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Chat log from P4 of 2017: St Kilda vs Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Sydney, P4 of 2017

Velo: Jack Steele looking ok for mid price fwd
Torz: Good role, going by todays game.
StuL: Is Steele a trap jock? Maybe a Steele trap :p!?
JockMcPie: Definitely a trap. Not even guaranteed best 22
DrSeuss: What is up with Mills today?
scaryness: @DrSeuss. Weller tagging him a bit. Also think he had his hamstring strapped up early on?
BaxterR: what’s up with hanners?
Vinstar: Lloyd looking like a good POD
StuL: Cameron looking bleak as fwd ruck cover.
DrSeuss: Cheers @scaryness – Was on the fence about him in AF….
frenzy: yep stul, back to square one
hinsch: I went from Cameron to Pruess now to no where
m0nty: ruck cover is a myth, just go Nank in FWDs
StuL: Any time I haven’t started Goldy I find myself needing to get him so now it’s Goldy/Sandi and nank at f5.
StuL: can live with a spud ruck at f5
frenzy: wanted Cameron for fwd bench, with bonus ruc coverage
StuL: Cameron only had 27% GT but would seem his near future is in the NEAFL.
Vinstar: Hickey worth any serious look at?
Velo: I wouldn’t look at Hickey.
Velo: Sandilands, Ryder, Nankervis and Witts all cheaper and about the same standard.
elroy67: If you are going to select Hickey, you are doing it because you think he will be your number 1 ruck.
Vinstar: In two minds between grundy or Martin as r1 tbh
benzammit: @Jock jeez m8 a lot of traps set in your
Velo: Both will be good. I have Gawn and Grundy.
JockMcPie: Traps everywhere ben, gotta tread carefully
benzammit: Nothing wrong with Steele could pay off always dicey, Grudy is junk …keep looking
elroy67: I like Steele. Tackles everything
StuL: Steele easily best 22 at the Aints. Who’s pushing him out?
benzammit: Earning respect in my book, a lot of tough posies, just needs some easy kicks on the outside which will come.
DrSeuss: Mills has stopped. Steele is definitely firming though!
Velo: 25 tackles for Steele in JLT. Mills out of game.
the worm: the biggest trap is taking stats from an albury practice match seriously
DrSeuss: @velo – Mills on the bench or just not getting involved?
Velo: Mills in tracksuit on the bench. Not injured I don’t think.
m0nty: Don’t think Mills is injured, just managed.
frenzy: Zak Jones is another
Velo: Agreed worm, but defensive stats show they are working hard.
DrSeuss: I guess that leaves him as a question mark for the backline then
the worm: i guess I was the only one sucked in by Karnezis that year…
Pokerface: does anyone know why wingard didnt play today?
Velo: Enlarged head after being put on the cover of new AFL computer game.
Pokerface: lol velo
JButcher: Slight soreness im pretty sure for wingard so no point risking him
frenzy: did you go Lumumba,@ the worm
Pokerface: ok thanks butcher, just from the corkie last week then i guess
Velo: Old man Riewoldt still able to dominate
frenzy: Hickey will go double ton SC ?

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