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Chat log from P4 of 2017: Richmond vs Collingwood

Chat log for Richmond vs Collingwood, P4 of 2017

shaker: Looking forward to this
Yelse: lots of players to look at today
Xephyrise: bruise free footy the order of the day
shaker: 3 tackles for the Tiges pathetic
JockMcPie: Grundy > Gawn
JockMcPie: Treloar with 1.1.1 and 10 poss, lock him in
Yelse: Grundy looking like he is gonna have a big year
JockMcPie: Grundy is destroying Nankervis around the ground
Xephyrise: tigers have tripled their tackles in just 5 mins of the 2nd qtr
shaker: Look at the rest of the stats pathetic
Yelse: who are the pies missing today?
JockMcPie: Pendles, Elliot, Sinclair, Scharenberg, few others
Yelse: thanks jock plus greenwood
Jogrrr: wells
JockMcPie: I don’t even consider Wells a Collingwood player yet xD
Jackwatt$: I just put Treloar, Reid, Conca & Chol into my team. Good move?
StuL: How r the times looking for u Caddy? It could be a shame
shaker: HaHa Choi
JockMcPie: Wouldn’t touch Conca or Chol ever
Yelse: T adams injured?
Kenny27: great passage of play there
shaker: Red cross for Adams and he is gone from my team
shaker: Good comeback by Nankervis
pcaman2003: Treloar ball magnet,but D/E not too good @61%
Tigger5: haven’t been watching, wheres conca playing?
Kenny27: adams all good just needed stitches in chin
Yelse: adams back in my Sc team
the worm: ive always thought picking guys based on a practice match in Moe is the way to go
JockMcPie: Absolutely worm
Yelse: was more re injury
pcaman2003: 26 shots to 13 not good Tiges.They’re in strife again.
shaker: Prediction Hardwick gone before seasons end
shaker: Plus we will lose Martin as well
Kenny27: we have to stop these shitty little side kicks in the backline come the real stuff getting caught every week
JockMcPie: maynard should not play a game all year. turnover king.
shaker: Maynard has had only 2 muppets and is going at 88% D/E ?
ajconodie: @JockMcPie – If 88% doesn’t appease you you’re very hard to please.
JockMcPie: His two turnovers both resulted in goals. A year in the VFL will do him good
penguins00: yeah he’s been good today
Fizzy343: drop trealor going at 66% with 3 clangers
Kenny27: we got rid of the turnover king in Marley
ajconodie: And he has probably set up 5 out of the backline.
AFL Blues: Love having Treloar and Adams in my team.
shaker: Well Jock the people have spoken Maynard stays haha
Fizzy343: martin also needs a year in the vfl 5 clangers at 55%
AFL Blues: Does anyone know where one can ACTUALLY watch SuperCoach scores update live?
penguins00: Not to mention Maynards clangers are his 2 FA
m0nty: nowhere in preseason, but the plan is to have them here for R1
AFL Blues: Thanks, Monty.
Yelse: H-elliot worth it in SC?
StuL: Pies fans thoughts on Philips? Price is awkward I know..
JockMcPie: Stu I reckon he’ll be a gun within a few years
shaker: Give Reid the blue moon m0nty
m0nty: nah Reid is a decent SC player, he scores well
shaker: Not for scoring just for actually playing
shaker: Well the Tiges got closer than they should have can’t see either having much of a impact this year

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