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Chat log from R1 of 2017: Essendon vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Essendon vs Hawthorn, R1 of 2017

LuvIt74: Is Gunston likely to play in defence now that Roughie is back?
Jukes82: with swallow out who should i start. m.hibberd, barratt or parfitt?
LuvIt74: Barrtt
Chelskiman: I’m going with Barrett personally.
Jukes82: cheers, i was leaning that way
LuvIt74: Which Swallow is out?
Jukes82: david
frenzy: haha GC one
Chelskiman: David. I’m thinking of making Swallow my captain, take Treloar’s VC score and take SPP’s 71.
Ninty: why would you take Treloar VC?
sfmmp23: Treloar only got 96, too low for a loophole.
Chelskiman: Dream Team
JockMcPie: Go the bombers!
maygs: Why are gc & bl players locked in SC?
sfmmp23: oh ok.
LuvIt74: Their saying Swallow is out due to his ankle. I don’t understand why GCS are locked already absolute carnage?
Chelskiman: I don’t have him in SC, but in RDT the Bris/GC players aren’t locked.
Jackwatt$: Oh no I think I’ve made the wrong decision picking O’Meara ova Swallow. And yes I’m aware swallow is late out
BeastMode: bombers looking quite slick
runt: Season over for the Hawks
Chelskiman: Oh, wait, they are locked. Well there’s no going back now with taking Treloar’s VC score.
Chelskiman: I hope Swallow isn’t a late in now. =o
shaker: Ha Ha runt lets give them one 1/4
fonzie: why are gc and lions players locked already
Chelskiman: Happy with the starts from Titchell and Roughy. Jaeger, not so much…
Jukes82: lol o’meara 3 clangers already lmao
JockMcPie: Titch is good investment
runt: O”Mearas nerves getting the best of him but he will finish the game strongly
runt: Mitchell enjoying not having Longmire slapping him about
Sloaneyyyy: O’Meara just dusting out the cobwebs, give him a couple weeks.
Austin: O’Meara will bouce back
JockMcPie: Ay have they fixed the SC scores?
Velo: Writing the Hawks off a bit early runt.
Ninty: lol Vickery is shit
runt: Vickery is the barometer for the Hawks If he plays they will lose
Chelskiman: LOL, oh Vickey, I don’t miss you at all.
Velo: Early games scores updates Jock.
StuL: Had titch in and out. Should have been in damn
JockMcPie: GC and Bris players are unlocked again!!!
Thedude24: Is Jobe’s sc score wrong? I don’t have him so this isn’t a complain. Just interestes in his score
Chelskiman: @StuL, I had Rocky in but at the last minute went with Titch. Still scared Rocky will go 180.
Kenny27: @stul same. I only took him out cause i had the Jaeger bomb aswell in the same line
Thedude24: Is Jobe’s sc score wrong?
PieCannon: whats everyone gonna do with swallow? feeling i should keep him and take spp’s score
fonzie: any rookie suggestions for swallow
StuL: Parfitt, mountford
fonzie: @piecannon im going to take spp score
Kenny27: they havent updated the melb saints game. there should be over 400 more points to allocate
Velo: How the hell was that deliberate?
Salambo: fonzie: Probably Icanthink from Geelong, or Formyself from Adelaide!
Torz: How good is Titch when he doesn’t have Horse ruining him.
Kenny27: okay its updated now
BeastMode: terrible decision
Apachecats: Agree Torz ,Titch didn’t always get a fair go in sydney.Got him in the Brownlow at 50/1
cobrakai00: Match Status: Half Time.
frenzy: ooh ah andy mcgrath, ontop of the bomb atm
benzammit: Sc up the creek again?
Sloaneyyyy: Jaeger ruining most people’s great starts to the year
DrSeuss: What is OMeara doing? Is he getting near it?
sfmmp23: O’meara was on 20sc 5 minutes ago!?!
cobrakai00: OMeara all over it.. calm ya farm
fonzie: dont trust the sc scores
Jukes82: come on it was an obvious stuff up, didn’t deserve 20
runt: In front of mum and dad? Is Langford 7?
Velo: Don’t look at SC scores. They are wrong and have been for every game so far.
Chelskiman: Did anyone go Merrett? I was too scared with all the returning Bombers. Hasn’t missed a beat so far.
Velo: His price too high for me.
runt: the only way the Bombers can lose from here is….
sfmmp23: Bombers looking good so far.
runt: If the Hawks win
GJayBee: The opposing centre women in the AFLW grand final were, Hunt and Cox.
wadaramus: Come on Jobe, lift the DE man.
mpollock: Hawks can’t kick straight
Chelskiman: Titch is a beast!
feralmong: Zerret and titch premiums becoming elite.
Zeratul: Titch owned by 19.66% in DT… wonder what it will be next week
Velo: How good is Steve Smith?
wadaramus: He’s almost a legend Velo.
BeastMode: merret on track for 50 disposals
sfmmp23: come on JOM
exatekk: happy with titch and roughy
aussie59: ooops..major malfunction, no stats at all
aussie59: there
feralmong: I’m really really happy with vickery.
wadaramus: I look at the stats and I just can’t understand the SC scores?
benzammit: Hartley n Green I wouldn’t have picked in my best 22. Justified!
mpollock: That scroll bar not working up
mpollock: The scroll bar not working up the top is so annoying
benzammit: Good though Begley will come in and Stewart in Hooker back to swing with Ambrose
Velo: Hartley the fullback and is a great stopper. Justified getting a game.
Velo: That’s because they are wrong wadaramus
bradman: What’s wrong with the sc scores
wadaramus: Are they wrong or are they just wrong?
bradman: Both probably
the worm: I’ve been watching the game, and if you know what to look for the SC scores are pretty spot on
Raspel31: Few blues in selections but go little Merrett you champ.
wadaramus: TMitch 19 possessions, 4 marks, 3 tackles, 8 contested possessions, 3 clearances, 43SC?
werdna007: sc scores are way off
Chelskiman: Opponent has Fantasia and McGrath. ><
StuL: Mitchell was on 40 at qtr time and he’s still on 40.
werdna007: this site may not have the licence for live sc scores
Chelskiman: Roughy should automatically get the heart.
Ben_Gogos: Awesome stuff Roughy!
Velo: Mitchell has 3 clangers and 61 DE and this drops scores
fonzie: @Chelskiman i was thinking that before
StuL: The HS SC scores are rubbish too. Zerret was on nothing until during the break.
bradman: Surely Heppell is more than 44
werdna007: of course he is
DrSeuss: O’Meara playing this half?
JockMcPie: O’Meara get to 80 and thats fine
pcaman2003: O’meara is a fraud!
werdna007: for live sc scores this site is a fraud
Raspel31: Omeara as cheap as chips and hasnt played 2 years-I’m sticking with him
LuvIt74: glad I chose McGrath at this stage spewing I picked Hanners although its only round 1
Chelskiman: Would take a 60 from Jaeger at this stage.
Stuart88: Anyone else not pick McGrath but tried to sway swallow for him and couldn’t 😡😡
fonzie: mcgrath was a smart pick
Raspel31: Bombers!!!!
pcaman2003: Hawks gone??
Ben_Gogos: More than 78,000 confirmed in attendance for tonights clash!
DrSeuss: OMeara will be lucky to get to 50!
tiges4ever: I was lucky KY and downgraded swallow to McGrath before the SC site locked
DirtyDawn: Evening all
wadaramus: T,Mitch streets ahead but not according to CD.
Raspel31: Evening Dirty.
Jukes82: Jaeger will be ok, I wouldn’t jump off him after one game
pcaman2003: What’s Rioli doing? Not much I think.
Ben_Gogos: Ball hasn’t broken his way and been the first game he’s played in 2 years. No one should’ve expected 100s from the start
Raspel31: You’re copying my comments Ben-agreed.
Chelskiman: Has everyone else’s tipping gone to shit today?
Raspel31: Just a tad Chelsk
CBeezDeez: I can live with this selection wrong. Hate freakin hawks!,,
Apachecats: Wish it really was full time.
Jukes82: 18 possies, 5 clear, 11 cont, 2 shots on goal thats a good game! clangers really hurt score
Chelskiman: Kick it, Jaeger!
Chelskiman: God dammit!
poolboybob: Jaeger still kicking like a Suns player
pcaman2003: Hawks getting busted.Game plan failing.
Jukes82: game over
DrSeuss: Roughy has stopped…
Chelskiman: Biggest upset ever?
Raspel31: No less than 50 possessions accepted Zac or you dropped.
Chelskiman: Ruffy!
werdna007: bombers were are certainty
Chelskiman: Heppell is really starting to piss me off. Doesn’t help my opp has him as captain. =/
pcaman2003: Test them again WADA!
StuL: Was concerned Roughy would get tired. He’s had cancer for god’s sake.
Jukes82: lol
Raspel31: Simply great stuff!
wadaramus: They’re clean…
StuL: I was telling Ppl heppel woukd be hungry, then didn’t pick him,!
bradman: Had Heppell from the start only certain
JockMcPie: O;Meara has had a great quarter
Chelskiman: Well that couldn’t have gone any worse. Danger needs 170 tomorrow to make up for my opponent putting the C on Heppell.
wadaramus: TMitch nearly 40 possies for less than an SC ton, what a joke.
Velo: Stop whinging wadaramus.
Pokerface: sc is about quality over quantity wada.
CBeezDeez: That was special!
Pokerface: here here velo.
brentz: thats better titch, seemed a bit stiff regardless of 6 clangers, 16 contested possies
wadaramus: It’s a completely valid complaint Velo!

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