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Chat log from W2 of 2017: St Kilda vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for St Kilda vs Port Adelaide, W2 of 2017

JockMcPie: St Kilda gotta be the riskiest team for SC this year
StuL: Port six posies for the whole team after 6 mins.
cusch1: No SuperCoach scores either or will they come?
m0nty: not until after the game cusch
cusch1: That’s unfortunate, will it be like that during the season? Or just for the JLT?
m0nty: Just for the JLT.
cusch1: Thanks mate
m0nty: Port look like they all went out on the turps last night and have got the wobbles
cusch1: Tarps are in the chat room as well tonight hahah
Jackwatt$: Um, Houston we have a problem: The rookies all suck this year!
m0nty: SPP resting forward, ominously
cusch1: Lets hope it’s just pre season jitters
Jackwatt$: What about Houston & Eddy? Has Eddy arrived at the ground yet?
AngryRyno: maybe Houston is the solution to the problem
cusch1: Who’s stkilda missing in terms of best 22?
AngryRyno: Montags and that’s about all
Jackwatt$: Montagna
StuL: Looks like we just have to fork out for McCluggage and maybe Taranto. Can’t see too many cheapies with great points/JS
cusch1: Could it be the year of mid pricers instead of cash cows?
m0nty: it is always the season of mid pricers, the trick is figuring out which ones
StuL: Probably have to pick Eddy but there will be no one else from this game in my team.
yuhalo101: hey monty , jesus ive finally remember my ff details
m0nty: Steven is a contender for salary cap comps
yuhalo101: been using fanfooty now for 8+ years
buddy4pm: Is Billings getting any mid time ?
StuL: Steven is a gun but has one big drawback, he plays for StKilda! “P
m0nty: mahalo, yuhalo!
yuhalo101: i remember you making an article about your kid?

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