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Chat log from R1 of 2017: St Kilda vs Melbourne

Chat log for St Kilda vs Melbourne, R1 of 2017

J.Worrall: Go Dees
JockMcPie: Should be a close one, looking forward to it
Snarfy: Really looking forward to see how Steele and Oliver go today.
Chelskiman: Go big today, Steven!
feralmong: Didn’t pick any saints or demons this year. May get Gawn later.
mardyb: why dont melbourne have a back sponsor? looks trashy
Pokerface: didnt even consider tom mcdonald this year
Chelskiman: God I wish I had the money and balls to start JRoo this year.
sfmmp23: Go Rooey
Snarfy: What bad luck for Smith
penguins00: well there’s my first injury Smith
ballbag: @chelks lucky your brain are bigger than ya balls. JRoo is useless
Jukes82: lol I brought smith in at the last miniute, dammit it.
StuL: And smith was going well too. God! Won’t trade him till i have to.
Snarfy: Kept Roo as Captain after VC Treloar got 125. Early days yet though.
jocka: If O. McDonald’s nickname isn’t Old, I will be very disappointed.
Velo: Why would anyone have JRoo in their team? He is terrible.
GJayBee: Jack Steven 27 dt vs 9 sc, oh that hurt’s me spiritually
Snarfy: Looks like Joel Smith has inherited his dads shoulder problems.
jakem1717: What happened to darragh Joyce guys?
GJayBee: Watts repaying the baggage the club put on him this off season
penguins00: I tihnk the supercoach scores are playing up again. some players don’t make any sense at all
jakem1717: Was listed as playing on SuperCoach gold and hence why he was in my team?
Breezey: Lonie in for Joyce
Velo: That was selfish from Watts. Needed to give it to Jones
Kenny27: sc scores arent correct couldnt be
penguins00: @jakem1717 darragh joyce was never named to play
penguins00: supercoach site had him listed instead of nathan brown
Jukes82: @StuL, yeah same. I ain’t wasting trades, unless a good cash cow replacement pops up
9inch: Well fark joyce. SC fake news!!
GJayBee: I will pray for Jack Stevens score to be corrected now.
Velo: I don’t think Joyce has been elevated yet.
zadolinnyj: Lewis score funny. Sc site on the fritz
Velo: Cmon guys. We all know the SC scores are wrong. No need to go on and on about them.
GJayBee: Velo, you are right and wrong hahahahah
DragonLass: Velo, the issue is that actually the SC seem to be right
DragonLass: it’s as if the SC points criteria have changed
NoButYeah: What happened to smith?
feralmong: Went hibberd instead of smith. Dodged one there.
zadolinnyj: The site is just bung. They should ask Monty to fix their multi million dollar site
Pokerface: come on steele. 1 tackle?
zadolinnyj: Smith shoulder. Got landed on
Velo: Damaged shoulder when Roo tackled him. Just bad luck.
Torz: I’ve counted more tackles for Steele. They don’t seem to be paying them though.
Jukes82: how long will smith be sidelined?
Velo: @ Pokerface Need Steele to kick, not handball.
Pokerface: velo – true, but need him to tackle, that’s what he is famous for
DrSeuss: Come on Steele and Steven – need more from you both
Torz: Hannan has been solid as a FWD rookie.
GJayBee: I am lining up crystals for Steven, I am also burning incence for his chakras
Apachecats: Put the old KOD on Smith ,swapped stewart out for him 5 mins before game time
Breezey: Very happy I stuck with Clayton Oliver
mpollock: Is Roo playing purely forward?
Pokerface: thanks alot apachecats >:|
GJayBee: I am going to call the Police on behalf of Steven’s
Velo: Roo playing wing mostly.
zadolinnyj: From what i can work out. Lewis score went back to 0 at 1/4 time
Snarfy: Would any of you change Smith for another cheapie before the price rises kick in after rd. 3
Pokerface: what reason is there not to snarfy? its a dislocated shoulder
Ben_Gogos: @Snarfy yep, cash generation is pretty damn important. Dislocations are normally long term as well.
Velo: Nope. Waste of a trade.
Tonche: Is Newnes ok?
Torz: Steele is flying in the half time break.
J_Herer: Trade Smith unfortunately, he was going great!
mpollock: Thanks @velo
Torz: Hannan!
J_Herer: Brett Eddy to Mitch Hannan at this rate, wow!
GJayBee: the dam has broken
JackRipper: Butler has to be up there too Herer.
GJayBee: SC should just be shown at the end, it’s to painful
Velo: Don’t look at it GJB
Torz: Steven has been disappointing today.
Snarfy: I would never thought the Saints would be so overrun here. I thought this game was going to be really close.
Velo: Steele up to 2 tackles now.
Velo: Steven lead poss winner for Saints
shaker: Ok who went with Hickey?
JockMcPie: Is Gawn injured?
JockMcPie: Ok nevermind xD
zadolinnyj: I put the C on Gawn for something different. Hope he finishes strong
Velo: Gawn dominating Jock.
J_Herer: JAckR – thought Butler was ok, played carlton and gifted a bit though
PieBoy: onya jonesy
Apachecats: oliver least TOG and highest score
pcaman2003: Headline!Gawn smacks Hickey
CBeezDeez: Gawn did cop a knock to the back early.
Smurf_x: Someone explain olivers SC to me? or is it screwing up?
DrSeuss: St Kilda just getting out worked
JackRipper: Fair call Herer. But I loved Butler’s pace and football smarts for a young rookie. You would be happy with 96 SC.
frenzy: people best check late outs, just saying
Jukes82: swallow out!
feralmong: Butler in his 3rd season so not so noob.
zadolinnyj: Any news frenzy? Says no changes for hawks game
shaker: Ha ha Swallow that will cause some headaches
StuL: Ric crashed in q3 so the f1 is over.
feralmong: Which swallow
proudyy: are lewis’ and tom mcdonalds super coach scores right?
JackRipper: What is the best site to follow Late Outs boys ?
Velo: Jack.
Snarfy: Weller is getting ripped to shreds by the commentators.
Jukes82: GC swallow, rolled ankle at training. will be right next week
Jukes82: get the ‘footy alert’s’ app buddy
JackRipper: Cheers Velo 🙂
feralmong: Can only find the news on zero hanger. D swallow late out due to ankle
wadaramus: Carn Steele, ton up son.
scrappers: the idiots have forgotten to post it on final teams!
Chelskiman: It’s on the Suns’s Twitter page, so it’s pretty legit.
Pokerface: afl twitter page jack
Chelskiman: Playing someone with Neal-Bullen in AFL Fantasy. Just my luck, lol.
zadolinnyj: Add 28 to Lewis I think
Velo: Crap Roo. Gone.
zadolinnyj: Tragic riewoldt
Velo: I hope his career don’t end like this.
teachrtony: LOL, Hickey getting towelled.
JockMcPie: Last time we ever see Roo? Hope not
LuvIt74: I missed what happened to Vince, was it bad?
Chelskiman: Hopefully it’s not as bad as it looked.
Jukes82: rooey tombstone
Chelskiman: Let’s go, Steven. Late burst to get to a ton!
wadaramus: So it looked bad?
Snarfy: 2 players out in this match and I’ve got ’em both!
Chelskiman: It looked bad initially.
Sloaneyyyy: Surely steven’s SC will get scaled up
StuL: It buckled in a ugly way.
feralmong: Went swallow to beams. Probably better off in the long run.
feralmong: Nice Gawn but nank is cheaper.
zadolinnyj: Hopefully just slight damage in hyper extension but does not look great
GJayBee: steven being CD’d
zadolinnyj: Stevens accuracy very bad
Jackwatt$: How good are the deeeeeeessssssssss! Am I dreaming, poke me m0nty
J.Worrall: Pokeim, m0nty! h
ballbag: high soring first 4 games. all scoring 85+
HawkAussie: I’m hope Riewoldt isn’t too bad. But I might still have to trade him out.
Stuart88: What happened too roo missed it
sfmmp23: rooey walking in the rooms, maybe not as bad as it looks. Hopefully
chappsy: who’s the best shot instead of swallow fellas? except the main candidates of course
chappsy: who to take instead of swallow fellas?

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