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Chat log from W1 of 2017: Sydney vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Sydney vs North Melbourne, W1 of 2017

m0nty: Heeney forward to start with
JockMcPie: Preseason prediction: Heeney will burn anyone who picks him – won’t average more than 90
snake_p: he’s everywhere Monty
DragonLass: if Heeney averages 90 on his starting price that’s actually not a bad result. But I think he’ll average closer to 100
JockMcPie: It’s only his third season. I still expect a few too many low scores, especially early.
JockMcPie: In two or three more years he’ll be a lock
DragonLass: Fyfe averaged over 100 SC in his second season and would have in his 3rd bar injury. Heeney is a very similar player.
DragonLass: he should get the midfield minutes as he’s made it hard for the coaches not to give them to him. But I guess we
Jogrrr: hanners looks sore
Pokerface: where is mills playing?
JockMcPie: Half-back and midfield, more back
Pokerface: thanks Jock
BaxterR: So, Hills or Heeney?
BaxterR: Mills*
LeFtBehinD: Why not both?

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