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Chat log from R17 of 2016: Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast, R17 of 2016

insano: Think we gonna get a lesson tonight. 🙁 Dogs by 80 im afraid
9inch: Is Bont capt material tonight?
King_Robbo: Nuh I think the bont gets a hard tag tonight. I think he will go 90-100
9inch: Too late now. Go bont
GJayBee: I’ve got 20 buks on Malceski to get 25 possies or more paying 120. please god.
hinsch: I need Johannisen to go very low tonight Suckling to ton out
LuvIt74: what the hell was the tackling machine smith thinking.
J_Pinkman: need Hall to score round the 340 points to make up for the rest of the shite in my team
LuvIt74: gr8 goal picken
LuvIt74: lol pink
Breezey: @GJaybee. When’s he gunna start getting underway
Chelskiman: Come on, Boyd and Bont! Stay low, Hall.
Wends: + 1 pinkman
foolysik: how are you guys looking at the game
foolysik: chelksiman which boyd
LuvIt74: is boyd on peter
LuvIt74: carn smith hope u got on smith this week the guy looks freakish great tackler
ballbag: with my eyes foolysik
Wends: listening to call on afl app fooly
Breezey: Good boy Smithy
9inch: Boyd and Bont sheet. Early days though
LuvIt74: if dogs keep getting it out of centre like this it will be over at half time
Torz: Great start Biggsy.
Chelskiman: Gotta be scoring those goals, Bont!
colin wood: Hall and Boyd…. the crap round continues…
LuvIt74: dogs must start converting to beat the top 4 sides
9inch: Goals Bont.!!
myteamsuks: Stringer pointed to himself and said its all about me yet? Nope, right not goaled yet
Harmes37: didn’t realise this was
Chelskiman: I’m gonna whine because the one week I play someone without Boyd he does this.
9inch: What do you expect Harmes? Civil footy chat or something
Yelse: whats with boys and hall SC wtf
9inch: Got Joyce as a loophole option. Lol that’d be funny.
Bazza2014: its a murder of crows atm
Bazza2014: woops
Zeratul: Was my gaith in JJ misguided? 🙁
Zeratul: Faith**
mattmac24: chose petracca over Dunkley 🙁
Krispin_35: I’m lucky I had Dunkley as bench cover working out well so far
LuvIt74: i chose to keep libba only coz i had Dunkley & mathieson so i put dunkley as (E) & mathieson on field but if dunk scores
King_Robbo: Dunkley will be a star
LuvIt74: well then ill swap mathieson with trengove to get dunkleys score
cusch1: Dunkleynomrally plays well after q1 then disappears for the first quarter though
colin wood: Rings clay smith in.. Puts son to bed… Forgets to put the EMG on him… FML
LuvIt74: @cush1 lol that made no sense . Have u had one to many mate?
Chelskiman: Come on, Boyd, 40 point quarter to get back in the game.
mattmac24: I completely forgot to put the emg on dunkley.. have trengove on the bench tjat I could’ve moved onto the field
LuvIt74: We need a 10 goal win
cusch1: I’m struggling tonight definitely ahhaha
cusch1: Let’s try again: Dunkley normally plays weel in the first quarter but disappears for the rest of the game
DrSeuss: Is Clay Smith still on?
LuvIt74: ok thats better m8
sfmmp23: JJ and Hall come on
9inch: Keep it up Bont.
King_Robbo: CD clearly didn’t trade the bont in. If he was priddis he’d be on 70 by now
PieBoy: cmon boydy have a crack
Chelskiman: Yeah, he’s on the field.
cusch1: My opponent traded laird for matty Boyd last minute. Let’s hope Boyd stays down
9inch: And CD certainty traded out Hall. Good.
wadaramus: Get in the game Boyd!
Wends: Brought TLynch in for Petracca tonight in SC, not unhappy so far!
Krispin_35: Boyd starting to lift in the last few mins
Jukes82: hunter only 20sc? smh
gdshifty: JJ icicle surely
FlagDog: JJ you dog! no pun intended…
brentz: Finally boyd bouncing back
sfmmp23: JJ i cant cop another low one already have rance, hanners and wells.
9inch: My main op brought in Neal for Gaj I bring in Bont. Win.
LuvIt74: umps need to either blow whistle straight away or dont blow jack
9inch: Few goals and Bontvon hiscway to 130+
PieBoy: onya biggsy
StuL: Kicking myself for not getting Bont but at least I didn’t get JJ
LuvIt74: I wouldn’t pay $570k on Bont, id prefer Sloane over him even tho i believe bont will be a future star.
Wends: What is wrong with JJ??
Tommo2909: I might be looking at sub 2000 this week
frenzy: blood pump, Wends
9inch: If Slone is still in the mix come finals then I’ll get him as well
StuL: Admittedly I was only looking at Sloane and Neale but Bont seems good this week.
cusch1: Kolodjashnij? On track for 100? I see it, but I don’t believe it
StuL: Of courses my opponent has KK. Who the frig has KK any more!?
King_Robbo: Nuh bont was the obvious trade in for Gaz. He’s probably the second best player in the comp right now
boo!: mitch hallahan is a gun
The39Steps: Comparing DT v SC. Gold Coast is packed with outside runners.
LuvIt74: stupid play dogs
cusch1: Robbo you are joking right?
3rdstriker: lucky for hall that gc has noone left, if he was being judged on def efforts tonight he’d be in strife for next week
JRedden: bont will be 5th or so in the brownlow, only getting better
cusch1: There is no doubt that Bont has spEcial talent, but second best in the comp? Not yet, maybe not ever. Could be close tho
Breezey: Keep going KK
PieBoy: onya bonty
King_Robbo: Who is in front of him cusch? Pendles maybe…
Breezey: Dusty or Pendles
cusch1: Pendles danger Sloane danger Neale all have solid arguments. Top 5 on form definitely though
PieBoy: gotta laugh
lisapizza7: Martin, slone
9inch: I need Bont 2nd best now. Get a move on
Pokerface: unfortunately he isn’t joking cusch. worst bit is he thinks he is 2nd to the package
leorosman_: kingrobbo, dusty?
para: Is JJ getting anywhere near it?
mattmac24: I absolutely love the bont to the point that I’d turn gay for the guy! but he’s not the 2nd best in the comp
Pokerface: dog fans on ff are the most deluded and feral of the lot
All Reds: squizzy taylor @king_robbo aha
colin wood: Aaron Hall misses a lot of getable goals…
Ropes: In front of Bont? Danger, Fyfe, GAj, Pendles, Hannebery, JPK,
cusch1: Can even say Gawn and Zach Merrett are up there, but it is open to interpretation
mattmac24: pendles, danger, Neale, the Sydney mids and even sloane are all up there
frenzy: do you have an uncle doug, Robbo
PieBoy: bonts is playing the gc, settle down. He will be great but second best. cmon now king wrongo
sfmmp23: robbo, bont is good but not no.2. Danger, pendles,sloane, neale, haners, parker, jelwood, smitch
LuvIt74: parker, martin
Breezey: He did say at the moment. As in right now.
mattmac24: gaz and fyfe both injured but are still better than bont and dusty is put there too.
3rdstriker: & teammates colin wood, disposal is as bad as his defensive efforts
cusch1: Probably not even the best dog as hunter Daniel and stringer have all had ripper seasons
sfmmp23: Dusty. Priddis, Robbie gray
King_Robbo: Neale Hanners JPK haha please
leorosman_: far out stringer get the ball!
LuvIt74: dogs are making silly mistakes
Torz: Biggs going to waste his good start again.
mattmac24: bont is brilliant and once he gets more experience, he’ll easily be one of the top elite players
carlton_99: @King Robbo: So you think Bontempelli is better than Neale and Hannebery. You must be joking i wouldn’t put bont in the
Breezey: Zac Dawson, Jarred Grant,
carlton_99: top 10 even today his effeiciency is at 68% not at that elite standard
mattmac24: Neale is no.1 in the comp for disposals this season. just doesn’t get noticed because he plays for freo
AngryRyno: who had cash on Ceski for 25? looking alroght
Breezey: 2 metre Peter from the Penthouse to the Showerhouse
JRedden: @carlton, hanners has much worse efficiency than bont to be fair..
9inch: If bont can keep this up his second half of the season is excellent. A must next year
mattmac24: between 60% and 70% efficiency is about the average for big players these days
LuvIt74: Hanners is more consistent the bont PERIOD stop the B/S your embarrassing seriously.
cusch1: Hanners has dominated at a relatively more established club for a prolonged period of time, and that’s why hanners >bont
sfmmp23: We get it that bont is good, no doubt about it he is. But there are many players who are better than him.
mattmac24: I’m just hoping Dahl coming back in doesn’t affect bont
King_Robbo: As I said he’s the 2nd best on form right now. Hanners etc all good but they don’t win games of footy like the bont
9inch: Hanners has been crap of late. Goota look at the season as a whole. Yes hanners had a good start but look at bonts last
Chelskiman: Boyd junking it up.
LuvIt74: if this was a top 4 side dogs would be getting hammered due to these bloody turnovers
King_Robbo: T.Boyd finally starting to look good
mattmac24: Who’s 1st then robbo?
AngryRyno: go bananas Boyd
9inch: Anyway Bont getvto 100 sc before 3qtr time thats all I want.
Chelskiman: Dusty.
King_Robbo: Who do you think MattMac…
cusch1: Top 2 are danger and dmartin without a doubt
whafc: yep Boyd looking awesome….8 possies 1 goal against no one
AngryRyno: Danger surely is 1st
AngryRyno: Zac Merrett and Dusty in front of Bont
King_Robbo: Dusty lols. The butcher
mattmac24: on current form.. danger 1st, dusty 2nd and bont/sloane for 3rd
AngryRyno: Dusty will be leading Bont in the Brownlow lol
Wends: Loving your work Lynch, noice.
jalapenoh: Danger > Pendles > Sloane > Dusty > Hanners > Bont
jeddies22: get a move on boydy
LuvIt74: stringers shoulder looks not well
cusch1: Dustbin Martin has single handedly won games for Richmond, and yet still a butcher
mattmac24: Zerrett is up there too
sfmmp23: The butcher just had a lazy 43 possies, 20 odd contested, 2 goals.
9inch: Dusty been good as a fwd but thats it
Ropes: Dusty in amazing form
Chelskiman: As a forward? How many forwards get 40 possies?
Preston007: Danger, Sloane, Parker, Dusty, Mitchell, Fyfe, Ablett all in front of Bont
frenzy: even Rocky is in front of Bont
AngryRyno: you call Dusty the butcher when your #1 is Danger who also makes a ton of errors?
PieBoy: is king wrongo still going about this. lol
Ropes: Going of this game Koby Stevens is better than Bont 😀
LuvIt74: Dusty is a true midfielder that runs and scores he isn’t a forward ffs.
mattmac24: Danger easily for the Brownlow but next 3 will be sloane, dusty and potentially bont. Sydney players are too inconsisten
cusch1: How did we all miss rocky?
PureSwag: Bont is not as good as some of the best mids in the game but in 2-3 years he will be up there.
jeddies22: 100 boyy please please please
AngryRyno: Bont > Rocky, Rocky doesn’t win matches
Chelskiman: Going off this game Stevens is the GOAT.
cusch1: When you get 40 odd touched your bound to miss the target
9inch: As my capt this week Bont better get to 120 sc or hecis a piece of…..
cusch1: Mattmac Sydney boys steal points off each other like swan/Pendles did in 2010
Chelskiman: Swan/Pendles/Beams/Sidey
mattmac24: cusch, I know, that’s what I meant but couldn’t fit it in this chat box
carlton_99: Average Disposals: 27-Parker, 30-Hannebery 29-JPK, 24-Bont
Chelskiman: I remember having all of those guys a few years back, and they all went 100+ one day.
LuvIt74: bloody hell dunkley awesome work, Gotta put trengove on and take mathieson off so i get dunkleys score
cusch1: Inconsistent just the wrong word I think hahaha
mattmac24: Carlton, it’s what he does with them and a lot of the time his possessions are setting up goals
Chucky2010: Why are the SC scores so low? Hunter is 92 DT and only 59 SC????
mattmac24: chucky, not a lot of contested ball I think
cusch1: Carlton99 don’t forget about titch and Kieran jack, plus their kids going through that midfield
frenzy: the Bonts stealing them, chucky
wadaramus: Thanks for sweet FA
Chucky2010: Frustratring.. i offloaded Libba tonight. Hunter is on the chopping block too haha
9inch: Hurry up Bont. All this talk and you stagnate
Chelskiman: Come on, Boyd, you can still ton up.
LuvIt74: this should have been a massive % booster for the dogs but instead its turned into bovine excrement.
9inch: Boyd should be more sc surley
frenzy: both Hall and Hunter’s SC sux
LuvIt74: 28 to 17 unflippingreal.
jeddies22: how is boyd so small in supercoqach
AngryRyno: Loving your work MBoyd, keep it up!
Thedude24: I dont have hunter. But why 110 dt and 68 sc L0L
PieBoy: onya boydy, keep it up. is he second best?
64frogs: Think the SC calculator is broken on JJ monty
jeddies22: not watching the game. Is stringers injury looking bad?
Torz: Get some junk Suckers and Biggs.
sfmmp23: CD dont seem to like JJ and Hall…
mattmac24: hunter has 3 contested possessions with 3 clangers, that’s why
3rdstriker: sadly halls sc is justified, is a butcher on ghengis khan proportions
LuvIt74: Caleb is a beautiful kick.
Chelskiman: Bont hasn’t touched it in like 10 minutes.
LuvIt74: 30 bloody scoring shots ffs
para: JJ has moved up to equal last! AWESOME!
PieBoy: maybe bont is 3rd best
mattmac24: I hate that I have dunkley on the bench and petracca on field..
para: Look out Stevens, here comes JJ!
LuvIt74: im loving my (E) on dunkley
danmaio: And I hate that I have Laird and Bartel on he bench
sfmmp23: come on cd dont screw me over again, JJ deserves more
danmaio: Come on JJ, the Jesse Joyce variety
AngryRyno: JJ all junk time, deserves his score
9inch: Thats piss poor Bont from 20 mins ago
danmaio: Ton up Clay Smith
64frogs: had 12 kicks at start of final qrtr angry
Chelskiman: Boyd’s last quarter was mental!
LuvIt74: Hall only 74 sc wtf
willywalks: Geez, Hunter did me bad in the last, whopping 18 points when they were killing the pig, had zerrett as an option c too..
sfmmp23: Dont think CD want people jumping on JJ… 89DT 62SC fuck you CD
3rdstriker: surely a hall butcher icon, kicking, especially uncontested was atrocious
frenzy: you aint no bont hall, yuk

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