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Chat log from R17 of 2016: Carlton vs West Coast

Chat log for Carlton vs West Coast, R17 of 2016

Stealth05: C’mon Lycett!
tbrowne: JJK, Priddis, Docherty and Simpson. Big game for me
RooBoyStu: US Vice President given Carlton guernsey, he said he needed a new rag to wash the car.
cusch1: I need hurn and kerridge to beat yeo and Cripps.
shaker: Yes saw that interview said he would keep the Norf one for the toilet 🙂
Hadouken: 150 from kerridge for this last week would be great
m0nty: get it to Dennis!
SilverLion: Silvagni, 3 kicks, 3 marks, 100% efficiency – 13 SC, White 2 of each, 100% efficiency – 12 SC, i’m confused…
eagles86: come on eagles lets take 4th spot
colmullet: its what you do with the ball that matters not the raw stats
SilverLion: But both had 100% efficiency, maybe white’s marks were contested and silvagni’s weren’t?
colmullet: were they long kicks? short kicks? inside 50’s? rebound 50’s? alot more than just being effective goes into scoring
RooBoyStu: Carlton wearing Orange Socks to raise awareness for Family Violence, I thought they wanted to merge with GWS
MontyJnr: @silverlion if silvagni kicked sideways or backwards, then he gets less points
SilverLion: GOod cause Stu, but didn’t they practically merge last year?
SilverLion: Ah, makes sense. Thanks for the clairifcation @colmullet @montyJnr
cusch1: It’s times like these where I live having both Simpson and docherty
MontyJnr: Priddis doing well with 73% TOG so far
cusch1: Doesn’t north Melbourne have orange in all their match day gear stu?
eagles86: he ducked into that fre kick
Gott2Win: Docherty for me v Kennedy for opp. Need to outscore by about 60
RooBoyStu: not on field guernseys mate, only off field trimmings
arbel: so sick of players ducking. afl needs to fix this crap
cusch1: That’s what I meant ahahah. Never understood it though tbh, why orange?
Gott2Win: Good game for you yesterday RooBoy
RooBoyStu: yeah don’t why, wont be orange next year though as fans unhappy.
Bazza2014: funny the VP was given carltank guernsey, and is now wearing a westcoke scarf, #usawinners
RooBoyStu: saw your comment Gott2win on chat log this morning re our injuries, u said no excuse, we still have 4 out mate
Chelskiman: Gah, stay down, Yeo. Really needed him to have a mare today.
JockMcPie: i have simmo, docherty and priddis, opponent has jjk…happy days
tbrowne: shocking excuse, you guys got out played by a quality side
Krispin_35: Priddis docs simmo and silvangi what a start for me
Bazza2014: yeo haiving more midfield time, seems to be getting confidence, heaps of ability.
Pokerface: Kennedy really doesn’t like the G late in the season, does he
SilverLion: Is there a yoyo icon? Kennedy is deserving of it every week, so up and down…
Bazza2014: fair SC for Gffy atm
willywalks: ugh, playing davis over silvagni…
Gott2Win: Can not blame injuries in this one RooBoy! Couldn’t keep up with the Power speed on the outside
Hadouken: why do i have silvagni on the bench..oh nooooo
9inch: Its either Darling or JJK never both.
RooBoyStu: no Jacobs, Higgins, Wright, Hansen out of our best 22.
King_Robbo: Every team has players out rooboy. I think north just arent good enough
Gott2Win: Port had no Ebert, Carlisle, Ryder, Monfries and Lobbe
SilverLion: @RooBoyStu SInce when is Hansen part of anyone’s best 22?
Gott2Win: Hansen best 22 hahah
44snub: Take it like a man and shake it off Rooboy, always next week
redhotesh: boysssaaa
Pokerface: Wright and Hansen are best 22? Gee that list is shallow!
RooBoyStu: we’ll see in the next few weeks, no side can keep winning glad we have had this bad spell now not later in year
JanathF: North are pretenders not contenders
King_Robbo: In fairness to north they did come up against a team that was red hot yesterday
Gott2Win: Won’t be a later in the year at this rate RooBoy 😉
JockMcPie: Collingwood will beat North if they play like they did
RooBoyStu: i have 44snub then you get muppets like Gott2win digging it in almost 18 hours after game was played
44snub: In fairness to Port, they won…
shaker: Pies will smash Norf into little bits next week
RooBoyStu: North 40+ next Friday. Come on Priddis need 120 at least.
JockMcPie: but still, i dont care if they succeed, as long as hawks dont win another grand final
44snub: You weren’t on to give you a ribbing yesterday!
Gott2Win: Best not come on here if you didn’t want a bit of banter RooBoy
RooBoyStu: 44snub it’s called going to a match not staying home in front of TV, actually attending
SilverLion: Please don’t stop Silvagni, got you covering for Libba this week…
RooBoyStu: the only time I’m on FF during a North match is when we play interstate
44snub: Chat’s no place for sooks, fair bumps play on
Tigger5: is curnow tagging anyone?
JockMcPie: in other news, there’s a football match on…
Gott2Win: Not a very exciting one at that
arbel: Carlton playing 20 behind ball. such a boring game
redhotesh: North are an absoloute joke
Bazza2014: far out mcgovern a thumb
desmondo: LOL@ the commentators…they have a serious ”man crush” on Silvagni
MontyJnr: @rooboy im a north fan and its embarassing youre still using the injuries excuse. we were rubbish yesterday.
King_Robbo: 4 goals in 40 mins of footy. Yawn
cusch1: 2.6 is deplorable regardless of where you play
SilverLion: When will Sumner get his donut @m0nty?
thommoae: Brought in Johannisen this week, Silvagni’s just about passed him in a bit over a quarter … and for $280K less. Sigh.
Bazza2014: docherty ZERO in 11 mins ffs
redhotesh: King_Robbo shut up you flog, this is footy at it’s absolute sheefing best
MontyJnr: im loving this game. Priddis, Simpson & Docherty. Rival has JJK 🙂
thommoae: JJK is an away sleeper zzzz
hinsch: I have Kerridge & Priddis vs J kennedy for the win looking good
redhotesh: Oh my karmicheal hunt why did i captain schofiedl
Bazza2014: bad kicking is bad north melb…. sic eagles.
cusch1: Is that the third time you’ve said that junior or are there a few in your situation ?
JockMcPie: get a touch Docherty!!
Krispin_35: @montyjnr I have the exact same except add silvangi to my list
JockMcPie: Theres a few @cusch
RooBoyStu: Priddis at his best today
Bazza2014: some ppl just waana get heard, acknowledged, a cuddle @montyjnr
Apachecats: Get a kick Crapps
TheHawk: Keep going Priddis and Simpson!! 😀
poolboybob: Kennedy inexplicably being shut down by spud rowe
King_Robbo: Surely joking redhotesh… Has been a very average game
arbel: only way Carlton are any chance is playing this block up crap. they’ll have to open up sometime then all over
SilverLion: Oh my god, Kennedy is alive.
eagles86: kennnedyyyyyy
Chelskiman: Why didn’t Yeo do this when I had him last year? ><
9inch: About time JJK
Breezey: The contested part of this game is good. Finishing is average.
RooBoyStu: Simpson in trouble, limped off going by Fox Footy commentators
44snub: Simpson? Nooooooo.. Eeeek
SilverLion: Just exhausted @Stu. He’s fine.
Breezey: I’m thinking the Eagles might blow them away very soon
RooBoyStu: back on, they corrected themselves he was just tired Barry Hall aid lol
Breezey: Simpsons out there. Just got tackled
SilverLion: And as I speak, he continues on his merry way…
RooBoyStu: thank god
Bazza2014: simmo fine
arbel: simpson fine just some leather poisoning
44snub: Yeah it’s got that winding up feeling from the weagles
Apachecats: I’vegot the wrong Cripps.
faisca7: Is that LeCras up there performing well in a close game? Dingue!
SilverLion: I’ll take an 80 out of ya Silvagni. Keep going mate.
RooBoyStu: Sam Kekovich not happy his captain Lamb not going well
King_Robbo: Its hilarious that Cripps and bont were being compared earlier in the year. Cripps has completely dropped away
poolboybob: Blue Moon Buckley
SilverLion: @King_Robbo Ditto for Stringer and Hogan.
Gott2Win: Both will be stars…Bont just already there
faisca7: Yeah cop that spanner Yeo, ya tool
cusch1: And Zach Merrett has overtaken both of them kingwrongo
Gott2Win: Merrett in no way has overtaken Bont
King_Robbo: Lol cusch nice one. See how he goes if he ever cops a tag. I like zerrett but he burns the ball
MontyJnr: @king_robbo Cripps is leading the league in clearances. plays a massive role for a player so young.
Krispin_35: Simmo docks and Priddis couldn’t ask for more. Except for silvangi to lift
JanathF: cripps just having a bad game thats all
tankin: yeh disagree robbo. Cripps has been good in a terrible team
RooBoyStu: Kerridge is the biggest seagull
King_Robbo: Agree montyjnr but he doesn’t have an outside game, hit the scoreboard or win games like bont
SilverLion: @King_Robbo Bit difficult to win games in a depleted side mate, regardless of how good the individual is..
cusch1: Zerrett has an efficiency of over 70% in a team who has Adam Cooney as a starting midfielder
SilverLion: Merrett will develop both sides to his game next year when he has some help around him.
RooBoyStu: where’s the icicle for Kennedy he has more owners than Cripps
Gott2Win: They are all good, but Bont is ahead at this stage of their careers
blashtroko: Adam Cooney the brownlow medalist?
tankin: the fact zaha gets tagged ahead of zerret every week says a lot
9inch: Lycett dominated ruck seen lots to adv. Thought he’d be more sc.
King_Robbo: I’d take zerrett over cripps though for sure
RooBoyStu: Every muppet will get Merrett next year, but when all the Eseendon players come back he wont score as well.
Chelskiman: An 80 from Silvagni would be great. A 130+ from Doch would be even better.
Gott2Win: Merret only be a Mid selection next year.
AFL Blues: What does an asterisks mean again? I forgot…
Gott2Win: first goal
PureSwag: They kicked the 1st goal
King_Robbo: Yeah zerrett won’t be selected a lot next yr. He’ll be lucky to average 105
RooBoyStu: I reckon he should be mid/fwd next year as wont be always in the guts with the players back.
Gott2Win: Will lose a few of the Fwd/Mid options with Martin, Merret, Wells and possibly Zorko and Barlow all going to just Mid
banners87: Did Carlton just change into orange socks at half time, or am I losing my mind?
RooBoyStu: Barlow still kicks goals, take a look at Friday he kicked the first
cusch1: Nut a fee could gain fwd mid like kjack for one
cusch1: But a few*
Gott2Win: Danger for Fwd next year??
frenzy: zerrett has been great this season, I will be picking next year forshore.
cusch1: Depends how pricey zerrett is frenzy.
ballbag: pendles will be the first mid-fwd-def next year
Gott2Win: Priddis could get another 3 brownlow votes today if he keeps going. Could be a chance for it
cusch1: Riddis had a very poor start and won’t come close as a result
SilverLion: SIlvagni hardly moved since quarter time…
Barniclez: w
King_Robbo: Rooboysty SC positions are based on last year’s positions. Zerrett has played mid only this yr which means next yr mid o
Barniclez: where is gibbs
PopStar: Huge regrets picking P. Cripps up a month ago. Shocking returns
cusch1: Barlow played forward last year? Wot?
44snub: Picked up Hannebery this week…barf
tankin: picked up neale this week 🙁
PureSwag: @44snub me to, but Hannebery won’t have 2 bad games in a row. Trust me
RooBoyStu: so glad Kennedy is playing shower
ballbag: lol 50 metres for what? ahh afl umpires. worst pro umps in the world
44snub: Yeah he’s a gun, didn’t help me this week and would of been cheaper to get this week
carlton_99: These umps are disgusting. 50m for what??
Gott2Win: Lets go Doch, put that behind you and go big!!
shaker: Here we go again blaming the umps instead of shower teams
9inch: Yeo you gotta go next week.
carlton_99: we r blaming them for a shocking decision that cost us a goal
King_Robbo: Maybe it was 50 because he threw the ball 30 meters in the air. Was a bit silly by doc
DanBlack: I think it was clear to everyone why it was a 50
Harmes37: @shker who you you go for?
RooBoyStu: Lamb is cooked put a fork in him.
tankin: dont hear you whining bout the missed free that saved you goals carlton_99
carlton_99: he had to throw it quite a distance and it fell in the players hands big penalty for a ball that was “too high”
carlton_99: when was this @tankin?
shaker: Tiges Harmes
ballbag: @rooboy that’s a weak attempt at trying to roast lamb
Harmes37: haha pot and kettle @shaker
tankin: missed high on darling. twice
mattmac24: p.Cripps has been my biggest regret of this sc season
44snub: Well when you roast lamb you gotta have spuds ballbag
RooBoyStu: @ballbag I admit it was a shanker
arbel: kennedy and darling wrestled every time and no free. such a joke
carlton_99: there we go again even the commentators siad that shouldnt be deliebarte armfield was a m away from getting it
PureSwag: @mattmac24 mine has been Zaca, he was good but he just can’t handle a tag.
shaker: Harmes when you see me blaming the umps for the Tiges being shower you can have a crack then
Breezey: Another ridiculous deliberate
44snub: This lamb thing has got legs tho rooboy
Gott2Win: Lamb always close to getting the Chop at selection
carlton_99: and another goal from a shocking decision, thats two goals this qtr
Bazza2014: yippyio!
arbel: @carlton umps are on your side with no fees to kennedy or darling ever so evens up
Harmes37: Lamb doesnt have a leg to stand on atm
Breezey: I hope Lamb never gets tagged by Hams.
King_Robbo: Feel free to complain about that free blues supporters. But the 50 was there
heppelitis: carlton_99 your obsession with the umps is unhealthy mate
Harmes37: when lamb gets the ball he always shanks it…
carlton_99: umps on our side. HAHA. 15th in the competition for frees. and only 11 today. ur joking mate
ballbag: @roo a shinbone shanker for sure. as long as you ain’t implying he is mutton dressed
tankin: least that goal was from carltons shiteness not a fa carlton_99
9inch: Give Kennedy the mare
mattmac24: need Simpson to stay below 130 sc so I can trade him in for Tucker
44snub: Kennedy should of filed a rape charge never mind a free in 1st qtr
PureSwag: @carlton_99 your just complaining, cause your losing, if you were winning you will not be complaining, you don’t see my
Gott2Win: Lamb shoulders a fair bit of the load in the ressies though
poolboybob: Don’t discourage carlton_99, he’s the funniest part of these chats every week.
Bazza2014: Yiipyio!
arbel: Carlton if you blame umps for your team being shit can’t help you
King_Robbo: Wow Carlton have some potatoes running around. White Lamb Sumner Buckley etc just not good enough
RooBoyStu: Sam Kekovich has Lamb as captain go easy guys
ballbag: not gonna argue with that. lamb is not a well seasoned player
eagles86: eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles
jayshi: Yeo, what a goal sneak!!!
benzammit: Bolton trying to teach them the Hawthorne way but forgot to send umps the memo
eagles86: ballbag u want so0me tissues i have some here
Gott2Win: Lamb needs a forequarter effort!
poolboybob: Simon White blue moon
kangawalla: @eagles 86, we get the point mate.
Breezey: Isn’t Sumner a first year player. Plenty of time for him
Bazza2014: at least Eagles86 is spelling correctly his tema’s name!
ballbag: @eagle nah. yove got them there coz yo need them more than me. eagles are white!
heppelitis: lambs had one error…lamb shank
hinsch: Did Priddis go to Subicao for a Latte that qtr move it along I a 120 from him
ballbag: *shite
Barniclez: cashed in on kerridge and now im having ragrets
blashtroko: sumner came from gws
kangawalla: Champagne comedy Hepp
RooBoyStu: if there was an icon for a players season Gibbs would have to get ying yang, gone shower 2nd half of year
Chelskiman: Please just fuck off, Yeo. You are so annoying!
King_Robbo: Sumner had 2 yrs at giants breezey. He’s a spud
44snub: Coming to 4th quarter, he’s probably mortelled on Vino
heppelitis: gott2wins effort better lol
kangawalla: @RooBoy. Agree. Add Goldy, Blicavs to that list
Bazza2014: Yippyeo!
Gott2Win: Butler is going to take out lamb this wuarter
Gott2Win: quarter*
kangawalla: @Hepp. Moët Champagne comedy for gott2win
benzammit: Free kick Hawks!
poolboybob: Put the magnifying glass on Redden… actually just put it on him every game.
RooBoyStu: @kangawalla Goldy scores better than Gibbs lately
Bazza2014: free kick Darling
kangawalla: When Lamb finishes the game, Bolton will single him out for his poor game & give him a deserved “lamb roast” 😉
9inch: Lambs a bit of a dag
Breezey: Rightio.. Must not have played many.
PopStar: Put Kerridge on the bench this week – DOH!
poolboybob: Darling running at a solid 11% efficiency.
MerleDixon: Has Silvagni even got a fucking touch since the first quarter.
Bazza2014: tonne up dochers!
heppelitis: I wonder if Jeds mums name is Mary
poolboybob: Whack the cleaver on Darling
frenzy: it’s fleece was as black as charcoal
snake_p: Rosemary Hepp
Breezey: He’s very religious islamb
Bazza2014: dochers 19 pts in 5 mins
RooBoyStu: when Lamb goes to the hairdresser he says just a shear thanks
Kenny27: keep going Doc!
ballbag: Bolton needs to be baaahking instructions to lamb. he has not done much
Pokerface: surely after this game lamb gets the chop
Gott2Win: Lamb put the cue in the Rack
Breezey: I don’t think Lamb’s been too baaaaaaaad
Gott2Win: Ewe guys need to stop picking on Lamb
44snub: Lamb puns are through the bowels now, not even the marrow remains
cusch1: What’s wrong with darling? 5 points is just unheard of. Must have wool over his eyes to miss so much
frenzy: like lambs to the slaughter
heppelitis: lol
kangawalla: Jed’s mum HAS to be called Baaaarbara!
heppelitis: hes having a quiet day….silence of the lambs
Breezey: Does anyone know Lamb’s time on the paddock
Bazza2014: hope its a halal lamb!
44snub: No more ok guys! I will find you and slamb you
SilverLion: @cush1 Didn’t N. Riewoldt do that 2 or 3 weeks ago?
Kenny27: no wonder Lamb left GWS for Carlton he is use to getting slaughtered every week
stew42: Surprised Redden isn’t copping anything. What a spud WCE have turned him into!
m0nty: I think the Lamb jokes are a bit overcooked
Breezey: If you crossed Lamb with Jeremy Howe you’d have a woolly jumper
9inch: Lamb will surely cop a roasting after the game
Gott2Win: Cooked my Lamb a bit Brown up the Hill for my Plowman salad
colin wood: Take a bow Kerridge even though CD are ripping you off.
heppelitis: and….breezey wins
frenzy: don’t tell me Sheppard is looking after Lamb
ballbag: why’s everyone lambasting Jed?
Pokerface: Lamb has done mutton all game
44snub: Kennedy has to shave his beard after this, He doesn’t deserve it
Jackina: You’ve gotta wait until Sumner for Lamb to play well
tankin: lamb is tough. he can take it
RooBoyStu: lol frenzy
JockMcPie: they couldnt win….could they?
44snub: Where’s waltzing Mathilda when you need her hey Monty
poolboybob: Eagles trying to blow it
heppelitis: spring time Jackina
J_Pinkman: lol, yeah Frenzy wins with that one
44snub: I’m not even watching the footy, RACKING my brains for Lamb goodness
SilverLion: Blue Moons everywher this game, J. Cripps, White, Phillips, Buckley…
Pokerface: he’s only a kid. Lamb just needs a bit of thyme.
mattmac24: cripps to kick a winning goal please..
Kenny27: I see Lamb looking at the time clock their nearly cooked
tankin: bs free that
Bazza2014: i think we’ve cornered the Lamb Market
arbel: what a joke of a free….
9inch: Game on.
Barniclez: fucking eagles better not choke
poolboybob: Where’s carlton_99 to gripe about that free
Bazza2014: if crapps had of kicked that goal maybe , game on, but nah over
PopStar: Lamb is a rare find
ballbag: lamb doesn’t feel confident in the afl with players like butcher running around
heppelitis: m0nty drooling
arbel: umps doing their best to keep Carlton in it… disgraceful
BestCoast: Eagles are a flowering joke absolute pretenders
heppelitis: great comeback Cripps…had snowflake not long ago
Gott2Win: Carn the Blues!!!
SilverLion: Pumpkin for Armfield?
poolboybob: Lamb dives on the ball, no HTB
9inch: Lambs girlfriend Rosemary likes to oil him up i hear
ballbag: @bestcoast eagles86 has some tissues he’s trying to offload
tankin: umps just want a close game
Breezey: Wow big 50
PieBoy: lamb has been fleeced in this game
mattmac24: that was a bullshower 50
m0nty: get it to Dennis!
Pokerface: spud and pumpkin for Lamb?
poolboybob: Masten is a spud
44snub: I’ll take some tissues, need to wipe my fingers after gouging out Kennedy’s eyes
ballbag: priddis disappears as usual the perm packing flog
BestCoast: Who needs tissues could careless Ballflog
Bazza2014: simmo didnt get -3 for the free kick 50???
eagles86: ome ballsbagwhy do u want s
44snub: You leave Dennis out of this!
arbel: this is the worst joke of umpiring ever. just give caption the game and go home
RooBoyStu: Give Lamb the spud as Roast Lamb & Roast Potatoes go together
banners87: How weird is it that the Tissot clock on the fence counts down how long is left!
eagles86: why do u need some ballsbag
44snub: Arbel = grumpy old man bah humbug
eagles86: 1:30 min left
Kenny27: how many shanks for Lamb today
Bazza2014: dochers 40 pt qtr so far. . . .
Breezey: Eagles done enough. 1.00 min to go
SilverLion: Ay m0nty, star doesn’t always have to go to a player from the winning team. Don’t think LeCras has been BOG…
tankin: 27s left
Bazza2014: Cripps huge second half
arbel: @snub… anyone thinks this game had been upped week is an idiot
mattmac24: p cripps for Ying yang
carlton_99: Very proud of the Blues today, against the top 4 team. Keep your heads up high!! 🙂
Jackina: Put on a show for Biden
poolboybob: Gee maybe Carlton should have tried playing attacking footy earlier in the game.
eagles86: eagles just trying to give carlton hope only to make them cry
colin wood: If Kerridge doesn’t get a ton but Patrick Cripps does.. That’s disgusting CD…
44snub: I agree bah humbug
anthsill03: @eagles86 beat a top 8 team – you’re just making up the numbers in the 8
44snub: Rights switching games
eagles86: hey eagles hey eagles were the eagles the westcoast and were here and were flying high west coast were the eagles werey
BestCoast: @Carlton 99 we are far from a top 4 team
Bazza2014: why did graham get the seagull? he had 60 at half time????… ? ?
scrappers: cripps 16 contested 12 clearances! discusting that he didnt get more
Pokerface: seagull is not vulture bazza. seagull is a receiver does none of the inside hard work
Pokerface: scrappers perhaps if he played 2 halves and not 1 when the game was already gone>?

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