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Chat log from R1 of 2017: North Melbourne vs West Coast

Chat log for North Melbourne vs West Coast, R1 of 2017

m0nty: Weird selection by Eagles leaving Barass and Schofield out. Roos have three big forwards, Nelson has to take one.
frenzy: can’t wait to see the kids get amongst it
Snarfy: Monty, do you know the latest on Reiwoldt’s knee?
Breezey: Keen to see how Hibberd and Turner go for the Roos.
m0nty: I heard it was bone bruising, 2-6 weeks.
Chelskiman: Got Hibberd and Pruess on the bench, so not the most exciting DT game for me. Picked the Eagles in the tipping too…
oc16: call me crazy but i picked redden last minute. hopefully it pays off
TheHawk: Goldy already 7 hitouts!! 😀
TheHawk: Goldy already 7 hitouts!! 😀 Keen to see Simpkin get a bit of the ball
Chelskiman: You’re crazy, but good luck with the pick!
LeFtBehinD: Should not have Vodka tinkered out Goldy for Grundy when Pruess was named 🙁
Stuart88: Hope goldy goes big I took him over Big Maxxy
Chelskiman: Goldy could go huge today is Petrie and Vardy can’t get back on…
Velo: West Coast lose both Vardy and Petrie early. Goldy will go huge.
oc16: thanks Chelskiman, its looking good so far!
Chelskiman: Looks like they’re both ok.
StuL: Go Hibberd! Lucky he’s on the bench
GJayBee: I rode Goldy up and down and now I’m off. On Gawn, Grungy, Witts in SC
GJayBee: This game is about Hibberd!!!! hahahaahh
Gotigres: Touch the ball Simpkin
DrSeuss: Mountford on field thanks to DSwallow – not looking good so far…
Chelskiman: I’d take a 30 from Hibberd at this rate, haha.
Kenny27: I’ll take 5 from Simpkin
GJayBee: Hibberd is destiny itself. Anyone watching let us know how he’s actually playing once he does!
TheHawk: C’mon Simpkin!
StuL: I’m watching and haven’t even seen Hibberd
Chelskiman: Sammy Mitchell up to 11 already and Lewis with 32 for Melbourne yesterday. Can’t be good viewing for Hawks fans.
Gotigres: SC scores seem to be correct after the problems of earlier games
TheHawk: Can’t be too upset Chelskiman, happy to rebuild on the go. They have both served us well over the last 10+ years
HappyDEZ: Game largely in NM fwd half so Hibberd hasn’t seen much footy.
LeFtBehinD: North 95% time in FWD half according to FoxFooty!
HappyDEZ: Has there been any hard tags so far this weekend?
StuL: Prediction, None of Geelong, Hawks and NM will win a flag with their cutting the aging stars strategy.
shaker: SC scores still flowered
Velo: agreed shaker
Carnster: ANyone else only able to see DT, SC, Po and G.b not everything??
StuL: Was thinking Mountford has looked like he can play out of the nth spud rookies.
pcaman2003: SC scores still stuffed .eg Higgins
myteamsuks: @leftbehind that was only in the last 8 minutes of qtr
penguins00: @StuL that’s because GWS will win them all
StuL: Goldy was 28 in SC a moment ago
HappyDEZ: Agree StuL. Mount looks good. Preuss doing enough so far to keep Majak out too.
StuL: True. that too
Jackwatt$: i just spotted Hibberd! Hes at Fitzroy Gardens counting how many diffetent species of bird thrre are
Fizzy343: yeh thatd make more sense then him out on the ground
HappyDEZ: Mitchell & priddis taking over early in the 2nd.
Jackwatt$: he is on his way now! Should be there in 30 minutes unless if theres delays on the city loop
Velo: Majak is a spud.
korza: Hibberd the worse Mitchell to ever play AFL
TheHawk: Goldy!
HappyDEZ: LOL. Hence Preuss is doing enough to keep him out Velo.
StuL: I think Hib has ducked out for a kebab. Have not seen him on screen.
gazza39: Same here Carnster
Velo: Maybe Hibberd thinks the game was in Hobart and he went to the wrong ground.
Lobbus: Have Hibberd on ground lol was having good week
Chelskiman: I at least have him on the bench, but he is my EMG…
GJayBee: someone should let Hibbard know about our expectations
Velo: I have Smith (Dees) as emerg and he will still score more than Hibberd
Thedude24: Is Hibberd off the ground or something? 0 in all stats…
Smurf_x: Have Pruess, Simpkin & Hibberd…. So upsetting.
HappyDEZ: Hiibo with a handball. -1.
Chelskiman: Hibberd got a touch! 😮
pcaman2003: Just saw him 3rd row having a frothy.
JockMcPie: Hibberd on fire, got a touch!
StuL: Hib almost had a tackle too. I think he must stuck on the tram and just run on.
Velo: And another HB
HappyDEZ: Gaff been on 30 for ages.
JockMcPie: Positive DT!
fonzie: lift vardy
heppelitis: at least he is hitting his targets…thats something i suppose
Snarfy: The feather icon says that Gaff is running off the wing. It should be hangin’ with Hibberd!
Yelse: been a disaster round one… rookies have killed me… and tanners and robbie gray… and potentially doherty injured
mickelo: Switched LeCras to Roughie last night at last minute. Kinda regretting that now.
Velo: How is McKenzie getting a game in front of Barrass and Schofield?
Lobbus: Gaff taking Hibberd’s place – have both
StuL: Take sc with a grain of salt again. Goldy was 28 at QT, the mysteriously dropped to 10 in the break.
Snarfy: Gee we’re all happy little vegemites, aren’t we!
PureSwag: Hibberd for North is a fail for me. luckily his on bench!
Velo: Most leagues don’t start until next week. So It really doesn’t matter what SC scores your team gets.
Breezey: I was having a good Round 1 then along came Eddy and Hibberd.
Pull: sc scores are still cooked… goldy and higgins should be on way more
pcaman2003: Hawks missing Mitchell now.Bargain WC.
GJayBee: Hibbard on double points, go son.
HappyDEZ: That’s better Gaff.
Snarfy: Gaff – 20 pts. in the last 3 minutes. Should bag him more often.
DrSeuss: Let’s go Mountford… 60 will do for you
Velo: Higgins score actually looks about right
TheHawk: I’m Reportin a missing persons on Hibberd and Simpkin
pcaman2003: @TheHawk. Not missing,just in a coma.
Pull: higgins has 8 contested possessions and 5 clearances going at 90% no it doesnt
Snarfy: Can Higgins share some pts. with Hibberd?
JockMcPie: Higgins done nothing, all handballs as well
heppelitis: the footy has been fairly high scoring this round so far which is good
GJayBee: Hibberd is not being respectful to me
TheHawk: Agreed @Hepp
Stuart88: Goldy been sleeping or someone stealing his points?
GJayBee: Old Mate has 1oo percent disposal which is a plus
JockMcPie: #HibberdWatch
Carnster: Lecras is on my bench in draft and higgins is on. Oh dea
PureSwag: Hibberd for North is a fail for me. luckily his on bench!
Thedude24: Goldy’s sc doesn’t seem right (I dont have him so im not complaining)
HappyDEZ: Burger icon for Jetta?
Carnster: shuey needs to lift here
korza: Higgins>Turner Hickey>Gawn Monday morning
JockMcPie: Would take 50 from here Hibberd, get involved
HappyDEZ: Solid debut from Preuss so far.
StuL: Mount 1 touch since QT. Doh
Velo: @korza you really took Higgins and Hickey?
Gotigres: Kick the ball Simpkin
PureSwag: @TheDude24 it does cause in the preseason I knew his scores will be low due to the fact he does bad with another ruck.
korza: My only 2 bad picks. Hit with every other
shaker: Yeah get rid of Hickey but Higgns could ton up today
GJayBee: Hibbard on 66 percent disposal eff. Bad sign.
AngryRyno: don’t think DE matters when you only touch it 3 times
GJayBee: yo yo on the up today.
Velo: Lots of cheaper and better rucks than Hickey. $450k way too high.
GJayBee: Hibbard needs to be prepared to die to make this game work for everyone
Gotigres: Yes, a kick for Simpkin
Breezey: I reckon Hibberd would be good mates with everyone’s mate Zac Dawson
Raspel31: Think Hibbard already The Walking Dead GJay
myteamsuks: Get ready for the cape!
pcaman2003: Yay! Hibberd….flying!
JockMcPie: Hibberd doubles his score!
GJayBee: I am doing whitchcraft online to get Hibbard cracking
Chelskiman: Give Hibbo the superman!
heppelitis: haha GJayBee…keep dancing naked for us
Chelskiman: Preuss been serviceable for ruck EMG.
sfenda1: I changed josh kennedy for macrae. Kennedy is going to punish me today
Velo: It’s working GJB. Hibberd up to 6 possies now.
myteamsuks: Changed roo>jjk last minute to get money for Steele seems ok now
Lobbus: GJB magic on Hibberd – can magic help me lose weight while watching fanfooty
poolboybob: Hahaha Waite is such a crab
JockMcPie: Big efort from Hibberd here, cmon son
DrSeuss: Mountford has stopped…
Breezey: Simpkin should look over his shoulder the Hibbo train is coming
Velo: JJK been huge
fonzie: thinming about trading rough for jjk
JockMcPie: Someone’s gotta explain the new scoring system…
Stuart88: Dr Hibbert 2 touches in a min nice
Velo: 6 points for a goal and 1 for a behind Jock. Nothing new there.
Snarfy: Go Gaff! Get greedy!
Pokerface: how is goldie only 80sc with vardy and petrie both getting injured?
seanfc99: Goals are actually 8 pts buddy
heppelitis: loving hibberd junk time lol
Velo: 1 goal 7 behinds for Waite.
Stuart88: Jee Waite any chance of kicking a goal son
JockMcPie: Hibberd done more than Pickett….
JockMcPie: Traded out Kennedy yesterday :((
Stuart88: As long as the Dr hibbert can make some 💵💵 I’m happy
shaker: Jeez maybe Norf are bottom 4 team
GJayBee: Simpkin and Hibberd, one of sports great rivalries
Migz: Took the gamble and had Kennedy as my captain. Woo
JockMcPie: Give Yeo and Lecras downhill skiers
Velo: Yes they are shaker
oc16: so happy i picked redden last minute
JockMcPie: Just get off the bottom Hibberd!
Migz: Why lecras. He scored all his points at the start when Norf were in front
shaker: Well done Migz
mardyb: gee north were terrible

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