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Chat log from R1 of 2017: Carlton vs Richmond

Chat log for Carlton vs Richmond, R1 of 2017

BestCoast: Greeting all, good luck and bring it on
colin wood: Evening gents.
feralmong: Howdy all
McRooster: You bewdy, footy’s back! That’s the best medicine for Bruce
danmaio: Evening
colmullet: woooo finally!!!
frenzy: woot woot , we’re back, thank flower
Jogrrr: llleeettts goooo
Growlers: hello
frenzy: where arth now m0nty
m0nty: Sorry about technical issues, it is completely beyond my control.
elvundir: Will scores be up soon?
m0nty: I am waiting for the data supply to come. So far, nothing. 🙁
zadolinnyj: Gents. Good to back with afl
J.Worrall: Ho hello gang and m0nty!
kosduras: evening lads!!
cusch1: Oh it’s good to be back
J.Worrall: data supply needs fracking, apparently!
boo!: pedal faster minty
oh_lol: Cripps is my VC
PLACEBOPIE: hello all
heppelitis: An acorn kicked a goal for the blues
elvundir: afl site not working either
ballbag: cvipps…NOT cvipps
BaxterR: I miss the JLT
Lodgy: well done monty got the chat working… far more important than the scores!
Jackwatt$: Oh m0nty please tell me you have a backup calculators?
Bothy: Evening all and welcome to a new season!
Jmachete: is this thing on?
cusch1: Griffiths is vickery 2.0
feralmong: Small forwards looking dangerous
Bothy: Hi all and welcome to a new season!!
shaker: AFL site not working either
whafc: Hey mOnty. Is that you sitting 2nd on Draftstars
frenzy: give Rance a pink donut m0nty
64frogs: Call Malcom m0nty
Austin: welcome back! Here we all are for another new exciting season
StuL: Butler is on 45 or some freakin thing. Good thing I didn’t pick him!
mardyb: rance…
Umpirespet: Hi all…Afl website down here as well
meziare: Other sites working Monty?
franklyfun: Have just been told OBAMA has hacked SC scores (VERY BAD/SICK MAN) Trump will get to the bottom of this
silloc: god i need stats
StuL: Something wrong with the HS site. Players scores just went backwards
poido123: upgrade your server you fat ranger MONTY. Terrible bloke who bans people for the pickiest crap.
ademase: footy’s back, hey everyone. richmond look slick
SoS-Jnr: no stats are available atm, supercoach live hq is getting hammered and unreachable… and they want to charge for it!
colin wood: 🙁 no stats Mont?
wadaramus: Welcome to the new season, carn the Crows!
Growlers: Any news on when this might be sorted?
oh_lol: Woohoo. Well done monty
Kernahan: Yay!
BaxterR: great work mont
boo!: burn man kreuzer
ballbag: rance will be as cheap as a rookie in a few weeks
wadaramus: Fanfooty rocks, good work m0nty 🙂
NewFreoFan: Back for another year! I give it till Saturday night before my season is ruined 😉
mardyb: butler lively
HawkTalker: HawkTalker in tha HAUS!
wadaramus: 1 handball, come on Pickett lift!
Bothy: lol it begins again
Lodgy: Yay we are in! Kudos to monty. he is as fast as the multi million dollar AFL website which only just came online too
zadolinnyj: Great work monty
Fletch91: I feel Marchbanks possies aren’t being counted
kosduras: course i started pickett over butler…
Sloaneyyyy: Pickett..
werdna007: this site is just a pathetic version of AFL Match day
StuL: I knew I didn’t like Pickett. Only picked him because Carlton play tonight. He’ll be m11
cusch1: Will we be getting sc scores ? I know there’s problems with HS but will we get them or at end of game?
NewFreoFan: Bull icon for P-S
JButcher: Why are you here then werdna?
gdshifty: same here Kos
Velo: Thomas is still a spud.
Yelse: picket such a big F-up
Lodgy: @werdna people have been banned for less than Blasphemy…
wadaramus: Zacly JB, rack off then werdna.
werdna007: hoping for something better lodgy
colin wood: Well piss off then werdna you unappreciative wanker
mpollock: Nothing like a small forward to give you 20s
NewFreoFan: Damn why did I make Pickett captain… gotta love the classics 😉
feralmong: With all these new players I thought we wouldn’t need hunt.
m0nty: okay sc scores there but they are buggy, again nothing I can do about that
Velo: If you hate it wernda create something better.
werdna007: colin wood give us some sc scores
zadolinnyj: Picked houli as a POD. Genius
feralmong: Vc on dusty and luvin it
Fletch91: Picket 46 SC. Amazing lol
StuL: That’s on trade wasted. Pickett out corrective trade.
DirtyDawn: Evening all
frenzy: spud Rance m0nty, still statless
Lodgy: werdna hasnt endeared himself with the crowd…. then demands some scores…. Kygios style
ballbag: NanCrevice is a BIG mistake as ruck option in SC
cusch1: Give Pickett some time, surely we can’t lose money on him
BestCoast: Evening DirtyDawn
StuL: Butler 53, dusty 58, nank 47
werdna007: monty said in the preseason that live sc scores were his goal from round 1
colin wood: When’s Cripps going to rock up in this one?
fryzie: Well I took a punt and put SPS on the ground
heppelitis: Relton roberts symbol for pickett
fryzie: took a punt and put SPS on the ground over SPP
StuL: Doch, sim, Murphy, sps all around 40 odd
IHateChat: Marchbank SC?
BestCoast: Where is RooBoyStu
JButcher: Bloody hell Rance, I knew you were risky when i took you in draft but surely you can find a kick
feralmong: Doch is a backline lock.
zadolinnyj: Nankervis is 57sc. Got him as a forward
oh_lol: Hhaha @heppelitis
DMS774: Rance handball!!! Yay!
zadolinnyj: marchbank 36sc
ballbag: you HAD to start with either Simmo or Doch… foolish not to
BestCoast: Agree ballbag
poido123: pickett will be ok. up and down player
wadaramus: Thanks for the SC score updates zad.
oh_lol: What do you expect from werdna? Typical collingwood scrub
casey22: site problems?
IHateChat: Docherty is my VC. Took a punt.
Sloaneyyyy: No scores again?
m0nty: right then, SC scores working!
boo!: minty you barely pedalled 20 mins and you having a break
McSpud: All the other sites are fine…
werdna007: thanks monty !!
cusch1: Have Richmond supporters purchased their tickets to the grand final yet?
zadolinnyj: No probs mate. Doc is 41sc currently. Simpson 44
m0nty: I get there in the end…
BestCoast: Your the man m0nty
Sloaneyyyy: I’m on a phone. All scores and names are invisible
zadolinnyj: Love your work Monty. Love the banta just as much as the scores
wadaramus: Excellent work m0nty, keeps dropping out but all a part of the fanfooty experience 🙂
Sloaneyyyy: Oh wait. Back now
Rush: accidentally have pickett on field this week because i mucked up on the lockout
BestCoast: cusch1 lol the f word would be getting talked about for sure
werdna007: excellent work monty . we need a superior point of difference
poido123: monty is a R.angar
Raveneyes: SC scores are frozen all round. Stuck everywhere on 71 to 33, mid 2nd qtr.
mpollock: AFL, CD and Herald Sun about as useful as Pickett
shaker: Well done m0nty
axe9: nice work monty
mardyb: rack off poido
MarksMen: Welcome back everyone
Migz: why o why did i take rance in the last 15 minutes.
Umpirespet: Poido not sure i’ve ever seen a r.anger
shaker: Ooh Rance nasty
StuL: top tigers Martin 66 Nankervis 57. Grigg 55 D. Butler 54. Griffiths 540 Cotchin 45
boo!: @migz. you’re not the only man to say that
StuL: Kreuzer57 Plowman50 Petrevski-Seton44 Simpson44 Weitering42 Gibbs42 Docherty41 Rowe37 Marchbank37 Murphy34
Umpirespet: Griffiths is killing it STUL
StuL: Spuds Cripps 18 Rance 8, picket 5. Yea get on griffo!
tommy10: Bloody hell, 1st game and there are technical issues already.
BestCoast: @StuL cheers for the updates
StuL: No worries. Houli 14 Caddy 18. Prob the other sort of popular picks.
heppelitis: 100 Picketts on my back fence better than Jarrod
J_Pinkman: doubting pickett but put him in. not going to panic on him just yet
casey22: System should be bullet proof by now
Chelskiman: My Caddy experiment has failed. I’d be over the moon if he ended up with an 80.
vamos77: Half a game in and already looking to offload Caddy
koolkatt: ased
Velo: At least this page loads, unlike
koolkatt: you think this site woulkd actually work
casey22: m0nty, when are you going to swap the red/blue around. Sick of red
Umpirespet: Velo i went into vmy afl fantasy page and can see my players scores there
StuL: Maybe it’s not so bad we let him go. Parfitt will be a player I reckon.
vamos77: Caddy = Mulligan
heppelitis: Girl in the Jockey add hot
King_Robbo: CMon Doc, start hitting targets bud!
vartic: Was gonna field Butler, messed up moving a player around and now got no Butler and Pickett on field D:
mardyb: loving nanks sc
LuvIt74: Evening all
franklyfun: At least potential trade is Pickett out, Butler in for no extra cash. Only game one though. Heaps could change.
LuvIt74: Field Butler & Pickett and Pickett is killing me
cusch1: Butler looks to be a very good player for Richmond.
dibbydobby: good to be back lads!
wadaramus: Piiiiccckkkeeettttt, handball goal assist
cusch1: Butler castagna the new papley Hewitt?
Jackwatt$: I didn’t pick Butler. Did someone say why? Because he won’t play blues every week and Rnd 1 only in 1 price rise
Chelskiman: There’s no way Butler won’t be picked for the next few games based on this performance.
Yelse: what is race doing do something
Velo: Garlett and Petracca are must haves next week against Carlton.
luke394: is all super coach scores frozen?
zadolinnyj: Evening Luvit
m0nty: all scores are frozen for the time being. Data supply always patchy on night 1.
9inch: We all say that when you don’t pick em lol
zadolinnyj: SC site down since half time
frenzy: Pickett plays like Rance
Chelskiman: Carlton will win this. I know we’re well in front, but we can never put teams to the sword when we’re in control.
koolkatt: this site is an antique
circle52: Hey Luvit – I am fielding Pickett with Butler on Bench so how do you think I feel
whafc: they only have 6 months to get ready
StuL: Nobody has touched the ball in SC this half
meziare: CD run with same software as census!!
circle52: All stuck at 20min second half Stu
cusch1: Circle I’m guessing you feel with your hands?
whafc: is that you monty on DS?
64frogs: What’s the bet Dusty gets all of the ghost time minutes
Crowls: where are they hiding caddy? looks like butler is doing hhis job
feralmong: Muppet marchbank
feralmong: And add Castagna to that.
Umpirespet: Will carlton win a game this season?
IHateChat: Glad I grabbed Weitering.
cusch1: What was the reason for that not being play on?
wadaramus: Come on Nank, ton up mate.
luke394: March bank has been ok just a couple of bad clangers is he scores 80 odd your happy
64frogs: Blues might get a win this year if they play the tiges again
Sloaneyyyy: Marchbank fallen asleep this quarter
cusch1: First mare of the year goes to rance
Chelskiman: We have completely stopped.
Migz: Cusch I think the man ran over the mark first so he panicked and probs thought it was called play on from a touch
Velo: Caddy is a dud.
cusch1: Marchbank and plowman look the exact same
wadaramus: Nank 88sc very nice 🙂
colin wood: Considering Cripps is 3 or 4kgs over weight and running like a cat the blues are doing well here.
Umpirespet: think everyone has him tho Wada
J_Pinkman: well done blue boys. stuck with them at least
mardyb: simmo needs a big q4
Velo: Kreuzer killing Nankervis.
Umpirespet: Kruz not a dpp tho Velo Nank is
wadaramus: Yeah probably, so we’re all doing well 🙂
franklyfun: Are teams playing running back-men different this year after clsing down HEATH SHAW a times last year.
Smurf_x: Someone explain marchbanks score to me? 9 CP and 80% efficiency for only that?
wadaramus: Kroozer DE is shower.
ademase: what’s going on with Houli
cusch1: Weitering is twice as good as a forward than he is a defender, and he was a bloody good defender
LuvIt74: Martin has leather poisoning
Fletch91: 5 clangers hurting Marchbank unfortunately
feralmong: Rioli goes bang
HappyDEZ: BAD NEWS: I have Caddy accross the boards.
Umpirespet: Wada we getting Dusty next year?
feralmong: D. Martin, 3 votes.
StuL: Pickett has leather anemia
wadaramus: Wanted Dusty, Rocky and Gibbs this year!!!
mpollock: Says Full Time ..
wadaramus: At least we got B.Jarman…
cusch1: Gibbs Martin and Sloane n the one midfield would be terrifying, but it won’t happen
LuvIt74: @Smurf Marchbank gave away 3 free’s and has had 5 clangers
Velo: Better options fwd like Steele, Phillips, Roughy or Brayshaw at similar prices.
Velo: Cripps in 11 now?
feralmong: Caddy goal of the year
Jackwatt$: Weitering looks better forward than any of the forward number 1 draft picks did in their second year
feralmong: Dusty just kicked 3/4 of the ground
Jackwatt$: McCartin, Patton, Boyd etc
heppelitis: What akick
luke394: Marchbank still a spud? think not
Yelse: has picket even had much game time?
Umpirespet: Marchbanks BE is 64 so least he has gotten that already
cusch1: Can Any Richmond supporters tell me why conca gets a game
LuvIt74: Having Pickett on field has ripped me a new one.
Velo: @ Yelse Pickett had approx 70% time on ground.
Yelse: you serious @velo where has he been hiding
aussie59: id be asking that question more about Hunt Cusch….
StuL: Nank!. Glad I didn’t listen to the doubters
J_Pinkman: happy with that forward pick Nankervis
cusch1: I can question them both, and I wasn’t too sure about the caddy trade and tonight is confirming it
aussie59: too
oh_lol: That Cripps VC paid off….
LuvIt74: Nan’s Crevice has done us all proud
3rdstriker: picketts been better in the last qtr at least
cusch1: Throw in Thomas and smedts for Carlton too
Velo: OMG Thomas hit a Carlton target.
batt: Pickett has been doing well IMO.. good pressure etc. Just not scoring.
Velo: There has been much worse than Smedts
aussie59: Daisy has proven to be a dud trade, i’ll give smedts this season to show some thing
LuvIt74: @3rdstriker yeah he has scored a massive 9points in last quarter, I guess the Lions struggle to score 9 in a entire game
mardyb: u can bank on the nank
Chelskiman: Not complaining as I have him, but Nank’s SC is massive.
LuvIt74: Thankfully I didn’t get sucked into Cripps
luke394: How the hell does Dennis Armfield still play AFL?
circle52: Not this year Luvit.
feralmong: Dusty, nank, butler, doch and marchbank. Good nite for my SC.
frenzy: Nankilands off to a flyer, yippee
aussie59: lol, we can today go the Nancrevice
heppelitis: Murphy was a bsrgain…very happy
Kenny27: Whats up Doc? cmon get the ball mate
LuvIt74: @circle52 where do u think the lions will finish?
zadolinnyj: Loving the nank up forward
wadaramus: Bank on the Nank…I like it 🙂
NoneyaB: not a bad staRT have murphy dusty nank and butler
circle52: Somehwere between 12 – 15
J.Worrall: Brian’s here, but where’s julia Zemiro?
chris7399: wank over the nank! dat sc though!
feralmong: Just glad tigers have thrown out last year game style
wadaramus: Nice pick Hepp, I hope Watson does the same!
LuvIt74: @feralmong well done your kicking some serious orifice m8
circle52: Winning more than 4 would be the target
valkorum: Watch your language chris7399
luke394: how an Nank only be 10 points under Dusty? Dusty has been unbeliebable
feralmong: Vc on dusty too.
LuvIt74: @circle I have them as the wooden spooners AGAIN
Fletch91: Why is Cripps wearing No 11?
heppelitis: Hope so Was
valkorum: I picked Dusty to get 121 for the free afl fantasy months subscription
heppelitis: Ioops. Hope so Wada
circle52: We will see at end of season – Just hope for luck with injuries
cusch1: Are Richmond supporters happy with allowing Carlton to score 15 goals? They’ve done well offensively but poor defensivel
feralmong: Yes cusch I’ll trade it for that sideway crap any day
meziare: Loving picking Kruze instead of Steph
feralmong: Another muppet for castagna
colmullet: doch still on the ground?
oc16: do i take murphy’s vc score?
Kernahan: Doc off for ages
Yelse: was he injured @kernahan?
Brad_J: whos your captain oc16?
Pokerface: does anyone know the crowd size?
wadaramus: Well played m0nty, loving the return of SC scores 🙂
oc16: rocky
cusch1: #inm0ntywetrust
scotty: top work cob!
scotty: too right wada
feralmong: 73k poker
Migz: 73k~ poker
Kernahan: Seemed to be ok walking off at the end. Managed perhaps?
aussie59: Good, Nanscrevice & Butler..Bad Taking Dusty out Last night,Ugly..Rance not performing
wadaramus: Didn’t realise Dusty snagged 4 sausage rolls, top effort that.
koolkatt: may aswell quit if u have rance
wadaramus: Marchbank SC is just par methinks.
StuL: Next week, Picket, Armfield, McCreadie omitted. Doh!
aussie59: Marchbank will be ok,
King_Robbo: SC doesn’t seem right…
Pokerface: thanks guys
wadaramus: Marchbank scaled up!
Velo: 97 is par considering his BE was 64?
whafc: $236 for 97 sc points is not par,,,its awesome u twit

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