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Chat log from P4 of 2017: Geelong vs Essendon

Chat log for Geelong vs Essendon, P4 of 2017

JockMcPie: McGrath still in anyone’s team? Been very underwhelming
penguins00: Not in mine but I do know people who are still backing him
BaxterR: not for mine. too many good def rooks that are much cheaper
hinsch: How many SC teams going without Dangerfield this year
BaxterR: approx 50% ownership for danger in sc
shaker: How many going with Jobe he is looking very tempting
StuL: Got him. He will be hungry.
JockMcPie: Jobe = Trap, don’t go there.
BaxterR: shaker, watson or beams?
Carnster: Hibberd or vicker willis more likely to play round 1?
shaker: I’m thinking both Baxter
BaxterR: VW more liekly, but I think both will get a shot
elroy67: Geelong not playing Black today. Rookie priced FWD’s looking a bit thin.
BaxterR: risky call shaker. I guess it depends on how much risk you’re taking in other lines
Carnster: heppell or barlow
elroy67: i don’t like either. I don’t see them pushing their averages above 100
BaxterR: wouldn’t go either, but Barlow
JockMcPie: Carnster neither, would go Heppell
shaker: Yeah a bit risky Baxter have to wait till R1 and see how much cash is left but he is looking good
Carnster: cheers
BaxterR: how likely is J stewart to get a game
BaxterR: how likely is J stewart to get a game?
m0nty: Brown seems to have fallen down the pecking order, I reckon Stewart gets picked for R1
JWatson4: Brown is playing in def
JWatson4: brown is playing in def
JWatson4: If hooker is still injured come round 1, stewart is a lock
hinsch: SC website gives Stewart an average of 8-9 points for the season
m0nty: Brown was playing the second forward role last season.
the worm: man i hope everyone picks their teams based on the SC projections
JWatson4: Yeah he did last year, this year he has trained and played down back
m0nty: I don’t think Brown makes the side, tall defenders will be Hurley-Ambrose-Hartley
JWatson4: Yeah toss of the coin between Brown and Hartley
benzammit: Both Hartley and Brown miss, Hooker plays back with Hurley , then swings and Ambrose does in tandem.
benzammit: Brown covers hooker got to be able to swing
benzammit: Hartley is cover for Hurley , if not getting a run against Tomahawk I can’t see him being in.
m0nty: I like Hooker forward more personally.
benzammit: Stewart’s in with injuries to ruckman
benzammit: Depends on forward structures, he is the best interceptor in the back line tough call.
benzammit: If Essendon can kick 100pts without Hooker down forward, we play finals with two strong key backs
m0nty: either way Hooker will probably win it for the Dons in R1 like a few years ago 🙁
Jackwatt$: @ben. No goals from Fantasia either. FWD line looks a lot better now, Stewart nice get
benzammit: I hope he plays?
frenzy: fwd rookies suck this year
Jackwatt$: I like Tippa as a FWD too. Has all the attributes.
StuL: Thurlow ouch.
Seanr1007: afl fantasy draft tonight need players search Dan’s League. please join
shaker: If you are not starting Danger you are not a serious SCer
thornz23: Seanr, looked at the league, it’s way too big for that number of players on field. 20 teams of 22 players is wont work
Velo: Thanks m0nty 🙂
Velo: Fwd rookies like Taranto, McCluggage, Daicos, Pickett, Butler, Eddy and Miles worth looking at.
frenzy: jelwood starting another season slow I see

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