gaz gun? or bluemoon?
Pokerface: that’s not funny jukes, wash your mouth.
JockMcPie: Another 2 for lynch?
CBeezDeez: Yeah I’m only jealous i don’t hav any of his $1.5 mill a year!
Jukes82: lol just playin
9inch: Kick a goal gaj
Pokerface: alright, it was funny.
Pokerface: lol i know, me too
sacky35: Gaz: 27 possies,8 Tackles,12 contested,6 clearances!!! Cheap at $1.5!!
Thedude24: Pokerface relax lol. You get worked up so quickly
werdna007: until his shopulder gives way
Raspel31: Okay Rocky, I take it all back
Pokerface: thedude i was playing. not worked up at all
zadolinnyj: Lynch finishing strong
aj74: Real captain’s effort from Beams here in the last quarter
werdna007: definitely bluemoon
JockMcPie: Yes Tommy!!
LuvIt74: Who said I don’t know why you would even picjk Lynch?
JockMcPie: Another one Lynchy!
CBeezDeez: A draw this one maybe?
northernstar: I couldn’t watch the game. How has Witts looked?
fonzie: superman for lynch
zadolinnyj: Beams last 1/4 like electricity in adelaide
Jukes82: how long left?
CBeezDeez: None now! LoL
werdna007: after gaz’s shoulder goes,GC for spoon followed by BL in a tight contest for spoon
Kenny27: nailed my multi today! picked every losing team got good odds too
Velo: Witts was solid northernstar
JockMcPie: Beams got the medal..extra 50 SC points?
whafc: Good onya Beama
whafc: Was my favourite when he was at the Pies

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