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Chat log from W1 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, W1 of 2017

JockMcPie: Is Swallow an absolute must-have?
BaxterR: 100% Can’t go past him
Pokerface: at the price, yes
Pokerface: unless you think he will be managed
JockMcPie: I’ve got 6 premium mids. I can’t fit him and roughy in with that structure. Thoughts?
BaxterR: I compromised R2 in order to get six mid premiums and swallow and roughy
snake_p: blue moon for Grant
LuvIt74: Baxter u don’t need to compromise your R2 in order to have 6 premo mids & Swallow & Roughy
LuvIt74: I have Danger, Pendles, Parker, Sloan, Fyfe, Watson in mid with no Swallow.
LuvIt74: Forward I got Kennedy, Dahlhaus, Gunston, Roughy
LuvIt74: Defence Shaw, Laird, Hibbered im not going heavy in defence its pointless.
LuvIt74: Ruck Gawn, Grundy at th moment
LuvIt74: I believe those starting with Sandilands are going to be very sorry.
JockMcPie: I have Sandi but I am not confident…will see if he plays preseason
StuL: Day dislocated hip. Ouch!
JockMcPie: Only problem is I have literally no faith in any ruckman except Gawn
Fizzy343: no faith in grundy?
JockMcPie: Not yet, plus having 3 collingwood premos is scary
LuvIt74: Grundy will swap to Goldy IF Goldy plays round 1
benzammit: Good value in a stronger back half this year LuvIt, good cheaper rucks also with no 3rd man up others will be solid.
LuvIt74: Those who r spending big in defence are crazy IMO – It never works out the only proven defender that averages 100+ Shaw
benzammit: More mid backs than fed mids, on field rookies will determine my recipe.
LuvIt74: Im not getting sucked into Docherty & Simpson way over priced & it wouldn’t surprise me if Hurley or Hibbered scored
LuvIt74: similarly
JockMcPie: What are everyone’s top 8 midfielders come season’s end?
LuvIt74: Zammit ya zop lol What cheap rucks do u have your eye on mate?
benzammit: Ha I’m staying of the over priced popular picks also Shaw will dip with Williams coming on Swallow is a lock.
benzammit: Cheaper not cheap…now I’ll let you know after round 1 maybe?
benzammit: Hibberd ha Sqeeze in Vince instead for me
benzammit: Martin will enjoy no 3rd man rule
benzammit: Wits will be certain 3rd ruck
benzammit: Who’s gunna be 1 st ruck at Tigers?
benzammit: LuvIt that midfield would be great pity about the cash left after them though? They will all dip I’ll grab em then .
benzammit: Fiorini and Kolodjashnij looking good
wadaramus: Archie Smith out-rucking Stef??
benzammit: Gotta be taking it outta him against 2 206cm+ rucks first hit out
Fizzy343: Look at stefs TOG plus hes basically played mostly fwd
benzammit: You lads from Adelaide How’s Otten tracking coming into this year?
wadaramus: Sorry benz, haven’t heard a thing about A.Otten.
wadaramus: A.Smith TOG not far off Stef’s.
Fizzy343: yeh doubt he gets in, dont see him pushing anyone out
benzammit: Good value if he can get his body right
LuvIt74: Ben by picking up the top mids due to their price dropping, you’ll save cash however you’ll have no chance at winning
benzammit: I was also told similar about Lyons last year he ended up a lock for me till late
LuvIt74: It’s not who has the most money m8 its who has the most points so by not picking elite premium mids you’ll have no chanc
StuL: Martin only played 46% O
benzammit: Depends on whichever set up you roll with but you need 3 of the 5 you mentioned definitely agree gotta score still.
LuvIt74: where did u finish last year?
LuvIt74: ben if u don’t go with a minimum of 5 premium elites in the mid kiss your season goodbye mate
benzammit: Yeah I go alright 4500 mark dropped late wrong rookies cost me.
benzammit: Best finish in 2014 47th
LuvIt74: won’t be touching Swallow with a 100 foot barge pole nor will i touch sandilands
benzammit: I dis agree you need 3 A+ 3 A’s that become elite
benzammit: That’s the gamble you take having 6 elite off the bat , you don’t cut loses and it hurts ya
LuvIt74: Watson I will snatch, he has no pressure of captaincy and will want to prove himself
benzammit: Agree with Sandi, not swallow though 5 solid weeks n there is easy money worth a gamble
LuvIt74: Ben the reason going elit in mid this season is due to the lack of rookies, it seems all the rookies r in defence & fwd
benzammit: I’m bias on Watson but can’t have him and Heppel n prefer others for that spot tough call.
benzammit: Yeah agree if no value presents in Mid it will change my mix.
LuvIt74: You watch him average 100 or more & for $450k or 40k less then say libba its a no brainer
LuvIt74: Do u have any league spots available so I join your SC league?
benzammit: Chat later watching with interest pre-season as I’m sure all you cats are tpp
StuL: Why not have both?

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