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Chat log from GF of 2017: Fremantle vs Carlton

Chat log for Fremantle vs Carlton, GF of 2017

ballbag: Cvipps…… not Cvipps!!
Sloaneyyyy: Heppell + 60k or Sam Mitchell ?
StuL: Heppell. He’ll be a like a hungry dog.
Sloaneyyyy: as long as he’s a hungry dog, and not an unfit dog
m0nty: at least he’s not a mangy dog with all those injections
StuL: They had nothing to do but train last year. Should be fit.
StuL: What will dockers fans think this year seeing Barlow tear it up for GC? Nice one Ross!?
valkorum: No different than seeing Stevie J tear it up for GWS
StuL: Sandi sore already? Not a good sign. Pls, we just need 6 weeks Sandi.
Sloaneyyyy: Barlow needed the move. Lyon was destroying his career at the Dockers
Sloaneyyyy: looks like he might do the same to poor Fyfe as well
StuL: Not really. We got a fair player for making room in the cap.
StuL: I think Barlow will do more tearing than SJ has too.
Torz: How good is it to have Fyfey back!
Nuffman: Simpson or Docherty?
StuL: simo
The39Steps: Preview of the spoon?
JockMcPie: Cripps only on 47 SC points. If he uses it well he will be veryy useful
whafc: Where do u get the supercoach points Jock???
JockMcPie: Follow the right people on Twitter whafc 🙂

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