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Chat log from R17 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R17 of 2016

desmondo: Goldy 140+ today against Trengove?
Harmes37: Rucks score best against Port out of all teams
tbrowne: please do something today wingard i beg
grossn: welp I was about to change my tip to port but footytips seems to lock you out a minute or two early
blashtroko: Wingard starting with a shovel monty
tbrowne: cheers for listening Wingard lol
danmaio: My year summed up by having to play Joyce and Austin coz of Laird and Bartel out, then Deledio injury
King_Robbo: Go port!
King_Robbo: Traded Wines to hanners last week. What’s the bet he goes nuts here and scores a 140. Fat lard
Gott2Win: Wells to beat Harvey today thanks
JButcher: Austin with the candyshop!!!
Breezey: Umps missed about 6 free kicks there.
PieBoy: onya browny
shaker: Wells not coping with tag so far
Gott2Win: Just saw wells on the tele….wasn’t even a replay
myteamsuks: North will miss finals.
colin wood: Come on goldy find the pill… Fast becoming irrelevant in the SC biz…
myteamsuks: North have Bulldogs, Sydney Hawks and GWS last 4 weeks
King_Robbo: Agree myteamsucks they are shot
JButcher: We couldn’t could we?…..
grossn: I’m so fking mad I wasn’t allowed to change my tip lmao
9inch: Touch it Goldy faaark
Gott2Win: Gonna publish a book in the mold of where’s wally. Gonna call it where’s North followed by a sequel of where’s wells
JRedden: lift goldy… wtf is he doing
Krispin_35: Wanna get your hands on the pill wells you I bloody need ya to
Kekkington: North are destroying my multi. NO!!!!
sfmmp23: Come on Wells repay us
Bazza2014: trengove giving flogstein a bath.
King_Robbo: Wow port must be the hardest team to support. Hot one week shocking the next. Right now they’re smoking hot!
danmaio: Fucken Wagner got more than my Goldy and Austin, wtf
myteamsuks: Allowed to talk about Wagner ?
9inch: Took the vc off Jelwood and put it on Goldy 🙁
sfmmp23: Hope Port smash North, I remember when North fans thought they were premiership contenders… lol
Roksta: North look shot
Thedude24: Like st kilda -.-
ballbag: tinstein will be dropped for daw
Stealth05: Port for top 8
sfmmp23: Need tons from wells, goldy and robbie. After hanners and Rance shit scores. Not looking good
SaintsMan: goldy so bad
Carnster: Should i go cutler or Hurn
King_Robbo: Fuel tank for all the north players m0nty they’re done
sfmmp23: Westhoff for double ton?
LeBron J: Omg shut up with the goldy comments its the first qtr same ppl who bag gaj
Breezey: Massive qtr from the Hoff
StuL: hat a sheise week. Barlow, Hanners, Neale, Zaha, Rance now Wells doing his best to resemble a potato.
CBeezDeez: Waddayaz complaining bout? Wells & Goldy going @ 100% LoL
JRedden: @lebron j, he only has 4 hitouts.. hes having a shocker, should have 15 by now
LeBron J: A shocker he is on track for 100 , lol now j redden thats a shocking player
sfmmp23: Wells, buddy your not injured anymore mate, get the pill!!!!
9inch: 9-0 to 10-6 I see some great Memes coming
danmaio: Good fight back Goldy, will ton up again
ballbag: someone rush out Harveys walking trolley please
JRedden: only 100 against a team with no ruck? ye that shocking, needs 140
JButcher: We can play like this, yet we can still lose to freo…
Fizzy343: LMAO norths plummet continues
Gott2Win: Jredden he isn’t going to get 60 hitouts each week!
King_Robbo: Westoff wowee 79 in a qtr
JockMcPie: good start robbie, wells and goldstein do more please
Gott2Win: freo better than north at the moment butch
feralmong: roos can go from definitely in the 8 too meh maybe not in this game.
LeBron J: Your either a trol or your under the age of 12, so i will refrain
danmaio: Scott and go throw another tantrum tonight, that’s the best thing about Roos losing
ballbag: was that a slo-mo replay on TV of rooboy looking for the exit? 😆
shaker: Ha ha a team of cacti old cacti at that
Gott2Win: Only been 12 stoppages redden so how is he supposed to have so many hitouts
PieBoy: onya winesy
eagles86: guys dont count ur eggs before they hatch
blashtroko: Its chickens. Chickens before they hatch.
eagles86: ive seen teams come back bigger margin and only the first quater
9inch: Wooden spoon next year. Brown needs to leave.
myteamsuks: It’s chickens
Warney: blow me down. High tackle on Thomas
danmaio: All I need is another 150 stoppages then
eagles86: 9inch tbh freo deserve the wooden spoon this year donkeys are are 100% chockers like they have been since 1995
44snub: It’s Goannas before they hatch eagle
CrowEaters: wise words eagles86
PieBoy: cmon wellsy have a crack
danmaio: Is Austin the next Zac Dawson?
myteamsuks: @eagles ahh they don’t, Brisbane have been more woeful
JButcher: I hope not danmaio
blashtroko: Austin just sold candy 3 consecutive times in a play and sat them all on their ass
ballbag: yes!!! ohh nah sorry. I thought wells got a touch
lukefield9: what the hell happened to westhoff? last time i checked he was on 35, what did he do/
feralmong: lift pittard
ballbag: Goldy can’t jump. hope you got spare trades
danmaio: Fuck you Scott for ” managing ” Bartel
shaneyboy: how can Roo’s even be in top 8, lucky to be in the VFL
lukefield9: @shaneyboy bit of a stretch i think
Carnster: c’mon Ziebell lift
sfmmp23: carn robbie and goldy, seems wells is still sitting on the couch injured ffs
JockMcPie: i hate Kane mitchell
9inch: Loving Wells SC.
LeBron J: Redden you flog hows goldy now
ballbag: knock knock?
myteamsuks: Wagner a bit fishy?
danmaio: Kane Mitchell most probably hates the pies and their supporters
Gott2Win: Looking forward to the excuses from roos fans now they can’t use injuries
9inch: Another 20 and cape for Goldy. Go son.
Carnster: I have Boak on the bench and Ziebell on FFS
shaker: Who’s there ballbag?
Roksta: Tv firrito
sfmmp23: damn westhoff slowed down, could potentially still get a double ton.
ballbag: @shaker norf!!
Shaundog: Poor rooboystu, gotta feel for him right now.
danmaio: Not asking for much Wagner, just out score another spud in Wagner
shaker: Norf who ballbag
sfmmp23: Rooboy said that the roos next three would be easybeats…
sfmmp23: Now no one is saying goldy’s bad
shaker: Rooboy will be crying in his beer atm
ballbag: Norf M e l b u m Norf M e l b u m . . . so sing it one and all! We are Norf M e l b u m
colin wood: Sfm Goldy is not playing well my friend…
ballbag: rooboy was on the 5.10 train home
eagles86: ballbag u will be crying tomorrow when eagles smash u flogs
King_Robbo: Ballbag has had one too many..
sfmmp23: colinwood at least he is putting out a decent score
eagles86: ballbag ill send u some tissures in advanced
ballbag: @eagles tight arse!!! send me some beers
LuvIt74: Great to see Wines doing well
Ceema: What is the symbol on Ah Chee?
LuvIt74: Wells is doing nothing glad i got rid of him.
cadelcamac: This is breathtaking. Port of 2014 is back (who knows for how long)
StuL: Bont is going to get 150 tonight. glad I got Neale. Doh.
44snub: I’ll send a plastic bag ballbag, for the soggy tissues or a new hat if getting whooped is too tough
LuvIt74: Only 4 trades to go I can trade Libba to Priddis, however I have Dunkley & Mathieson on bench. Undecided
StuL: With only 4 trades keep Libba. I’ve got 8 and I’m keeping him.
LuvIt74: @Ceema the symbol for Ah Chee should be a SNEEZE.
StuL: Just play Matho. Will score Ok
Ceema: @LuvIt74 very funny but please tell me what the symbol means
LuvIt74: @StuL you are bloody crazy not to trade him with 8 trades left
Gott2Win: Wells just get to 80 please
Carnster: @ceema its a utility symbol
LuvIt74: I have put Matho on ground and (E) on Dunkley in case he scores 75+ then I will take his score by putting trengove on fi
Ceema: Thanks @Carnster
LuvIt74: The symbol is a shifting spanner
LeBron J: D wells lol made my night
DragonLass: Wells is getting going a bit, hopefully he can still end with about 80, that would be fine
Gott2Win: Would be crazy to trade out Libba if you have 8 trades left. Players like that are awesome finals loop holes
Stst1001: Sloane or bont?
Carnster: If Ziebell stopped giving away free kicks he would be doing well
LuvIt74: The Poo’s not only struggling to beat top 8 but they cannot even beat Port at ES there are crap
CrowEaters: Sloane
LuvIt74: @Stst Sloane without a doubt
danmaio: Austin, you are a bigger fantasy spud than Dawson
JockMcPie: keep going wells…get to 75-80 and i’ll take it
myteamsuks: Pittard climbing
9inch: The Bont
boo!: swallow brown…….. lift
TheHawk: Keep going Robbie and Wingard!!
Pokerface: Bont stst
LuvIt74: Nice to see Wines doing something great
Stst1001: Thanks gents
LuvIt74: Bloody hell how did brown miss that
LuvIt74: wells will struggle to hit 50 let alone 75-80
hinsch: go wells you good thing, good to see that you have moved kick a couple of goals last qtr
sfmmp23: goldy and gray ton up please
foolysik: lift Wells, Goldie, Gray
oc16: where are the roo supporters? lol
hinsch: wells doubled his half ime score wells done
9inch: Is Wines off or?
BestCoast: RooBoyStu are you there . Roos are nothing but road kill
Jukes82: yes wells, start the bin magic!
DragonLass: dammit wells your score needed that goal
DZL7: please dont come back petrie
Gott2Win: Another 30 this last quarter wells and Harvey can stop.
DZL7: we’re so useless i mean look at the amount of spuds in our team
danmaio: If it’s not hard enough for Wells playing with a broken finger nail, he has all you guys on his case
sfmmp23: North can lose every game from here on out tbh, the way they are playing
Torz: Good stuff Robbie. Now ton up.
King_Robbo: North have fallen apart. Too old too slow
whafc: Surely Westoff ying yang
9inch: If Goldy can get to 120sc as VC I’ll take it
wadaramus: Kick straight, win game, simple.
cusch1: Two games today both lost by the teams who couldn’t kick straight
kangawalla: @9 inch. Godly has as much chance of getting to 120sc as you “really having a 9 inch. 😉
shaker: 120 that is optimistic
danmaio: Robbin gray really fucks me off
DZL7: brown is carrying us so hard lol
King_Robbo: Glad Wines has slowed down. Seriously the kid is too big to be an elite mid. Needs to shed some kgs in the off season
foolysik: wells is now terrible after not playing gee
Kenny27: and there it is… Rooboy heading for the exit door thats what we wanted to see!! Beautiful stuff
StuL: Dwayne can finally admit it’s over. They seem to be stretching the ‘not over’ thing.
foolysik: part are smashing
colin wood: Goodbyw Petrie, Dal Santo and Firrito. North need a new start this will be disasterous in a months time.
Yelse: north lose this and pies beat adelaide and pies beat north we have a fight for the 8
Barniclez: norths are shit
foolysik: tarrant and wells need to lift
DZL7: give brown the atlas already ok game over we suck lol
colin wood: We can only hope Yelse. But truth is, if we make finals its laughable really.
9inch: Very optimistic now
colin wood: Ton up Goldy and Bobbie Gray. Plz
King_Robbo: No chance yelse. Would love coll to do the dogs another favour but can’t see it..
gdshifty: rob gray with junk time goodness 🙂
kangawalla: Thomas pulls his signature move. Flog!
cusch1: Needed ziebell to beat rgray” don’t see thst happening anymore
JButcher: Theres no heartbeat Dwayne, 33 points with 9 mins left is impossible
9inch: Tarrant and Wells need to leave the clube
Kenny27: ump missed the throw by cunnington
King_Robbo: Dwayne Russell or BT. Both shockers
Breezey: Dwayne a fool
makemequac: I hope rooboy isn’t at the game
danmaio: Tarrant is just about all Australian this year. What are you on about
LuvIt74: gr8 score by Wines
colin wood: time left guys?
zadolinnyj: This at least keeps the 8th spot open
LuvIt74: Wish Goldy would ton up
9inch: Leave for greener pastures. Norf are screwed
Barniclez: 5 mins
StuL: Still time Dwayne. He’s really saying ‘do t change channels, I know this is a snooze’
Karlpov: Need Young and Wingard to kick another each :O
zadolinnyj: 3 mins
danmaio: Like the greener pastures of Fremantle
King_Robbo: @ 9mm does that mean Fyfe leaves freo?
blashtroko: wingard star? won it in the first half
Torz: Well done Robbie, you got there.
colin wood: cheers zado
faisca7: It would be cool if, when a player goes up in points, the stat that he got gets highlighted
Roksta: North full of empty promises
sjmann: Should I take windgards 100ish over Zorko or Kennedy?
zadolinnyj: That would have been a parallel mark of if young took that
Roksta: And their best player is on the pension
LuvIt74: happy with my two players in this, North to finish 9th on the ladder…lol
zadolinnyj: They would have to add a breathe column @faisca as Danger gets points for breathing
sfmmp23: sj defo take the 100
LuvIt74: @sjmann over kennedy
Torz: Amazing junk by Gray 😀
DZL7: give brown the atlas already
danmaio: Gray 40 odd in this qt to rub salt into my wounds
King_Robbo: Love your work Robbie gray
zadolinnyj: Go Zorko
DZL7: give petrie the cactus
cusch1: Can’t wait for this to happen to hawthorn. Unfortunately don’t see it happening any time soon
9inch: Never mind bobdown your lost.
colin wood: gray just goes BANG! Trash can for Bob
zadolinnyj: Magnet attracted the trash can for robbie
colin wood: Surely Gray will scale up to atleast 110-115
hinsch: Goldstein 100% efficiency ?????
King_Robbo: North are goneski.

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