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Chat log from R11 of 2016: Geelong vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Western Sydney, R11 of 2016

Bazza2014: quick poll: stevie J villian or hero today??
Bazza2014: Hero for mine
stakerz: hero
crazyet23: useless, i recon
Bazza2014: was never a fan for obvious reasons, but i think he’ll do well
Bazza2014: told you!
stakerz: theres number 1 for stevie j haha
crazyet23: lol, well not a bad start pmsl
Ben_Gogos: That was one for SJ’s career highlights reel!
Bazza2014: i think we all chuckling after that front and centre
Costanza: Giants should be too pacy
Stikman35: BLocals tagging again??
LuvIt74: Cats played GWS twice.
DrSeuss: Lets go Scully
LuvIt74: kardinia why not skilled stadium
Gott2Win: went for VC Shiel instead of Danger! Hope it pays off as only have swans from tonight for the C
jdt1111: Gawn VC and Dangerfield C. Sensing I should have taken Gawn’s 115.
Ben_Gogos: Poor start from Ruggles
Tigger5: greene starting well
JButcher: Haynes why???
DrSeuss: Shaw, Selwood, Scully and Danger – I’m waiting to be impressed….
Gott2Win: Greene Rollercoaster continues…nearly have to get him in soon
tom_cohen: will hannebery get more than 115 points?
LuvIt74: @jdt111 You should take any score over 110 especially in the wet
stakerz: yes tommy
LuvIt74: @tom flip a coin, if i knew the answer id just through the C on him
LuvIt74: @tom take the 115
LuvIt74: I wouldn’t be risking a score above 110
Gott2Win: Heaters 2 touches been impressive!
Breezey: How is that not high.
jdt1111: @LuvIt74 was working on the 120 rule and he only had 111 before scaling.
DrSeuss: The first time I play anyone with Zac Williams
jdt1111: Everytime I look at Danger he is going backwards. 10, 9, 8…could be time to have a break from the CPU!!!
dezlav: @tom. Given the weather on th Goldy I reckon there will be plenty of low scores
JockMcPie: Need ward and danger to find some footy…
Pokerface: duncan keeping right out of mummy’s way today
tom_cohen: cheers everyone :))))
Kekkington: Toby Greene will have a day out if they keep Ruggles on him
Ben_Gogos: @Pokerface certainly looks that way
Yelse: danger pleaseeee you are my VC last min took it off hanners
LuvIt74: @jdt you need to factor in the wet
Bazza2014: ruggles is a muppett.
JockMcPie: yes ruggles – keep going
Ben_Gogos: Muppet after Taylor’s poor effort with the ground ball.
JockMcPie: would u risk captaining barlow?
Gott2Win: Should of VC Shaw instead if this ratio keeps up!
Jackwatt$: @jockmcpie no way I’d risk Barlow (c) ahead of Pendlebury. It’s not like midfielders have smashed it against Essendon
stakerz: Blicavs solid, Shiel frustrating, racks it up but doesnt score well. always around the 100 mark
Breezey: I reckon Freo will get off the mark tonight so it could be Barlow’s time to score big
Vinstar: @jockmcpie contemplating it myself has a good record against Ess, but Mundy back means less mid time
desmondo: bloody useless motlop…lift your game
Gott2Win: Or Ross could play him as permanent forward again!
stuballs: GWS are a bloody good side…
cusch1: Does essendon have a chance tonight?
Gott2Win: Hoping Hopper has a good game to so I can loophole him in
Bazza2014: question is it a poor move to have the C on a sydney player. seeing conditions will be shite?
JockMcPie: nervous about scoring output from any sydney or GC players
colin wood: Got him as my M8 this weekend G2W so me too!
thommoae: Poor, Bazza … unless he’s an inside mid.
Jackwatt$: I never try to be clever with my (C) Pendlebury is the perfect captain when your vice fails, scores 100 in a bad game
Bazza2014: my only chices are gray, shill mcrae and my ol mate Titch, who i had last week, money league only one of each player
Breezey: The game at the Gold Coast will be a good game for scoring with tackling
Jackwatt$: I’d take Titch
Bazza2014: gray of the robbie variety
LuvIt74: Cats are playing shocking footy
Bazza2014: ok i wont gamble, will stay with Titch
Gott2Win: Go big Shiel! Need 45 touches from you
ryanbob: motlop is turning into varcoe, too bloody soft
Bazza2014: looked like hawkins broke his neck
LuvIt74: @ryanbob sure is I had him from the start I should have traded his butt out
JockMcPie: not stretchered off though…
JockMcPie: @Bazza trying to scare everyone lol
AngryRyno: Icicle for Jezza
Kekkington: What has happened to Ward he was so great at the start of the year
stakerz: shiel 15 possies for only 37 sc?
Fletch91: So glad I got Z Williams in 5 weeks ago. 🙂
Demons15: Is Ruggles dead or something?
Gott2Win: Needs about 40 touches just to ton up stakerz
stakerz: he is so frustrating haha
DrSeuss: Scully and Selwood – racking up the possies
Tigger5: any danger of greene being sighted in this quarter
ryanbob: dont do this to me again selwood
heppelitis: I wonder why your weaker players…like ruggles…struggle against top teams
Twatter: 11 uncontested out of 16 @stakerz
sfmmp23: Going to be a low scoring game for swans v gc, hopefully they can keep their disposal efficiency relatively good
Gott2Win: tippett could go huge tonight…lots of stoppages and GC rucks not good
facebook23: umm where is stanley?? i thought he was named??
dezlav: @ryanbob. Wishing that I had gone with my instinct to trade Selwood for Dangerfield.
AngryRyno: Stanley was out yesterday
sfmmp23: @facebook23 he was a late out
facebook23: yeah just saw, cheers rhyno mateo
Preston007: Greene gone from superman to penguin…
facebook23: alright guys, off to the freo v essendon game. have a good one, remember to check…. FACEBOOK!
M0rgs: I need gws to lead at half time and cats to win, c’mon gws
RooBoyStu: Ruggles struggles
desmondo: jelwood back to his normal self 🙁 pathetic
Vinstar: To bench a.hall for traccs 90 or not hmm
Breezey: Good qtr Scull
jdt1111: Can anyone watching the game tell me whether Zac Smith is doing as well as his numbers suggest against Mummy?
frenzy: ya killen me jelwood, lift
Twatter: Yeah he got the better of Mumford in the 2nd quarter @jdt1111
Vinstar: @jdt1111 zsmith getting lot of clearances
desmondo: Smith is ”outrucking” Mumford once the ball hits the ground
cusch1: What a week to bring in jbart
Twatter: @Vinstar, if you take traccs 90 over what a player averaging 101 then you’re a joke
3rdstriker: Bench hall or Barlow for petracca, leaning hall
pharace: Smith got a soft FF and goal, but his CP’s around the ground are good
9th Again: @Twatter i think that benching Hall and taking Petracca’s 90 is very reasonable
Twatter: You can’t bench Hall for a 90 score, you people must be kidding
9th Again: its very wet over in the gold coast and he hasn’t scored very well as of late
Breezey: Surely Barlow will get plenty of it against Essendon
frenzy: mills outta swans
Twatter: He scored 60 in 2 and a half quarters last week, he’s finding his feet. If you bench him you’ll regret it
3rdstriker: Hall hasn’t beaten 95 in 6 weeks, and they’re playing Sydney and his shoulders wrecked, legitimate optoon
jdt1111: Thanks guys re Smith…could be value next year and just curious.
9th Again: if Hall scores under 90 tonight, be prepared for a lot of “I told you so’s” coming your way @Twatter 🙂
shaker: I took Petracca’s score Hall is on the bench GC are shower
Twatter: You think GC would risk him if his shoulder was actually wrecked? Can’t wait to laugh at you blokes
Breezey: Still coming down pretty hard at Metricon. Will be a slog
cusch1: Gold Coast don’t have the cattle to not risk him
Ben_Gogos: Mills out via Swans Twitter account
9th Again: typical Collingwood supporter :p 😀
jdt1111: I took Kerridge’s 126 and gonna choose to sit Hall over Zerrett.
9inch: Of coarse Halls shoulder is a risk.
Twatter: They’re gone either way, they wouldn’t risk him, don’t be so stupid
Vinstar: @twatter hall only scores well when the teams up and about
3rdstriker: Yep hall on bench for me too, therefore hall will kill it and Barlow will have 50
Twatter: A richmond supporter bringing up clubs in a general discussion? ahahahah
Breezey: Hall will break the tackle record tonight therefore tonning up. I’m playing him
JRedden: stay down shaw, wanna get you in the byes
Twatter: He’s a quality player, wouldn’t have him in my team if i didn’t think he could beat 90
Breezey: I’m with ya Twatter
Ben_Gogos: Poor option by Hawkins there.
SaintsMan: u gun shiel
OnTheRocks: not even being tagged and joelwood does this bad
Torz: Ruggles might not even reach his BE.
9inch: Cmon Blicaves don’t slow up.
JRedden: mills is a late out i think
blashtroko: why did they give danger a mark
JRedden: happy with that, ill take jansen’s score over mills anyday
ryanbob: lol hopper getting robbed, 1 sc point for 2 tackles…
SaintsMan: how is shiel only on 70!
stakerz: blicavs stopped..
dezlav: Selwood pull your finger out!!!!
AngryRyno: what ya doing Ward you spud
jdt1111: @stakerz Poor accuracy and 15 uncontested
DrSeuss: Cmon Scully Shaw and Selwood
jdt1111: sorry @ SaintsMan not @stakerz
benzammit: Shiel is on 70 as that’s how the scoring stacks up, remember 100 is a very good score.
bones351: Looks to me like there will be a lot of SC points to come in the last qtr.
Ben_Gogos: This may be the most impressive Hopper performance to this stage, considering the opponent and role he’s providing.
RooBoyStu: @jdt1111 explain Coniglio’s low score then same disposals and 12 contested and similar disp eff
AngryRyno: 37 SC points for 7 tackles and 8 touches? doesn’t seem right CD!
Khoa: what role is hopper playing?
jdt1111: Yep. Lower accuracy, hasn’t kicked a goal and 1 less free for.
ryanbob: yeah hopper is getting absolutely punished for his poor DE, a bit too much to be honest
jalapenoh: selwood gone for me next week…. I cant believe I even have him 🙁
benzammit: I think a few people need to go and research how the scoring works.
jdt1111: More clangers, less clearances.
SaintsMan: keep going shiel
LuvIt74: Ward & Shaw quiet
Ben_Gogos: @Khoa inside mid, matching up on Selwood a lot around the stoppage scenarios. Pleasure to watch.
Khoa: cheers ben
ryanbob: once again innaccuracy is hurting us, should be ahead by a decent margin now
AngryRyno: Ward really on the move last 7 mins or so
ryanbob: would be happy with a 100 from selwood now
Ben_Gogos: @ryanbob GWS are the most restrictive fantasy side. Wouldn’t be hoping for more than an 80 in DT.
Mardals_: Just tuning in,
Mardals_: How bad are the conditions?
jalapenoh: Can geelong hold them off from here? Anyone watching this one?
ryanbob: im talking supercoach, dont play DT
ryanbob: jeez umps went blind there, was easily out on the full…
circle52: Commom Ruggles have not even made your B/e yet
Ben_Gogos: @ryanbob hahah too easy
grossn: umps really fucked up there. GWS get a goal because of it
Bazza2014: out on the full by 20 centimetres, wouldnt say easily ground level would have looked harder
stuballs: That is inexcusable umpiring when you can’t even call an out on the full correctly. Disgusting
_wato: Heater, 16 touche’sat 62%, yet is leading all comers with 82sc. Someone explain that to me.
benzammit: Kicks
ryanbob: whats the record for FA? Greene on his way to it surely hahah
grossn: @wato because Champion Data has favourites
oc16: @_wato agreed, supercoach does seem to be flawed
vartic: and 8 marks, probably mostly contested/intercept
RooBoyStu: Coniglio robbed in sc and lift Bartel
PieBoy: onya shawy
Krispin_35: Quick someone tell me danger vc over hanners c or keep it
jalapenoh: Who wins from here? I hope the cats can kick straight!
dipstick: Greene -21 pts FA. thanks keep it up flog 🙂 RIP Mohammad ali
SilverLion: Wiliams is beating Shaw in every facet barring marks (2 less), and yet is 15 SC behind shaw. So yes, SC is flawed
9inch: Danger 65 de but its danger so he gets extra points.
Ben_Gogos: Scully has 70DT in the last half of footy
PieBoy: danger 130, you can do it
vartic: 4 clangers @silverlion
circle52: Shaw 672% D/e v Williams &2% will have an effect. SC really penalises D/e
CrowEaters: Clangerfiels @ 65%
circle52: Sorry crosseyed and just realised that is TOG
Bsmagicmen: Greene give away anot her one will ya
jdt1111: Marks have different value if they are from your team or intercept marks and if they are contested or uncontested.
circle52: Danger has 5 tackles though which is 20 points.
circle52: and also 2 Frees For
Preston007: Ya killin me Greene…
Bazza2014: wasnt 50
jdt1111: You cant just say more of this or less of that too.
stakerz: danger will 130+
HydeSide: Scully will come home like a freight train and win this game for his team – CD won’t notice
tbrowne: whats the most frees against in a game of afl?
jocka: So Bartels pulls out, incidental contact, and it is 50m? PLEASE
ryanbob: hopper should surely be 55+ sc.. poor de but 8 tackles and starting to get some influence
Bazza2014: these 3 50 mtr penalties are ridiculous
jdt1111: @tbrowne 13 by Mark Williams in 1983
eagles86: sc is basec not on stats its also based on efficiantcy and perfection
Breezey: 23-11 free kick count. Beginning to tell a story
JockMcPie: umps a bit trigger happy, giving away free scoring opportunities
ryanbob: out of those three 50m penalties, the selwood was probably the only fair one
frenzy: Lol basec
HydeSide: It’s based on fiction
jalapenoh: Come on Jelwood please ton up!!
Bazza2014: home ground gets you more than just dirt
jdt1111: Bartel Yin Yang
ryanbob: selwood, i apologise for doubting you
Jukes82: bartel blue moon
jalapenoh: Would love another 20 from Duncan and 25 from Jelwood!
dipstick: @breezey yep Greene 8 FA the silly flog
ryanbob: also this is the first game in a long time where we have gotten more frees
jalapenoh: True Ryanbob, geelong been copping it with the umps this year
AngryRyno: Bartel completely stopped, boo
JockMcPie: keep it up ward, hopper scrape to 70 please, benchwarmer from now on
ryanbob: gonna be close in deciding who will be my C, not sure if dangers or hanners
Barniclez: danger bartel shaw and steve j lets do it lets tonne up
9inch: Bloody Blicaves do something like kick a goal
Breezey: I reckon the Giants will finish over top of them
J.Worrall: dipstick: the silly flog
AngryRyno: goal for Ward! gun!
T-Mac: Time to sell Blicavs?
jalapenoh: Is Duncan hiding from the ball tonight?
Stikman35: No he hasn’t. Barrel has got 3 points in past qtr n half.
Stikman35: Here he goes
Gott2Win: Take hopper or field j.smith
_wato: Shaw tons it with 2 touches in the last. Sounds
ryanbob: gws accuracy is going to kill us just like last time
_wato: Shaw score is bullshit.
Tigger5: shiels getting robbed
JockMcPie: dont take hopper unless he gets scaled by 30.
jdt1111: @Barniclez if Stevie J put on 50 points in 15 minutes, that would be special to watch!
shaker: Have not got him wato ? haha
AngryRyno: who wanted a Selwood ton? he’s had a massive last qtr
ryanbob: lol commentators, ” at some stage the innacuracy will cost them games”. it already has..
Ben_Gogos: Fantastic play by Menzel.
ryanbob: i did angry haha, he surpassed my hopes!
_wato: @Shaker, nope Hahahah
sfmmp23: #freekickgeelong
shaker: I gave up long time ago trying to figure out SC scoring @ wato
SaintsMan: danger you have just stopped
dezlav: Go Selwood you good thing. Aim for 135+
JockMcPie: shaw gets intercept marks, worth like 6 SC points lol
Torpedo10: The toss up next week. Hopper->Jelly, Tippa->Simmo or McGov->Dahl?
ryanbob: this game should be over, i hate our goal kicking lack of ability
Breezey: Dayne Russell just about doing his bolt trying to get the Cats over the line
stakerz: whos getting rid of selwood now? lol
Stuart88: That be right Smith trade u out and u go big
Bsmagicmen: Joel scorewood domination
jackbastas: hopper get me a 70
Breezey: Dwayne
ryanbob: what a second half from selwood
JockMcPie: still 7 minutes left, this game has a long way to go. its gonna be close
dipstick: jelwood was 45 sc behind danger 15 minsago
Preston007: Selwood for star.. surely
DrSeuss: Scully and Shaw – stopped but Selwood with a massive final quarter
Kekkington: Selwood is going to get some big points through scaling.
Mardals_: Who was the last player to habe 8FA in a game
JockMcPie: dangerfield ffs cost me 9 SC points should have kicked that
Kekkington: Had a multi with GWS damn
dipstick: dermis had about 16 FA didn’t he?
poido123: worst reffing. how many frees to geelong?
Gott2Win: field hopper now????
armalitemk: when you have menzel through being retarded you don’t care JockMcPie
ryanbob: anyone taking danger for VC? i might have to chuck it on hanners
RooBoyStu: Coniglio ying yang done nothing 2nd half
fuck: have to watch this on mute thanks to Dwayne
Bazza2014: take afew weeks jelwood
JButcher: Shiel why did you stop?
JockMcPie: could almost be reportable selwood…
Mardals_: the only records i can find only go to 10 so can’t see anything below it
ryanbob: poido123, we have had a lot of FF but im not sure many were controversial
CrowEaters: Like this bloke Greene
9inch: My god Blicaves 20 sc points since HT.
poido123: ryan, a lot of terrible ones. and a lot of missed ones for giants.
JockMcPie: Blicavs and Selwood could be looked at
jdt1111: @Mardals Mark Williams had 13 against in 1983
Bazza2014: blicavs dirty tackle
RooBoyStu: Can’t wait for next week, bring on the pussy cats
Torz: Get some junk Duncan.
ryanbob: i disagree but thats just my opinion. we have been robbed for weeks so ill take it
ryanbob: i think im gonna take danger VC, cant be too greedy considering conditions in QLD
Kekkington: Selwood with the 80+ last quarter
AngryRyno: I swear Selwood has 60 pts this Qtr
AngryRyno: 80! I stand corrected
poido123: selwood 144 with 72 efficiency?
jalapenoh: Thank you selwood 🙂 I hate you Duncan!
jeddies22: do i trust pendulbury or take danger around 120+ for skipper?
dezlav: SOOOOO happy to have the VC on Selwood. 144(X2), I’ll take that.
AngryRyno: Selwood will get scaled a ton
LuvIt74: im taking dangerfields VC score not risking pendles
ryanbob: lol poido, selwood is the reason we have won this game. absolutely dominated it
armalitemk: pendles
LuvIt74: it will be wet tomorrow
jdt1111: @jeddies take Danger
JockMcPie: lol pendles is not a risk @LuvIt but ok
armalitemk: port give up tonnes of points in the way they play pendles unless you are on selwood
The39Steps: Dont get too greedy guys..pendles does a knee in the first 10 seconds you will kick yourselves.
LuvIt74: Greene scored nothing in the 2nd half.
Kekkington: Poido you are obviously not watching the game
poido123: i agree he played well but 144 on 72 efficiency? players going 100 efficiency and similar stats dont go that high
Tigger5: Frees against killed him @luvit
JockMcPie: cal ward 50 last quarter, well done son
saltysalts: take dangers 114 or go c on gablett?
SilverLion: Will Danger get scaled up to 120+?
Yelse: captain will determine what opponents in paid leagues do
CrowEaters: How many contested & tackles ?
Kekkington: Kicked a goal had 18 contested and 7 tackles
poido123: anyways. what rankings do we have here? im 157 SC 686 AF
Kekkington: I’m not sure if my last message was sent but Selwood had 18 contested a goal and 7 tackles
Jackwatt$: Hate it when your VC scores 110-120

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