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Chat log from W2 of 2017: Richmond vs Adelaide

Chat log for Richmond vs Adelaide, W2 of 2017

shaker: A few rookies for the crows to watch but just about zip for the tiges
StuL: Otten maybe a chance? Problem is, we don’t need cheap defenders. Lacking mid and fwd.
kosduras: shai bolton and jack graham both not playing? still a chance for first round start?
westy501: great mark by jenkins
westy501: lets just let the jlt play out…
shaker: Don’t think we can put to much hope on those 2 playing R1
kosduras: thats what im afraid of shaker, struggling for good rookies this year..
westy501: who are we missing from tiges tonight? houli/rance… who else? thoughts on nankerves v hampson?
shaker: By the look of tonights lineup does not seem the coach is looking to blood any new players
StuL: Nth should be an OK source of rookies and Stewart seems to be about the biggest dead cert.
StuL: If nank is R1 at tiges I’m very tempted.
shaker: and Hampson westy
westy501: yeah i knew he was missing hence the question nankerves v hampson
StuL: Hampson sucks tho so I think he can be usurped, or maybe that’s wishful SC thinking.
kosduras: stul, stewart is a lock you would think, thoughts on zac guthrie, belter first game??
StuL: We have to see the rest of the JLT to call it, he just looks so young but just from that one game, he could be ready.
StuL: Scott does play the kids tho so he probably will debut, if not in r1. I think Parfitt will debut this year too.
JockMcPie: Which team is the least fantasy relevant team? I think West Coast
m0nty: North surely
StuL: Laird, Laird, Laird. Don’t pick him at your peril. This years Docherty!
oc16: north easily, followed by west coast and port
JockMcPie: Stu I think Laird will be top 4-6 defenders. Docherty overpriced
shaker: Easy just have both
StuL: what about North rookies. They have lots of retirement places to fill.
kosduras: vicker-willis and hibberd to get a fair go?
oc16: nankervis is looking the goods
StuL: VW looked good, at least one of those will play R1. Guys like Durdin, even Preuss could get games early.
StuL: VW or Hibberd I meant.
m0nty: North rookies are pants
fyfe is life: laird over shaw after this performance??
StuL: Def. I liked Laird more than Shaw anyway. Playing midfield this year. Lock!
fyfe is life: yeh right cheers StuL. he looks fairly impressive here have to say
StuL: yea, go Wigg! We need a hero.
shaker: Ellis-Yolmen having a shocker so far
shaker: Lot of talk he would step into the mids not on this performance
StuL: Dock, Simo and Heater will all be able to be picked up cheaper I reckon.
seeker11: Wigg looks like a younger version of Sloane
westy501: where did you finish in SC last year stuL
StuL: Read somewhere today the Crows thought Wiggs could debut early.
Fizzy343: yolmen been so overrated for years imo
StuL: About 3000th. Just in the top 1%
gloryboy: Yeah Wigg could get r1 gig based on a good jlt series. Him CEY and Hampton were being looked at
westy501: StuL your right they will go down in price but the points you miss will affect your overall…
westy501: danger will drop aswell but the points you miss waiting for that are too much
westy501: shaw will cop a tag so leave… dock is a must start i think
StuL: It’s worth spending on danger. The points with the C on him will make him worth it.
StuL: I originally though doch or simo were a must to pick one of. have to see Carlton play I guess.
StuL: Who the hell is Butler? Jock Reynolds say his no good. Jock might be wrong.
westy501: true that… my thoughts are take number 1 of each line… build team off of that
shaker: Yeah Butler for 117k he is looking good
StuL: Don’t care what the knockers say, dock will easily ton up again. He’ll prob drop because def dont stay that high.
StuL: carl could get off to a flyer too. Rich, Melb, Ess, GC at Home
StuL: In price, but in points. ton up.
Yelse: not watching game is laird worth it? wheres he playing?
Kekkington: Laird is playing off HB and pushing a bit into the mid
shaker: What about Jake Kelly he a chance for R1
Fizzy343: lever cheney and brown out, i dont think any players come in for the backline
shaker: Shame his stats look good tonight
H4RR045T3D: laird is the biggest lock

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