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Chat log from P4 of 2017: Adelaide vs Brisbane

Chat log for Adelaide vs Brisbane, P4 of 2017

whafc: Where is Crouch and Rocky???
shaker: Seems the Lions have a big problem in defence
shaker: Why is Bastinac being used so little in last 2 games ?
m0nty: Basti is not best 22.
Vich: Another recruitment triumph!
shaker: Really can’t believe he is that bad his CP in the first game were a team high
Ben_Gogos: Andy Otten locking himself into the Crows and our fantasy Round 1 sides.
Nuffman: Would having 3 crows in the backline be too much though?
pcaman2003: I have 3 Laird Hampton Otten at this stage.
mace485: this is why i will never get zorko as a premo midfielder
Nuffman: Same.. Hence the Q
mace485: can see a lot of people reading into his 175 against the dogs
Yelse: grundy sandi martin goldy gawn which two
Hadouken: you guys think gore / wigg will get a run early on in the season ?
StuL: Still a lot of out’s for the cows in the middle. Thinking with may be a mid-season type.
penguins00: @Yelse that is the all-important question isn’t it
StuL: Still don’t know. Have Sandi and nank but both could be out yet.
JockMcPie: Nankervis is a TRAP, I currently have Grundy/Sandi
StuL: Martin? As long as not sharing the ruck.
Number 8: Hampson LTI and Maric cooked, Nankervis great value for the coin
shaker: Grundy and Martin is starting to look good with no spud rucks clogging up the FWD’S
BaxterR: grundy is a good option, for R2 sandi or gawn, depending on strategy
wadaramus: Goldmartin.
PieBoy: onya lairdy
wadaramus: Beams looking fit and ready to fire at 432K 🙂

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