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Chat log from R17 of 2016: Adelaide vs Collingwood

Chat log for Adelaide vs Collingwood, R17 of 2016

boo!: pies by 20. pies to make finals…norf to finish 9th
Yelse: cloke wearing a glove today??
Barniclez: crows for the big win sloane to explode and norf to finish 9th
JockMcPie: thats the dream @boo!
Kenny27: no mittens tonight non stick
ballbag: cox for 140 tonight. lock it in!!
Yelse: put peddles in the middle damn
Ben_Gogos: Congrats to Scott Thompson on his 300th. Been a fantasy stud for years as well!
Harmes37: Pnedles up Fwd = Tanking!
Krispin_35: @ballbag if only he was playing
Breezey: Pendles is in the middle
Bazza2014: its a murder of crows atm
JockMcPie: game closer than this…
Bazza2014: im not sure it is, pies no polish
Yelse: pies turnover galore
JockMcPie: sadly need pendles to stay low for SC, but fine if he doesnt
bernieV: collingwood even without swan have an elite midfield, surprising they are not higher. go crows.
Bazza2014: game.
Barniclez: crows look good!
Krispin_35: Lift sloane
King_Robbo: Collingwood bought down to earth
DrSeuss: Come on Sidey – Dont let me down
Yelse: pies not as bad as scoreboard… pies should be closer
sfmmp23: need 130+ from pendles. Rance, Wells and hanners letting me down so far
Ben_Gogos: @Yelse agreed but Crows scoring power is difficult to stop.
Wends: Sloane feeling the weight of the 25k GAJ owners who jumped on him this week
brentz: Thank god I went Jelwood then
LuvIt74: will the pies cause another shock this week, highly unlikely but hope Pies win
LuvIt74: @Wends isn’t it ironic unreal..
Barniclez: lift sloane
LuvIt74: Neale done the same
LuvIt74: The two most traded in players Sloane & Neale
sfmmp23: bont better option than sloane and neale imo
brentz: Stay down sloane now
boo!: thanks to barlow, wells and rance i need 330sc from pendles
LuvIt74: i would never have gone bont over sloan ore neale he is gr8 but still young and nothing like the consistency of other 2
Wends: Yes it is, just quietly Luvit!
LuvIt74: I chose parker over them all
Yelse: geez pies should be way closer
PieBoy: onya varcy
Yelse: @luvit neal has had only one game under 100 before yesterday this year. = consistent but bad week
Chelskiman: I chose The Bont because I had Neale and couldn’t afford Sloane.
cusch1: Lol I chose Kieran jack and jack Gunston over everyone
Wends: Good pick. I went early on Naismith so ended up dodging Laird bullet with Castagna. Bummer this rd but good for finals.
Wends: Capt Sloane to be demoted to leading seaman next week.
JockMcPie: keep it up steele, only player from this game
sfmmp23: shit free to sloane, nothing in it. Then betts did same as varcoe by blocking out a player. wheres the consistency?
Barniclez: sloane padlock??
JockMcPie: sloane is being tagged by Greenwood…not doing a very good job
LuvIt74: Eddddddiiiiiiiiie
Yelse: where king yobbo come in gives the pies crap and leaves
Bazza2014: mmmm interesting, jerker and jake injured
Yelse: @bazza no-one is injured. jenkins no issue at all
King_Robbo: Watching my boys march on to September you flog
9inch: So any word on Laird time out or just a rest excuse
Bazza2014: you tell his nose that, and lever ribs from cloke clash
King_Robbo: I think they didn’t want to risk him 9inch
Bazza2014: correction jenkins nose is massive and OK
Yelse: @bazza u think if jenkins was injured he do that?
Bazza2014: wishful thinking
Yelse: pies can still snatch this i think. this is their first final. Comnn
Barniclez: crows 25+ please
King_Robbo: Well you won’t be playing finals Yelse so you might as well treat some games as finals..
Kenny27: how many flags have you won again Robbo? enjoy another Prelim loss
JockMcPie: lol Robbo…u can talk the talk but u cant walk the walk…
eagles86: jockpie and kenny when u grow back ur teeth then come talk to us ok
PieBoy: king wrongo is back and taking a crack
Barniclez: beef
AngryRyno: Robbo makes as many friends on here as there are Doggies premierships
eagles86: atleast they make finals hahaha
HydeSide: Is this one gonna get ugly King Robbo lol?
JockMcPie: dogs to finish 5th and lose to port adelaide who somehow sneak into 8th
HydeSide: Where’d you go when we started winning last week anyway?
Kenny27: doesnt matter who makes finals only the winner has bragging rights you may aswell finish last
Kenny27: think people remember who finish 3rd or 4th… well besides King Robbo ofcourse
eagles86: only colling wood supporters would say finals dont matter concidering they have not made finals since 2013
Yelse: hawks have won this many premierships coz of compromised draft. other clubs couldn’t strengthen
wadaramus: Kick straight, win easy, carn the Crows!
Bazza2014: considering?
Breezey: A whole 3 years
sfmmp23: eagles, I dont have enough fingers to count how many flags pies have won, cant say the same for the eagles though
TheBigCats: Can Sloane get like a 100 point half, somehow my opponent has dodged wells and hanners, I need something special.
jeddies22: both smith and betts cmon lads
Ben_Gogos: @Yelse nothing to do with the Hawks being pretty good?
eagles86: since this game became afl in 1996 collingwood have only won 3 premierships eagles won 3 eat that
eagles86: 2010 was ur only premiership since it became the afl i belive
eagles86: and before that there last premiership was 1990
eagles86: go figure
3rdstriker: @ben_gogos, obvious hawks are good too, but they have been helped by lack of usual draft help to teams below them
eagles86: brisbane beat u guys in 2002 and 2003 hahah
sfmmp23: Eagles and North biggest pretenders who are currently in the 8, finals will be dreadful and fast for the two if they
Barniclez: smith nothing in this quarter 🙁
Seiya: eagles86 check your facts mate it became the AFL in 1990
PureSwag: Well guys, Essendon has 16 and is more then every team in the AFL but the blues.
eagles86: it became professinal in 1990 but didnt start till 1996
Breezey: Pies won the first AFL flag in 1990
King_Robbo: Lol good call Eagles86. Pies don’t care about finals as long as they have their centre link they are happy
eagles86: afl was officially founded in 1996
PureSwag: King_Robbo there happy as long as they have thier teeth
eagles86: my bad guys im having bad day
sfmmp23: Eagles need to work on their away performances, one win over in WA against norf and they think theyb are premiership
Seiya: I can assure you it has been the Australian Football League since 1990
eagles86: seiya ur right my bad
Wends: Muppet sidey.
sfmmp23: premiership contenders
JockMcPie: friggin steele, just go back and kick it
PieBoy: funny stuff king wrongo
eagles86: wooot go lyons hes in my supercoach
Wends: Need 75pt quarter Sloaney, not too much to ask.
Soulman: How good is Grundy? Only 22! Will be in all fantasy teams for years to come.
CrowEaters: Edieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
eagles86: only have 3 players in this game thats in my super coach
eagles86: i have j,lyons ben reid and brodie smith in this game
Kenny27: great grab by Eddie, crows just better with their disposals thats the difference
eagles86: forgot bout bout pedles
jeddies22: needed that eddie
JockMcPie: if we come out like we did against gws in Q2 we will win, otherwise its goodnight
Gott2Win: Let’s go, win this for Thommo
King_Robbo: Pies supporters gone quite? Didn’t think centre link was open on sat nights…
Breezey: Quiet. Look down the page the goose
cusch1: Can’t you go quiet robbo? Lol
Soulman: @King Robbo -unsure your 5 supporters are listening 🙂
PieBoy: get the hint king wrongo?
Breezey: He’s obviously gone back to the other game to say something stupid
PieBoy: im quite quite king wrongo. can u be quiet and learn how to spell
zadolinnyj: Go you crows
King_Robbo: Not sure what I’m looking for… By the way nice to see Brodie Smith doing something!
eagles86: king-robbo its tax time so there surrounding the atms
Breezey: Hahaha Pie boy
mattmac24: robbo gives dogs supporters a horrible image..
frenzy: quyette
Breezey: Kwyett
cusch1: Talk about reviving your career, Cheney is flourishing as a crow
Soulman: Good nite Robbo lol
CrowEaters: Culture @ cush1
Carnster: need a lift from sloane and howe
PieBoy: classic eagles86!
cusch1: Was Dawson level at Melbourne, useless at hawks and pivotal at crows
PieBoy: onya mattmac
AngryRyno: good luck finding BOG tonight, I’d just give it to Thommo for his 300th
eagles86: its time for collingwood alcoholics to drown there sorrows in drinking
3rdstriker: miscast as no. 1 defender cusch, much better as no. 2/3 at crows
Chelskiman: Lift, Pendles!
sfmmp23: CD very poor this weekend.
AngryRyno: Lyons you GOAT
zadolinnyj: Go crows
Carnster: oath angry
sfmmp23: Eagles, cant wait for finals when eagles are straight out quicker than they could say they were premiership contenders.
King_Robbo: Good smith very good
eagles86: wooot lyons gonn a ton up for me hehe
LuvIt74: what was laird’s injury does anyone know?
3rdstriker: wall for j smith?
eagles86: need brodie smith to ton up too lift brodie smith
AngryRyno: Laird: Hip
Breezey: Laird hip injury
mlakmlak: Sore hip luvit
mattmac24: luvit, sore hip I believe
eagles86: thatta boy brodie smith
cusch1: There should be a bubble icon for players playing their third game and about to go up, like cash cows
sfmmp23: Pendles handballed way to much this game, couldve had 120
Kenny27: well done crows too good, for my boys good effort didnt give up thats what we ask for
AngryRyno: Cloke with the DT ton, my captain
3rdstriker: “apparently” not much to it, just precautionary, but I don’t know what to believe anymore
Soulman: Well done Crows. Very good football team.
64frogs: smith does well with no laird , keep him out
mlakmlak: Crows held under 100 points ? Doesnt happen often…
AngryRyno: CD undecided as to who they will give Perfect 9 honours to tonight
frenzy: perfect 9 is harder than tattslotto
bernieV: tough game, pies were good.
AngryRyno: especially when CD can adjust the scores to make sure no one wins
sfmmp23: CD bullshit once again.
King_Robbo: Collingwood supporters have gone uber quiet.. Well done crows 8 on the trot is a great effort
m0nty: where’s the star, Ben? 🙂
m0nty: Oh, Eddie, I see it now.
iZander: im almost certain Eddie wont get the 3 votes..
Pokerface: seriously sfmmp, do we get that every game from you now??
whafc: great effort boys, crows too good tonight, suck a fat one @king knobbo
preki1: this is why sloan will win the brownlow. he’ll get 3 votes when half a dozen players coud’ve gotten them.
King_Robbo: Winners are grinners

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