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Chat log from R1 of 2017: Sydney vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Sydney vs Port Adelaide, R1 of 2017

J.Worrall: Houston, we have no problem!
JockMcPie: Buddy better kick 10
JockMcPie: Would you start Houston or Eddy on-field…
ballbag: you want me to run your team McPie? May aswell give me your login details then
JockMcPie: Just wondering :/
Snarfy: Nice one ballbag!
zadolinnyj: Gents
ballbag: start eddy
feralmong: He’s on track jock for 10 points.
fonzie: danger or hanners for cap
JockMcPie: gotta love the accurate SC scores
ballbag: every year i start with JPK nand every year he fucks me to start with
wadaramus: The only time the SC scores are accurate is about ten minutes after the final siren!
feralmong: Make me money ppp, eddy and florent.
zadolinnyj: The sc site gone full retard
Pokerface: the only time wada stops talking about sc scoring is about ten minutes after the final siren!
zadolinnyj: I canned him this year ballbag. Every year the same
feralmong: I had jpk in my first draft but switched to Watson.
GJayBee: wadaramus good call
wadaramus: LOL good one Pokerface 🙂
9inch: Always a toss up jpk hanners or parker
Pokerface: last spot in my team was between ryder and wingard. don’t make me regret it paddy.
zadolinnyj: I went Parker
GJayBee: I went guns n rooks to the max. need pepper, eddy and houston to step up hahahah
zadolinnyj: I went Ryder too Pokerface
Pokerface: i wanted to GJB. But forward line guns were hard to find.
zadolinnyj: Why are both games on late. Is it coz the wafl. Want to watch both games
9inch: I changed last min Parker>JPK
sfmmp23: big hit from spp
GJayBee: i went WHE, McCarthy, Butler, Eddy and housto!!!!
Pokerface: the aflw grand final i would say zad
Vinstar: Was no love for wines this offseason, couldn’t believe it
zadolinnyj: Z jones my smokey down back
teachrtony: Wines, Gray Gazza all have the round 9 bye, that’s why they weren’t popular me thinks.
aussie59: tom mitch, sam mitch or heppell guys..i cant decide
wadaramus: Lucky we only had to waste 102K on Eddy.
GJayBee: Eddy, today is the day dude, do it.
fonzie: is hannebery sc score acuarate
zadolinnyj: Happy with houston
GJayBee: Eddy just needs to forget about the stock exchange for a second and grab his jewles. He can do it.
zadolinnyj: Tmitch
gunners23: Eddy is the type of player who’ll kick 4 goals in a half, so be patient
zadolinnyj: It’s like sc is trying to predict end scores this year instead of adding right at end
pcaman2003: WTF? SC scores year after year innacurate. Why bother?
GJayBee: Pepper and Mission Control both making me happy
Sloaneyyyy: WTF is hanners and Parker doing? Are they being tagged?
penguins00: sc scores never been this bad.
Tommo2909: What happened to JPK score? 24 to 7? 7 touches at 85%
feralmong: Pepper on the ground eddy on bench. So that’s all ok.
GJayBee: Settle down Sloaneyyy, the head knock is still affecting you!
feralmong: Tracking well for about 2600 sc.
JackRipper: SC Scores are as rough as a Tony Lockett shirt front !!!
GJayBee: Let’s all pray for eddy to which ever flavor of god we like best.
GJayBee: feralmong you are an evil genius and perhaps warlock. if i had a daughter i would offer her to you once mature.
Nabby: Is SPP playing any midfield?
ballbag: how are wines and JPK under 10sc?
Ben_Gogos: He’s been exclusively forward so far Nabby
feralmong: Just lucky so far with dusty vc loopholed
GJayBee: SC has some virgins who are aloud to control the buttons once focussed on their workmates POD’s
fonzie: is hannebery not getting the ball
Nabby: Cheers Ben. That’s a massive concern for me as I’ve got him on field
Sloaneyyyy: What happened to Robbie gray… Looked to be a superstar a few years ago.
Breezey: Keep it going Captain Parker
GJayBee: Robbie Gray won me a granny last year
Ben_Gogos: @Sloane Gray just playing extended minutes forward thus far. Lacked opportunities.
Ben_Gogos: @Nabby yes, long term it’ll be an issue for him
feralmong: Refuse to be rolled port. Well done so far.
9inch: My theory is SC scores are allocated to wrong players.
Breezey: Eddy is apparently a good second half player. Well that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it
Kenny27: Zak you beauty!
zadolinnyj: Jones making my day
Torz: One things for sure Breezey, he’ll be fresh.
JockMcPie: Buddy and JPK going well
GJayBee: Breezy you are like Nostradamus to me
mpollock: Spud for Eddy
Jackwatt$: Get ya self a slab of booze tonight Hannebry cos it’s obviously not working #higginslist
sfmmp23: poor qtr from spp
StuL: Big half Eddy
ballbag: how eddy be so pathetic in his 1st game?
GJayBee: I didn’t start with Hannas, I bet I finish with the bastard
Apachecats: Eddy thats $102000 per kick at the moment
benzammit: Zac.J paying off and Steele in that nasty price bracket
Bulky: Brett Eddy makes Zac Dawson look like Peter Yagmoor.
9inch: And I thought having picket on ground was a mistake.
GJayBee: remember, we are praying for eddy together
JockMcPie: Pray to Kochie
9inch: Pepper Pig. Hopefully he can live up to the name.
Ben_Gogos: Poor decision from Parker to bump there
JockMcPie: SPP gotta stop giving away free kicks son
GJayBee: If I get scared late at night I imagine Kotche, berating anyone has dares oppose me.
GJayBee: Kotche could get ‘this n’ that’ with Doctor Phil
zadolinnyj: Why does it say 3 quarter time.
Pokerface: its been doing that all weekend zad
GJayBee: Zado, it’s like my ex is an evil god today
wadaramus: Eddy 100% DE, well played son.
GJayBee: wada, like a god
zadolinnyj: I’m going to request sc put the benny hill theme song as background music for site
JockMcPie: He got a tackle! He’s everywhere
Ben_Gogos: That was mesmerising from SPP, breaking those two tackles like a veteran
ballbag: is eddy scared? if he stood still the ball would come to him at least every 5 minutes.
Pokerface: seriously hanners.
Nabby: @Ben is he still playing fwd? getting any mid mins?
SydneyRox: hanners has struggled today so far
fonzie: trying to decide if i should keep hanners
SydneyRox: i have hanners in dt, will def back him in
zadolinnyj: Don’t waste a trade fonzie. He is a grade
fonzie: cheers what about eddy hold or trade
JockMcPie: Eddy to SPP, beautiful
Kenny27: Salt N Pepper!
SydneyRox: that was great from spp
ballbag: hanners got a head knock
Pokerface: he doesnt seem to be a grade
Ben_Gogos: Still purely forward
Ben_Gogos: @SydneyRox no reason to be alarmed with Hanners mate
Stuart88: The Eddie and pepper combo more plz
mpollock: Upset on the cards here
PieBoy: onya jonesy
zadolinnyj: Quiet 1/4 jones
Pokerface: did zak go backwards that q?
Ben_Gogos: Deliberate is being stupidly adjudicated currently
Bulky: Zak Jones has turned into Zac Dawson in this half
Velo: Is Robbie Gray even trying?
wadaramus: Eddy will overtake Gray shortly, now that will be embarassing!
Sloaneyyyy: massive upset on the cards
Sloaneyyyy: Eddy going for one touch per quarter
teachrtony: Robbie Gray helping out those who’ll upgrade him after round 9.
Pokerface: is zak dead??
JackRipper: Riewvolt stretchered off right knee in last quarter. Ouch Roo coaches !!!
zadolinnyj: R gray will be cheap in 3 weeks
zadolinnyj: Pepper pig looks good
JockMcPie: Salt N Pepper!!
Pokerface: round 1 does hardly anything to prices. it affects one rise/fall
Ben_Gogos: SPP heroic
m0nty: SPP doing well if he’s your EMG for Swallow
Ben_Gogos: Overturned!
zadolinnyj: Swallow the man of glass. Did not take risk
Pokerface: icicle for hanners
Kenny27: my man Zac is cooked he is looking for a whole to jump in. Keep going Son!
wadaramus: Swallow’s JLT scores werenot impressive so I didn’t even consider.
Bulky: Eye catching performance from Eddy.
wadaramus: LOL bulky, eye catchingly poor performance 🙂
9inch: SC scores look right now?
Pokerface: theres another 300 points to come 9inch.
Vinstar: Them feels when you choose hanners over jpk

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