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Chat log from GF of 2017: Western Sydney vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Western Sydney vs North Melbourne, GF of 2017

JockMcPie: 1st vs Last…
Viscount: Hi Jock. hope Taranto and Preuss have a good game
morgs640: last winning haha
Nuffman: Oh Greene, you tempter, you
Vinstar: @nuffman the scary thing is he looks like he’s doing it easy
Nuffman: @Vinstar I know… If only he could get his head straight!
Vinstar: @nuffman maybe with gws genuine contenders and having won himself all Australian last year the only way is up?
Nuffman: @Vinstar That is scary
JockMcPie: Have to say my F3 position is between Caddy and Greene
Vinstar: @Jock green would be my f4
benzammit: Yeah Green and Higgins fighting out F3 for me, Greenie is good but can get the yips some days
benzammit: Then again Higgins will play 15 games best
shaker: That’s a talent a lot would kill for ben
benzammit: Greene is better, but weighing up the cash saving in F3.
thornz23: in SC: shaw and rocky or laird and JPK?Id take Greene over Higgins,
Vinstar: @thornz I’d go laird and jpk
JockMcPie: Looks like Preuss is off my watchlist
shaker: Looks like Norf have run out of puff
Vinstar: Giants dropping like flies atm
Sloaneyyyy: Kayne Turner or Aaron Black
shaker: Black is a spud
StuL: Go Taranto. Injuries!
Sloaneyyyy: Heater is gonna do this to shit teams all year
Sloaneyyyy: hmm, Heppell + 60k or S.Mitchell…

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