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Chat log from R1 of 2017: Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs, R1 of 2017

J.Worrall: woot woot for footy Woof woof for the premiers!
Sloaneyyyy: I’m trying hard but I just cannot see where the goals will be coming from for the pies.
Snarfy: It will be interesting to see how Cloke will go. Hope he gets a couple.
Umpirespet: Kennedy or treloar for vc chaps?
Snarfy: Ive got Treloar for VC with Roo for backup C if required.
IHateChat: What will the headline be in the morning?
Umpirespet: Have Danger as C just aint sure how wet will it be in sydney tomorrow
m0nty: “Cloke choke joke”
IHateChat: “Bucks Fizz”
Umpirespet: @IHateChat …Buckley still can’t coach?
Umpirespet: Bugger BT is commentating…Here comes the Package
kosduras: anyone starting pendles this year??? rumors of him playing half back have put me off a bit
Umpirespet: Not here Kos have treloar instead
Bazza2014: evening , footys back
DrSeuss: Tuohy or Murphy last minute choice?
Grazz: Site sorted m0nty, no dramas tonight
ballbag: where did pendles rank in SC last year? a year he was half injured? YES i am starting with pendles
J.Worrall: Burger off, BT!
m0nty: here’s hoping Grazz
J.Worrall: Go tuhy, bob has been out a while!
Umpirespet: J.W just put MMM on so don’t have to hear BT
J.Worrall: He’s not Dependleberry for zip!
Bothy: hi all
Grazz: Onya mate, all the best for 2017
cusch1: Bont h2h with Pendles early
DrSeuss: Cheers JW – seems to have a good role at Geelong. Fingers crossed
cusch1: Good luck to Crameri tonight, first of the 12 to return
exatekk: Hey all!
exatekk: Hey all
man0005: Hey all
Velo: Anyone have a dirty sock for BT’s mouth?
StuL: Massive game for sc this.
cadelcamac: good to be back hey?
cusch1: Bontempelli can make the biggest mistake in history and these commentators will still wet themselves over him
DrSeuss: Guessing I should have stuck with Murphy? Lol
Snarfy: Had Phillips in my side for a while…but not now. I’m gonna watch him.
Velo: Looks good so far Snarfy
frenzy: Mayne get another game 4 pies
Yelse: why is reload SC so low
J.Worrall: Hay awl?
heppelitis: I got him…nice POD so far
IHateChat: Wow.
oh_lol: How accurate are the live SC scores?
circle52: Varcoe reorted
Bazza2014: dogs by 12 gls?
man0005: Varcoe reorted
StuL: Good signing Mayne.
circle52: Have Phillips in AF
IHateChat: Intentional eye gouge
Bazza2014: reid with an eye gouge
circle52: *reported*
ballbag: his eyes werent on the footy… they were on the fingertips
Yelse: phillips SC is a load of BS
Snarfy: Johannisen has had his head in a pyroxide bath. The question is he good enough to go the ‘Look at me’!
exatekk: Has Grundy got a calf guard on?
Grazz: haha
exatekk: HAHA Joffa’s cut
ballbag: onya clokey!!!!!!!!!!! stick it right up Joffa
cusch1: Faces of the cheer squad are the best images I’ve ever seen
oh_lol: Good old Joffa lol
Roksta: Cooke!!!
Tommo2909: The Joffa is not happy
wadaramus: Pies fans totally gutted at Clokey’s goal 🙂
kosduras: how white gets a game is aboslutely beyond me…2 turnover in 5 seconds
CBeezDeez: Stick it up Buckles too Clokey!
Ash777: best reaction
wadaramus: SC scores reading true?
Roksta: How pumped was cloke boys got around him
J.Worrall: Stick it up ’em Bloke! Bucks liked a Freo boy better? Dumb!
PieBoy: onya crispy
Roksta: Kosduras cloke better?
King_Robbo: Haha Champion Data having a mare again
GJayBee: seriously SC? Is there a virgin in charge tonight?
jeddies22: how good is it to see bob back
StuL: SC website obviously messed up again. Are they going to get it right this year? pathetic.
ballbag: Joffa would have been spitting teeth if he had any
kosduras: doesnt look like it wada
Velo: Not likely Wada. Murphy would have more that 1 point
GJayBee: OK obviously things are amiss, lots of scores of 1
kosduras: @rocksta hahah at this point yes, stoked for cloke but, so quickly people forget what he did for the club
circle52: appears to be Wada done a random check on HS Live scores and pretty accurate.
StuL: First time I ever cheered for Cloke!
Migz: 59 SC Cloke from 3 kicks. Darling what
King_Robbo: What’s the pint of having SCGold when they can’t even update the scores? :/
64frogs: scores aren’t so great for paying customers here either KR
exatekk: too true king robbo, but you have to pay even more to herald sun for live scores
kosduras: @circle, adams 10 touches 2 tackles and 7 CP for 12 SC cant be right
StuL: Farkn newspaper! Just get a msg to say subscribe now to get SC scores! I am subscribed!
KoRnage1: Scores seemed to be accurate early regarding SC. Clearly not so now.
circle52: Nah after I checked went scre wiff Showing Howe 0
circle52: So yep another night of flawed scoring
pies13: haha @ballbag another classic pie joke how you going bud?
Velo: I am happy to wait until after the game to get SC scores. Can’t do anything with them before then.
Ninty: only 54% effiecency though kosduras
Roksta: Darcy Moore using his head
DirtyDawn: Evening all
DrSeuss: Come on Macrae get close to it!
64frogs: Varcoe will crack the SC ton with that hb
Roksta: Important with overlapping games at times velo
casey22: Murphy sc 9, wtf. Oh, hi Dawn
cusch1: But if we don’t have scores mid game then we can’t hurl armchair abuse that the players will never see
circle52: First intepration of miscued deliberate OOB
DragonLass: Don’t pick Johannisen, they said. He will get tagged, they said.
exatekk: i feel ya dragon 🙁
valkorum: circle…. and they get it right
Breezey: The Mayne Vein
valkorum: Cloke hitting more Collingwood targets now that he is Bulldog
Raspel31: Hm, SC doesn’t exactly love Treloar.
Snarfy: ‘Top Deck’s’ not a bad player is he.
J_Pinkman: i missed that memo not to put Johannisen in. so this working out. tonight anyhow.
StuL: Treloar – beast mode this year!
exatekk: anyone seen Bont? Last seen with the VC on my side….
BeastMode: bad kicking 🙁
StuL: Bont is the one letting the SC team down.
Yelse: is SC right?
Bazza2014: adams philips, grundy nd dalhaus, not bad start
Bazza2014: oh and mccrae
StuL: Ignore SC scores. Obviously messed up.
fonzie: cmon bont lift
cusch1: Didn’t pole think that Tom Boyd was SuperCoach relevant?
cusch1: People*
Roksta: The bont!!
circle52: Ask and he will come Stul
MrGmax: Cheers, fonz. 🙂
zadolinnyj: Treloar not great
Bazza2014: fazza
Grazz: Its a goal feast
Breezey: Ever since Fas missed the sitter he’s gone ballistic
StuL: Bont!! Good game. Obviously all hope the pies lose still..
cadelcamac: Would’ve thought Taylor Adams might have a higher SC scaled score?
kano: Murphy 12 touches at 100%..22SC apparently
fonzie: lets hope for a dog blitz in 2nd half
wadaramus: Why is it so difficult for CD to put through accurate SC scores?!
Bulky: Hey Dennis Armfield. Jesse White called. He wants his crappy hairdo back!
J.Worrall: Exa, you have a Victoria Cross on your side? Odd!
zadolinnyj: The sc scores are the same as on SuperCoach site. Last night march bank went up 30 over night
wadaramus: But they must be seriously busted zad?
kano: Sidebottom only 51 sc is ludicrous
Jackwatt$: Don’t tell me m0ntys calculated is flowered again
Umpirespet: Crameri has had 4 dis and has a higher SC score than Treloar
9inch: SC cant be right so don’t stress
Raspel31: Okay-who gonna dive and rise this year? Me Sainters to contend and Norff to dive?
Jackwatt$: *calculator
zadolinnyj: U would think so wad
boo!: are you pedalling minty
King_Robbo: SC is laughable. Can we really trust the end of game scores?
Jackwatt$: Haha. It’s m0nty. Funny call though
runt: The booing of Cloke will come back to haunt Collingwood tonight
StuL: Still don’t believe the SC can be right on the HS site. fasolo 96!? Treloar 28!?
circle52: Not mOntys fault as the SC scores are same as SC on HS site. Had trouble last night as well. Disturbing I know but that
wadaramus: We never blame m0nty, he is king.
circle52: Stu that is what SC is showing on HS so that is why I am not trusing them
Jackwatt$: Hey m0nty can we play the purple name game. I guess Adams to finish on 72 but be upscaled to 124
Raspel31: Indeed -Monty does a great job-but Treloar 29?
wadaramus: I’ll take that JW$!
King_Robbo: It’s Champion Data that’s butchering it… Not monty!
m0nty: obviously the SC scores are wrong, have patience young padawans
runt: Moore will be an up and coming player until the cows come Home
valkorum: relax everyone – the scores come through from external sources. They are always wacked to start each season
Jackwatt$: Yeah fair call guys Afterall m0nty single handedly built this site b4 SC existed. Just wish he’d change calc batteries
runt: Will Hoskin-Elliott?
Thedude24: Seriously Treloar? Put him in last second and already killing me
runt: Or wont he?
Umpirespet: M0nty you should charge SC for supplying the scores to us for them
9inch: Probs should of gone steel instead of gaj sc?
fonzie: gotta love when technology stuffs up
Yelse: treoloars score can’t be right
buddybewdy: these ads are ridiculous
buddybewdy: can’t even use the fu***ng site
biggs2dujj: i am sad
Velo: Ignore all SC scores. They are obviously wrong.
StuL: Sidebum too inconsistent, he does this and u think he’s a must have but then pulls out a shower score
biggs2dujj: What if they are not wrong??? What if they have changed the game and not told us??? 🙁
Gott2Win: Ripper game, pies on top for me, dogs not hard enough in the contest and clearances
Raspel31: Reload adblocker-? aNNOYING.
Chelskiman: More of the same this half Adams, Treloar, Dahl, WHE and Grundy!
StuL: Let’s go Clokey! I wanna see Joffa sulk again.
runt: Dogs will go the knuckle in the 2nd half
teachrtony: I’m getting the same scores for SC on the Gameday SC page??
cusch1: It’s a good thing these girls can play footy because they definitely can’t act in these commercials
Raspel31: Treloar should go up to 30 on SC now
runt: Why boo Cloke? He gave everything to the Pies
runt: ungrateful bastards
StuL: Pies fans are a disgrace runt.
Roksta: Bont gun
runt: no censoring? nice
BeastMode: t adams…. so hot right now
cusch1: Roksta that goal was set by Crameri, Bont did the easy bit
runt: Im looking forward to seeing how the Dogs fight their way out of this
Velo: @ runt. because they are wobble fans.
Roksta: True cusch but calling it early
cusch1: I think Bont has been very average tonight, and only looks good statistically because of 2 goals handed to him
cusch1: But you have to be in the right spot to kick them I suppose
fonzie: who cares if it means a higher score we will take it
Roksta: Howe is a dirty prick
circle52: Ripper game this one even if the scoring is RS,
valkorum: roksta Thats just old school marking. Use your foot to keep your opponent off is fair play
valkorum: No different when you mark on someones back
runt: Am I going for the dogs? Fucking right I am
cusch1: Bobert you are next level. Welcome back
zadolinnyj: Cox was violated then. Defender was inside him yet no free?
cadelcamac: Adams is getting SC robbed
runt: Keeping booing you mongrel Pies
kano: Adams butchers it again
Velo: @cadel ignore SC scores. they are wrong.
ajconodie: I hope you enjoyed your last game int he seniors Blair.
cusch1: Blair will play every game that Elliot doesn’t
StuL: Bob has had it about 5 times in 5 mins and moved 5 SC points. Screw you HS.
Chelskiman: Don’t you hate it when you’re in the middle of writing something and site refreshes and you have to start again?
IHateChat: Two Dads doing ok.
vamos77: Cox poor hands, no free
Chelskiman: Cox is killing Grundy’s score. Get him out of the ruck, Bucks!
StuL: This would be why sc scores were “scaled up”, so radically last night, they were wrong all game.
Thedude24: Bont should’ve had another goal. It was him that tackled, not hunter
wadaramus: Carn Treloar and Adams, go massive!
Zeratul: 4 miserly hit-outs for Grundy that qtr… 😐
jaxx: Grundy 6 that qtr
9inch: Think there are nearly another 1000 sc points to be handed out
JButcher: Its times like these that make me thankful for AFL Fantasy
myteamsuks: WHE going great for cheapie
Raspel31: Agreed Chelks about site refreshing because what I really want to say is
zadolinnyj: Hs SC site score stuck at 63 to 57 so sure issues are occuring
Pokerface: people still play afl fantasy?
ajconodie: You’re fu
zadolinnyj: Lol Raspel
ajconodie: ny Raspel
ajconodie: Is it possible to have a 43 point discrepancy between DT and SC?
StuL: Yea Butch. My mates quit AFL Fantasy for SC. I always liked AFLr. I’m a converted now but this sucks. trash tabloid
Thedude24: Adams and Treloar robbed?
Velo: Robbed of what dude?
StuL: Some players SC seem like they could be right but most aren’t.
wadaramus: Only beacause its there Pokerface.
korza: Howe has 5 interception marks and about 6 spoils S/C scores disgust me
zadolinnyj: It is possible. In DT you get 3 points for kicking it out on the full
GJayBee: sc scores make me want to winge like me ex
Pokerface: i missed the whingers during the off season who expect dt and sc scores to match
cusch1: Crameri was part of that tackle too dude, could have gone either way
tommy10: Some of the sc scores are not right
Pokerface: no they aren’t. but saying it should equal dt is just silly
CamT: Did Treloar lose 30pts for kicking one out on the full
StuL: How are nearly all the top sc scores only in the 70s? Clearly rubbish.
cusch1: Anyone know what the crowd is?
Pokerface: actually scores aren’t that wrong.. theres 2600 awarded.. they are on track to be scaled down
Pokerface: perhaps because its only bit past 3/4 time stu? Theres alot that will ton.
Pokerface: your complaining is clearly rubbish
J.Worrall: DT v SC scoring arguments are dumb!
J.Worrall: There’s 330 awarded all up …
StuL: When Bob was killing it last qtr his score was barely moving.
Barniclez: come on grundy lift mate
J.Worrall: whinging about your ex is like complaining about the Pies winning, dill!
Thedude24: I’ve never seen a difference of 48 between dt and sc. Really stiff Adams. Hopefully the sc score is wrong
oh_lol: lol @ all the whinging on here about sc scores. 1st world problems.
DrSeuss: Phillips has stopped this quarter
J_Pinkman: happy with Helliott’s performance
man0005: lol @ all the whinging about whinging on here about sc scores. 1st world problems.
J.Worrall: Thedude, you aint been watching!
StuL: No one is saying its not a first world problem. I admit we’re soft as butter.
Raspel31: Treloar off the pitch a lot?
kano: Stfu about adams. His score will go up but he has butchered it all night. Sidebottom the most stiff
ajconodie: Surely Pendles goes 140+
spudaroos: Lmao Adams as been woeful with his disposal at times. Not surprised at his score.
RGriffen: SC by far the best comp it isn’t funny
zadolinnyj: Can’t wait for someone to get 50 points for winning goal. Will be the fast minute of whinging
StuL: No way Treloar only on 75 though. He’s been massive.
cusch1: Pendles has to be among the best players to have not won a Brownlow
Pokerface: pendles will play at half back they said
zadolinnyj: Treloar lots of handballs and only 2 touches this 1/4
man0005: I’d rate Jobe Watson as another cusch1
Pokerface: you still carrying on stu?
wadaramus: Surely the SC scores are still out of whack?
Chelskiman: Nice quarter, Grundy! 😀
Pokerface: lol man
StuL: Ppl with no team should be banned poker.
ajconodie: man0005 goes bang
spudaroos: Bont needs to be more of a ball magnet to be truly elite.
ajconodie: COuple of 9 pointers and we’ve got this.
zadolinnyj: Very good man0005
Blaknight: stoaked is stayed with Johannisen
poolboybob: Tom Boyd is still dumb as a box of rocks
Pokerface: why is that stu
J.Worrall: Pendles same as ever – sheer quality1
Pokerface: i don’t believe m0nty has a team icon does he?
Chelskiman: Has Dahlhaus been on the ground this quarter?
zadolinnyj: Bont score out of control?? If he gets that for 22 posies he may hit 1 million at some point this year
J.Worrall: Bont 100% class all night
ajconodie: Doesn’t need one Pokerface. We know he is a Hawk.
kano: Bont is 21 yeaRs old you clueless fuckwit
exatekk: fine by me zadolinnyj. i took him over treloar
Pokerface: 24 contested possessions pendlebury.. that’s insane
StuL: Troll
Pokerface: sorry stu, ill let you get back to saying how wrong sc scores are.. always a good read
runt: Bont is a cool head in a tight spot
westy501: haha
wadaramus: SC scores make no sense.
zadolinnyj: I took treloar. So far my cheapie out scoring the money
westy501: spot on poker
Thedude24: Nice from Bont. I thought he played worse than that, but I’ll take it
Migz: i took adams off and rance on 15 minuts before the game last night… D:
RGriffen: lol SC scores make the most sense. Play like crap score like crap
frenzy: treloar gun, pendles nudda
J.Worrall: Pendles will be better when he’s fit1
JButcher: Ouch Migz
GJayBee: sc scores remind me why I get to like DT more each year
wadaramus: So Treloar played like crap? Dahlhaus too? Adams? Sidebum?
kosduras: supercoach scores stand???
King_Robbo: SC are not correct. Calm down
Velo: @Migz Why change a ball magnet mid for a key defender?
StuL: Adams will be ‘scaled up’
Pokerface: medal for pendles. take that star off jj
Pokerface: in a game where theres so many high dt scores, of course sc scores aren’t comprable.. sc is scaled so each game is equal
shaker: How can Mayne score nearly as much as Treloar ?
Fizzy343: supercoach is crap, whats new
StuL: SC scores are way diff on the HS website, and even don’t trust them either. Flower off Poker.
wadaramus: Ask RGriffen, he says it makes sense.

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