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Chat log from R11 of 2016: Gold Coast vs Sydney

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Sydney, R11 of 2016

J.Worrall: Mudbath coming
SaintsMan: conditions look good
tbrowne: Parker C get them tackles son
poido123: Lets go hanners, parker, franklin, hall
m0nty: raindrop icon on every player
circle52: You joking Saints Man very wet can even see the soray coming up as players run onto ground
OnTheRocks: need titch or parker to go 200+ to cancel out oppositions Rocky
SaintsMan: yeah i was joking mate
RooBoyStu: Queensland Beautiful one day Perfect the next hahaha what bullshower!
RooBoyStu: @m0nty good call
Kekkington: Changed the C from Parker to Pendles. Don’t want to risk it.
IHateChat: JPK wet specialist
circle52: look at the water around centre square Real slugfest coming up
Mykonos FC: I’m not sure that even a flood of biblical proportions can help GC tonight
Torz: A night for the mudders.
OnTheRocks: perfect weather for Titch tackling
RooBoyStu: if this was pre season it would be abandoned like Bris v Stk
poido123: you would think titchell would go big. loves the stoppages
shaker: Still the same amount of points to be had probably affect tall players more
Bazza2014: next goal wins
Hadouken: now im paranoid, put the C on mitchell….20 tackles please
Bazza2014: titch is tagging ablett shit
stakerz: wow it really is wet
circle52: With weather moving South will it effect the MCG tomorrow and Pendles
OnTheRocks: why would you waste him on tagging duties again ffs
Bazza2014: game over
RooBoyStu: this is where the AFL should bring out the Super Soaker at half time
Ben_Gogos: Martin with the early muppet after gifting Rohan a goal with a horrible turnover.
Hadouken: wheres my little club logo gone ?
RooBoyStu: OHS might have a say soon
Bazza2014: not even trying to go for the ball mitchell, he has got the switch on HARD tag
circle52: Titchell taging Ablett and Lonergan tagging JPK
poido123: ablett 5 Sc for doing nothing? lol
circle52: Rain is predicted to clear before HT though
jalapenoh: Come on captain Hanners!!!
poido123: wow they should of called this one off. this is bad
circle52: Ablet has had a kick
vartic: contested possession poido
stakerz: its just a bit of rain… wet weather sport? lol
vartic: hall pls
Bazza2014: cant watch this game, its sh!thouse
DrSeuss: This is ridiculous – should have called this crap off. Doesn’t help that I have Hall and Ablett
IHateChat: This is a great game.
RooBoyStu: stakerz yeah these guys aren’t local footballers, say that if someone does a knee
AngryRyno: you do realise that if they called it off, you would get even fewer points from all your players!
penguins00: yep I’m switching over to the Freo Ess game
Preston007: Are Hall and Ablett out there? Late changes?
poido123: hall please man up and have a go
JockMcPie: well thats enough of that
armalitemk: parker and hall awol!
Torpedo10: This is a nightmare game.
bahrtender: @pengiuns00 never thought I’d hear anyone say that!
stakerz: no one is going to do a knee. i doubt anyone will even get injured
a1trader: hmmm, Parker, Ablett, Hall and Heeney 🙁
cusch1: Go Captain franklin
NewFreoFan: grounds keeper will be having a fit at how bad the soft turf is getting dug up
Kekkington: Holy sh!t luckily I took the C off Parker
Bazza2014: lets go suns
tbrowne: this game has absolutely fucked up my supercoach how is this shit allowed to be played
NewFreoFan: I’m sure SC is front of mind for the AFL when discussing playing games in these conditions
Hadouken: awesome, last time i check davis was on -3. no 25! keep it up 🙂
GJayBee: the $how must go on
JockMcPie: go gaz, ton up
Yelse: seriously whats happened to hall lately
AngryRyno: cape that man!
JockMcPie: traded hall out 3 weks ago – great decision, causes so much pain…
Kekkington: Spud Lonergan thriving in these conditions
Kekkington: He always has a good first but then dies out though
Thedude24: something happened to hewett? Why has he only played 18% of the match?
AngryRyno: heaps of HOs for Tippo, none to advantage in these conditions
JButcher: I’ve given up on Parker now…
JockMcPie: hewett got caught high and went off due to that
DrSeuss: Hall is all about running and marks – he is not going to be good in wet weather footy
Thedude24: nooooooooooo
AngryRyno: wheels have fallen off Parker and Hall
poido123: glad i got rid of hall this week in SC
armalitemk: @AngryRyno im on 1400 with 11 played an no captain yet and suddenly hall and parker 🙂
jalapenoh: Who sees an upset on the cards here?
AngryRyno: haha oh dear, have em both so here’s hoping they come good!
Ben_Gogos: Everyone is a little cold out there today!
Kekkington: I’m not sure if I’m happy or mad that I still have Lonergan in my team
AngryRyno: geez bit harsh on the icicles
dezlav: Glad to see A Hall is backing my decision to trade him for Petracca
Thedude24: Anyone know if hewett got back on?
frenzy: That woulda been nice hall
sfmmp23: Parker and Hall arent doing anything, nothing new
Hadouken: why is mills out? what happened there?
leorosman_: mac tip is gonna have a spell, suspended
AngryRyno: Mills “managed”
Ben_Gogos: @Hadouken just rested
Hadouken: ok thanks benny and ryno
sfmmp23: @leorosman_ it didnt seem to bad, he would be unlucky to cop a week i think.
JButcher: If you get me a sneaky ton Parker please
Thedude24: So Hewett won’t be taking any further part in this game?
The39Steps: Longergan’s Q1 is always like a WRX. Then he turns into an Hyundai.
JockMcPie: Hewett done
Kekkington: Ey look at that I was right about Lonergan
Breezey: Hewett done
Bazza2014: hewitt gone 4 nite
jalapenoh: Is hanners on the bench or something?
grossn: Cool i swapped Hewett in and benched hopper gg
JockMcPie: took captain off gaz earlier….fantastic
sfmmp23: @jalapenoh he is on the field
urmumsaid: Kk is killing me. Shoulda culled him but kept waiting for him to find some form
chris7399: this game is spud central for me. who to cut nxt week for SC; Hall or Parker?
Kekkington: Get on the ground Lonergan ffs
poido123: who did you make captain Jock? i stuffed up and was left with rance captain :/
sfmmp23: Parker just snagged quite a nice suasage roll thank you very much
Kekkington: Poido how do you flower up that bad haha
Bazza2014: thats the way titchell
JButcher: From a lambo to a great wall lonergan
sfmmp23: @chris7399 parker actually has a decent score for the moment, Hall just scores well when the suns are up it seems.
tbrowne: That’s parker keep going you piece of shower
JockMcPie: i got priddis, either him, r gray or sidebum…
poido123: Kek, he got 94 SC so not too bad. it was supposed to be loophole for Shaw lol
chris7399: parker just woke up to stick his middle finger at me haha! goal and an assist keep it up!
poido123: please slow down Gaz :/
The39Steps: @jbutcher – he has hit the great wall.
Kekkington: Shaw had 124 as well haha
Kekkington: Lonergan always blue balls’ me
JButcher: @39Steps at least he’ll stay on par for a ton at half time…
sfmmp23: Hall is having a ripper
The39Steps: Yep, true. What will he finish with – 71?
jalapenoh: Wish captain hanners would outscore my bench player davis
JButcher: Thats a bit generous steps, I was thinking – 100
JockMcPie: how bad has KK been this year lol
JButcher: 50 points in Q1 5 in Q2, the beautiful enigma that is Jesse Lonergan
chris7399: Pumpkin for Hall pls
Breezey: KK is a long last
colmullet: Davis!!
Thedude24: First goldstein late out and then hewett virtually a donut. This week can’t get any worse
JockMcPie: Lol, when Davis is beating Parker, Kennedy, Hannebery and Franklin…
sfmmp23: Hall deserves an icicle
LuvIt74: Divis will hit $400k at this rate
Crowls: Is Hall scared of water? get in there son, once your wet your wet
Tigger5: actually going to hunt down kk, biggest sc dissapointment
Crowls: Glad I kept Davis and traded Hewett. Good call
LuvIt74: GAJ is looking like his old self
LuvIt74: Hall is a cat
Crowls: big kk fan and was in my back options but went Laird, Bartel and Rich. Rich only disappointment.
LuvIt74: Corowls awesome call, I got rid of Davis in R8 to get petracca.
Hadouken: @Crowls, glad i put davis on last minute instead of mcgovern 🙂
Crowls: Do we have an icon for oxygen theif!!
Crowls: Bad news I have two C games with Fyfe under 60 and got abletts disaster as well.
Crowls: wells down Had
LuvIt74: Mcveigh is starting to look like a nice POD
kangawalla: Cmon Eski!!! Big 2nd half needed from you.
The39Steps: @Crowls – if you read your last three comments you might not open that third bottle of red.
nbartos: Handonberries is getting a bit ripped in SC
Ben_Gogos: Btw for those that missed it. The Swans had their most tackles in a half since CD recorded by more than 10.
The39Steps: This Lonergan performance is beyond belief – 50 pts Q1, 5 since.
FlagDog: Changed C at last minute from Titch to Treloar because of weather report. FML!
circle52: When will we see goal line cameras at all grounds
Bazza2014: i nearly changed titch as well, but in the end left it, phew
Crowls: kanga I cannot believe anybody picked ceski this year
Breezey: Nice little spurt from KK. Keep going son
Crowls: 39 not red, just makers mark. Perhaps I should proof read!!
The39Steps: Least it’s a classy drink.
AngryRyno: Davis on field over Parker next week
JButcher: flower off parker you spud!
MarksMen: parker will beat Davis
MarksMen: Why Hanners so low compared to Rosa in SC..surely 1 goal isnt worth 18 pts
Crowls: I am so sorry I did NOT select Parker. maybe next week Hall to Parker.
Crowls: tks 39, mind you I quite like a 3.99 ALDI red as well
vartic: more contested, more clearances, better kick to handball ratio @marksmen
Bazza2014: its not rocket surgery
Crowls: think I should take back my troll of GAZ after 10 min mark of 1st quarter
MarksMen: cheers @vartic
Kekkington: Lonergan Kill Yourself
Crowls: two more mid prems for me. Pendles and one other. Can rocky stay on the park?
kangawalla: @crowls. Agreed. Eski needs to go. Too many injuries to do it earlier
colin wood: Hanners SC score a little stiff…
Crowls: kanga, know that feeling mate
kangawalla: @ kekkington. Never wise to use metaphors like that, even if you’re being flippant.
Kekkington: Put him in the oven and make some fries I reckon
tbrowne: parker as c wow
AngryRyno: c’mon Hall get some junk
Kekkington: At least then he would be useful
JButcher: Cmon Parker can you limp to 85 for me?
sfmmp23: Hall and parker bloody flogs
FlagDog: Plenty of time for Parker to add some trash
AngryRyno: final quarter goals: Hall to 65, Gaz to 130, Hanners to 120, Parker to 85
jesseboy: final quarter goals, yes.
MarksMen: cmon Hanners 120 at least..
JButcher: Junktime Parker plz
Hadouken: well mitchell, youve done alright mate
JockMcPie: if u think parker is bad, try zaharakis on for size
heppelitis: hall…1 tackle in these conditions…terrible
feralmong: Tippett covering goldy, petracca covering Tippett. Not too bad.
9inch: Buddy hell.
_wato: Hanners… Touch it pls
Breezey: Rohan flying
JButcher: Luke Parker, Supreeeeme skill!
nbartos: Gaz 12 tackles WOW
feralmong: Parker gold.
JButcher: I don’t know how he’s done it but Parker is looking at a ton wow!
circle52: Lonergan done for day – Knee iced up
jaxx: 4 tackles by hanners is poor
Crowls: all you guys flogging parker need to get a life
colin wood: Hannebery should be at least 100 how the hell is Davis and heeney even near his sc score…
MontyJnr: This was always gonna be a mare for Hall
sfmmp23: Hanners has 35 disposals he has touched it alot
FlagDog: Glad I got Buddy in this week for his lowest score of the year WOOOO.
The39Steps: Lonergan pulled heart muscle.
sfmmp23: Some of these Sc scores are a JOKE
tbrowne: Parker you’re forgiven if you atleast get 100 xoxo
Torz: Haha, claimed that tackle nicely Titch.
ajconodie: Its impressive how Hewett is unconscious and still scoring
circle52: Gaz having shoulder worked on
The39Steps: Take a screen shot of this – Rohan over 100 on all three games. Will never happen again.
The39Steps: *formats
9inch: The week youvplay someone with T mitch Hanners and parker. 🙁
Jukes82: parker give him the bin!

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